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Mathematics major; It took me quite a long time to finally realize what I wanted to study in college

16 - 1) I want to briefly state why I like math so much and the passion I have for it. I feel...

Undergraduatesoftball16softball16 - 12:10pm
Internet is an excellent source of communication, but some people suggest it's hard to find info

1 - Nowadays the Internet has become one of the main sources of information, even if it is hard to select and evaluate(between)...

Writing FeedbackLFAlesicko22 - 12:06pm
Without continual growth and progress - improvement, achievement, and success terms have no meaning.

2 - Thank you so much vangiespen for taking out time to read my essay. I am sorry for not being clear regarding...

Graduatedannydannydannydanny - 10:24am
Dream, the only harmless drug in the world - gap year explanation

6 - thank you so much..I'll come up with my new draft soon...

Writing Feedbackgiagia - 09:48am

3 - Here is a sample for you to follow: Dear Mr. G.I. Joe: I am quite interested in...

Lettersrsbmvangiespen - 09:11am
"Young antique" - challenge myself; common prompt1 essay

3 - Cheng, while I understand the reason why you were being called a "young antique", I think that there is a disconnection...

Undergraduatesarahsosvangiespen - 08:59am
I'm in need of help on how to convey myself better

3 - You are way off tangent in trying to answer the prompt. You needed to pick a place, not an activity to...

Writing Feedbackktranvangiespen - 08:44am
I am aware that ASU expects very high standards from its students - evaluating my SOP

NEW - I've written my SOP for ASU. Please critique it. Also ive not mentioned about my work experience but i have worked...

Graduatesunilzs -
"Are you okay, mom?" That question when I queried, my mother always replied "yes" Personal statement

1 - Hey! U are wrong :" a 8-years-old kid", it must be " a 8-year-old kid". And "However, if I was known...

UndergraduateTeresa194hunhann - 07:45am
Youth crime are increasing rapidly around the world. What are the reasons & suggest solution

1 - improve the intro. Correcting yours. "Nowadays The intensity of youth crimeS are THE most familiar throughout in the world, increasing...

Writing FeedbackbangLFAle - 06:10am
Living room has tremendous of contemporary technologies - Your favorite room.

2 - "when it comes to my house" why not simply "Living room is the most important one in my house" ....

Writing FeedbackVns9xLFAle - 05:58am
Studying here is a distinctive opportunity that many enlightened-mind students dream of

NEW - ...

Undergraduateissamafayad -
University of Chicago - "word that cannot be translated"

6 - No matter what anyone says, I think this essay is brilliantly written, I remember looking over it a week or so...

Undergraduatelukemillerqnkp28 - Yesterday
Crime and fixed punishments. Discuss both views and give opinion

2 - thanks vangiespen, I would appreciate your feedbacks. I had sent this essay to an examiner for checking before posting it. He...

Writing FeedbackChris YipChris Yip - Yesterday
My responsibilities and contributions to my household

1 - - I grew up in a community where children were expected to help out with the simple household chores. For...

Writing FeedbackModewapvangiespen - Yesterday
I had a great life in Russia, but I have always been challenging myself - BOARDING SCHOOL ESSAY

1 - Anastasia, your essay is quite interesting but you managed to clump together 2 years worth of experience into only one paragraph....

Undergraduatelaissavangiespen - Yesterday

1 - Hamed, your SOP is too wordy and offers information that is already irrelevant to a Statement of Purpose of Masters studies....

GraduateHamed727vangiespen - Yesterday
Beyond your academic credentials, what else makes you unique and colorful? William and Mary essay

1 - Lauren, this is definitely an inspiring essay that takes us from your youth to the person you are today. The inquisitiveness...

Undergraduatevetementuvangiespen - Yesterday
Application essay for the Art Institute of Seattle - I do live in Washington, about 3 hours on south

1 - Well, obviously, I would recommend cutting the word count down a bit. If they suggest 150 words per question, try your...

Undergraduateshaylynn_97vetementu - Yesterday
Tourism has increased so much over the last 50 years that it is having a mainly negative impact

NEW - Tourism has increased so much over the last 50 years that it is having a mainly negative impact on local inhabitants...

Writing Feedbackd96nguyen -
"Acorn" As I sat on the cold, dewy grass, warming tears flooded down my face.

3 - Okay good, I will suggest you remove that ''acorn'' that stands alone in the first paragraph. Review your essay by...

UndergraduateLaurenm14Modewap - Yesterday
Advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages as compared to love marriages

NEW - An Arranged marriage is a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom, who...

Writing Feedbackahmedraj446 -
Samsae-third generation Korean immigrant-born in Japan - learned of my Korean and Japanese heritage

3 - This is definitely an essay that better describes the world that you come from. The two worlds actually. Your opening statement...

Undergraduatekitakanamevangiespen - Yesterday
I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know just how computers worked

1 - Leonard, the essay is not asking you about your past interest and experience with computer information. It is asking you to...

Scholarshipnebfreshvangiespen - Yesterday
The best day of your life! Virginia Tech supplement

1 - Jagrit, this is a very interesting story but has become superficial in content because of the concentration on your desire to...

Writing Feedbackchdboyvangiespen - Yesterday
Essay: A Crash Heard 'Round the World

1 - Where is the draft? Nobody will help you without it. Try again.

Essayskjbellemare21Opuntia - Yesterday
"You're a 7th grader now. You need to be responsible for your schoolwork" "Why Brown?" essay

2 - Thanks for the suggestions. Now I need to figure out how to cut it down to 200 words.

Undergraduatedhizzydhizzy - Yesterday
''work is an anti node for poverty'' - My mother a supportive figure

3 - Vangiespen, Thanks for your helping hands. I really appreciation your help, may God bless you. Your template explain my ideas better...

UndergraduateModewapModewap - Yesterday
Crime is an act that violates the norms of criminal law. Ielts Task 2 - Crime Teenagers

2 - You misspelled "happened" in by teenagers happend disciplining them ineffective--> ineffectively Lack of family support is such as a lack of...

Writing FeedbackSatriachdboy - Yesterday
Personal statement that outlines your study and career objectives including what you will study.

2 - Thank you, Thank you very much. But can you please and please help fix this that you said " Explain...

Scholarshipmavericksmavericks - Yesterday
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