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Thesis statements on global warming?

I have to come up with 4 thesis statements for global warming. I am stuck, I have never had to write a thesis before. I dont know how to write one or what points need to be brought up. please help.


I think the words "thesis statement" strike fear into the hearts of many students! It's not that hard, really! Think of it as a "topic sentence"--does that sound less intimidating? :-))

Your thesis statement presents the subject of your essay or research paper; more than that, though, it presents an argument. Here is an example: "After years of scientific wrangling over the existence of global warming, experts are now in agreement that the problem presents a major risk for the future of our planet." Do you see how I not only introduced the subject of global warming, but also took a position, i.e., that global warming is a real threat? One could also take the other side: "Despite years of attempts by scientists and the liberal media to cause worldwide panic on the subject, no credible evidence exists that global warming poses a real threat." (Just for the record, I totally made that up. ;=))

Give it a go and see what you come up with! You can do it!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
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