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merits and demerits of advertisement

ung0911Threads: 2
Posts: 6
Author: Lee keon ung
Oct 24, 2009, 07:48am   #1
We live in the Era of chaotic information. There is no doubt that advertisement has been spreaded anywhere, which influence our life directly and in directly. This essay intends to examine merits and demerits of advertisement.

One of the strongest arguments in favor of the merits of advertisement is that it offers a lot of information, which provides opportunities, be able to purchase cheap and low goods.

In contrast, there are several arguments against the merits of advertisement. To begin with, it disguises as if goods cheap and necessary. Moreover, some advertisements targeting children can mislead children to pester their parents to purchase. As a result, consumers commit over-consumption, which waste a large amount of money. What is more, this causes not only materialism but also mammonism.

In conclusion, even though some of the advertisement is beneficent, we should have discretion for national purchase.

Llamapoop123Threads: 9
Posts: 578
Author: Boxin Zhou
Oct 24, 2009, 09:21am   #2
Are you supposed to write an essay on this topic? because this is not a legit essay.
You need to expand both body paragraphs with analysis of your claims/examples.
This essay intends to examine merits and demerits of advertisement.

ung0911Threads: 2
Posts: 6
Author: Lee keon ung
Oct 24, 2009, 05:46pm   #3
Thanks for your advice.
This was the second time I wrote a paper.
I am ready to Ielts test, and writing is my weakness.
I need more practice.
Thank you.

litingjiaoThreads: 7
Posts: 31
Oct 26, 2009, 11:02pm   #4
The whole essay is too short. You just give us a general idea but you want to use examples or statistics to make your point.

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