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Thesis statment for an essay - global warming / climate change

I wanted a good thesis statement for
suggestions, or some samples would help me lots

climate change --->(also info including about)---> humans causing it ----> something about industrial / aviation could be mentioned.

what the hell? you have no choice but to make an essay about the damage humans are causing and woe will be the plight of humanity blah blah blah. it's not as though you're even making a thesis where you argue something. you were already given your thesis.

First, what do you know about global warming? --"carbon footprint" (I am beginning to hate reading and saying that:) please don't use those words in your paper...) "vapor trails and global warming," just anything your know about it...write it all down - scribble if your must. Does anything jump out at you? Good! Write about that as your thesis, and make it an argument for or against.
all made up, so do not use this>> "Over one million aircraft take to the skies each day, each of which causes 13oo pounds of noxious gas to be carried into the atmosphere. With over 200 million passengers seeking air travel, it is impractical to suggest shutting down the entire operation, but more consideration toward lessening the impact of aviation on the planet must become a top priority in the war against global warming."

This is not at all a strong enough statement for your paper - it is merely an example of a thesis.

I look forward to your essay submission!

This topic sucks. For information search "IPCC" in google.

Let's be good examples and only post comments if we have a meaningful contribution to make!

climate change --->(also info including about)---> humans causing it ----> something about industrial / aviation could be mentioned
-----If you want to write about aviation, you can narrow your thesis by focusing on the emissions that supposedly linger in the air for a long time, doing more harm as a result of being higher in the atmosphere. Aviation accounts for only a small percentage of greenhouse gases, but it is unique because of the way aviation emissions remain u higher in the sky, affecting things in ways I don't entirely understand. Much has been written about that.

I hope that helps! Sometimes you have to think outside the box to narrow your thesis. Sometimes your main idea gets narrowed as you read article after article and notice themes developing in your readings.
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