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First Post and A Question about Posting an Essay on here!?

thebossThreads: 2
Posts: 4
Author: Nathan Kane
May 15, 2010, 10:14pm   #1
Hey this is my first post, and I was just wondering that if I post my essay on here for help, and someone helps me edit it, can I take my post down? This is because I don't want my teacher to perhaps go online and type an excerpt from my essay on Google and even though it would be deleted on here, Google will still show the contents of what was posted in their search results (this happened to one of my Yahoo Answers questions.) but when you click it to go here, it would say it won't exist. So that bothers me, cause I'm supposed to be doing this essay IN CLASS (high school) but I just CAN NOT focus in class with noise and other people so I'm doing it at home and will bring it into class and copy what I have written already on the outline paper she gives us! Thanks for any help!

vincenthesselThreads: 1
Posts: 5
Author: Vincent Hessel
May 16, 2010, 06:27am   #2
you need to pay 10 dollas

EF_KevinThreads: 33
Posts: 14,154
Author: You can help a lot of people by visiting the "Unanswered" threads!
 Likes 4  
May 17, 2010, 02:36pm   #3
Google will still show the contents of what was posted in their search results

Yes, it will indeed be possible for search engines to find your essay if you post it here, so don't post it if that is a concern for you. Maybe we can just do some practice writing so you can correct all your mistakes and become an expert.

If your essay is supposed to be done in class, give it a try! You seem to write very well, so you should feel confident. I know what you mean about noise and distractions, though. Let's just do some practice essays, so you'll be ready to write in class.


niyataThreads: -
Posts: 1
Oct 26, 2010, 05:48pm   #4
hi there i just want to post my essay for help, its my very first time to write an essay.... can i post it or email it to someone who can get me corrected before posting? thanks lot

EF_TeamThreads: 44
Posts: 522
Author: Moderator, EssayForum.com
[Moderator] Likes 12  
Oct 26, 2010, 06:02pm   #5
can i post it


VesselaThreads: -
Posts: 1
Author: Vessela Ivanova
Jan 30, 2013, 10:34am   #6
Hi there, this is my first essay. I need to get it revised! Please, help!

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