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How to write a research paper for science fair project

Can you tell me what to include and how to start this process

Settle on a topic you're interested in that's science-related, and has adequate information accessible to you. Once you've done that, report back with your topic and the instructions for the assignment.
Look at what other people have done, and you will get some ideas of your own. What is your project? Check this out for ideas: all-science-fair-projects.com

When you choose a project, read some articles about th concept. For example, if your project involves battery power, read some articles about that. After each article you read, write a paragraph about what the author said. Soon, you will see a paper taking form. It'll be great!
Is this a research paper to find information on a project you have already picked, or is it a research paper meant to help you choose a project? If it's the former, you can follow the excellent advice you have already been given. If it is the latter, you would want to pick a field of study, say, wind power, and research it with a view to deciding what sort of science project you could do that would show something important about wind power. So, you would start off providing some general information about the topic, and then narrow down your area of interest more and more until by the end of the paper you had a very specific research question you could use as the basis of your project. That is, a question that your project could answer.
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