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Argumentative essay (5 different subjects) need hook, thesis, topic

Hi, really i need your help final exam on Wednesday and I have to prepare for 5 subject essays. I need your help to find good hook, and tebatable thesis and 3 topic senteces for each subject.
1- technology (does or does not) make one's life easier.
2- BP (should or should not) pay for all damages caused by the gulf of mexico oil spill.
3- the new immigration law in Arizona (is or is not) fair and reasonable.
4- A women (should or should not) abort an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.
5- the US (should or should not) end the war immediately.

i appreciate your help and support

I'm sorry it took so long to respond to you!

Okay, you need to know how to mount a strong argument. First, decide what you want to say about each of the 5. For each, write a perfect sentence that expresses your main idea. We will build the essay around this sentence. This is the thesis sentence.

After writing that thesis sentence, write a hook... something intriguing that catches the attention. Then write a sentence to explain what you mean by this "hook" sentence.

Put the hook at the start of para #1, and put the thesis sentence at the end of it.

Next, write a topic sentence for each body paragraph you will write. Google this: topic sentence

In the second to last paragraph, talk about the opposite argument, why they are wrong and you are right.

Finally, write a thoughtful conclusion in which you really feel free to artfully express yourself about this truth you are conveying.

Let's see some of your writing!

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