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Modern technology has more negative effects than positive ones: Agree or disagree?

1 - very well written..im a beginner and found your essay very useful.. thanks

Writing Feedbackah_zafariPayaldx - 02:08am
People that are nobody and wants to be somebody. APU Japan: Scholarship Essay

NEW - How would APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship assist you in reaching your educational and career goal? The saying that getting a scholarship...

Scholarshipyasmairoh -
Internet, automobiles, aeronautical and medical advancements - 21st Century Scientific Changes

2 - Wowww, honestly I like the way you answer the prompt. Straight to the point and very concise. I...

Writing FeedbacksambhavshSHanafi - Yesterday
"The Courage to Dream Gives One the Courage to Persevere, Conquer and Influence"

1 - What is the main theme for your essay? Is it supposed to be about courage alone or the story of the...

Speechesdjaz16vangiespen - Yesterday
A cornerstone for a person to get successful in life is planning. TOEFL activities Essay

3 - The first two sentence say the same thing. So do not repeat yourself. Start the introduction with a strong motivator,...

Writing Feedbackblackcatah_zafari - Yesterday
...I would continue leading my Science Club - one of the activities

1 - Work more on the inspiration angle of your statement. Explain how the program inspired you to pursue STEM to a higher...

UndergraduateKami890vangiespen - Yesterday
"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do"

1 - The best thing for you to do at the moment is to just write about what inspires you. You say that...

UndergraduateLeandra20vangiespen - Yesterday
As the time progress, my body is struggling to handle the weight, empowered by the gravity.

1 - You should place the reference to the gym as the place that you feel most content somewhere at the start of...

UndergraduateArlindvangiespen - Yesterday
Have you ever had the feeling of leaving your own country behind for an exciting adventure overseas?

4 - come on man we are in 2015, the time that guys hunted girls using letters has way passed, you need...

Writing Feedbackkibz95ah_zafari - Yesterday
TOEFL: People always debate on whether or not children should follow their parents' career paths.

5 - Albeit, it is quite a salient and interesting essay to read. Notwithstanding, i want to point out some of yours debilities....

Writing FeedbacksimonexiVns9x - Yesterday
While studying some students take weekend or evening jobs to help with expenses. Share your opinion.

2 - Thank you for guiding me .. It was a big mistake and I even didn't notice!! Will correct soon thanks

Writing FeedbackPayaldxPayaldx - Yesterday
Online Shopping increase in our daily life

1 - Faraz, kindly review your essay for capitalization errors and problems. The country is called the United States and is always capitalized...

Writing Feedbackfarazshamsivangiespen - Yesterday
Outstanding character: volunteer helping my church leaders in any paperwork / joining lacrosse team

1 - Isabel, you took the meaning of the prompt too generally. Do not offer a generalized description of the way you accomplished...

UndergraduateIfrancovangiespen - Yesterday
TOEFL: The famous adage 'No pain, no gain' is by far the most logical expression I have ever heard.

4 - Yes, it is not only a deviation from the topic but it is also out of place. Your relationship with your...

Writing Feedbackkibz95vangiespen - Yesterday
The different floor plan design; sharing space, bedroom, toilet, tatami room, balcony, kitchen

NEW - The different floor plan design, compare between Thai and Japanese Architecture in each country is different. It is depend on various...
Spending for space Project is Justify, other consider to be useless.

1 - I am agree that spending the money for this project is not sublime. (find a better word)

Writing FeedbackfarazshamsiIfranco - Yesterday
Five star customer services; Hospitality management - SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY

4 - THANK YOU :)

ScholarshipIfrancoIfranco - Yesterday
Gem cannot be polished nor man perfected

NEW - My topic is The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials and I have to write between...

Undergraduatepurpleperidot -
Do you think that arts need to take a large part of the school timetable? Agree or disagree

4 - The choice is actually yours. If you add it to the main body, you will be able to better develop your...

Writing Feedbackah_zafarivangiespen - Yesterday
The importance of human body for the mankind - My biomedical / biomaterial S.O.P

3 - Thank you again

UndergraduateShima97Shima97 - Yesterday
Trying to devise an optimal way to teach has always been one of the priorities in pedagogic research

1 - ^_^

Writing Feedbacketheniancslove134 - Yesterday

NEW - Hello, everyone. I am applying for a taught master degree in LSE but I do not know if my personal statement...

Graduatecslove134 -
Students need to learn practical skills: Agree or disagree?

7 - Honestly, the essay is fine. The only problem like I previously mentioned, is that you use examples that require a certain...

Writing Feedbackah_zafarivangiespen - Yesterday
Everyone has a strength and a weakness - a superpower (mine is perseverance) and a kryptonite

1 - Hello Marissa, your essay has all the requirements of the topic but I would like to tell you that your essay...

Undergraduatemarissakibz95 - Jan 23, 2015
I felt a small spark kindle inside me - Application Essay for Summer Biotechnology Program

5 - Thanks so much for your help! :)

UndergraduateBioCatBioCat - Jan 23, 2015
TOEFL: The best way to relax and reduce stress is by spending some time alone.

6 - I see. Yes, you are correct, I was focused on writing other essays that I temporarily forgot the topic of this...

Writing Feedbackkibz95kibz95 - Jan 23, 2015
Making noise as much as you can!! Discuss two viewpoints :)

3 - It is only hard at the start Ahmad. The more practice that you get in essay writing, and the more widely...

Writing Feedbackah_zafarivangiespen - Jan 23, 2015
Nursing provides to people great care and improve their health.

4 - The one question your essay needs to answer in particular is, "Why do you want to become a "Pediatric Oncologist Nurse?"....

Scholarshipaaroojvangiespen - Jan 23, 2015
Essay writing; Parents should send children to school or not to be good members of society .

5 - Hi, Pedram. Welcome to Essay Forum and pleasure to share with you. Let me do some suggestions. Back to the...

Writing FeedbackPedramSHanafi - Jan 23, 2015
Should universities be available for all students or they should be given to only good ones?

1 - Think about the kind of society that you would be living in if only good students were allowed into the universities....

Essayshunhannvangiespen - Jan 23, 2015
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