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IELTS- celebrities set a bad example to young people?

1 - Sam, while your paper does have grammar errors, we cant begin to fix those until you have perfected the content of...

Writing FeedbackSAM2014vangiespen - 05:06am
Many applicants to college are unsure about eventual majors. What factors led you to your interest?

3 - hello! Your essay is a quite solid statement. However, I find that the first entence is too long and too redundant....

Undergraduatesa1nanicolezmh1997 - 04:58am
"I am who I am" --- A self discovery journey; common app

4 - I truly appreciate your help for my personal statement. @vangiespen After viewing your comments and suggestions, I am now paying great...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997nicolezmh1997 - 04:53am
Learning Economics? It's not only useful for high school students but also for all educated persons.

2 - thank you very much

Writing Feedbacknmshafienmshafie - 03:48am
"A little love, a little pain, a little work then it's all over" - DEATH

5 - Did you read Terms of Use? http://www.essayforum.com/disclaimer-privacy-tos/ You was previously suspended because you provided meaningless answers in other students' threads...

Writing FeedbackylarialEF_Team - 03:46am
IELTS - young people's challenges in major cities

2 - overall it is fine. but i think you can try and give some more concrete elaborations and solution to your proposed...

Writing Feedbackcy20070324CaptainCook - 03:33am
The trip to a football stadium turned out to be more than an exciting experience; Common app prompt

NEW - (Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it...

UndergraduateCaptainCook -
'strange and uncommon story' - Should I write about my unique situations for the common app essay?

2 - absolutely! you have a great idea of what you want to tell the admission officers. just develop your points and remember...

UndergraduateLiveLifeCaptainCook - 03:19am
"You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have" CommonApp Essay

5 - overall story is fine but i feel the transition from a certain situation to another situation is too sudden A...

UndergraduateerinnicoleCaptainCook - 03:13am
IELTS: Writing Task 2- Crime in The World

3 - To sum up, crime still occurs almost in all parts of the globe. The crime happens with same cases even new...

Writing FeedbackMann_msSAM2014 - 03:06am
"Progress and Service" what does that mean to you?

NEW - Everyone wakes up in the morning hoping to achieve something in life. That 'something' is what keeps them going every day....

UndergraduateCaptainCook -
Ielts: Just like different types of foods, different measures are required to improve public health

3 - Hi, Mann_ms. Thanks for your suggestion. Yet it's not very clear to me. Do you have any reference for this, for...

Writing FeedbackSAM2014SAM2014 - 02:26am
The pain and struggles in life is what develops a true experienced successful person!- Questbridge

3 - Okay, first up, I noticed you used two quotes for the paper this time. You need to pick one, all encompassing...

Scholarshipandy15vangiespen - 02:13am
Increase in flights - IELTS WRITING TASK 2.

2 - Welcome Rakhmat! Let me see if I can help you out :-) - Such as? Mention some problems...

Writing FeedbackRakhmatvangiespen - 01:49am
Two short personal statements: one based on diversity, the other based on growth. Which is better?

6 - Thank you so much for all the advice and feedback on my threads :)

Undergraduatem924m924 - 01:13am
The smallest infection or malignancy can be catastrophic and debilitating for a person; Career Goals

3 - Your welcome :)

UndergraduateDonnaB2015andy15 - 12:23am
TOEFL: "My shy girlfriend" - people should be honest

11 - oh yeah:) thank you

Writing Feedbacknickyzhinickyzhi - 12:03am
TOEFL: The reasons of keeping our old friends

2 - Thank you for your suggestions. I wondered how the title has been changed to that sentence. The correct question is...

Writing Feedbackbeginner1010beginner1010 - Yesterday

4 - Through reading your essay, I could only get some superficial reason for your love towards NYU. It's mainly because you always...

Undergraduatenikhil333nicolezmh1997 - Yesterday
TOEFL: People benefit more from coming computers into their lives; pros outweigh cons

2 - Thank you for giving advice. Some contributers in this website told me that it is better to bring some...

Writing Feedbackhamedmashamedmas - Yesterday
"Reflection in the Darkness": Common App Essay

2 - After reading it, I discover that you mainly focus on some abstracted notion or reflection. I think you chould detail your...

Undergraduatedjgvoltnicolezmh1997 - Yesterday
Being less fortunate has taught me to how to transform all my obstacles into success; Personal Essay

3 - Wow...This is really a good start for a personal essay. The first paragraph is particularly vivid and captive. Maybe you could...

Undergraduatem924nicolezmh1997 - Yesterday
Scholarship Appeal Letter for droping below credit limit

2 - Neveritt, I noticed that you mentioned that you dropped below the 15 unit credit limit and not the 12 limit. I...

Scholarshipneverittvangiespen - Yesterday
I am proud to be a transfer student, and Illinois will be my next destination; UIUC Transfer Essay

1 - You currently have a word count of 335. Let me see if I can help you bring this down to 300...

Undergraduateammr1993vangiespen - Yesterday
GRE: The replacement of any leader should be considered individually

1 - xatutik, I must tell you that I am very please with the improvements that you show with each essay that you...

Writing Feedbackxatutikvangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS: Arts are crucial to government to gain successful incomes by some events

3 - You wrote well. Here I do a slight suggestion. I suggest you to omit "be" with the strong verbs to clear...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaSHanafi - Yesterday
[IELTS Task 1] Strategic area for a new school in the town of Canterbury.

3 - Hello, tiaDS You made a little mistake, please separate your overview with the introduction. where is the place of...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSSHanafi - Yesterday
IELTS: Climate change is a threat for the earth regardless of people's actions.

3 - I on his side, please put a space between your paragraph. This a bulky sentence and contain the...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaSHanafi - Yesterday
Ielts: it is necessary that parents should be obliged to protect their offspring by vaccination

8 - Breaking your idea here into some sentences.. A possible suggestion A medical research proves that children with the...

Writing Feedbackthu van nguyenSHanafi - Yesterday
IELTS: Regulation regarding advertisements' unnecessary impact on people's lives

6 - It doesn't give any value to your conclusion. I am too keen using a conclusion signal. Probably you can use...

Writing FeedbackamalxavierSHanafi - Yesterday
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