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Reaching the rank of Eagle Scout - Intended Major: Business Administration. UC Prompt #1!

NEW - I wasn't exactly sure how to wrap everything together nicely. But I'd also like it if you guys can provide me...

Undergraduateaduong -
Tragic decrease in the life quality in many major cities; Causes, solutions for poor living standard

NEW - Many major cities in the world are facing the dramatic decrease in the life quality. There are various reasons for this...

Writing FeedbackVan Anh Nguyen -
Share an event or incident you have encountered personally - NUS/NTU application essay

NEW - I come from India. Can you please suggest ways to improve my essay? I'm not too sure the beginning and ending...

Undergraduateachandni -
The Function Defined as P = Math - College Essay

2 - Thank you for your feedback vangiespen. It is much appreciated. The last part of your response was much welcomed because the...

UndergraduateSineFineSineFine - 07:19am
My most notable personal quality would be being helpful - UC essay prompt

1 - Great job explaining why you enjoy tutoring. I would expand on how it relates to your future goals; you started talking...

Undergraduatesanil17Jinnie90 - 04:26am
Growing up was never an easy task, especially with the constant struggles in my family.

NEW - A. Personal Statement (required) The Personal Statement is our best means of getting to know you and your best means of...

UndergraduateJinnie90 -
My parents had sealed my fate - I would grow to be a Chartered Professional Accountant

NEW - Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly...
Some people are very excited to go to live venue of a sporting event - watching home or at stadium?

NEW - Q) Some people like to go to a live sporting event, while others prefer to stay at home and watch it...

Writing FeedbackIELTSguy -
Managing university's budgets effectively requires carefully consider. Money to sports activities!

NEW - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students' sports...

Writing FeedbackThe beginner -
NYUad nomination essay - Linguistic scenario in Nepal

NEW - Write a formal, academic essay in which you imagine that you are in a position of leadership in your country or...

Undergraduatenischal18 -
UC Econ Major Transfer Prompts Fall 2015

NEW - If anybody could please help edit my personal statements, that would be much appreciated. Be honest. Thank you for your time....

Undergraduatewhyteavenger945 -
My personal statement about creating and about gaming - for NYU-ITP

NEW - First time to write a personal statement. I think it's a bit too long.. and I don't know how to organize...

Graduatefakecorn -
Advantages of mortgage refinancing

NEW - Mortgage refinancing loans are considered as one of the most groundbreaking methods of keeping on the interest payment whereas at the...

Writing Feedbacklysacorliss -
'The hideous alarm sound woke me up' - Got Social Anxiety? UC personal statement 2

17 - I'm sorry for the confusion. I am not combining those two essays. It is just the word counts. Besides that...

Undergraduateyoyoproteinyoyoprotein - Yesterday
I was like every child in my community

16 - Adeyemi, you do not use the word "rally" in this case. You should say "funds" and "Fund Raising" in place of...

Writing FeedbackModewapvangiespen - Yesterday
I am aware that ASU expects very high standards from its students - evaluating my SOP

3 - Hi Bryan, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. One of the ways that you can shorten...

Graduatesunilzsvangiespen - Yesterday
Rewards of my continued efforts

NEW - Hi, any help on grammar error? Or awkward sentences? Thanks prompt: How I responded to a significant challenge I encountered...

UndergraduateModewap -
Education - a tool which Africa needs to alter tangible change - economical and technological

NEW - Hi, any grammar error or awkward sentence in my essay? Did this essay answer the prompt? Prompt: Story- write on...

ScholarshipModewap -
UC essay prompt #1 on inspired by family background

1 - I have lived under my parent's protection for my entire life that I seldom made decisions for myself [what...

Undergraduatejohnny85514aryr - Yesterday
I am in a long term, very serious relationship with depression. ApplyTexas Topic B Essay

NEW - Prompt: Describe a circumstance, obstacle or conflict in your life, and the skills and resources you used to resolve it. Did...

Undergraduatehirohussain -
The green spaces are source of knowledge that can provide significant profit for human

1 - I see some keywords/terms to use in the essay, so you can get full credit: economic gain, views on the policy,...

Writing FeedbacktagoyakiEF_Kevin - Yesterday

2 - Attached on merging: APPLY TEXAS ESSAY: HOW SOME OBSTACLES IN MY LIFE HAVE CHANGED ME this is a very...

Undergraduateciennalongwoodciennalongwood - Yesterday
My motivation - there is a modest number of people who are genuinely interested in you..

1 - this is a great essay however i would work on focus. make sure that every paragraph can be led back to...

Scholarshipjdlr96ciennalongwood - Yesterday

1 - I really like the essay topic! It is full of lots of good content! -I was probably eight or nine years...

UndergraduateSaritaMciennalongwood - Yesterday
Rainbow nation child - Diversity Essay

9 - Hey, I made changes to my first draft. Let me know what you think :-) Rainbow nation child:...

Graduatestayce1988stayce1988 - Yesterday
When I was three years old, my parents left me and my sister to our grandparents and came to the USA

1 - Instead of "ran to me" write run to me

UndergraduateBoa503SaritaM - Yesterday
What problem that students are facing with?

5 - Anyway, pleaseeeee ! Can you take a look at my opening to this matter: " Education is increasingly serious with terrible...

Essayshunhannhunhann - Yesterday
Supplement Essay for transferring to New York University Stern Business School

NEW - Question: NYU is global, urban, inspired, smart, connected, and bold. What can NYU offer you, and what can you...

UndergraduateLoveNYU -
"IT Career guidance and the advent of Cloud is paramount to change GDPs for poor nations"

NEW - My story is short but it can change the problems poor countries are facing. Having completed a BSc honors in Information...

Graduategodfreychatira -
As a kid I was curious to know the source of sound from that radio - statement of purpose for Msc

7 - Don't be too formal fellow student. At the end don`t` concatenate with Thank you for your time and consideration.

Graduatehim827godfreychatira - Yesterday
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