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IELTS TASK 2: the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences

NEW - Some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. Others, however, believe there are...
'the history, tradition and way of life will vanish as well' - An essay on language extinction

4 - (give a conclusion from topic sentence in the first sentence) Good Luck!!

Writing FeedbackYanxuAnfalia - 05:39am
Describe how you are going to contribute to your community by using full knowledge obtained

3 - Hello Kevin Is it for the study grant ? If yes, you may consider about the requirement of the program...

EssayskevinsinataSHanafi - 05:38am
Everyone has his own studying styles and preferences; one prefer to learn alone but other in a group

NEW - Everyone has their own studying styles and preferences; one can stay on track ‎individually, while other one prefers to cooperate in...

Graduatescheherezade -
Some learners need a structured course from high qualified teacher to know materials in a depth.

3 - Thank you..

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaAnfalia - 05:15am
Participating in the Global Leaders Program will equip me with the knowledge and skills needed

NEW - Describe how you are planning to contribute to your community using the knowledge you gained Hi guys, this is my...

Scholarshipjohnsenong -
'I was building robots' - UMASS Mechanical Engineering Common App Transfer Essay

2 - here is my opinion. I'm still new to essay anyway Since a very young age, I demonstrated an interest in...

Undergraduateshermama96johnsenong - 04:07am
Reason for applying Global Leaders Program. 'Learning is a never ending process'.

5 - Thanks, Amma. Really appreciate your help. Can any one other please have a comment on my essay ?

Graduatejohnsenongjohnsenong - Yesterday
Once people experience puberty they are potentially be able to produce children.

5 - Thank you very much guy for your efforts on my work. I have some questions with regard to your comments. Please...

Writing Feedbackah_zafariah_zafari - Yesterday
To look after the elderly - responsibility of families or the government?

5 - There is a lot of discussion on how to look after elderly people. While some people suggest that the government is...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzah_zafari - Yesterday
Pen in hand, I sit poised over a blank sheet of paper, my imagination wheeling to life - Arts Award

3 - Thank you for the feedback! I was getting kind of stuck because I didn't know how to find the balance between...

ScholarshiptinyTonbotinyTonbo - Yesterday

3 - I suggest you to divide into some paragraphs so as to easy to read and understand. Good Luck!!

Research PaperskeadesAnfalia - Yesterday
As computers are being used more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in classroom

4 - Good Luck!!

ScholarshipAmmar AnsariAnfalia - Yesterday
Advantages of Preschool and Kindergarten; education is the best that can be given to any child

NEW - Advantages of Preschool and Kindergarten: Rough Draft Viridiana Carrillo English 102 Elisabeth Borchers March 27, 2015 Viridiana Carrillo Elisabeth...

Research Papersvirkk50711 -
GMO Danger - it's in eighty percent of the processed food consumers eat every day

NEW - This is a research paper on GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Any feedback appreciated. Mostly need help choosing paragraph breaks, grammar,...

Research Paperssav2113390 -
Persuasive essay on the negatives of excessive technology use

NEW - The assignment is a persuasive essay on a topic of my choice. It must be 8-10 pages long and submitted in...

Undergraduatenatashanicola -
I have no doubt that studying in Turkey will be a wonderful experience. Letter of intent for correct

NEW - Hello, my native language is not English and i write a letter of intent for Turkish scholarship, can you help me...

Scholarshipstudent115 -
Chance. When you get one, you're going to want to use it wisely. Why the UMTC PSEO Program?

NEW - Chance. When you get one, you're going to want to use it wisely. My family and I immigrated to America, so...

Undergraduatemohamtes000 -
One of the most intensely debated topics in education is the types of subjects need to be studied

3 - Thanks Kevin for your help. Your comments are really useful as always. Cheers, Ahmad

Writing Feedbackah_zafariah_zafari - Mar 30, 2015
Motivation letter for International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management

3 - Hi Carol ! Thank you so much for your help with this letter and those nice feedbacks ! For...

Undergraduatesamaskarkapacsamaskarkapac - Mar 30, 2015
The question is if countries should cooperate with other countries instead of isolating themselves

3 - Thank you very much!!

Writing Feedbacksandrinkasandrinka - Mar 30, 2015
The people I see nearly every day are unable to access the education that they deserve

2 - It's interesting, the teachers would complain that they have to let their ideals and curricula conform to the standardized tests....

UndergraduateCollegeBoyEF_Kevin - Mar 30, 2015
Improving skills to get into an undergraduate program.

NEW - Endotherm is the term used to describe animals that are capable, by their own, to maintain the same body temperature, despite...
Expanding the Scope of Practice in Education - admissions essay

3 - Hi cheshaf, I have several suggestions and comments for your writing, especially when it comes to paying more attention to your...

Graduatecheshaffadlanmuzakki - Mar 29, 2015
Agbado, an outskirts of Lagos

2 - ( I was raised in....) Agbado Ijaiye, a community commonly referred to as an outskirts of Lagos. The community has limited...

Research PapersModewapEF_Jasmine - Mar 29, 2015
I am writing a thesis paper on Oedipus the King and I think my thesis statment. Needs some work

3 - Hey! I am writing a thesis paper on Oedipus the King and I think my thesis statement needs some work. I...

Book ReportsleiakieleEF_Carol - Mar 29, 2015
A fear of censure in Indian society; our conversation often turns to criticizing what we see lacking

2 - Hi Rajiv.. I'd want to simplify this part: ... that we should have taken instead from their, that is, the...

Writing FeedbackRajivEF_Kevin - Mar 28, 2015
Medical Side of Bud - "Can marijuana become medical?"

NEW - Jackie Garvin ENG 102 Elisabeth Borchers 3/28/2015 Medical Side of Bud As many states begin to accept marijuana for recreational use,...

Writing Feedbackjackie828 -
I can offer NYU my patient perspective because of my experience in Xiamen, not so big city in China.

7 - Anyone willing to take a look at my newer version??? Thank you!! Since I was younger, I've not been a...

UndergraduateChenchenchenChenchenchen - Mar 28, 2015
'skills usage, possible constraints' Need further explanation on an essay prompt: Ausaid Scholarship

2 - Assuming that the scholarship consists solely of some bonus money for college, it wants you to tell them how that money...

ScholarshipKayviane12CollegeBoy - Mar 28, 2015
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