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Today's life is less satisfied and less happy than in the past

NEW - Hi, someone could help me with some feedbacks about my essay. Because the world is changing so quickly, people now...

Writing FeedbackVitor Barros -
Foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Advantage outweight disadavantages

4 - Thanks. It sounds better. :)

Writing Feedbackdanielwongdanielwong - 04:28pm
Obstacles... College application essay - critique before I send in. All amounts of critisim welcome

NEW - Prompt: Describe a circumstance, obstacle or conflict in your life, and the skills and resources you used to resolve it. Did...

Undergraduateashleight9214 -
TOEFL IndependentEssay - Tips how should governments encourage energy savings?

3 - I suppose that you should also extend your conclusion. the concluding paragraph can restate your thesis, summarize your point, or make...

Writing Feedbackmashupfhmashayekhi - 02:33pm
Improving social skills in a large city - why i chose to apply to UCF

NEW - I chose to apply at the University of Central Florida because it is a great college with a beautiful campus, has...

Undergraduateabbymaddox04 -
The bar chart shows that males enjoyed more leisure time than females throughout the period shown

4 - Hi guys, thank you very much for your comment, its so usefule. I am aiming to my official test on...

Writing Feedbackbillyabbotbillyabbot - 10:18am
High school students should voluntarily participate in payable community services

3 - I think it is better to paraphrase " in the opinion of some people" by "some people opinion is that"....

Writing Feedbackdanielwongfhmashayekhi - 09:09am
One person can't know everything so a group work is more effective than an individual work

3 - Thanks, your comments was very useful.

Writing FeedbackThemselves2Themselves2 - 08:42am
For outsiders, learning local norms and rules of polite behavior is a process filled with pitfalls

2 - Looking backward to your prompt, this is good but it might not answer the prompt as a whole. It says...

Undergraduatecollegebound28SHanafi - 02:50am
Teaching English in Chile Essay #2

2 - Hi, your essay is well written, but there are some issues with the overall flow and grammar mistakes. As an...

Writing Feedbackcollegebound28ap759 - Yesterday
Horror Essay continuation of the book : The house on the Brink. Need more ideas.

3 - Wondering how long their journey has been Wondering how long their journey had been Upfront, they reached an old mansion....

Writing FeedbackSamuelsam123collegebound28 - Yesterday
Like the Phoenix: Heavy Metal's Inevitable Rebirth (Research Paper for English class, Rough Draft)

NEW - Like the Phoenix: Heavy Metal's Inevitable Rebirth Jared Ferolino English 102 Susan Rockwell 8 August 2015...

Research Papersjaredf1995 -
From Algebra till love affairs. Who Am I?

3 - Greetings! @ danielwong What i wrote wasn't about me at all !! It's just kind of a guess...

SpeechesZahra ahmadZahra ahmad - Yesterday
Story about a sick person getting recovered from his cancer throughout my help.

2 - Greetings! At first, i want to congratulate you about your humanity. I found your writing interesting but i want...

Writing FeedbackamandaraileyZahra ahmad - Yesterday
Parents do what they saw and learned from their parents

4 - - ...their education wayhow they teach education might be wrong... - ...because they're aren't educatednot licensed to be a teacher. -...

Graduatesukruozaslanjustivy03 - Yesterday
'Keep running' - A common application essay 100 words critique

5 - - I would likefurther my lifetime ambition... - ...toand just keep running. - ...their support ensuringensures that I remain steadfast....

UndergraduateGrimoireOfAlicejustivy03 - Yesterday
SOP for MS in Petroleum Engineering with IT background , Having 5 years work experience in the E&P

5 - - being as a Computer Engineer in Oil & Gas field... - However and as I constantly state,... - Early in...

GraduateAlex_86justivy03 - Yesterday
Youth is wasted on the young

4 - I really appreciate your comments. This helps me alot.

Writing Feedbackfhmashayekhifhmashayekhi - Yesterday
How does the media coverage on police shootings affect how the people view law enforcement?

2 - I can help you with some of your essay. I will help you with the meaning in part of...

Writing FeedbackAshlee2eezlcturn87 - Yesterday
Spanish language is my passion. Letter of motivation for internship opportunity

3 - - At this time( this phrase is not necessary) I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree.... - During my degree I have...

LettersMatisse2justivy03 - Yesterday
My Father's Legacy - Questbridge Scholarship Biographical Essay

3 - - One of the most vivid memoriesmemory I have with my father... - AfterWhen we got bored of watching the...

ScholarshipAnna Smithjustivy03 - Yesterday
Dwelling into cities can reveal important characteristics of a society that inhabited there

4 - - ...the thinking of the people living therehere. - I toodefinitely agree with the... - ...point that to get a...

Graduatesid052justivy03 - Yesterday
I've been invited to a charity TV show where I saw the embarrassments and tears in children's eyes

5 - @underga801, the prompt below; - Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to...

Undergraduateundergra801justivy03 - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2 : The problem of over using internet

6 - Here is my suggestion : - IELTS test need minimum 250 words not less than that. - Structure of paragraph...

Writing Feedbackgo0905Bayuwibowo - Yesterday
The comparison of world inhabitants divided by each continents between 1900 and 2000

3 - As seen, you have very good attempt. Yet, you failed to introduce what's in the overview. An overview describe the...

Writing FeedbackBayuwibowoeddies - Yesterday
'I seek a differentiator degree' - SOP For Masters in Business/Data Analytics Program

3 - thank you @ justivy03 . I have noted down these corrections and also working on rest of the paragraphs. Can you...

Graduatesiddartharaosiddartharao - Yesterday
Help me correct my introduction for my speech class about myself

4 - Hello Hai Ho.. In my opinion you must get more attractive words, let me give some example I born...

Speecheschopstix102Bayuwibowo - Yesterday
Poverty poem. Humanity, where is your personality?

3 - 1st stanza - Because that's what we have placed onin our DNA. - Which I believe hasleft us in despair...

PoetryAbdi hafizjustivy03 - Yesterday
Fashion Institute of Technology Essay - Fashion Business Management

3 - I would like to help you with your essay. You are very descriptive in your essay. I would like...

Undergraduateasmith16pomlcturn87 - Sep 1, 2015
Educating children is more difficult today

2 - I can help you with your essay. I will make it simple and only correct the mistakes. 1st paragraph: Delete...

Writing FeedbackConfusionstatiolcturn87 - Sep 1, 2015
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