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Thesis statment for globalization Issues

We were given to write a proposal i submitted the following

The story "Interpreter of maladies" by a famous writer Jhumpa Lahiri, describes the globalization Issues which reflects the current situation of the Americas. The story is reality as there are numerous people in America which are benefited by Globalization.

I recived the following questions back from professor so can you please help me answering those.

What is your research question? What are you investigating?

Google this:
how to write good research questions

The prof wants you to come up with a question that you will try to answer by using research. So, if you are going to write about the ways people benefited from globalization, you could write this:
What are the ways people in [name of country] are benefited by globalization?

You can also ask,
Which kinds of people in [name of country] benefit from globalization?

I hope that helps you! It is important for you to google around and understand what a good research question is.
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