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Conflict at a personal level essay - Need help for opening para

Jul 15, 2008   #1
Hi guys,
I need assistance with writing an intro for the theme of "conflict at a personal level", I am having trouble opening my essay, so assistance would be greatly appreciated. :)

Good morning.

Do you have the rest of your essay written already? Your introduction should be like a movie trailer; something to hint at what is to come. You don't want to spend too much time explaining what you are going to tell your readers in the introduction. It can be like a thesis statement if that works, or something less technical, depending on the content of your essay. Either way, it's just a teaser to get your audience interested in what you are going to tell them.

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Aug 1, 2008   #3

Do you have any more information on the paper other than that phrase? I find it a little ambiguous: is this a paper about conflict between people or conflict experienced within an individual?

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