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The diagram below explain the process of making wood pellets, used to heat building.

3 - The diagram reveals the information of the process about how the wood pellets made. At first glance, it is evident that...

Writing Feedbackthutyedanielcldales - 09:54pm
Should Everybody Allowed Admission to University Without Seeing Their Level of Academic Ability ?

4 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing FeedbackStacy HandayaniIqbalThemi - 08:40pm
Because of the busy pace of modern life, many children spend most of their time indoors

3 - Nowadays, the modern life has created a number of children to stay more indoors due to as [totally meeting their needs...

Writing FeedbackmohjawahirIqbalThemi - 08:32pm
Why do you wish to study Computer Science? What influenced your decision?

4 - Hi Kimtot, I have several comments and suggestions for you. The digital age has come upon us. Someday, we...

Undergraduatekimtotintiaiqbal92 - 08:21pm
Applications essay assistance - how to start?

2 - let me try to give you suggestion : the first step : you might need to brainstorm your idea and then...

EssaysKukymonztamohjawahir - 07:52pm
The need to combine rules with changes

4 - @niesaysi Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help:) And I've got one more question. When I looked...

Writing FeedbackSummer_KSummer_K - 06:07pm
People's lives are the result of the choices they make - examples in people and in the literature.

3 - Hello amytsai, I think your essay is great! It has a charm. I am attracted by your title, so base on...

Writing Feedbackamytsaitamnguyen - 12:42pm
There are some people in this world who earn a billion dollar per year

3 - Hi MuhammadImho, These are several suggestions for your writing Good Luck and Happy...

Writing FeedbackMuhammadImhomumtazdinar - 10:02am
Is level of academic capability a necessary?

3 - Continuing study at university is a dream for every student. As such, people have same right to apply subject of study...

Writing Feedbackirhamecldales - 09:49am
SVA Statement of Intent - Getting out of the Shadows

6 - 1) What are you referring to when you state that your cousin is better than you? Does the rivalry relate to art?...

Undergraduatethebadguylcturn87 - 09:38am
Some people think that children should learn to obey and do as parents and teachers say. IELTS

5 - Hello mMaftuna, I found grammatical errors in your essay..so, the red color for my correction and the blue color for my...

Writing FeedbackmMaftunaintiaiqbal92 - 08:18am
The child labour ielts essay - working at a young age should never be encouraged

5 - Haibg, I have some suggestions for you.. There are some mistakes that have you made like grammatical errors and misspelling....

Writing Feedbackhaibgintiaiqbal92 - 07:53am
My last chance to study abroad in my life: Scholarship essays (Future, Study plans)

5 - After graduating, I want to work at local office of UNHCR as a short-term goal. I believe that my 2 years...

Scholarshipjinikiminirhame - 07:47am
Learning Foreign Language. Better Soon or Later?

4 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayanifarhan110991 - 07:42am
The average distance in miles in 8 modes of travel in The United Kingdom from 1985 to 2000

2 - Hello Mr. Farhan. I have some correction to your writing. Hope it will help you :) Generally, what stands out...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991Stacy Handayani - 06:36am
My future goals - what to do in the future is a decision for the rest of our life

6 - I am very grateful. Thank you for your coments!!

Undergraduatefederica15federica15 - 06:09am
The process of producing wood pellets

3 - I'm so sorry everyone, I really forgot to put the task. I give the task here....

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiIqbalThemi - 04:31am
Changing children's lifestyle by exploring the natural world

3 - your writing is good, but i have some comments.

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemifarhan110991 - 03:43am
Learning about different languages in as early age as possible

2 - hai iqbal, there is no doubt that your writing is good. However, i have many comments that i hope can make...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemifarhan110991 - 03:29am
Degrees granted of some subject in the National University during 1990 and 2010

4 - Moving to a more detailed analysis from chart reveals that the degrees granted of Law and Medicine has fluctuation trend had...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiAdhisti - 12:01am
Issue with sponsoring problematic scientific researches

4 - Thank you very much for your feedback! I really appreciate them. I will revise the essay with your corrections.

Writing Feedbackdunguyendunguyen - Yesterday
A meaningful extracurricular activity for medicine--Medical Scribe

4 - Ahhh... I remember!!! Glad to help!

GraduatelightfoxEF_Jasmine - Yesterday
The host country should welcome cultural differences but people have to follow the local behavior

2 - I am going to make some changes to your work, if you have any questions, let me know! :) In...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991sblack - Yesterday
Parents have an important role to choose their children profession but kids are more independent now

3 - I am doing some edits to make this more clear and correct, if you have any questions about the changes, let...

Writing Feedbackthutyedanielsblack - Yesterday
Life cycle of the silkworms - how to produce the silk cloth from their cocoons?

2 - Your essay has plethora of grammatical errors, which make the essay difficult to be fathomed. I suggest that you divide each...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991dunguyen - Yesterday
The improvement of technology, transportation, communication and infrastucture in the last 100 years

4 - You could write a good essay but take note of the following things: 1. Proofread. Always read your essay to...

Writing Feedbackintiaiqbal92Anushka - Yesterday
KAIST personal statement - O & A level results.

6 - Thank you for the suggestion. I have written the answer to the prompts below. Will you please give some feedback?...

Essaysmahfuzx10mahfuzx10 - Yesterday
Scholar-leavers tend to be less focus on their subject - work or travel for a year between studying?

3 - In addition, traveling can improve students' language skills. As an obvious example, students who travel to foreign country can learn other...

Writing FeedbackMuhammadImhothutyedaniel - Yesterday
With regard to the average of living cost in two different cities

3 - i think you have to rewrite this overview. let me try it Generally, what stands out from the table...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemifarhan110991 - Yesterday
The budget of staying averages in two different towns as compared to the national cost-of-living

5 - I wish there were a picture of the graph. But you could make the following corrections so here goes: To...

Writing Feedbackintiaiqbal92Anushka - Yesterday
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