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Countryside better than city? Yes, It is vibrant and full of life

help me write about this essay...emergency!!!

The countryside is definitely better! It is vibrant and full of life. Check out the Ozarks located in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, USA. It is rich in history and has prairies, hills, forests, clear cold springs, rivers, and lakes. The farms are rich in diversity, their fields a rainbow of varied breeds and diversity of animals. It is comical to watch young goats, lambs, calves and foals, kick up the heels, buck and frolic across green pastures. The joy of seeing wildlife never weakens and the breathtaking beauty of the seasons are wondrous. To listen to the music of the countryside is sweet indeed; from the soft babbling of a brook to the roar of a waterfall, trees whisper and grasses rustle as breezes blow through, songbirds join in joyous relief and the orchestra is complete.
No! Stop asking people to do it for you.

Try typing some sentences about the city.
Then, type some sentences about the country.

You must be the one to do it, and then you will improve.

The countryside is definitely better! It is vibrant and full of life.

The city is also vibrant and full of life. :-)

Do not make this seem harder than it is. Type the sentences that express your ideas about the city and country. I see your good communication in other threads. You can do it!
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