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High School Student Having Troubles in English Class

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A. Publish your works here and hope someone will reply(Not always will someone reply)
B. Use some $$ to get a real tutor to help you
C. Try to suck up to that teacher(Not recommended for amateurs, might have opposite effects.)

Jan 24, 2010, 06:36pm   #42
That sounds terrible..
I had ESL classes when I was in high school. I regretted that I had not done enough reading and writing when I had time in high school....
Well, you still have chances....
Going to library, grabbing some books to read that you are interested in....that will absolutely help you a lot for your writing...
I think it's safe to assume that everyone here has had at least one (in our opinions) bad professor/teacher in our lifetime. have you considered setting a time in which you can speak to your educator face-to-face and tell them straight up, "I would like to improve in this class. What do you suggest I do to improve my grade." From personal experience, it shows them you want to improve and do better.
Feb 8, 2010, 06:46pm   #45
I have a essay to write that will be due in around 2 weeks. Hope I do good this time. The essay is related to "The Catcher In the Rye"
Feb 9, 2010, 12:19am   #46
Mmm...a most interesting book. Did you like it? Personally, I wasn't too thrilled about it unlike some of my classmates who say it was the best summer reading book.

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