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How to write describe myself?

I want to attend the graduate diploma in system analysis. But i don't know how to write, coz i'm from non english speaken country. I can write sample (my name, my age), but i have no idea for any others. So please help me


Probably the best thing would be for you to write the essay and then let me help you with editing it. Tell about your interests, what courses you have taken to prepare you for the graduate program, what areas of specialization you would like to pursue, any work experience you have in the field, and what you hope to do with your diploma once you have it. Include anything else you can tell the admissions committee about you that you think might make you a desirable candidate.

Once you have a rough draft, I'll be happy to help you smooth out any rough edges. :-)


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My name is Sinaso Msomi, I was born on the 16 January 1987 in the Easter Cape in the rural area called St August in Tsolo. I am the fifth born of the seven children of Mr and Mrs Msomi. We the family of three males and four female, I


My mother and I used to go to the arts festival to sell the traditional clothes that my mother sews. In 2004 my sister was ill, I had to go alone and my mother was going to go after me only to find out my sister became wais, I had to do all the bookings of the stalls look after myself it was very hard for me because the brother that we knew in that house left within a week to Cape Town because of work he is doing. I had to live because i could not manage to sell the clothes.
Good afternoon!

OK, let's see what we've got here. How about this:

My name is Sinaso Msomi, and I was born on January 16, 1987 in the rural area of St. August in Tsolo. I am the fifth child in a family of seven children, I have three brothers and four sisters; my parents are Mr. and Mrs. Msomi.

I remember going to the arts festival in Grahamstown with my mother to sell traditional clothes that she sewed. In 2004 my sister was ill so I had to leave for the festival before my mother, and she planned to join me later. Shortly after I left we found out my sister was wais? (I'm not sure what this word is. Can you explain it a little better for me? Thank you. . Because of this, I had to do all the bookings of the stalls myself. (Can you also explain a little more about what this is? Thanks.) I had to do this alone because the gentleman that we knew there in the house had to leave to go to Cape Town because of his job. It was up to me to sell all of the clothes by myself, and I found this very difficult.

Please let me know if this is along the lines you want, and what else you would like to add to it.

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