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Need a topic for my Accounting Research Project thesis paper....

Needless to say I have procrastinated and here I am a month and a half away from the due date of the paper. I was wanted to do a paper comparing IFRS vs GAAP specifically revenue recognition but am concerned if I will be able to write 10,000 words on the topic. If anyone has any interesting topics which I could develop a thesis from in regards to IFRS VS GAAP or any other facet of Accounting I would greatly appreciate it.


I found LOTS of ideas just by googling this: accounting thesis topic

If you are just looking for ideas, googling gets good results. I wish I was knowledgeable enough to tell you what is happening currently in research pertaining to the field... but I'm not! If you search a database of professional journal articles, you can read some recent ones and see what is included in the LITERATURE REVIEW. That is the easiest way to catch up with what is going on in scholarly discourse about accounting topics. Just read some other people's lit reviews.

Good luck!
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