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I want to go in certain different directions - SOP for Multimedia Program, ITP, NYU

5 - Oliviaa, I really think you should cut short your sop, since the faculty wouldn't be having so much time viewing it,...

GraduateoliviaaaSid1316 - 04:50pm
IELTS Task 1 : Different courses in England - Two pie charts

2 - According to me, you should write the overview part at the end or somewhere in the middle.

Writing FeedbackSHanafiSid1316 - 04:55pm
What identifies you as a deserving candidate for Saint Louis University's Presidential Scholarship?

NEW - Can someone please comment on my essay. Please comment and criticize, I'm open to opinions Essay Question: Nearly all of...

ScholarshipRafeeq -
I-E-L-T-S competition and co-operate

2 - thank you so much, and do u have any idea about what score i can get from 1-9. can i get...

Writing Feedbackjyx940709jyx940709 - 03:56pm
Walking around the top observation deck of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I realized my dream

2 - I understand everything fully and i appreciate your feedback, but the prompt addresses "discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal,...

UndergraduateKaren219Karen219 - 02:36pm
Keep on Fighting! You're almost there. - UC Prompt #2

2 - Sorry about leaving the prompt out, I'm a new user >.< Prompt: Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment,...

Undergraduateliviaysliviays - 12:32pm
Internet is an excellent source of communication, but some people suggest it's hard to find info

2 - I think we need to discuss both point of view. may be it would be better if we mentioned another...

Writing FeedbackLFAlebang - 12:32pm
This village had only one primary school - my experience

1 - Sanda, your essay is too long. Yes, I mean too long but well detailed. I was born and...

ScholarshipSanda3Modewap - 12:23pm
I was like every child in my community

5 - We just need to clean up the essay and the grammar that you used to make it work better. Try this...

Writing FeedbackModewapvangiespen - 11:57am
My intended major - economy in Shanghai, China

2 - Hi Louisa, I edited my statements. Would you please look at it? I would love to get any advice from...

Undergraduateyoyoproteinyoyoprotein - 11:56am
As a kid I was curious to know the source of sound from that radio - statement of purpose for Msc

3 - Thanks for the help on my essay! As for yours, is this a personal statement or an answer to a specific...

Graduatehim827utkarsh3997 - 11:54am
"Studying history is important to me because history is all-encompassing" Cornell Essay help

6 - Thanks for the help. I'm feeling really good about it and will have my English teacher give it a read too....

Undergraduatedhizzydhizzy - 11:53am
"Who drove them out to the streets?"

NEW - I have to write an essay for the school newspaper connected to my experiences....
My classmate Chen with language barrier, due to the brain damage, caused by car accident

2 - Thank you vangiespen!The essay does seem irrelevant to the prompt. I think I misunderstood the prompt for the very start....

Undergraduatedominic_jiangdominic_jiang - 10:51am
TOEFL : Young adults preference on how long they should live with their parents before moving out

NEW - TOPIC : Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with...

Writing Feedback99winterfell -
I have a certain penchant towards video games. MSU essay

1 - add more strong lines in last para ...remove this line..i believe i am very creative....you have used it already...1st para...

Undergraduateutkarsh3997him827 - 09:16am
Should parents interfere in any money-spending decision of their kids?

3 - Phuong, one of the things that I learned when I was preparing for my own TOEFL test was that you do...

Writing Feedbackrongmuivangiespen - 08:59am
I was daydreaming about a typical, everyday routine of a high school student - Homeschool Background

1 - Lillian, I have long admired the parents who take the time to home school their children and I admire the children...

Undergraduatejmjsoccer12vangiespen - 06:31am
What problem that students are facing with?

1 - Hunyi, the best way to discuss this essay is to analyze the top problems that students are faced with in school....

Essayshunhannvangiespen - 05:57am
I come from a world of fantasy - The World that inspired me is the Anime World.

6 - Thank you so much! These changes help a lot in making my essay sound better stylistically :)

Undergraduateachen0688achen0688 - 05:25am
Reckless drivers in United States threaten the lives of thousands of people every year

NEW - Increased punishment of reckless driving Reckless drivers in United States threaten the lives of thousands of people every year and...

Writing Feedbacksoriginal -
In fields such as business, politics, etc, its leaders should be renewed every five years.

NEW - GRE ISSUE ESSAY: Claim: In any field-business, politics, education, government-Leaders in power should step down after five years. Reason: The...

Writing Feedbacktagoyaki -
I come from a family that was socially classified as different, and was therefore looked down

1 - Jonep, the essay is really all over the place right now and I am not sure about how I can help...

Undergraduatejonepvangiespen - Yesterday
My dad and communities struggles have shaped my dreams and aspirations - UC Prompt #2

1 - Bryan, you have succeeded in describing a unique world. It is a world that you share with your father and other...

Undergraduatebryantasticcvangiespen - Yesterday
The world I come from is practically non-existent -- visually, at least; Neuroscience UC Prompt #1

5 - I am not sure what you mean by internship because there was nothing relating to work experience in the essay that...

Undergraduatefatimakhanvangiespen - Yesterday
Who has the most enormous impact among people around the world?

1 - "Some people state that politicians have the most significant role in the world; others believe that scientists play key role in...

Writing Feedbacklogo3098rongmui - Yesterday
'The world is changing day by day gradually' - essay about consumerism

2 - but this changing is not always occurs(occurring) in a good way. Human activities on the world effects(effect) people and earth in...

Writing FeedbackFavelanilogo3098 - Yesterday
Perspective in the US - studying in country that value the research and the technological innovation

4 - Thank you so much =) I modified the things that you told me to. I am more confortable to send it....

ScholarshipCaiqueCaique - Yesterday
Acquired knowledge in practice - My first hospital visits as a Medical Assistant student

1 - I really love your voice; you seem like a very likable person!! :-) Your experiences tie back to your aspirations, which...

Undergraduateenifenifatimakhan - Yesterday
If we want to save the future of the planet,we will have to drastically change our life. Do you agre

2 - Thanks,I'll try to write it shorter)

Writing FeedbackSaint PatienceSaint Patience - Yesterday
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