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Extinction of some languages will make life easier through improving the efficiency and employment

8 - IELTS is a proficiency test. In other words, a test for accuracy. Even native speakers can't achieve 8 in all sub-tests....

Writing Feedbackkevin1983JethroJosh - 05:55pm
Should people be allowed to have cosmetic surgery before the age of 18?

NEW - With the application of science and technology in medicine, people, especially youngsters, are becoming more aware of cosmetic surgery. According to...

Writing Feedbackhwabatte -
I believe that society has been helped by the invention of the Internet

5 - I think this example is still general. Use journalistic questions to construct your specific example, by asking: how many? what?...

Writing Feedbackpntncareddies - 12:42pm
Most people believe that adult should provide all child demands, because they not are independent

4 - I cannot catch this point. Can you make it clear? What do you mean by free here? there are...

Writing Feedbackhamedmaseddies - 12:36pm
4 types of landfill waste in Molovia, Bratistan, Atlantis, Senia and Vatania

6 - the .... est + noun followed by in/of/that, e.g the smallest category in this type. grammar problem....

Writing FeedbackHang Leeddies - 12:26pm
TOEFL: Technology has not made children less crative than they were in the past

3 - Write a concluding signal, like: In conclusion,... This is important to show that you will end your essay....

Writing FeedbackDearbhailSeddies - 12:20pm
TOEFL: 'career preparation' - reasons why people attend to schools

5 - a subject and verb agreement. Write: These universities play | The university plays write: a library |...

Writing Feedbackbriskyeddies - 12:13pm
TOEFL_The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Do you agree?

9 - Overall, many students I see use the common concluding signal, like In conclusion,... . What you have shown is good,...

Writing FeedbackFor a voyeddies - 12:09pm
IELTS academic task one .. bar chart - coffee and meat consumption

4 - Make sure you have a clear intro and an overview, by writing them in different paragraphs. Compare and...

Writing Feedbackmo7ammed1986eddies - 12:03pm
IELTS Writing Task 1: Life cycle of silkworm and production of silk cloth

4 - When describing a process diagram, most students have no problems describing the stages in the process step by step. However, not...

Writing Feedbackzoomikageddies - 11:25am
IELTS ESSAY; Some people believe that cell phones should be for personal use only

2 - even this essay opens for discussion/ both views. It is nicer if you end this introduction by stating your clear...

Writing Feedbackdevabe2005eddies - 11:09am
Oil discovery has been most beneficial for people in Iran

4 - is followed by but also as pair conjunction this needs subject and verb agreement make sure that each...

Writing Feedbacksomieddies - 09:56am

4 - This paper intends to study the introduction of negative numbers by Greek mathematicians. The latter part sounds a bit...

Research PapersMarymosdumi - 09:51am
Most important characteristic of a good teacher?

2 - You better include the full prompt in your post for us to get a better understanding as to what it means...

Writing Feedbackashkannaghibdumi - 09:39am
[TOEFL] people should do something that they do not enjoy doing . agree or disagree?

4 - It is not good to work in other pressure.Nobody can be happy when they follow other and go against their...

Essayshamedmaspoudelmelina - 09:26am
Toefl essay: advertisements whose target is young children should be banned

7 - Nowadays, the advertisements in our daily life have become more and more various confusing, even some adults cannot recognize which...

Writing FeedbackDearbhailSdumi - 06:02am
IELTS; Schools greatest failure is that it focuses too intensely on academic subjects

6 - flourish twice used. go for alternative word. alleviate, improve, assist which helps them to alleviate their career in future....

Writing FeedbackSagar1004devabe2005 - 03:13am
Advantages and disadvantages of advertisement ?

1 - In this essay i am going to examine thin question from both point of view and then give my opinion on...

Writing Feedbackemonabindevabe2005 - 02:58am
Finding about me, if you're interested and have nothing better to do

1 - Although i am just a beginner on writing, this is just awesome to read .

Undergraduatelouisa216emonabin - 01:52am
More and more people now choose to wear the fashionable clothes.

4 - Yep,sure :)

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 01:30am
Vehicle has enhanced people being. However, cars harm nature.

2 - First of all, there are few researches worry about influence transport on nature. They show that carbon...

Writing FeedbackHappymansundin928 - 12:13am
'I'm a control freak' - Common App Essay - "environment where you are content..."

4 - Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments/edits!

UndergraduateLBMLBM - Yesterday
'We should acknowledge and use most suitable methods of learning' - Books vs Experience?

2 - well, I changed it to: We can learn and gain knowledge with different methods, such as reading a book or...

Writing Feedbackhirt_01hirt_01 - Yesterday
'Stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean' - Background / Story Central to Identity

1 - hmmm... you should probably eliminate the sentence fragments especially at the beginning n turn them into sentences. also reduce the repetition...

Undergraduatelancelot12dchege711 - Yesterday
"I AM NOT A MERE TEACHER" - creative essay

2 - thanks for correcting me on the digressions. n a cat means continuous assessment test... it's quite common in my country

Writing Feedbackdchege711dchege711 - Yesterday
'BIGB Lessons' - Who or what inspires you the most and why? Ashoka University

2 - Great essay! You have really good English. I can't really even detect that it's not your first language! My edits are...

Undergraduateheythere11LBM - Yesterday
Looking back on your high school years - Essay for Ashoka University

1 - I can definitely relate to this essay! I think this is fine. No big corrections to be made. I made one...

Undergraduateheythere11LBM - Yesterday
"It's nothing but a cult!" - Essay for Ashoka University. Need to cut at least 150 words!

1 - Wow! This is a great essay. You tell a very compelling story. If I were to cut anything, I would cut...

Undergraduateheythere11LBM - Yesterday
IELTS: 'food, drink and tobacco' - statistic of expenditure graph

3 - actually i don't really understand what u mean by 'reporting tone' , could you please give me some examples? any,...

Writing Feedbackxizon7777xizon7777 - Yesterday
I have a question about the perspective of a profile essay.

1 - I think you can go with 'My Dad'. Unless the professor has specifically asked you to use third person.

Essaysram012593heythere11 - Yesterday
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