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"The right to happiness" - Speech Therapy Graduate School Statement of Intent

3 - You can use it but it will not present a strong picture of you as a candidate student if you cannot...

GraduateSundayMatineevangiespen - 01:31pm
Describe one of your quirks and why it is part of who you are. UVA supplement

NEW - Does this even make sense? Editing is appreciate but I really want to know if this is a strong enough quirk....

UndergraduateMarilu -
IELTS : Writing task 2 : Overfishing of the world's oceans threatens many species with extinction

1 - For starters, your introductory paragraph is too short. You need at least 3 -5 sentences in each paragraph for it to...

Writing Feedbackmvettrivangiespen - 01:20pm
My name is Camp Horseshoe Scout Reservation - common app essay

3 - aren't writing it from your point of view*, I meant

Undergraduateruffruff999samkazmi - 01:18pm
IELTS task 2: Increasing Crime And Solutions For Governments

1 - Aside from some grammatical problems that I will offer corrections for, I have to tell you that I admire the work...

Writing Feedbackjoe9vangiespen - 01:08pm
Winter Reading and Dragons

1 - Unfortunately, your essay is quite disconnected. Since you started the essay speaking of reading Harry Potter books, that should have become...

Undergraduatetdshah1vangiespen - 12:56pm
If you could improve your communication with ONE person in your life, who would it be? Why?

1 - nay0327, do you have a word limit on your speech? This is too short to be considered a full speech. A...

Speechesnaya0327vangiespen - 12:47pm
Ignoring what others' think and others' opinions is clearly the more successful path in life

8 - Ok. I already left feedback earlier about the shortcomings of your essay. I will not repeat it in great detail anymore...

Writing FeedbackAnouarvangiespen - 12:41pm
Ielts - Museums and art galleries be free of charge for the general public

3 - I think you should make more complex sentences, please check the conclusion. They are all simple sentences. You can...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345mvettri - 12:29pm
IELTS: New technologies and ways of buying and selling are transforming to the lives of consumers.

4 - the number of people who have the opportunity to use these technological innovations are still low all over the world....

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docmvettri - 12:21pm

5 - You need to work on the first and last sentence. First sentence is much too vague and never use "one". This...

Undergraduatemariahasbuntdshah1 - 12:15pm
'I always used to be a curious person' - scholarship in manufacturing engineering; motivation letter

11 - Your first sentence is what I would focus on most. If you are starting out with that sentence, it seems very...

ScholarshipAyman Hussientdshah1 - 12:12pm
What's your opinion of the claim that sometimes censorship is justified?

3 - Please grade my essay out of 12 plz!!! thanks!!

ScholarshipAnouarAnouar - 08:51am
In order to become financially responsible adults, children should learn to manage their own money..

2 - Among the numerous reasons supporting such a claim, To begin with, parents should train their children managing their own...

Writing FeedbackEric0511niesaysi - 07:56am
'I wish to become a Lincesed Practical Nurse' - LPN entrance essay

7 - I have rewritten the essay and I would like some new in put on it. I hope this one says that...

Undergraduatecms91cms91 - 07:40am
"One more stab to the heart, one more reason to hate, one less reason to live"

1 - The essay that you wrote was quite good. However, I believe that you can hit closer to home with your explanation...

Writing FeedbackAnouarvangiespen - 07:05am
My motivation came from the strong desire to help Vietnam's economy stronger and wealthier

1 - This essay needs a grammatical clean up. The tenses are wrong or the sentences are are poorly or badly constructed. But...

ScholarshipLinhDieuvangiespen - 06:49am
How important is to seek the opinions of others when making significant personal decisions ?

4 - Thank you for help I will make up my mind to rewrite the essay Please any other marks out of 12...

Writing FeedbackAnouarAnouar - 06:41am
Bad memories leaves scars in the heart.

4 - Attached on merging: Do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in...

Writing FeedbackAnouarAnouar - 04:05am
'40 question paper' - describe an incident which led you to challenge yourself

2 - Before writing your essay, with this type of essays, I think it is easier for you if you make some questions...

Undergraduateksunguoi_co_doc - 02:46am
The feeling you get once you achieve something is extraordinary... my first motivation letter

6 - Of course you can use the modifications I provided for you. It would certainly be easier than writing a new one....

Lettersmatar770vangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS Task 2: What can be done to maintain biodiversity ?

6 - Anyway, it seems like you've covered most of the part that I suggested. So, good job! Next time I will...

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docXiaokai Jin - Yesterday
'The New Teacher' (the struggle of having an uncommon name) - Common App

4 - I really liked the essay. The vocabulary, the writing style, all amazing. But you need to explain the way in which...

Undergraduatejwajwasamkazmi - Yesterday
Creative TV or radio ad about myself

1 - You must use a simple strategy which is reward and punishment. This tactic will boost competitiveness and enhance the ability of...

EssayspeaceskiesAnouar - Yesterday

2 - During my time at La Rabida I would help children read, write, and forget for a couple of hours that they...

UndergraduateIyeshafergusonjwajwa - Yesterday
Tulane - "Exactly the school I need" - SOP Prompt

2 - Scrap the first sentence. This should be what the whole essay is about. Show, show, show. We should be...

Undergraduatemaddigatesjwajwa - Yesterday
IELTS - 'Teachers are the second parents in the school' - RESPONSIBILITY FOR TEACHING

7 - hei barbie_M. generally, i think your essay is good. However you should create mind mapping before you write your essay,...

Writing Feedbackbarbie_Mratnadjuwita - Yesterday
'When I think about my childhood, my sofa comes to mind' - place or environment

2 - Thanks so much for your help! I'm going to reedit my essay with your suggestions. :)

Undergraduatedearkrisdearkris - Yesterday
IGCSE ; Comparitive Essay ( Big Supermarket Vs Local Shops)

3 - This version is most certainly much improved over the first one. It now reflects all sides of the argument and carries...

Writing FeedbackLam97vangiespen - Yesterday
How it all came to choose the career i want. UC application essay ("personal statement") Prompt #2

1 - This essay is a perfect sample of describing an accomplishment that you are proud of. It is obvious that you clearly...

Undergraduatexoxo07vangiespen - Yesterday
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