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Essay - positive things about a jet-ski accident. Introduction and thesis?

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So it's an essay for English and I'm having problems with it. I don't know how to formulate the introduction and the thesis. Would I have to describe my experience or just list the positive things that came out of it.
Also, what would be some of the positive effects of something like this ? (I'm thinking about motivation to learn how to swim, learning about the importance of safety).

Feb 1, 2012, 09:17pm   #2
Take it real slow, first describe the setting like how you got there, talk about the characters and set up a plot. Then show the readers how you got in the accident<... Intro

Then for your body paragraph describe how this accident had a positive impact on you. so like "to learn how to swim, learning about the importance of safety, ect.." goes here.

For you conclusion sum the whole thing up in a four to five sentences.

good luck!
I'm having trouble setting up the introduction. It should end with a thesis.
I can't decide how to actually introduce my story.
Here's what I have so far:

Most of us at one time or another have life-changing experiences. Although some of them could have disastrous effects, others can transform our life in a positive way.
(It should be a bigger introduction, but ending with that thesis)

And then I guess this should be my body paragraph.

Looking back upon my life, I would choose my jet-ski accident as a life defining moment...

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