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About a comment. I want to wrote this a newspaper comment section but I am not sure on my grammar.

NEW - Since i have seen comments on this website, which were written by you, i have been really shocking. There are so many...

Writing Feedbackgustavo turan - Yesterday
Media pay excessive concern to the celebrities' lives like actors, singers, or footballers

NEW - The media pay too much attention to the lives and relationships of celebrities such as actors, singers, or footballers. They should spend...

Writing Feedbackamrillahmk31 - Yesterday
Rich children tend to acquire their needs and desires much easier than poor children and are happier

NEW - Rich children are generally happier than those from poorer families? What is your opinion ? It is generally believed that rich...

Writing FeedbackRachael2615 - 08:10am
Why should we learning English? Write paragraph about 140 words

NEW - (I am nguyen ,studying in high school .my paragraph may have mistakes ,i hope everyone gives me suggestions to helps mine better.Thank...

Writing Feedbacknguyenvn - 09:26am