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"What do I want to do when I grow up?" - Peace Corps Volunteer App

1 - This was the one question I could never fully got difficulty to answer. The best answer response I have...

Undergraduatesarx8172niesaysi - 04:06am
IELTS : People are born with talents or taught to become talented

NEW - Hi guys, this is my 4th essay. Thank you for all your previous comment. Hopefully you will give me some interesting...

Writing Feedbackxizon7777 -
Long period of studying will make students feel bored and limit their self-study

3 - Well, it is good for us to know the purpose of writing this essay, e.g. IELTS or TOEFL (include the purpose...

Writing Feedbackwulishiyanzldumi - 04:04am
An increasing amount of students have negative attitude of learning. Why is this happening?

4 - I think you should use more complicated sentence to get higher score.Good luck.

Writing Feedbackstephy7658sundin928 - 03:48am
Exploring the world - part of a whole article

1 - Sometimes, you learn not by academically but by taking risks (not parallel; I want to add some ideas to rectify this...

Essaysanmar19niesaysi - 03:42am
IELTS Air travel is becoming more welcomed by common people since its price is going down

2 - which can even save more money than by other transports. I remedy it. any way,your suggestions help me...

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 03:38am
What happens in Hardee's: CommonApp Essay

1 - From school, my twin brother and I stopped at a fast food restaurant. Suddenly, an elderly gentleman with a bewildered...

Undergraduateswj97niesaysi - 03:29am
The line graph: Migration Statistics in UK

2 - Well, this is a task that aims at assessing your report writing skills and therefore you need to adopt a...

Writing FeedbackVihuynhdumi - 03:29am
IELTS: we should not ignore the traditional food; fast foods need be supervised

7 - thanks Dumi ^_^ i get it.

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 03:01am

5 - In this modern world, it is hard to imagine living without the aid help of technology. Some people say that...

Writing Feedbackeirehcdumi - 03:00am
Extinction of some languages will make life easier through improving the efficiency and employment

6 - JethroJosh Very helpful for your comments, it is true that the structure of my essay need to improve. Thanks...

Writing Feedbackkevin1983kevin1983 - 02:14am
What are the reasons behind lack of facilities &services for disabled population?

2 - We see many people with physical and mental disabilities and live in pathetic conditions. In fact, the recent statistical data...

Writing FeedbackRUSHABHdumi - 02:00am
IELTS ESSAY; Movies and computer games containing violence are very popular.

4 - In today's world, there has been a tremendous development in violent movies and computer games which is have become the...

Writing Feedbackdevabe2005dumi - 01:41am
TOEFL_The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Do you agree?

1 - Well, as I set my eyes on your essay, the first feeling I had was that whether you've been able to...

Writing FeedbackFor a voydumi - 01:36am
Fixed punishments for crimes may improve the efficiency, decrease the crime rate

4 - The only thing i want to say is that I think you can combine para 2 and 3 because they are...

Writing Feedbackkevin1983stephy7658 - 12:48am
Nowadays, there is an ever increasing amount of noise in our everyday lives. Reasons and solutions

3 - Therefore, I believe that this problem can be relieved through the following measures. Firstly, if technologies create noises, human can also...

Writing Feedbackstephy7658kevin1983 - Yesterday
Lord of the Flies Summer Reading Assignment

NEW - I have to do a summer reading assignment on Lord of the Flies. Here's the prompt: In the novel, what message...

Book Reportsitsyasmeen -
I believe that society has been helped by the invention of the Internet

1 - I really liked how you attacked this essay; your examples and methodical approach were good. Um one thing that I did...

Writing Feedbackpntncarshoobidoo27 - Yesterday
What I Want - a lot of things from life; Penn Supp. Essay

NEW - Hi guys, so I thought I would put my essay on here and hopefully some of you will read it and...

Undergraduateshoobidoo27 -
International aid is a must but also it is required to operate in the right way

3 - not only is the international aid is indispensable but also it is required to be operated in the rightappropriate way...

Writing Feedbackgunyeseddies - Yesterday
TOEFL ESSAY - taking jobs with high salary but risks or low salary but secure?

5 - Here is a simple layout that most students use when they write paragraphs to an essay. at...

Writing Feedbackjessiebaojieeddies - Yesterday
IELTS: some people think the government should spend more money on science than art. Do you agree ?

1 - idea.[/quote] I like this sentence^_^

Writing Feedbacksky1997sundin928 - Yesterday
IELTS Easy for poor people to get access to university education

3 - thanks tiads, your suggestion helps a lot,and I modified it.How about it?? Another benefit of this reformation is...

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - Yesterday
[IELTS] 'Long-term positive effects of culture' - should tourist obey local customs and behaviors?

7 - You have an excellent writing structure, excellent writing skill, perfect accuracy of collocation (lexical resources). As usual, I really love your...

Writing FeedbackSalMontiaDS - Yesterday
Toefl essay: advertisements whose target is young children should be banned

5 - Thank you for all your suggestions, these suggestions are so helpful!!!!!!!!

Writing FeedbackDearbhailSDearbhailS - Yesterday
UIC Prompt: Giving education a new focus using history.

1 - It was my first college class that covered the subject, and I took it for just for the love of it....

Undergraduatefoxyhniesaysi - Yesterday
IELTS: Too much freedom for children affected their studies

1 - I like yoru approach towards the intorduction. However, I wish you removed the last line as it is not going...

Writing Feedbackdevabe2005dumi - Yesterday
Number of languages in the world and its impact on global safety

3 - You should have mentioned the purpose of writing this essay, for example - IELTS, TOEFL etc., in the title itself. That...

Writing FeedbackVihuynhdumi - Yesterday
Payment is very vital factor to consider while choose employer

2 - Wisely selected job makes one happy in life for long run. in the long run. Why do not you...

Writing Feedbackhk_apm789dumi - Yesterday
"Bangla" - workers from Bangladesh in Malaysia

2 - 'Bangla' is one of the common descriptions we use to describe foreign construction workers in Malaysia, irrespective if they are actually...

Writing FeedbackCycydumi - Yesterday
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