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Suggest a topic for research In human resource management

I have to write a research Paper/ Synopsis to get into PHD. I am thinking about 'Cultural diversity in workforce' as a topic. But it seems too broader. I need help to select a topic.

Yes, it's too broad. The thing to do is read several RECENT articles and see what the most recent research findings are. Go to a good database of journal articles and search for this:
cultural diversity employees

the articles you find will include some "reviews of literature," and they will tell you all the most important stuff that has been done recently with this topic!! You will see what research is being done, and you can add to it just like adding to a conversation when you walk into the room where people are talking about a particular subject.

You might find that people are researching ways to promote strong "organizational culture" while integrating various cultural groups in a diverse work force. You may want to write about the connection between organizational culture and ordinary "culture" (i.e. ethnicity and heritage).

You may want to do research to show what managers say about their struggles to overcome cultural barriers.

Your job right now is to read a lot of research studies. :-) Get familiar with what is happening in the field. you can do it in a single evening.
Thanks for your valuable suggestion:) Your suggestion really helped. I want to study about " How can we create competitive advantage by managing diversity".Please analyze this topic and suggest.
Pls tell me some more ways to go ahead.
Oh, I'm sorry, in my last response I had not seen this part! :-)

Well, you also have to choose an industry to focus on....

What should be the source of literature review. Is journal articles are quite enough or should necessarily include some books.

Don't make it too hard for yourself. Books are longer and it might stop you before you begin. Choose ONE journal article as your foundation. If you read an article and it is confusing, move on to the next one. Soon, you will find one that has a lit review all about competitive advantage and managing diversity.

The lit review will tell all about research that has been done about the topic, and it will give you ideas. You MUST read many articles in order to get familiar with the lit review, and then you must choose ONE of those articles to use as a model while you write.

You can't avoid reading many articles. It is the only way to learn how to write one. If you need more help, read several articles and list them here. I'll take a look at some of them if I can, and we can talk about methods.

When you see an article you like, you may want to use the same research design. If you like an article that uses a case study approach, ask your teacher if you can use a case study approach.

Now I have spent a lot of time helping you, so I hope you will help some other people by commenting on their essays!! :-)
Sometimes just doing a little research on a broader topic like what you have here will help you drill down and pick something more specific that you'd like to focus on. Take a look at some scholarly articles online based on this topic and I'm sure you'll find something more specific that interests you that you can base your research paper on.
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