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The professional level of either sport players or musicians can be achieved by the hard working.

2 - Your intro needs to rework. It is really confusing. It is generally believed that some people are born with...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991IqbalThemi - 01:02pm
What are the impacts are caused by the technology in our life.

NEW - What are the impacts are caused by the technology in our life. Nowadays there is so many technology used in...
Statement for pursuing master degree in Biomedical Informatics

NEW - I got my bachelor degree 20 years ago and I want to pursue my master degree in biomedical informatics. I...

EssaysMr Heneiber -
Modern Life Brings Enjoyment for Children but Lead Them to Lack of Responsibility to Natural World

8 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing FeedbackStacy HandayaniIqbalThemi - 12:06pm
Natural talents 'available' for every person? IELTS

NEW - It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are...
Scholarship: How I improve my skills and knowledge through academic plan (Int'l Development)

6 - Thank you for your correction. It became clearer to understand!

Scholarshipnaritoshinaritoshi - 11:10am
The best way for children to learn a new language is when they start in an earliest grade

2 - Hi thuty .. i have several suggestion here.. i hope this can help you to improve your writing....

Writing FeedbackthutyedanielLiliy - 09:32am
The Method of Recycling Plastic Bottles for New Uses

2 - To begin, there are two main processes in recycling plastic bottles, (the- DELETE) first process takes a place in recycling center....

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayanijustivy03 - 09:01am
The process of recycling plastic bottles

3 - hai.. i have some comments to you, i hope them can help you.

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemifarhan110991 - 08:56am
The Expansion of the Biodefense Field is Necessary

3 - Hi, @aly2120655 As the world progresses scientifically and technologically so does the terrorism within it. Despite the strides that have...

Research Papersaly2120655thutyedaniel - 08:55am
supporting statement : Australia Award Scholarship

2 - How did you choose your proposed course and institution? (max 400 words) Working for the house of Regional Representative Council...

Graduatefadlanmuzakkijustivy03 - 08:52am
Some people think that children should learn to obey and do as parents and teachers say. IELTS

7 - Hi mMaftuna, I have some suggestions for your writing. Hope it can help you. First of all, parents and...

Writing FeedbackmMaftunaStacy Handayani - 06:41am
To what extent is the inequality good or bad for the economic development?

NEW - To what extent is the inequality good or bad for the economic development? According to the...
Local customs and behavior are indispensable to be regarded by people who come to other countries

4 - Hi Ms. Adhisti, I have noted some suggestions for your writing. Hope it will help you :) There are...

Writing FeedbackAdhistiStacy Handayani - 06:27am
The proliferation of private cars on the roads in many parts of the world has led to serious problem

2 - The number of private cars today increases(INCREASED) significantly, and this can cause pollution everywhere which contributes to global warming. As such,...

Writing Feedbackthutyedanieljustivy03 - 04:27am
Continuous development in medical care is a must to provide a better help for people

6 - Hi @cldales :) In conclusion, there must be a continuous development in medical care to help people, and the rise...

Writing Feedbackcldalesthutyedaniel - 04:15am
It is apparent that the silkworm's cocoon is where the silk cloth is derived from

3 - Hi @cldales :) I suggest you to you use connector in your first paragraph such as (firstly, to begin, with regard...

Writing Feedbackcldalesthutyedaniel - 03:38am
Changes on The Percentage of Rural and Urban Household Who Has Internet Access

2 - The bar chart shows the percentage of (THE) city and (THE) village household in European country who has internet access between...

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayanijustivy03 - 03:03am
Developing public transportation for reducing at least procteting pollution

3 - Hi Mr. Iqbal, your writing is excellent. However, I found some mistakes, but here I give some correction. Hope it helps...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiStacy Handayani - 02:25am
Young people have enough capability to consider their professions

3 - Question: In your opinion, should young people choose their professions, or should their parents choose for them? Give reasons for your...

Writing FeedbackirhamePann - 12:38am
All children should a foreign language in school, starting in the earliest grades.

2 - Learning a foreign language is better to do (in the - AT AN) early age. Some people believe that young people...

Writing Feedbackintiaiqbal92justivy03 - Yesterday
Comparison between unemployment rates and earning according to level of education

2 - Answer: Two graphs illustrate the joblessness's (JOBLESS) percentages (PERCENTAGE) and average salaries (SALARY) according to education's level in 2008 and are...

Writing Feedbackirhamejustivy03 - Yesterday
Writing task 2 : Encouraging young people to work or travel

6 - Nowadays, a great number of pupils have decided to find a job or go to traveltravelling as long as a year...

Writing FeedbackLiliyirhame - Yesterday
The proportion of courses granted at the National University in three decades

3 - Please delete the word regarding in the first sentence. You also want to discuss the percentages of degrees and not use...

Writing Feedbackintiaiqbal92lcturn87 - Yesterday
Assignment: What must we do to truly understand ourselves? Essay score

NEW - Assignment: What must we do to truly understand ourselves? Human natures is nothing like an open book. It works in...

Writing Feedbacksparsh282 -
Personal Writing Career Prospects - Help- review my essay

NEW - Hello, Thank you for reading my long post! I need some help here. I will appreciate your feedback on my...

Writing Feedbackhong2015 -
The process of silkworm life until it produces silk

2 - The diagrams illustrate the process of silkworm life until it produces silk and the steps (for - DELETE) resulting (TO) silk...

Writing FeedbackAdhistijustivy03 - Yesterday
'When it comes to education I am serious.' Benefits From The American University of Cairo.

2 - When it comes to education I am serious, I have been working hard since I was a little kid to get...

Undergraduateahmedazmy92justivy03 - Yesterday
To become a professional one do not need to be born with a special talent, skills can be taught too

3 - Hi Adhisti, These are several suggestion for your writing Good Luck and Happy Writing

Writing FeedbackAdhistimumtazdinar - Yesterday
Because of the busy pace of modern life, many children spend most of their time indoors

4 - Hi Mr mohjawahir .. let me give you some suggestion here, i hope some can help you .....

Writing FeedbackmohjawahirLiliy - Yesterday
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