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"Tell us what makes you a good college student", missionary work topic?

Jun 23, 2010, 04:29pm   #1
A scholarship topic is.. "Tell us what makes you a good college student."
Suggested word count is 200.

What is something good to write about? Also is the want to go into missionary work after college too religious for this topic?

Also is the want to go into missionary work after college too religious for this topic?

If you have a plan for the future, that is a great topic. Most students are just going through the motions of school, not really looking to a plan for the future. So, I think it is great to write about your plan.

I don't know if missionary work is too religious or not. It depends on what is important to you. If you are passionate about your religion it might be best to go to a school where such a topic will not be "too religious."

What are your intellectual interests? What special skills and knowledge do you want to acquire in college? Let the reader know your plan, because your plan is what makes you a good student. Tell about your plan and any steps you have taken to enact it.
Jun 30, 2010, 12:13am   #4
I think that whether or not missionary work is "too religious" for the scholarship essay depends on who is awarding the scholarship. Knights of Columbus? Go for it! The Ayn Rand Institute? Not a good idea.

The prompt asks what makes you a good college student and a 200 word limit doesn't give you a whole lot of room to expound on that subject. I think whether or not to address your desire to become a missionary depends on part if you can tie it to the prompt. What kinds of things are you studying at school? Will they help you with your future goals? If you are studying foreign languages and farming techniques in hopes of being a better missionary, by all means, tell the panel. If you are studying business and astronomy, it might be a little more difficult to make the connection.

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