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Research paper on Human resource Management (topic needed)


I am MBA student, my core is Health care Management, I have to write a research paper so How can i write a research paper on Human resource management and please suggest me some topics also.

With Thanks

If you are in HRM, you should be interested in reading many, many articles. Conflict resolution, managing diversity, sexual harassment, gender issues, outsourcing/offshoring labor... it is a huge field.

I can list lots of topics, but it would be better to type "human resource management" into your school's database. You will see thousands of titles that reveal excellent topics.

Try this...
search for these words: human resource management "literature review"
Choose an article that is interesting to you, and read the section called literature review. This will show you all the recent research in this ares of HRM. So, if you read an article about managing diversity, the lit review will tell you about the most important articles and books about it. Then, you will get an idea about what YOU want to contribute to the ongoing discussion of this topic.

So, it is all about reading some literature reviews in articles that you enjoy.

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