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how to write a 5 paragraph essay on my goals for the school year

i need to write a 5 paragraph essay on what are my goals for the school year and what do i need to improve in i had all fs but i want to show how im improving.

Great advice, Aleksandar!

Yes, so you can tart by writing a topic sentence about each goal. Then, add an example and some elaboration to each topic sentence, so that each becomes a paragraph about a goal.

Then, go back and write an intro paragraph of 4-5 sentences to explain the theme and philosophy for your education at this point in life. End that intro with a thesis statement that names the 3 goals.

Write a conclusion paragraph that discusses the 3 goals thoughtfully and goes on to discuss your future a little. Really enjoy writing this, because it is a meaningful thing to do!!

Google this: how to write a five paragraph essay
what are you main goals for the upcoming year? what do you plan on doing that will be different? i how do you plan on passing your classes?
just some of the questions you can ask yourself.
actually for 5 paragraph essay will need first introduction (you can think of writing about your nature plus your goal)with thesis statement.
2nd ,3rd, 4rth paragraph will contain about your goal

then you will go with conclusion.
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