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People do many different things to stay healthy. 'not skip our breakfast'

rozhaThreads: 14
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Author: rozha abdoul
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Jul 14, 2013, 08:52am   #1
Nowadays, the life style of human have changed because we live in a technological world. Most of people have a busy schedules , they do not have time to care their health. There are so many simple things we can do to stay healthy .

simple way to get healthy is that we will not skip our breakfast, it is full of dietary fiber it gives us energy a long the day . If we do not have breakfast we remain starve for a long time then our appetite increase it makes us eat more and this has a bad impact on our health. for instance, i remember when i was a student at the day of examination i could not eat my breakfast because of stress but, when i finished the exam i ate more because i was hungry sometimes i got abdominal pain. Another thing to we should do to remain healthy is " drinking water" water is involved in every function in our body, we will drink at least right glasses of water a day. We will eat healthy diet is an essential components of good health . Vitamin deficiency in our boy can produce disease such as, vitamin C deficiency causes Scurvy. Humans are social animals. Connecting with other people and forming bonds of communication and intimacy nourish our emotional and spiritual health. In this day and age, people can become increasingly cut off from others, leading to increase in prevalence of depression and feeling of isolation. The increasing use of internet , allowing us to connect with other via email and chat groups while remaining in the isolation of our home. Furthermore, we will express our emotions appropriately, inappropriate expression of emotions which leads to physical and mental symptoms. For example, inappropriate expression of anger is thought to affect the Liver. We will also eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and vegetables supply many nutrients that are important for our health. Spending at least 30 minutes outdoors is another way to get health because sunlight is so good for our health it produces vitamin D. However, many of us don't get nearly enough activity to stay fit, due to sedentary jobs and lifestyles, busy schedules, etc. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and almost anyone can do it.

Finally, i believe that people will think from his or her health before everything . If humans stay healthy can do their work in a better way. unhealthy life style can also have a bad effect on society in an indirect way.

rozhaThreads: 14
Posts: 55
Author: rozha abdoul
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Jul 14, 2013, 09:05am   #2
Another thing to

PahanThreads: 1
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Author: Pahan Thillakaratne
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Jul 14, 2013, 09:18am   #3
Nowadays, the life style of human have changed because we live in a technological world. Most of people have a busy schedules , they do not have time to care their health
........... ok......... what's the connection between lifestyle+technology with busy schedules + health care? You need to link the two sentence more effectively. Otherwise the first sentence would sound irrelevant.
Nowadays, people lead very busy lives and even do not find time to take care of their own health. ........... this sentence does not include out of the topic stuff, but it has more relevance to your topic.
Hope you got my point!

SemehenMThreads: 4
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Author: Maryana Semehen
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Jul 14, 2013, 09:23am   #4
haves changed

it gives us energy a long for the whole theday

Humans are social animals

Human is a social being.

dumiThreads: 1
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Author: Duminda
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Jul 14, 2013, 10:26am   #5
simple way to get healthy is that we will not skip our breakfast, it is full of dietary fiber it gives us energy a long the day
.......... well.......... you can eat a big Mc burger for breakfast, but it is not a meal with dietary fiber. It's not the breakfast that has fiber, but the meal that you eat for breakfast.
simple way to get healthy is that we will not skip our breakfast,
......... you are right.......breakfast is important because it is the meal that you consume after a very long break. If you skip breakfast, then you would not have enough energy to carry out tasks that you need to perform during the day.

rozhaThreads: 14
Posts: 55
Author: rozha abdoul
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Jul 14, 2013, 01:41pm   #6
Thank you Dumi .:) yeah some people eat very fatty food at the morning....but most of them eat high fiber diet like fruits.

jkjeremyThreads: -
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Author: John Jeremy: essayHELPforum.com
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Jul 14, 2013, 07:26pm   #7
This essay (along with the well-intended comments that accompany it) is a mess.

Reread the prompt. Unless I'm misreading it, you're being asked what YOU do to maintain good health.

If that is the actual prompt, then every single sentence of this essay needs to be about you...

---not "we"
---not "many of us"
---not "it"
---not "people"

...only YOU.

Although your grammar and mechanics need some work, the absolute most important concern is answering the question as asked.

LawThreads: 2
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Author: Siddhi Anand
Aug 10, 2013, 05:11pm   #8
Living a healthy life is very important for human survival. So, I would do number of things to keep my health good, which are as follows: -

First and foremost, eating healthy food and doing regular exercise is a key to good health. Eating fast food can bring many health problems like obesity, overweight etc. However, Eating roughage and green leafy vegetables helps in digesting our food. Similarly, doing regular exercise like yoga or gym keeps our body in shape. I do yoga in the morning; it helps me in keeping my health good. Eating healthy is important but eating right amount of food is also important.

Another thing, I would prefer not to smoke ever and drinking socially. Smoking and drinking is both injurious to our health. Smoking cigarette can affect on our lungs and completely damage it. Similarly, drinking can damage our liver and cause many other problems. I have seen many people die because of this bad habit. I think drinking occasionally is not a bad habit but it should never become an addiction.

Playing sports is good for our health, like basketball and swimming. I like playing different games. Nowadays, I am learning swimming. Itís a good exercise. I think in order keep you fit and in good shape, swimming is very good for your body. I used to play basketball in my college days and it helps me in increasing my height and also kept me fit.

I always try to keep myself happy because I think keeping yourself happy is very important to have good health. Your mood has direct impact on your health and staying happy is a great step towards good health. So, in order to keep my mood happy I listen to music, dance or read comedy books.

Last but not the least, sleeping properly is also very important for good health. It is utmost important for a human being to sleep at least for 8 hours in a day. People who donít take proper sleep can have many problems like headache, tension, or have hallucinations.

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