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RESEARCH TOPIC (Ph.D in Human Resource Management)

I have planned to do Ph.D in Human Resource Management and I need topics for my project work.
Please suggest me a suitable topic. I have 5 years industrial experience and 2 years teaching experience, it would be of great help if the topic is related to both the lines.

I work for a large industrial manufacturer who has a sizable collection of internally developed online trainings. I think given your background it would be interesting to survey those types of organizations regarding the challenges and successes of those types of training programs. In my experience, manufacturers seem to have less technologically advanced employees on the whole as compared to banks, tech firms, etc. How does online trainings impact the learner in those environments? How does delivery method affect learners across the company who may vary in education from high school equivalency to Master's or PhD (for instance, if you had to roll out a training on Fraud or Compensation that would need to be delivered to a large cross section of employees)?
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