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The effective role of Nonviolent resistance

3 - Hi, Yoss. Your paragraphs are very long. Let me show you how shortening them and breaking them into smaller...

Writing FeedbackYossChristineB - 08:04pm
What has challenged me and convince to put my next milestone in the Master of Dietetics?

6 - Hi Icturn87 and ChristineB! Thank you so much for your respons and advices. Both of you has taught me how...

Scholarshipkenkankunkenkankun - 08:07pm
Peace Corps Essay

NEW - I am in the process of applying for the Peace Corps. Here is the essay question: Peace Corps service presents major...

Writing Feedbacktempledc -
Traffic congestion and pollution, in the last few decades, have grown significantly; how to fix it?

2 - 1st paragraph: Take out the comma after decades. When you use the word these you are discussing more than one. This...

Research Papersfarhan110991lcturn87 - 06:15pm
Nowadays, congestion and pollution problems have become parts of a country.

2 - Plants have important role to catch absorb carbon dioxide that is produced by many kinds of the vehicles. the...

Writing FeedbackAdhistiDhaliwal1 - 12:28pm
Should the high school curriculum introduce unpaid social work as a mandatory subject?

4 - I think you should change social work throughout this essay to community service. If you make your discussion about social work,...

Writing FeedbackDhaliwal1lcturn87 - 12:01pm
The diagrams reveals two stage processes of the cement production

NEW - The diagrams give information regarding to the process of cement production. In addition, how to produce concrete by the cement for...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991 -
Increasing the petrol price as problem solving of traffic jam and pollution. Agree or disagree?

3 - hai umairoh. nice to read your writing. you are good in flow but it will be better to give you some...

Writing FeedbackFirda Umairohfarhan110991 - 10:31am
Finding the best way to solve huge traffic and air pollution problems (without vehicles taxation)

5 - hai, ainun. by the way, it is organized writing and it is easy to get the point. you write this essay...

Writing FeedbackAinunAlfatihfarhan110991 - 10:23am
Eco-hybrid cars project to solve pollution and traffic problems.

2 - On the other hand, convincing people to use public transport is the best alternative solving these problems as it is not...

Writing FeedbackMuhammadImhoAdhisti - 09:48am
Writing task 2 : Traffic congestion and pollution on atmosphere

2 - HI, liliy..allow me to give suggestion for your writing. As a matter of fact, controlling the amount of gasoline in...

Writing FeedbackLiliyAdhisti - 09:38am
IELTS: Solving the traffic and pollution problems by increasing the petrol price - Agree/disagree?

3 - Hello, I enjoyed reading your essay. By and large, the increasing the petrol price will be a primarily considering...

Writing FeedbackWindachansujungchoi10 - 09:23am
ENG 102 - Research Paper Needs Review 3 Weaknesses - "Global Gender Inequality"

3 - Hi @adr2165850 Gender inequality is a serious global issue that has been accepted as the way...

Research Papersadr2165850thutyedaniel - 09:22am
Foreign language might be an imitation of culture and fashion of another country

5 - Learning new language is one of most important subjectS that arehas considered both educational authority and parents. ButHowever, every new languageS...

Writing FeedbackAmir1987MuhammadImho - 09:12am
The number electricity production by fuel resource

4 - peace be with you. some suggestions for your writing. The pie charts give information regarding the number electricity production...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiAinunAlfatih - 09:11am
Benefits of public transport essay

5 - Thank you so much for your help. I'll try more

Writing Feedbackhoashoas - 08:22am
There is no doubt that most of the people consider health as a major part of their life

7 - your essay is straightforward to comprehend. Your supporting ideas is obvious but you should put your sentences in a good way,...

Writing FeedbackAmir1987Yoss - 08:12am
Natural talents 'available' for every person? IELTS

3 - hai lily.. i do like your introduction. but, i think you should not write this italic sentence. my opinion is that...

Writing FeedbackLiliyfarhan110991 - 06:52am
IELTS TASK 2: environmental influence could become the major influence to personal development

3 - Nice corrections, it helps me to improve my writing skill. Thanks it would be grateful for next corrections or suggestions from...

Writing FeedbackWindachanWindachan - 05:07am
The percentage of changing aspects in annual spending by a particular UK school (1981-2001)

2 - Peace be with you. Some suggestions for your writing: The pie charts illustrate the percentage of changing aspects in...

Writing FeedbackLiliyAinunAlfatih - 04:15am
The Number of Passenger and Reached Dictance of Underground Railway Systems in Six Cities

2 - Peace be with you. some suggestions for your writing: The diagram table shows information about the underground railway system...

Writing FeedbackStacy HandayaniAinunAlfatih - 03:04am
Should parents bolster their children to be expert at competing and team working?

3 - Hi Mr. Farhan .. Let me give you some suggestion here for your writing. I think you already...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991Liliy - 02:35am
What is a culture? It's a human behavior that consist of all activity that surrounds us.

5 - What is culture culture is mean ,behavior that people do it, consist of all of activity that surrounding people. each...

Essayshosseinrthosseinrt - Yesterday
A government has various duties to its citizens, but limited resources. Should defence spending take

6 - thanks a lot for your advice, Amir1987 I have just got an edited essay from my teacher. So I hope...

Writing Feedbacknedyminnedymin - Yesterday
Being a celebrity - such as a famous film star or sports personality - brings problems...

4 - Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. Can you please comment on my last thread also?

Writing FeedbackDhaliwal1Dhaliwal1 - Yesterday
Human population growth can cause a severe effect to economic condition on overpopulated area

4 - Hi Kikiki. Your writing is great, However, I would give some corrections. Hope it helps you :) There are variety...

Writing FeedbackKikikiStacy Handayani - Yesterday
Could technology help developing educational system? Kindly help me to answer this!

4 - Hallo Humangun, I have some corrections for your essay.

Writing Feedbackhumangunintiaiqbal92 - Yesterday
Is Talent Born Naturally or Nurtured?

4 - by and large, your writing is good, but i have several suggestions for you. 1. there are many countable nouns...

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayanifarhan110991 - Yesterday
Some people believe that it is wrong to keep animals in zoos. Discuss and give your opinion.

4 - One of the widely discussed issues today is whether or not keeping animals in zoos is ethical type of entertainment....

Writing FeedbackdiloromChristineB - Yesterday
The percentage of national expenditure on five different countries

2 - Hi IqbalThemi. Here are my suggested changes for you: The table gives information regarding displays national spending...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiChristineB - Yesterday
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