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"management consultant, to start my own business" ISB: Short term and long term goals

dineshydvThreads: 1
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Author: Dinesh Yadav
Nov 8, 2010, 11:37am   #1
Dear All,
Please review my below essay and help me in drafting a good essay:

What are your short term and long term goals? How will the ISB help you achieve the same? (300 words max)

Five years post MBA, I see myself to have operational knowledge of various functions like Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Operations. This will enhance my ability to connect the various dots to analyze how each of them build a organization and contribute to its success as a whole. My short term goal also comprise understanding the basics of building blocks of any successful organization. Post MBA, working as a management consultant, I would get exposure to a diverse range of industries which would definitely help in broadening my horizon. Further, exposure to the nuances of strategic decision making would definitely stand me in good stead when I start my own business.

All through my school and college days I gained deep interest in reading business mags and books. Many times this has infused in me the idea to start my own business venture. Despite doing well in current job, I still yearn for the moment when ideas starts bearing fruits. In long term, I look forward to be an entrepreneur.

I believe that established curriculum, interactions with diverse peer groups, world class infrastructure and innovative pedagogy at the ISB will help me in putting the big foot forward towards entrepreneurship. Through ISB I will not only be able to shorten my learning cycle but also get a chance to learn from world class faculty who are already real life consultants to leading companies. Learning at ISB will help me to build a professional and personal network and will enlighten me as where to look for information and how to interpret it when required.

cbeangirlThreads: 1
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Author: Stephanie du Coudray
Nov 8, 2010, 12:05pm   #2
I see myself to have operational knowledge

you should put "I see myself having operational knowledge"

My short term goal also comprise

Try : my short term goal comprises of the understanding of the basics..

Post MBA, working as a management consultant,

After earning my MbA I hope to work as a management consultant through which I would get exposure to..

business mags

You shouldn't abbreviate ..say business magazines

Many times this has infused in me the idea to start my own business venture.

After extensive reading I have become inspired to start my own..

These are just suggestions, after all I am only a student like you are. I like the last paragraph I think it is straight and to the point.

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