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Need help with career research essay thesis

NEW - I need help with writing a thesis for my career research essay. The thesis has to include on core reason as...

Essaysbravelydefault -
IELTS: The pie charts indicate different percentages of expenditure on seven items

5 - The pie charts show the changing of the seven US expenditures in 1996. I am afraid that such information...

Writing FeedbackdigitalideaSHanafi - 08:46pm
Help with Villanova essay???

1 - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beginning it completely catches my attention. "My family was in Atlanta visiting the Georgia Aquarium....

Undergraduatelbhux13Iyeshaferguson - 08:44pm
TU Delft - Draft of Essay in English for Master Degree in Applied Earth Sciences

2 - Thank's for the correction, Kevin. I made this essay by expanding on 5 criteria given above, each criteria for one paragraph....

GraduateWitjakWitjak - 08:43pm
Ielts: Just like different types of foods, different measures are required to improve public health

4 - Hi SAM2014.. Explanation about thesis statement, you can search via youtube.. Search Intorduction IELTS writing Task 2..:) Youtube is one...

Writing FeedbackSAM2014Mann_ms - 08:30pm
IELTS - The residents of Edmonton are especially keen on cars

5 - The blue one is fragment sentence. While a complete sentence needs main clause, so you have to revise it. A...

Writing FeedbackAlfred557SHanafi - 08:30pm
"Reflection in the Darkness": Common App Essay

3 - Yes I agree with him. I think that the essay doesn't say as much about you as its supposed to. For...

Undergraduatedjgvoltgodlover - 08:28pm
The Importance of Diversity - Cultural Food Day (Questbridge Prompt 2)

2 - Thank you!

Undergraduatesummerlilacsummerlilac - 08:18pm
The little boy- Stanford Supplement

3 - The idea is a bit cliche, but I think you did a good job of relating it because this was something...

Undergraduategodloversummerlilac - 07:02pm
the children full of hope (COMMON APP ESSAY)

1 - This is a great essay! You demonstrated your growth and maturity as well as the strength to overcome obstacles. I love...

Undergraduategodloversummerlilac - 06:58pm
I Am a Mirror-Questbridge Biographical Essay

1 - I love the essay! I love the comparison between you and the mirror and you provided examples for each quality....

Undergraduatesummerlilacgodlover - 06:13pm
"I am who I am" --- A self discovery journey; common app

7 - It shares a very good story, but I would try to bring out your best qualities through it

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997godlover - 06:07pm
The computer's world does not show its power until you start to understand it; Collage Application

1 - I would suggest reading your responses aloud so you can better manage the grammar and flow. You can also make some...

Undergraduatesa1nasummerlilac - 05:15pm
Letter of Motivation for Master of Science in Nematology scholarship

NEW - LETTER OF MOTIVATION My desire and interest to pursue a career in the field of natural science and hence Nematology...

Graduateyungrey -
The pain and struggles in life is what develops a true experienced successful person!- Questbridge

4 - I like the essence of what you are saying, but I will say your essay is a little bit all over...

Scholarshipandy15paku312 - 04:17pm
"From Gujarat to Georgia" - Biographical Essay for Questbridge

5 - I have an idea. For the last paragraph, should I just delete it and make a new one that talks more...

Scholarshippaku312paku312 - 04:12pm
Your favorite../How do you spend a typical../rejuvenate yourself? Short questions for scholarship

1 - For the favorite books and music- usually many people don't write it out in sentence because there is so much limited...

Scholarshipaquillagodlover - 04:11pm
Born into a conservative Indian family of engineers and doctors; SCAD Statement of Purpose

3 - Since SCAD is indeed an art school, I would think taking an artsy approach to your essay would be much appreciated...

Undergraduatetheroy17lbhux13 - 03:30pm
A famous film star or sports personality enjoy the status of hero worship [IELTS Essay]

2 - I can give you just this advice, I do not know how the essay should be organized for the...

Writing Feedbackrythmboyhamedmas - 03:19pm
If you created a Flash Seminar, what idea would you explore and why? (UVA)

1 - particularly the worlds that exist within our oceans My family and I were visiting the Georgia Aquarium. As I...

Undergraduatelbhux13theroy17 - 03:14pm
The trip to a football stadium turned out to be more than an exciting experience; Common app prompt

3 - From what I've heard, read and been told, you can choose any place. It can be an actual place, your home,...

UndergraduateCaptainCooktheroy17 - 02:43pm
"Meissner effect" - My world view was mostly shaped by my school - MIT

12 - HI. Sorry for long absence; everyone who checked my essays without feedbacks - please, forgive me m(._.)m. I completely rewritten the...

Undergraduateironhandironhand - 12:52pm
[IELTS TASK 2] Young people should be under surveillance on parents' discipline

1 - great mark -s- in school school-s- should create sense of competition in school t have -the- power...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSsa1na - 11:44am
Topic: Modern agriculture. Toefl exam!

1 - I think it is stupid -this sounds so harsh. maybe unintelligent is a better option- makes my -me- doubt...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongsa1na - 11:36am
Growing world population requires more food from agriculture, water, energy, goods - Engineering SOP

1 - energy, -and- goods processing -,- and distributing our basic food agricultural engineers is -are- conceived intelligence -,-...

Graduatertuladhar40sa1na - 11:19am
'My initial interest in attending the United States Naval Academy came from living around water'

1 - My initial interest in attending the United States Naval Academy came -comes- from living -having lived around water all my life,...

Undergraduategraycampsa1na - 11:06am
With the humble attitude, we can earn the respect from others and relieve ourselves.; Toefl exam!

6 - Dear Pen. Thank you again.Reading your issue is more than improving the skill of using English,but also challenging my thoughts. we...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongAdamtong - 08:30am
Describe a scene at a school canteen during recess.

1 - I believe in the first paragraph instead of some of the dots (like the last one), you can use (;). Also...

Writing FeedbackPamelyn Qsa1na - 08:17am
Many applicants to college are unsure about eventual majors. What factors led you to your interest?

5 - You did a great job in revising it! But maybe you still need to revise it a little bit. The prompt...

Undergraduatesa1nanicolezmh1997 - 07:50am
IELTS - young people's challenges in major cities

3 - two key problems facing those young adults - I believe it's better to say those young adults are facing the problems,...

Writing Feedbackcy20070324sa1na - 07:46am
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