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MIT Supplements: Culture/Activity for Pleasure/Department/Attribute/Challenge

3 - Thank you for the feedback! Really appreciate it!

Undergraduatecollegepleasecollegeplease - 03:05am
IELTS Writing Task 2: computers are more of a hindrance than a help in today's society

2 - This essay is good. However, this contains grammar issues affecting the flow of the sentences. A closer look at this:...

Writing FeedbackMann_mseddies - 01:44am
Computer Science Common Application essay

NEW - I'm a Chinese student , and I would really like some help on my Common Application essay! Thanks! When you...

Undergraduatesandershihacker -
Laughter- Stanford Supplement Essay

2 - What an amazing essay! A few minor things .. As melramadhani indicated, the flow does break a tad when you...

UndergraduateLucy2457arp - 01:12am
"Eat Veggies, Not Friends" - Vegan Roommate - Stanford Essay (Supplement)

2 - I enjoyed reading your essay. If I woke you up at 4 AM, and asked you to tell me one thing...

UndergraduateLucy2457arp - 12:58am
Chevening Scholarships: 4 questions essay. Personal statement and Academic Background

3 - UPDATED VERSION!! question 2 In a world where nothing can be under complete control, I took the one thing that I...

Scholarshipfp2014fp2014 - 12:56am
Common App Essay

1 - This is genuinely wonderful. It is captivating and personal, just what schools are looking for. There are only a few grammatical...

UndergraduateliomioLucy2457 - Yesterday
My Father's Dedication - Tell us about a person who has influenced you in a significant way.

NEW - Prompt : Tell us about a person who has influenced you in a significant way. --- My father is the...

Undergraduatemelramadhani -
IELTS 2: Hard work and talent

1 - Every person has dreams of success in his/her career. a dominant factor of success The idea...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaeddies - Yesterday
"Observe the Global Warming " - An intellectual experience. Dartmouth supplement

1 - This is a good start! There are several things I might consider. 1. Rather than "global warming", say "climate change."...

Undergraduatedominic_jiangLucy2457 - Yesterday
Living in a small community or a large city, which one is better? help me!

NEW - Hello everyone, i'm a new man to IELTS writing skill, please help me correct mistakes in the essay below. I'd be...

UndergraduateTHANHDANG -
'At least try once' - An essay about mundane topics

2 - Thanks. I will look at it. Is there any thing that seems non native to you? I'm not a native speaker....

Writing Feedbackcalvinluo1997calvinluo1997 - Yesterday
Penn M&T Supplement Essay - Robotics, Business, and Engineering

3 - Here is a rough revised draft - I thought I put a lot more passion and emotion in this time, so...

Undergraduatehmayhmay - Yesterday
The Death of Ivan Ilyich; UVA supplement

6 - Dear Vangiespen, I find that your suggestion is quite inspiring. However, I could not fully understand what you mean by "The...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997nicolezmh1997 - Yesterday
industrial and interaction design / grown man who is doing what he loves - Syracuse Questions

2 - Thanks so much for the help, I am reading yours now!

UndergraduateKevstevbotKevstevbot - Yesterday
proofread my FIT admission essay?

NEW - this is for the Fashion merchandising major at Fashion institute of technology they want you to talk about what...

Undergraduateryleeclark -
TOEFL: It is better to wait in patience than take action.

11 - Thanks for your targeted critiques indeed! Could you point out some word fillers from the essay?You mean it is unneccessary to...

Writing FeedbackDieselDiesel - Yesterday
medical treatment ielts test question

4 - Hi bteng... allow me to give you littel bit suggest... Needless to say that in...

Writing Feedbackbteng011284Mann_ms - Yesterday
It all started with a joke - common app

14 - Thanks for your prompt reply, Vangiespen! However, I felt the conclusion is too strong on the country parts. Because what i...

Undergraduatefionaleeeeefionaleeeee - Yesterday
No Goodbye - I had to accept the inevitable occurrence and move on with life - Commonapp

1 - This is great writing, above.. I like it! The gear that had suffered in every way. I...

UndergraduateAlloteyEF_Kevin - Yesterday
Stanford: What matters to you and why?- Harmony

1 - They didn't care that I was a foreigner and neither did I -you're coming across as saying that you didn't care...

Undergraduatepeperonizliomio - Yesterday
international student/ penn state personal statement

1 - Being born in a family of scientists, my mother a doctor my mother is a doctor ## and my [s]father a...

UndergraduateDapocalypse7YULIS - Yesterday
Compare and contrast- 2 war artist images. How do they reflect and convey the impact of WAR?

1 - In the prompt, I see 4 things the paper has to include. Compare, contrast, how do they reflect the...

Writing FeedbackJakeCarterEF_Kevin - Yesterday
When does narrative cross into wordiness?

1 - Hah! This is good writing.. You say narrative can stray or be too wordy, but it's never...

UndergraduateHan1EF_Kevin - Yesterday
UPenn Writing Supplement Review

NEW - Hello I am applying to UPenn and would like for someone to review my essay for any corrections and or improvements....

Undergraduateabubakir1997 -
I really need help on the Alchemist, it is due tonight!

1 - The story line is good, I can get the message you are passing through the write up but the write up...

Essaysbratt99Modewap - Yesterday
I have got a Common App essay - it need to be checked

1 - Jack, you don;t understand how this forum works. This is an open and public place where you can post your individual...

Undergraduateyummydonutvangiespen - Yesterday
futuristic city vs marvelous artifacts - historical building IELTS essay

2 - very well organized written concisely with very strong vocabulary. It just seems to me less than 250 words. Nice job!...

Writing Feedbackbteng011284Remansou - Yesterday
IELTS: Decreasing Levels of Fresh Water

5 - I can understand why you're writing that way.English is not your first language or you might not be very good at...

Writing FeedbackRemansouAtom007 - Yesterday
Engineering Essay Template!!

NEW - Please I need help editing this essay.It's just a template I'm using for schools that'll ask why I want to study...

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