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An essay on language extinction

NEW - Hello! I'm preparing for IELTS, just finished this essay, some feedback is much appreciated! Every year several languages die out....
Need further explanation on an essay prompt: Ausaid Scholarship

NEW - I am currently applying for the ausaid scholarship 2016 intake and have done the first three essays and now I'm stuck...

ScholarshipKayviane12 -
Advertisements lead people to spend money lavishly without further thinking. Ads effects on people.

6 - Hello, Please see my edits below. I have made suggestions for some of your sentences. Some of them are...

Writing FeedbackMarsya_EFlynzee22 - Yesterday
Students from the age of 16 should be encouraged to have a part time job

3 - Hello! My edits and suggestions are below, Financial issues are most of the time the reasons why students have...

Writing FeedbackIkrameEF_Jasmine - Yesterday
I believe images are one of the best ways to educate people. SOP for Illustration MFA in SCAD

4 - Thank you both! Your comments have been very helpful.

Graduatesanthiagosanthiago - Yesterday
Expanding the Scope of Practice in Education - admissions essay

NEW - Essay Prompt The 21st Century offers diverse opportunities and challenges for an SLP within a global society. Choose one or two...

Graduatecheshaf -
More parents start concerning about the possible negative effects of the computers on their children

4 - Hi, johanydubon, thank you for your comment. I don't completely agree with you, though. You said: Never say "I...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzautumn_waltz - Yesterday
Heirs to ancient knowledge; consensus is possible, but the issues must be put to test.

4 - Hello Lynzee, I see my mistake here. After making corrections as pointed out, I am expected to put up the...

Writing FeedbackRajivRajiv - Yesterday
The world would be a better place if people under 40 made the decisions

2 - Are you going to go against the statement? If not I suggest that you talk about how children and teenagers are...

Essaysvojkan7rettabby - Mar 25, 2015
Being a president of English club I organized a summer exchange trip to Lithuania; cultural exchange

5 - You made some great changes here. I focused on cutting this time, but also made some other changes. Hope...

Undergraduatenazmartalynzee22 - Mar 25, 2015
Happiness has different meanings for different people, but everyone wants to be happy.

3 - In my opinion, You should know how to paraphrase the topic before you write, for example, "There is no doubt...

Writing FeedbackRafiq25vanduongnv - Mar 25, 2015
My mother's dedication inspired me to set high goals to make her proud. My international background.

2 - Hello! While the overall message you want to convey stands out, I see some structural and grammar issues....

UndergraduatenazmartaEF_Sheri - Mar 25, 2015
Develop countries have created many environmental problems in the world; global warming (IELTS)

3 - thank you..

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaAnfalia - Mar 25, 2015
25 page research proposal on any issue in our criminal justice system - the death penalty

NEW - I have to write a minimum of a 25 page research proposal on any issue in our criminal justice system. I...

Essayswabrow -
Responding to a quote for history research paper

4 - I would ask your professor if he/she would like for you include the direct quote or not. A rule of thumb,...

Research Papersjake42094wabrow - Mar 25, 2015
"Two head is better than one head" - studying with other people provide an extra ideas or knowledge

3 - overall you explain everything and give examples. however you need to fix some grammar issues. and you can also provide...

Writing Feedbackantunnazmarta - Mar 25, 2015
Artificial Intelligence at one of the world's prestigious University - candidate for a scholarship

4 - Hello, I think overall your idea is great. however, you should pay attention to your grammatical,...

ScholarshipnijanthanAnfalia - Mar 25, 2015
Nowadays people get married and have children after the age 30. Is it good or bad?

6 - it's good introductory paragraph. however, I would suggest that it could be better if you give more sentences in this...

Writing FeedbackAbIkAnfalia - Mar 25, 2015
A couch that everyone longs to sit on.

3 - Any other advice is more than welcome!

Grammar, UsageVns9xVns9x - Mar 25, 2015

5 - I changed auntie to "friend" because she is just an acquaintance

Undergraduaterettabbyrettabby - Mar 25, 2015
Fear and Loathing in Society - respond to an article

3 - Thank you... I guess it makes a little more sense when you read the actual article I was given because...

Writing Feedbackrxccrxcc - Mar 24, 2015
Reflective Memorandum; write a reflection in the form of business memo to a classmate of your choice

2 - Hello, I would start by making a mini-thesis for each question. Then you can build each thesis into a...

Essaysnorvadolynzee22 - Mar 24, 2015
Forcing visitors to behave like host country would not bring anything new - no good changes for host

7 - However,in this essay I discuss both point of views. You can skip this transition. Each country has special traditions and behavioral...

Writing FeedbackmarylaVns9x - Mar 24, 2015
I strongly believe I am on the right track to achieving my goals - master in International Relations

2 - This is a very good start. You have a great story and it flows nicely. You make it personal,...

GraduateVivian92lynzee22 - Mar 24, 2015
It's easy to turn into a dictator but it's difficult to preserve as a good leader - leadership essay

2 - Hello, First, you need to organize your paper better. Your first topic is what makes a good leader good....

Writing FeedbackYosslynzee22 - Mar 24, 2015
Not Going to Give Up - I gave it my all, and my honesty, whatever happens, happens. Scholarship

8 - A few months back, a senior from my high school posted a link about the Questbridge program on our school's facebook...

Scholarshipcnjs133cnjs133 - Mar 24, 2015
'pursuing activities that utilize my potential' - Letter of motivation of MEng in automotive systems

3 - Hello, Kindly use more vocabulary this will make your essay richer. your content is good and deserve to get placed....

Graduatemhsadiqnijanthan - Mar 24, 2015
Persuade others to be open to future technologies

2 - Hello, While giving speeches kindly try to give some facts and data (those u can Google the respective topics).and always...

Speechesjoel amosnijanthan - Mar 24, 2015
People can eat different types of food effortlessly without any difficulties in preparing it.

6 - Nowadays, food becomes easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people life? YES/NO. These days, preparing food...

Writing FeedbackshintacandradeEF_Carol - Mar 24, 2015
I believe that my undergraduate studies have set the foundations for a successful Master

2 - On the one hand, I was delighted to read about the University's Problem Based Learning system which I found that entirely...

LettersacosminAbIk - Mar 24, 2015
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