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Journey from Entrepreneur to Experienced developer - SOP looking for MS in Information Systems

7 - Chandra, why are you writing an affidavit form letter? This is supposed to be an essay and yet you are presenting...

Graduatesekharcsvangiespen - Yesterday
'stop thinking unrealistically' If it's still on your mind, then it's worth taking the risk; Barnard

2 - Okay! Thanks for the feedback:)

Undergraduateshnoobidoox3shnoobidoox3 - 08:24am
ielts essay on happiness

NEW - Happiness is considered important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important for achieving happiness? Happiness...

GraduateAzeez -
IELTS - the number of young people perpetrating a crime has risen significantly.

5 - But overall it's very good essay

Writing FeedbacksomasalimsAzeez - 08:05am
Six prompts; Introduction and Conclusion only - IELTS Writing Task 2

5 - Always remember to directly declare what will happen in the paragraphs: The sentences highlighted are too casual for...

Writing Feedbacksomasalimseddies - 07:46am
Transporting food by air now provides market opportunities both exporting and importing countries.

2 - Air transport has experienced the fastest growth. For this reason, some people prefer selecting this as the main means of...

Writing Feedbackruwchiieddies - 07:30am
IELTS: The pattern of studying plays a major crucial aspect in the academic achievements

7 - (1)aspect to/from (2)students' academic attainment (3) As this sentence didn't support the topic well, I would say that this adds...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaeddies - 07:28am
It is not easy to describe what happiness is. IELTS essay topic.

3 - vangiespen could u please read my essay.

Writing FeedbackAzeezAzeez - 07:26am
INVITATION - we have arranged a meeting - a google hang out.

6 - it's AWESOME! do you have any suggestions for me which would improve my writing and speaking skills?

Lettersheavenplayheavenplay - 07:05am
Cultural shock in Dubai; teach myself a new skill or concept

5 - Dear Vangiespen, Thank you for your suggestion. Below is my revised essay. I really appreciate for your help. Nicole...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997nicolezmh1997 - 06:55am
Extra-curricular activity of being a listener and petition writer - inspirational life experience

5 - - Just simply say that by coincidence, you happened to live nearby. There is no need to get too flowery...

Undergraduatevoocatchervangiespen - 06:41am
An odd group of friends- Brown University Supplement Essay

3 - Thanks kevpang! I'm applying for Environmental Studies and International Relations. And sure, I'll check out your essay! Good luck to you...

Undergraduateleiya0920leiya0920 - 05:33am
"Why Odd Numbers are Odd?" - Odd is sublime!

5 - In my opinion, the new conclusion you came up with works very well with the rest of the essay. I found...

Undergraduatertan05vangiespen - 05:32am
I have searched for schools with programs which reflect some of my personal experiences. I found you

1 - Regina, there is a tremendously huge problem with your essay. Instead of providing the admissions officers with an insight as to...

Undergraduatertan05vangiespen - 05:30am
The research of electrochemical reduction of CO2 really attracts me; SOP for Chemical Engineering

1 - Chemical engineering appeals to me because I always wonder that how raw materials developed in lab can be processed into domestic...

GraduateJenney123rtan05 - 05:06am
Questions 1-6 - openings and finales only

1 - Please explain "While the cons of the issue are existent around community, I strongly believe that there also some pros come...

Writing Feedbackruwchiirtan05 - 04:54am
Mahatma Gandhi - favourite statue of the person you wanted to make

1 - Kumar, a statue is normally used to inspire people to action or consider certain aspects of the country's history or social...

Graduategautam007vangiespen - 03:03am
Advertising - there are many advantages side of it which is changing our lives to positive side

3 - There are grammatical errors that can be corrected within the essay. However, it has always been my policy to first have...

Writing FeedbackBob brothervangiespen - 02:50am
Working habits are significantly changed - people can work from home using modern technology

2 - hi somasalim thanks for correction which is covered by your question. I just have realized that I used double...

Writing Feedbackfadlanmuzakkifadlanmuzakki - 02:42am
'Delightful, tranquil, pleasant' - Maya in Nepali means love.

2 - Thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback. I will also try to adjust like you have suggested. Thank you...

Undergraduatesonamd28sonamd28 - 02:08am
"Let's see. This is the radiator." - Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship Essay on Engineering

2 - Kristoff, totally eliminate the paragraph making reference to your interest in Astronomy as it does not relate in any way, shape,...

ScholarshipKristoriavangiespen - 01:33am
Glitter (Dance and Culture) - Princeton Supplement Essay

1 - Sheridan, your essay is quite informative and effective. I am just at a loss as to what cultural value you maker...

Undergraduatesinkclap101vangiespen - 01:29am
"Out of Many, One People" is the motto of Jamaica, and my family is a perfect example - Seaford Town

1 - This is a well written and painstakingly developed essay Kristoff. You had truly shone a light upon the development of your...

UndergraduateKristoriavangiespen - Yesterday
I want to excel my skills by studying Master's in Thermal & Fluid Sciences from your institution

2 - Thanks gautam007 !!

Graduatesanket1011sanket1011 - Yesterday
A blistering mallet increases its velocity and with it, its trepidation

5 - Yes, I believe that this essay works better now. It has reached a point where, if you feel that you have...

GraduateJesusLM2vangiespen - Yesterday
One particular incident changed me from being self-centered to being sensitive to others.

10 - Rhea, any of the essays can work for you. I cannot and should not choose the essay version that you should...

UndergraduateRhea97vangiespen - Yesterday

1 - Daja, this is a very straightforward answer the an essay prompt that does not really tell us much about how and...

UndergraduateMizz_thinkablevangiespen - Yesterday
Journalism is not an easy career in Vietnam - E.W SCRIPPS SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM/OHIO UNIVERSITY

1 - Uyen, here is a tip for this essay. Show the admissions reader the reason that you want to return to Vietnam...

Undergraduateprecious_summervangiespen - Yesterday
"How I spent $1000 making a fire starter" Common APP essay

2 - This essay is just not a good fit for the Main Common App essay. Since this essay will be sent to...

Undergraduaterichieardadmission2012 - Yesterday
No one had taught me how to reach out to others when in need of help - MSU Application Essay

6 - - How do you plan on doing this? Expand the discussion to include some activities you look forward to attending...

UndergraduateMKhanvangiespen - Yesterday
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