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'globalization risk' - visitors to a country follow local customs and behavior?

With the development of technology, people travel the world easily in the modern society. As long as you have mass of money, you can trip the universe. It is amazing. But in the meantime, whether tourists should follow local customs and behaviour has become a focus issue. Someone believe that visitors should follow local customs and behaviour while others argue that the host country should welcome cultural differences. Before presenting my viewpoint, I will discuss both sides of the argument. However, as far as I concerned, I am favour of former.
As the idiom said :"While in Rome, do as the Remans do." the reason why every travellers visit different countries is that they are attractive with brilliant history and mysterious cultures. Just for this simple and important reason, people start to discover the new continent in their hearts. We can know the culture of country through tripping. For example, we can stay with the local family, talk about anything about their country and join some special activities with local people. If we do that, It means that we have adapt to their life. This way is the best to protect the host country culture. Because of the rise of globalization, many countries have begun to lose themselves.
On the other hand, colorable argument can be made that the host country should welcome cultural differences. They want to earn more money from this, so they meet people's any needs. Sometimes,that the different cultures are introduced into the host country is the good thing. It can be seen as human evolution, but it affects that the country have a short history like U.S.A, Canada and so on. The globalization will damage the language and customs.
In summary, I agree that people should follow local customs and behaviour. And we can't lose the sight of risks of globalization. It is significant for the government to make efforts to conserve endangered culture.

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