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'I always used to be a curious person' - scholarship in manufacturing engineering; motivation letter

8 - Remember, the cover letter is the first thing that the admissions committee will read. So it is best to show yourself...

ScholarshipAyman Hussienvangiespen - 09:08pm
How important is to seek the opinions of others when making significant personal decisions ?

1 - I see that you concentrate more in the political view, and the american society. Actually the political decisions are made according...

Writing FeedbackAnouarAyman Hussien - 06:42pm
IELTS - the best factor to measure the status of a country is its standard of education.

2 - Take Japan for example, this country was not an economically strong country at the first time, and its natural resource is...

Writing FeedbackPyon9xeddies - 06:41pm

1 - Is that all? If so I think this is so poor!

UndergraduatemariahasbunAnouar - 05:57pm
'I wish to become a Lincesed Practical Nurse' - LPN entrance essay

6 - I believe i will make be a great nurse As for the the hole meaning I think that you...

Undergraduatecms91Anouar - 03:53pm
Ielts - Museums and art galleries be free of charge for the general public

2 - I think you need some pertinent examples to illustrate your point of view unless your argument will remain weak that's why...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345Anouar - 03:47pm
Ielts 2- Rise in crimes committed by young people in cities

4 - => i think you could replace the word "rise" with increase or growth so that you'll avoid copying from the...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345Pyon9x - 11:32am
IELTS: Issue regarding the real efficiency of examinations using pen and paper

3 - overal, your flexical source is very good :D especicially for a foreign learner, i learnt lots of new vocab from reading...

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docPyon9x - 11:24am
Do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present?

1 - The essay was right on the mark. It gave a clear position of your point of view on the topic by...

Writing FeedbackAnouarvangiespen - 11:19am
IELTS : rural to major city : challenges and strategies?

7 - Have you ever been distant away from your hometown? Moving to new places and involving in new environment may bring about...

Writing FeedbackPyon9xnguoi_co_doc - 10:40am
GRE - Impossible to make a significant contribution without strongly influenced by past achievements

2 - Hi vangiespen, Thank you so much for all corrections! I am writing this essay again based on your suggestions. Hope...

Writing Feedbackdunguyendunguyen - 10:22am
What is one important "easy answer" that we should resist? what dangerous misconceptions hold?

6 - it's an SAT essay thanks for correcting my mistakes and for analyzing my faults Actually I am an unternational student...

Writing FeedbackAnouarAnouar - 08:54am
I gave my hand to a helpless man - Common App Belief essay

5 - This fantastic work! The essay is ready for submission :) The content, the vividness of the description, the end result of...

Undergraduatesamkazmivangiespen - 06:49am
TOEFL A/D: Companies should use money to reward their employees rather than use public recognition

3 - First and foremost, money is the best more rewarding to people than public recognition because it let people do what they...

Writing Feedbackhappyhappy120niesaysi - 06:39am
[IELTS Task 1] the number of population in three different countries - biggest in Washington

3 - The introduction is too bulky. Why don't you start writing this: The line graph shows a large portion...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSeddies - 05:31am
Virginia Tech: Stepping on Hokie Soil

2 - It is a good start. I would suggest you number the reasons in first, second, third, etc. format so that the...

UndergraduateTajwindervangiespen - 05:17am
[IELTS Task 1] The proportion of energy from coal

3 - A closer look at the data reveals that the percentage of coal energy which is (This brings a problem, in...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSeddies - 05:13am
People nowadays don't spend too much time on their personal enjoyment because they can't - TPO

5 - some favorite books which are Recent advances in technologies In conclusion, people... Always write...

Writing Feedbacksircampbelleddies - 04:51am
Writing is one of the things I used to hate the most - My first Reflective essay

2 - always write it in upper-case letter. English Frankly, I was Write In conclusion, instead...

Writing Feedbackaizuddineddies - 04:40am
IELTS - 'Teachers are the second parents in the school' - RESPONSIBILITY FOR TEACHING

3 - Overall your essay is okay, there are many grammatical errors which you need to work on. I pointed out some of...

Writing Feedbackbarbie_Mswathi_12345 - 12:31am
Nowadays, there is change in the way people interact because of technology

3 - Thanks a lot for the reply, its very helpful.

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345swathi_12345 - 12:00am

1 - This essay answers almost all of the prompts provided except the question about "How important was it to the people you...

UndergraduateIyeshafergusonvangiespen - Yesterday
computer science and virtual reality

1 - - While you successfully explained the essence of the program that you took at Carnegie Mellon, you should avoid pointing...

Undergraduateyazoovangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2: Modern Stress - relating factors and potential measures

2 - Your comment is very detailed, it is really useful for me as I can realize my numerous errors. Thanks you...

Writing Feedbackvincentfreemanvincentfreeman - Yesterday
'inadvertent road' - Graduate admission essay for Master in Speech Language Pathology.

1 - Hello! Overall, I think this is a good piece but because Graduate school is a lot more competitive I would...

GraduateacserranIyeshaferguson - Yesterday
A broken fridge away to adulthood - Common App Prompt 5

2 - Idea is really good. There are a few grammatical mistakes but its a first draft so i'm sure it will be...

Undergraduateanthonyswsamkazmi - Yesterday
IELTS: Gentle manners vs Material possessions.

6 - "In conclusion, I believe that the value of kindness outweighs any material possession and keeps being the most important achievement of...

Writing FeedbackAbdurasulyazoo - Yesterday
I was told that I'm lucky to receive an education in America - USF college entrance essay

3 - I hate to tell you this but the second essay still does not answer the prompt. The main focus of your...

Undergraduatehari11296vangiespen - Yesterday
A Dyslexic Home School Boy Conquers Public School - Common App prompt 5

1 - Okay, first the bad news. Transitioning from home schooling to public school does not count as a transition from childhood to...

Undergraduatephilipsurdyvangiespen - Yesterday
The most important trait of a person as a close friend is reliability.

4 - Thank you Dear vangiespen You also help me in the previous essays. I do not know how to appreciate. I...

Writing Feedbackhamedmashamedmas - Yesterday
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