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Overpopulation of urban areas has lead to numerous problems.

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Topic: Overpopulation of urban areas has lead to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals should tackle these problems.

Better living conditions, as well as more career opportunities are main factors which attract people to live in urban areas. As a result, many cities all over the world are facing the problems of overpopulation such as serious polluted environment and the increasing unemployed ratio.

To begin with, pollution is one of the serious damages caused by overpopulation. The fact is, every individual normally create an amount of trash through their activities in life. The environment, therefore, will be directly affected. In other words, the more crowded the city is, the more polluted it gets. Another worrying trend is that there are more people who look for jobs while the supply of jobs is limited. While it is true to say that the employers will gain most competent applicants through the high competitive environment, nevertheless, more people may either be unemployed or work in unexpected field. Consequently, unemployment rate will probably increase.

To diminish these problems, the government should control the birth rate on the one hand, and develop villages on the other. Firstly, the law which prohibits a family from having more than two children should be promulgated in crowded areas. In addition, citizens need to be aware of the purpose of reduction in birth rate. Furthermore, for long term strategy, the government should invest more in infrastructure in country areas to encourage people to live away from crowded cities. Reduction of population in urban areas would possibly be the result of this action.

In conclusion, overpopulation in urban areas may inflict pollution and dramatic unemployment rate which are seriously troublesome for people to live comfortably. The solutions may decline these problems, I think, are the intervention of government to reduce the birth rate and improve country life.
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Lilu Nguyen:
seriously polluted environment and the increasing rising unemployed unemployment ratio

Lilu Nguyen:
The fact is, every individual normally create an amount of trash through their activities in life.
........... I suggest;
The main reason is that every individual adds trash to the environment through his or her daily routine activities.
There are no specific examples for the reasons you list in your first body para. It is important for you to score points. My suggestion is to restrict the reasons to one per para and support it with a specific example. For the above reason you can provide an example such as;
For example, every person consumes at least two to three meals per day and each time this activity takes place, the litter would be added to trash.

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