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'Mapping Me' - define a experience essential to your identity

7 - - Well you certainly told a story that is central to your identity as a student. Your development in this...

Undergraduatexigogondakivangiespen - 04:58am
IELTS writing task 2: Opinions about a four-year high school education proposal

4 - Oh, that really surprised me that my essay is high assessed like that. Thanks you very much guys!!! I hope...

Writing Feedbackvincentfreemanvincentfreeman - 04:49am
SCAD Statement of Purpose

NEW - I have always wanted to be a little different from others. I've never wanted to fit into the crowd, but always...

Undergraduatexigogondaki -
'health is a primary need' - alternative forms of medicine

6 - thanks a lot.

Writing Feedbackwirawiriwirawiri - 03:59am
People Succeed Because Of Hard Work Luck Has Nothing To Do With Success

1 - "they will success without lucky" they will succeed without luck "to die from hungry like that man" to...

Essaysmeokhoang94hsamadii - 03:51am
SOP to review, for MS in IE

1 - Hysteria, I know that you are extremely proud of your academic and hands on participation in the realm of industrial engineering....

Graduatehysteriavangiespen - 03:15am
"How have you contributed to your school" - HELP, Writer's block

1 - Daltos, when you are writing an essay geared towards a scholarship application, it is best to familiarize yourself with the scholarship...

Writing FeedbackDaltosvangiespen - 02:36am
what is the true maker of success? provide evidence and citation

1 - This is a pretty powerful sentence and make me realize what you think is the most important factor for a...

Writing FeedbackTbontbAdamtong - 02:16am
IELTS-Task2 -Should all the zoos be closed?

5 - Those who support that all zoos should be closed believe that the animals have always been suffereding from mistreatingment. Last...

Writing Feedbackkatjawanna65Daltos - 01:51am
Do you think my Penn State Personal Statement answers the question?

7 - "I learnt about the polar properties of water and how atoms make up everything around us when I was in grade...

Undergraduatehpharsh5Daltos - 01:39am
I BELIEVE IN PICTURES - they have power of repairing unrepairable hearts

5 - Redy, please allow me to edit your essay whenever possible to keep it short but interesting ok? Thanks :-)...

Writing Feedbackredyvangiespen - 01:09am
WHY MADISON? It would find me a great gain to part of their community

4 - - Vinny, the essay is basically asking you to talk about your visit to the campus. I assume that you...

Undergraduatevinnymjvangiespen - 12:47am
IELTS TASK 2: Public health and related measurements.

8 - Yes, i'd love to, vincentfreeman. The best way is reading. Read much of authentic english text as you can. Hopefully it...

Writing FeedbackvincentfreemanSHanafi - 12:19am
IELTS: improving sports facilities can increase public health but other factors are also important

2 - Hi, fadlan 1. Avoid using "there" in your starting. It effects nothing to catch your examiner's attention. 2. National...

Writing FeedbackfadlanmuzakkiSHanafi - Yesterday
IELTS: The chief factor of someone to prosper is the goal of that person; talent isn't a must

3 - It is true that some people are borne with certain talents. However, it is unfair and confusing to contribute...

Writing FeedbackhsamadiiAdamtong - Yesterday
'the one thing I did enjoy was drawing' - School of Visual Arts-Statement of Intent. My vision.

4 - Hc, your vision as an artist comes into play the minute to start talking about your grandfather and how you used...

Undergraduatehc221vangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS: It is unrealistic for a school to provide so called parenting training for its students

7 - Hamed, never take a quote from the person advising the original poster who had quoted the original work in the first...

Writing Feedbackmark xiavangiespen - Yesterday
The only option I see (College Personal Statement)

5 - Here is an idea, rather than going into great detail about your mother's wedding, why not discuss a comparison instead? That...

Undergraduateiyabazarvangiespen - Yesterday
Everyone is in his or her own "little world" - COMMON APP ESSAY

3 - We can try to align you answer to the essay prompt in the following manner: 1. Write a paragraph...

Undergraduatesaiplayer1vangiespen - Yesterday
''The greatest barrier to someone achieving their goal is their denial of it" - my goals essay

4 - How about the following: After I graduated from high school?

ScholarshipModewapiyabazar - Yesterday
Address with some specificity your own wishes and how they relate to UChicago.

3 - Hi Anouar, sorry about taking so long to get to you. I had a birthday and took time off :-) Here...

UndergraduateAnouar_1vangiespen - Yesterday
Angel from Heaven (Memoir)

1 - This is a very well thought out and developed essay. However the part about your taking the first Math test goes...

Writing Feedbackhihi2000vangiespen - Yesterday
'obsessed over Crime TV shows' - Rutgers transfer essay

1 - blove, you are looking to become a criminal justice lawyer right? So mentioning shows like CSI, wanting to become a policeman...

Undergraduateblove2vangiespen - Yesterday
Internet is the most considerable invention due to its simplicity of gaining new knowledge.

2 - Your essay has a number of problems that I will list down for you. You need to address those content problems...

Writing FeedbackVns9xvangiespen - Yesterday
My personal, academic, challenges, and leadership essays

3 - Thanks bro, it helps.

ScholarshipModewapModewap - Yesterday
My life goal is to have a Computer Engineering degree and go to North Texas University

6 - Thanks :-)

Undergraduateswatleader617swatleader617 - Yesterday
Thankfully my obstacle was a shared one and I had the support of my family to help me get through it

1 - Your introduction must be a little bit more vague! save some of your experiences and stories later for your body paragraphs!!;D...

Writing FeedbackrachgreeneVns9x - Yesterday
Studying at the same school !

1 - #By way of an illustration, I can envision a male who does not communicate any single female at school.Here you could...

Writing FeedbackVns9xredy - Yesterday
Modern Technology is creating a single world culture?

2 - influenced in on many different cultures.

Writing FeedbackhamedmasVns9x - Yesterday
TOEFL: excellent knowledge is better than ability to adopt oneself.

5 - Well, the structure of your essay is quite interesting . However, try to paraphrase ,,excellent knowledge'';D and do not forget about...

Writing FeedbacknickyzhiVns9x - Yesterday
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