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CASPA- PA Narrative: Please describe your motivation towards becoming a PA.

jdfox38Threads: 1
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Author: Joshua Fox
Jul 24, 2011, 06:34pm   #1
Personal Narrative: Thank you for your help!!!

I never would have thought that fracturing my C7 spinous process my senior year in college during an unfortunate gymnastics accident would verify my decision to become a Physician Assistant (PA). To confirm that the heeling process was proceeding in the right direction, I had weekly visits to the orthopedic office for x-rays. For the next six weeks, I was fortunate enough to see the same Orthopedic PA. This was an emotional time in my life, as this could have been a season and career ending injury. The PA was extremely understanding of my feelings and desire to compete in gymnastics again. He was direct in explaining the treatment plan and comprehensive in his expectations of the recovery process. Each time I left the office I was extremely satisfied with the care that I was receiving. I was able to witness how a PA works autonomously treating patients, while still being part of a healthcare team and how they are able to build solid relationships with his/her patients. As a Physician Assistant, I want my patients to experience the same treatment that I did.

I started college in a doctorate program for Physical Therapy, but realized that it was not the area of healthcare that I was interested in. As I began shadowing other healthcare professionals, I was fortunate enough to shadow a PA in the operating room (OR). This opened my eyes to a field of medicine, I had never before experienced. I watched as the PA comforted the patient prior to surgery, explaining the procedure and exactly what was going to happen once she went into the OR. The patient greatly appreciated this extra consideration and considerably relaxed after speaking with the PA. It was truly gratifying to see a healthcare professional take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to make a patient feel at ease. Once in the OR, I watched in awe as the PA and physician worked hand in hand to complete the surgery. It was astounding to see this kind of teamwork. As a collegiate gymnast for four years and co-captain during my senior year, I understand the importance of teamwork and each individual's role in making a team successful.

After this initial experience in the OR, I took numerous opportunities to explore the PA profession and shadow in a multitude of different settings including: Primary Care, Orthopedic Clinic, Orthopedic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. All of these experiences have given me insight to my future career as a PA. As I was shadowing, I was able to better understand the profession, along with the skills and qualities needed to become a successful PA. While each of the PAs has their own unique experiences, all of them seem to share similar goals in the healthcare industry of providing quality medical care and having the ability to treat and diagnose patients. I realized that these goals are very similar to what I have for myself. Since graduating college, I have been working as an EMT to expand my healthcare knowledge and patient care experience. This has given me the opportunity deal with patients in a multitude of circumstances. However, as an EMT I am limited in what care I can provide a patient. Becoming a PA will give me the opportunity to diagnose and treat patients while having the versatility to work in more than one area of medicine.

As a Physician Assistant, I will be an essential member in the healthcare profession. I truly believe that a PA is the most unique and gratifying profession in the healthcare industry. Being fortunate enough to observe PA's in a multitude of settings has convinced me that my lifelong dream in healthcare can best be fulfilled by a career as a Physician Assistant. When given the opportunity, I will completely dedicate myself to achieving this goal.

alicialenetteThreads: 1
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Author: Alicia L. Stevenson
Jul 24, 2011, 09:24pm   #2
Very good essay. Gives great insight on what inspired you to pursue this career goal. It also gives a clear explanation of your view of what a PA does. (important). Great story line... I don't think there are many changes to be made. Just make sure you are within the character limit.

Alicia. (Future PA)

Check out my essay.... See what you think.


jdfox38Threads: 1
Posts: 5
Author: Joshua Fox
Jul 26, 2011, 09:48pm   #3
Thanks for the advice

heaven850Threads: 1
Posts: 6
Author: Erica Hand
Jul 27, 2011, 08:06am   #4
"To confirm that the heeling process was proceeding in the right direction," Should be healing not heeling. Also in this sentence "This has given me the opportunity deal with patients in a multitude of circumstances." you should probably reconstruct to say it gave you the opportunity to work with or help instead of just "deal with".

Very good overall!

EF_KevinThreads: 33
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Author: You can help a lot of people by visiting the "Unanswered" threads!
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Jul 27, 2011, 11:14am   #5

Check the spelling.

...his expectations about the recovery process. ----I like ABOUT a little more....

Each time I left the office I was extremely satisfied with the care that I was receiving.
Now it's getting redundant.

I'll move a comma:
I was able to witness how a PA works, autonomously treating patients while still being part of

I truly believe that a PA is the most unique and gratifying profession in the healthcare industry. ---I don't believe you! You can't make a claim like this without backing it up somehow... I mean, there are a LOT of roles you will probably play over the course of your career. I don't know how you can say being a PA is the MOST gratifying. I think you should say something slightly different there.

Besides that, I think this is such a strong essay. It is convincing, because you really show that you have some understanding of the profession and a lot of enthusiasm. If you cite some recent medical research, it will be even better!


jdfox38Threads: 1
Posts: 5
Author: Joshua Fox
Jul 30, 2011, 07:40pm   #6
Thanks for the tips....i made those corrections!

umberThreads: 1
Posts: 3
Jul 31, 2011, 11:37am   #7
this is a very good essay. very descriptive. You have used the word deal alot maybe replace that with help. it'll make it more sentimental.

check out my essay.

dragonemThreads: 1
Posts: 6
Author: Megan Dragonette
Aug 4, 2011, 07:56pm   #8
I like your essay a lot. I think you definitely show that you really do want to do this and that you have experienced what a PA really does. X in x-rays is always capitalized :). Good job.
-Megan (future PA as well :) )

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