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People are living longer now - medicine is more advanced

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Author: Maria Lazareva
May 2, 2013, 01:04pm   #1
The science and technologies make a great progress and human's life has become more valuable and appreciated than formerly. An each new invention on our Earth is made for human's comfortable life and instead of human's hard work, that's why it might be said that people are living longer now than centuries ago.
First, nowadays the medicine is more advanced than hundred years ago. A lot of cures and pills are made against different diseases. By new invented methods doctors are able to prevent various scarce diseases which couldn't be cured years ago. For example in ancient times a lot of people suffered and died because of bites of different dangerous wild insects. Nowadays such infects are curable and not very dangerous as formerly.
In addition, the new technologies have made people's life easier. Nowadays people don't have to do hard work in large farms, buildings etc. New machines do the whole hard work instead of people. For example in ancient Egypt a lot of slaves died by unhappy accidents during the hard work for building the huge pyramids. In contrast in modern world high buildings are built mostly by special machines which can rise heavy blocks instead of people. Besides the new technologies let the people obtain less stress than formerly. For example special technologies such as internet, television etc. allow people not to concentrate on the household boring and depressive problems, miss their far relatives etc.
To sum up it might be said that life has become relatievely safer and easier. Thanks to new technologies and great progress in medical science a lot of problems have been solved that could endanger human's life and spiritual situation. Consequently, human's live has become safer on the Earth.

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