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Compare and contrast- 2 war artist images. How do they reflect and convey the impact of WAR?

NEW - Compare and contrast Mark Gertler's 'Merry Go round' with C.R.W. Nevinson's 'The Machine Gun'. How do they reflect and convey the...

Writing FeedbackJakeCarter - Oct 21, 2014
Penn M&T Supplement Essay - Robotics, Business, and Engineering

NEW - I'm applying to a really selective program at Penn based around Management & Technology; it only accepts 50 people a year,...

Undergraduatehmay - Yesterday
I have got a Common App essay - it need to be checked

NEW - Can someone edit my essay? I can email it to you if you leave your email down

Undergraduateyummydonut - Yesterday
Issue 108/110; Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless..

NEW - Could someone please judge my response to ISSUE 108/110? Some suggestions please! Thank you very much. Issue 108/110 Issue...

GraduateShepherdN - Yesterday
When does narrative cross into wordiness?

NEW - I'm currently in the process of applying to the University of Chicago and I would like some help with my essay....

UndergraduateHan1 - Yesterday
Good parenting with better schooling, when combined - children will grow into a gem to our society

NEW - I am taking IELTS after 2 weeks. Please, rate my essay and give your suggestion to improve it. Some people...

Writing Feedbackshavaktm - 01:46am
MIT Supplements: Culture/Activity for Pleasure/Department/Attribute/Challenge

NEW - Hi guys, Would anyone be willing to revise my essays? They're due in a week... Definitely need to cut out words...

Undergraduatecollegeplease - 01:57am
"Observe the Global Warming " - An intellectual experience. Dartmouth supplement

NEW - Any criticism is welcome. Thank you! Observe the Global Warming My geography teacher was talking about sea...

Undergraduatedominic_jiang - 02:58am