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Common Application Essay won't upload!


My common application personal essay won't upload! I tried converting it into pdf, txt. I tried logging out and back in again. I even enabled my popup blocker. But it won't upload! Any help? My deadline is approaching FAST!

First, try using another browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. If this doesn't work, then try using another computer in your household. I had a problem like this and I waited an hour, and then I was able to upload my essay, so it could just be a server problem that they are experiencing. The worst case scenario is that you have to contact your colleges and explain your late application to them...
I just finished all my supplements and revisions on my common app essay...and none of them can upload. Its in the correct format. Its not above the size limit. ...... it keeps saying "Error uploading the file. Please try again"

By the way, If anyone finds a way to fix this or is having the same problem please post!
So what do we do?Because I don't want to contact the universities and tell them about this.It would look bad on me,I should have uploaded my essays earlier.
Besides,if the deadline passes, I can't submit my app online,right?
Its weird cuz i uploaded fine an older version of my essay like earlier on today. But now i try uploading my revised and it doesn't work at all....I think we should try like common app tech support first or something.
Jan 1, 2009   #9
are most of your deadlines on 1/2 or 1/1?
if they are on 1/2 then i guess we can wait till tmr?
or deadline on 1/2 actually means before 1/1 midnite D :
no deadline of 1/1 means 1/1 11:59pm EST
and so 1/2 means 2nd of januaray 11:59 pm EST

i think this is shown somewhere in the common apps site.
wow they said they fixed it but didn't bother to check?
This is starting to piss me off. I just want the damn uploda to work.

And zowzow when did u upload yours? like hours ago? or recently?
i uploaded my supplement like 6 hrs ago
but then again, it wasn't a document upload, it was a copy and paste job
maybe that was why?

i uploaded my common apps one ages ago though
sorry for the aggressiveness.

seriously?they fixed it?
Solution: Thank you for contacting the Support Team.

We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing and appreciate your patience. Please try to upload your document again in about 1 hour.

Again, thank you for contacting us; please do so again if you need additional assistance with this incident.

The Support Team

ok. still not working
do you have to log out and log in again after an hour?
or u just leave it there?
Guys the same thing happened to me. Me and tech support are tight after all the tickets I've sent 'em. Try the following:

>DISable your popup blocker. It shouldn't be enabled
>Never click "back" to get to the common app page to load the essay
>Close your browser (i use firefox), reboot your computer, then try again
>Make sure the files are under 500kb
>If all this hasn't worked, tell tech support, and they'll have you send them the files in an email, with info on which college you're sending it to, what essay choice topic it is, your username, what version of your app it's going on, and whatever else they ask for, and they'll upload it for you

Stop coming down on tech support. They're working hard around the clock for everyone who was too lazy to get started on apps earlier.
I've had a similar problem.... I discovered that if you re-save your document to another location/different name you might be able to upload it.

You can also try saving it as a different format (*.docx versus *.doc)

One of my friends found out that e-mailing the document to her self allowed her to upload it...

Just some suggestions, hope it's not too late :)
I uploaded my essay and could not see it, but figured that if I logged in from other pcs it was possible. If you have a macbook it could be the same reason....did you try to upload it from another pc?
Good luck!
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