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Du Vu "My name is Du Vu Hoang Tuan and I am from Vietnam. I have been a member of EssayForum for around 2 years. I remember that I found out this forum when I searched for some ideas for my IELTS essay. Since then, EssayForum has helped me improve my writing skills a lot. Without the help from moderators, contributors and other members, I would not achieve my desirable IELTS score. Therefore, I would love to become a contributor to help other people with their essays as I have received helpful advice from others."

Du Vu, EssayForum.com Contributor
Alyssa "Greetings! I'm Alyssa. I have my bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, and my master's in Creative Writing for Young People. I live in Virginia, and I love reading, writing, and travel. I specialize in literature and creative writing, but I also enjoy helping people with rhetoric (logic-based argument/discussion), personal statements, and application essays. I love to help others and I'm looking forward to helping you!"

Alyssa, EssayForum.com Contributor


Tuan "Hello! I'm Tuan, a high school student from Vietnam. Just like anyone who approaches this website, I'm in pursuit of the highest possible scores in IELTS writing. I have to admit that this is not the first website I sought help, but having experienced several forums, I found this one the best place to engage. I was made a long-lasting impression as to how enthusiastic and warm-hearted the moderators, contributors as well as the members of this forum were. With constructive feedbacks, useful suggestions and (sometimes) compliments, EF members have encouraged me to write more and more essays and brush up on them little by little. In my opinion, being a moderator or a contributor is a way I return the favour to everyone here, building EF a strong and reliable source to improve writing skills, as it is meant to be."

SalMon, EssayForum.com Contributor
Jasmine "Hello! My name is Jasmine. I am a graduate and Alumni of California State Long Beach with a B.A. in Social Sciences, Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential, and a M.A in Education with emphasis on the Social and Cultural Analysis of Education. I currently live in Los Angeles and work in the Higher Education field. My background consists of tutoring, teaching, mentoring, and counseling. In addition, I love to read, write, take photos, learn Spanish, and study culture. My passion for education continues to grow through my helping and inspiring students, my volunteer work in the community, and challenging myself to understand all perspectives of education and its foundations. I will help you with the best of my abilities!"

Jasmine Towns, EssayForum.com Contributor


Carol "My name is Carol and I was born in New Jersey. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and then graduated from a high school, in N. Jersey. I studied English and Communication, at Rutgers University. While in college I became a Creative Writing Tutor, and worked for the Eagleton Institute of Politics, as a telephone interviewer, the later for five years. I earned a B.A. I am happily married, with two kitties, and we live in a one bedroom apartment. We are hoping to buy a condo, in the coming years. We enjoy old movies, eating out, and times hanging out at the local hangout. Also, we enjoy spending quiet holidays, just the four of us! Since college I have volunteered extensively, and have earned two degrees in Paralegal Studies, both A.A.S., and a post-collegiate certificate, in the same; the latter I graduated, with honors."

Carol, EssayForum.com Contributor
Jhonies "Hi! My name is Jhonies Saysi. I'm currently taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English.I'm glad that I found this site to do my compassion in life- helping others. With my experiences and skills, I could help others improve their linguistic competence. Moreover, with all my best, I will impart to others what I have learned from my chosen specialization, not only of editing but also the techniques in learning the English language :)"

Jhonies Saysi, EssayForum.com Contributor


Fikri "My name is Fikri. I graduated from high school in 2012, since May 2013. I have learnt IELTS, at the beginning of November 2013, my IELTS teacher asked my to teach in the same course about IELTS for beginner, so now I'm one of IELTS trainer for beginner IELTS learners in my hometown. My hometown is a small village in Indonesia which contains more than 100 English courses, so many English learners come to my hometown. Then, I want to be EF contributor because I want to learn more about IELTS from people around the world because I want to be a Professional IELTS Trainer in the future. So,let's improve our skills in IELTS."

Fikri, EssayForum.com Contributor
"I'm Dumi from Sri Lanka. I am a math graduate with work experience in the finance industry. Though I am a non native English speaker, I have a strong passion to improve my English knowledge and especially my writing skills. I found EF while I was searching help for my TOEFL English writing task. I soon found the value of this forum and its dedication to its mission; to help those who choose to go the extra mile in their effort to refine their English writing. Yes, EF helped me a lot to improve my writing skills and by becoming an EF contributor I also had the opportunity to meet many interesting people. It's a great pleasure to help with other's academic work at my best ability . EF always inspires me and makes me feel I'm doing something worthy. : )"

Duminda De Silva, EssayForum.com Contributor


Tian "EssayForum is the useful platform which helps me to improve my writing skill. I'm a student in English course and a information system graduate. l live in a metropolitan city of Indonesia. I have a sake to take IELTS test as soon as possible and I want to continue my second degree. Actually, I have been interested with English language since a year ago and I have been learning English language since August 2013. Recently, I survive to face IELTS preparation and I hope that I can get a great score. "Perfect practice makes perfect result, my teacher said."

Tia, EssayForum.com Contributor
Sekar "Hi, I am Sekar From Indonesia. I have interest in study psychology and do social working very much. However, I devote myself on English as my dream to acquire an international education, this is the reason behind me join in this forum as the suggestion of my tutor. After several times I do write, I get many improvement due to assitance from contributors and moderators here. In my learning process, I believe that when I read and assist more, become an English fluent is not just my dream anymore. I think this platform already give me an exhilarating experience in my English study, then I am going to learn more and pleased for me to share what I know in English writing with you ^.^"

Sekar Hanafi , EssayForum.com Contributor


Eddie "Just like you all, I'm on a journey to get better. Hi, I'm Eddy from Indonesia. For those who don't know EssayForum, I want to be the first to say EF welcomes me with sincere advice and helpful ideas. I found this site from over thousand miles away from home while searching much help for my IELTS essay. Henceforth, I kept EF under constant surveillance day and night, and then in 2014 I decide to get involve in EF. With moderators, contributors and other members' assistance, I develop my writing skills by reading published writings, giving and taking some thoughtful feedback while meeting someone new who has better insights, like you."

Eddy Suaib, EssayForum.com Contributor
Aruna "I am Aruna Manivannan a B.E graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I am an Indian, but currently living in Singapore with my wife and kid. I am a software professional working as a Oracle Database administrator. While searching for IELTS preparation material in internet, I came to know about this website. I found myself getting improve with my writing skills due to EF. I believe that whatever help I received from others should be given back in return to help somebody else in this forum. Thanks to Dumi and Pahan who have encouraged me to join as contributor here."

Arunamanivannan, EssayForum.com Contributor


Fadlan "I was an international relations student at National University in Indonesia, and I intend for taking a post graduate program at Kings College University London in the United Kingdom this year. As an IELTS tutor at the moment, I have never expected before to find this website enormously helpful on how to improve my writing skill. Simultaneously, EssayForum is drawn my attention dramatically when I have been giving feedback to my students and members inasmuch as it can be useful comments for other IELTS Takers in this website. I would argue that I can take advantages of both worlds in that I can learn by posting my writing and comment other essays on this prestigious website."

Best regards,

Fadlan Muzakki, EssayForum.com Contributor
Kevin "EF_Kevin is an English editor-for-hire who lives in Boston, where he works part-time as a kung fu warrior (mostly crime-fighting). Kevin teaches a method of strategic writing called Step-Aside Style, and he says it is a kind of kung fu even though it really is not. Kevin just thinks kung fu is really cool. You can visit DoctorMyDocument.com if you want to buy his e-books about strategic writing, self-hypnosis, meditation practice, English language learning, study skills, and the 'psychology of language.'"

EF Kevin, EssayForum.com Contributor


Anfa "Hello, Im Anfalia from Indonesia. I have finished my Bachelors degree with emphasis on English Education Department. I have been working as an English teacher, and I have experienced to teach English at earlier through higher Education field. My passion is in Education, so I love to share my knowledge in teaching process. Furthermore, I am also keen on learning other foreign languages such as French,Japan,and Mandarin languages. However, Im studying IELTS now as my new English knowledge because I want to acquire an international recognizes qualification for my education. I join this essay forum as the suggestion from my English tutor. And EF helps me more to improve my writing skill, also to share about globalization ideas with you. Hopefully, I can share my best ability with you."

Anfa, EssayForum.com Contributor
Ahmad "I am Ahmad Zafari from Iran and I am a 27 single man. I have got a M.Sc degree in Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science. Research is my favorite work and for this purpose I am going to continue my study. Playing computer games and watching movies are my hobbies. I familiarized with EssayForum.com while I was searching for an English word in the Internet. I joined this great, useful website in 2012. In fact, this website not only can improve the writing proficiency of people , but also it gives us an opportunity to share our attitudes toward many different aspects of life because what we write comes from our thoughts."

Ahmad Zafari, EssayForum.com Contributor

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