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scholarship essay in less than 100 words

NEW - hi guys, im new here and this is my first post, i am applying for scholarship and the things that made...

Scholarshippinkypinky -
Relationship should be for eternity

NEW - (Hoping someone can correct my mistakes and give some suggestions) Eternity means last forever. But, there are nothing in this world...

Essaysseasee -
It is better if advertisements would not be allowed directed toward children

2 - errors comments typo errors Raising a child is a challengedchallenging task in all ages but at ages of 2 between between...

Writing FeedbackoblivionfireNamisaChan - Yesterday
Brain Injury Research Paper

NEW - An Insult to the Brain "A brain injury can shatter your notations of the future, splinter your past,...

Research Paperskay2145689 -
Air Force Academy entry essay - serving my country

4 - I appreciate the good responses. A lot of good ideas. Thanks

Undergraduategrayson01grayson01 - Yesterday
Essay: Travelling & Tourism - if you don't afraid to take the risk then go ahead

NEW - Rubric: Write an opinion essay stating the advantages and disadvantages of travelling, and then state your own opinion. Up to 200/250...

Writing FeedbackNamisaChan -
Educational and Career Goals: Why I want to be a mechanical engineer

4 - As a kid, I loved problems. I loved the idea of a challenge that took me more than a few minutes...

UndergraduateAubreythefruitBrookyrailfan - Yesterday
Agree or disagree: Educations nowadays is more difficult than in the past

2 - Here are my suggestions: As usual, whether or not Determining whether education educations nowadays is more difficult now than...

Writing Feedbackvahid5570ChristineB - Yesterday
Living up to the accustomed standard -Cbest writing practice essay

3 - I would like to help you with some of your essay. I can focus on sentence variety, meaning, and...

Writing Feedbackreddlegg99lcturn87 - Yesterday
Responsibilities of educational institutions in regard to their students. Preparing to GRE

3 - - Educational institutions areis the .. - place where the future generation are processedhoned to make.. -...a lively hood livelihoodfor themselves...

Graduatesid052justivy03 - Yesterday
THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD essay - I need to pass my prepare class

2 - - Some of them are famous for their... - cultural way and some of them withthe way they are looking etc....

Scholarshipsukruozaslanjustivy03 - Yesterday
Working in a real industry gives me experience I need. Study plan for transfer application process.

2 - - Despite of my faint childhood memories, - ..Indonesia has been still remainingremained as one of unforgettable event in my...

UndergraduateCavin Hjustivy03 - Yesterday
Influence of social media in medicine - college supplement

2 - I can help you with some of your essay. I read the first essay before you revised it. I...

Writing Feedbackklyteshep07lcturn87 - Yesterday
My Life Along The Railroad

3 - - ....became an integral part of my life oncewhen I received... - As for myselfme,... - ..and keep...

UndergraduateBrookyrailfanjustivy03 - Yesterday
United States Naval Academy Personal Statement - how to start?

3 - 1) Describe what led to your initial interest in the naval service and how the Naval Academy will help you achieve your...

Essayscristinariverajustivy03 - Yesterday
Do you agree or disagree that advertising serves no purpose for the society and should be banned?

4 - Advertising is a means of marketing strategy. That's my point of view.

Writing Feedbacksinanjujustivy03 - Yesterday
Not everyone is aware of the importance of anesthesiology. AA-PA personal statement narrative

5 - ----Thank you

Graduateabp2011abp2011 - Aug 27, 2015
An example of my leadership TTU scholarship

2 - 1st paragraph: I think you should be more specific when you begin your essay. Here is a suggestion: "Throughout high school,...

Writing FeedbackAubreythefruitlcturn87 - Aug 27, 2015
SAT Essay: good decisions vs. bad decisions

2 - I would like to help you with your thesis and word choice in this essay. First, I would like...

Writing Feedbackszhang25lcturn87 - Aug 27, 2015
Does the course at school prepare you for work in the future?

4 - I would like to help you with choosing more descriptive words in your essay. I really like the first...

UndergraduateTwinklegreenlcturn87 - Aug 27, 2015
Is better to travel in their own country than in foreign countries

2 - "Most of people love traveling to other countries and even within their own country, and it. Travelling is really important in...

Writing Feedbackminutespeleszhang25 - Aug 27, 2015
Challenges of a turban / Tomato Head - background, talent essay

4 - - ...discrimination because of my different looks. - Being different forces me to confront who I really am... - So...

Undergraduatejasrajsingh1justivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
Harvard Supplement: Role of Medicine in my Life

4 - - Honestly, I retained alittle. - But myMy ( this sentence should start good and "but" is not the right...

Undergraduatesoniap55justivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
SOP for MS in MIS with IT Background - 1.7 years of work experience in Infosys Limited

4 - - So after a successful career in theIT Industry I.. - Very soon Not long enough,I got a job as Systems...

Graduateyogibhangdiyajustivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
Peace Corps essay - Reasons for joining - I dream of making a small change

4 - - Peace Corps corresponded to all my idealsaspirations. - BeingLiving in a foreign country, helping people... - The idea was...

Undergraduatemadme87justivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
Universe exploration projects - these are a waste of money and all the funds should be spent better

2 - Your writing is well done, but needs some help! secondly,, funds... You should call this a new...

Writing Feedbackorbital188EF_Carol - Aug 27, 2015
Why a company which build a large factory near my community gets my support? TOEFL essay

3 - I suggest checking the spellings, since some errors as for the issues are here and there. Also, the intro needs a...

Writing Feedbacknguyenthiet1993eddies - Aug 27, 2015
Choosing Economics as a course of study was a simple choice. Suggestions, additions and subtractions

6 - Thank you.

GraduateZaynZayn - Aug 27, 2015
GRE essay. Art is not meaningless and the governments should support it

2 - For long time,→ For a long time, I claim that, the government's support... → I claim that the government's support... financial...

Writing Feedbackey1011orbital188 - Aug 27, 2015
Hard work keeps us determined towards our destiny, the luck alone is not enough to succeed.

2 - in your second paragraph, "determined" doesn't feel like the right word. " It prevents us from being an aimlessness"...

Writing FeedbackmakrAubreythefruit - Aug 26, 2015
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