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IELTS TASK 2 : Traffic congestion

NEW - Question: Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years that many cities in the world are now "one...

Writing Feedbackaseprudi -
The tobacco has a lot of poisons substances which have harmful effects on users and non-users.

5 - Hallo Azadeh, I would give you some advise particularly in part of conclusion. This is my suggestion: The aforementioned...

Writing FeedbackAzadeh85aseprudi - 02:55am
Motivation letter for scholarship in Italy - the world of art, creativity and design.

4 - Hallo Yaso, I would give you some advise regarding English academic writing. 1. In academic writing, the author should...

Scholarshipyasoaseprudi - 02:37am
How you see your future,your goals and ambitions?

NEW - Predicting one's future can be difficult considering the many factors that can affect one's ambitions and decisions. Without exception, I admit...

Grammar, Usagejohnnygu -
Children learn language more easily if they start early in life.

3 - thanks a lot for your help and correction I really appreciate it!!!

Writing Feedbackhang98hang98 - Yesterday
IELTS Task 1: Water Cycle

2 - Hello, I will provide you with feedback to help you improve. It seems as if this is describing water filtration...

Writing Feedbackveaenialcturn87 - Yesterday
'Keep running' - A common application essay 100 words critique

2 - Hello, I can help you with your essay. First, you should write the essay as you would normally write...

UndergraduateGrimoireOfAlicelcturn87 - Yesterday
UT Austin Transfer - Statement of Purpose (Topic A) - "For a Short While, We Were Legion"

NEW - Topic A/Statement of Purpose Writing Prompt The statement of purpose will provide an opportunity to explain any extenuating circumstances that...

UndergraduateThedarkestdawn -
Research paper on college athletes. Basketball prospects at schools.

NEW - College athletics are a national sensation. Fans will spend countless dollars on travel, tickets, and apparel to support their favorite schools....

Research PapersLOR2179521 -
SAT Essay: Should we weigh opinions equally or put more weight on informed opinions?

2 - Hello, I will try to help you with meaning. When I started reading your essay, I noticed that you...

Writing Feedbackszhang25lcturn87 - Yesterday
Stanford short ECA Essay: Musical Passion

3 - Thank you so much! And yes my purpose for the 3rd paragraph was the ease with which the two of us...

Undergraduatelazycuriositylazycuriosity - Yesterday
"Do people have to be highly competitive in order to succeed?"SAT Essay CB Study-Guide 2004-2005

NEW - Hi, This is an SAT essay. Please grade it out of 12and give me some feedbacks. What do you think...
SOP for MS in Software Engineering with work experience

3 - Thank you very much ChristineB for your valuable feedback. I will make these changes. Apart from these, is everything okay with...

Graduatevmath89vmath89 - Yesterday
Parents should give school-age children money as a reward for getting a high mark - TOEFL WRITING

NEW - Whether or not parents should give money to children as a reward for getting a high score in school. Quite a...
"Do people benefit from from reality shows, or are harmful?" SAT March 2011

5 - Thanks Lakia !! I am really glad that you come back !! I corrected my mistakes according to your recommendations. Please,...

Writing FeedbackDawn01Dawn01 - Yesterday
Topic: When you have to solve a creative problem, do you rely more on craft or inspiration? Why?

3 - Some of my suggestions: "MeanwhileHowever, a creative problem is always solved in a creative way." "The creative problem will...

Writing Feedbackgreenw4yszhang25 - Yesterday
Valuation of relations in today's world.

3 - The first sentence is a good opener, but the second clause does not work: "What we struggle for, is inevitably what...

Writing FeedbackEMANNszhang25 - Yesterday
Clash of different experiences. Essay for college admissions.

2 - Hello, I can help you with your essay. I think you should make it more personal. Here are some suggestions:...

UndergraduateBreanne1398lcturn87 - Yesterday
Bar Chart which provide an usage of railway among different countries

2 - Hello, I can only help you with grammar because there is no image of the chart. If there is anything that...

Writing FeedbackRon Weasleylcturn87 - Yesterday
Think about the person you admire. What qualities does that person have that are admirable?

5 - Hello, I can help to assist you further. I want to give you a few more suggestions that will help you...

Undergraduatechibichanlcturn87 - Yesterday
Prepare for the effects of global climate change

4 - My suggestion :) I think government should do some things to prepare for effects of global climate change. First, government...

Writing Feedbackgreenw4y2greenw4y - Yesterday
Many people think that emigrating from homeland could bring various benefits

5 - I do prepare for Ielts. Thank you to you all guys, you been so helpful, and your correction greatly appreciated. my...

Writing Feedbackalan87raalan87ra - Yesterday
University education is the only way to success. Agree or disagree.

6 - I think it's Ok to put statistics as a example in the body paragraph, even it can support your idea a...

Writing FeedbackRon Weasleyhang98 - Yesterday
Choose a job basing on salary or other factors needs to be considered?

3 - Thanks for your help

Writing Feedbackhanghahangha - Yesterday
All students need relaxation after hours of stressful study

8 - I really thank all of you for your helps ^.^

Writing FeedbackRon WeasleyRon Weasley - Aug 3, 2015
IELTS task 1: The population of fishers and exported fish in the world

2 - Hello, this is an excellent first paragraph that was written. The remainder portion of the essay I will focus on errors...

Writing Feedbackveaenialcturn87 - Aug 3, 2015
Formal Letter to a Lawyer - some health issues should be discussed

3 - Hello, I would like to give you some assistance. First, I feel there are some missing words. The opening...

Lettersplayavelilcturn87 - Aug 3, 2015
SAT Essay: Are rewards harmful motivators?

2 - Hi, Zhang Here I make some suggestions: - In the fast-paced age of the millennialgeneration,... -Apart from grammar which...

Writing Feedbackszhang25Dawn01 - Aug 3, 2015
Write a story about two children who leave their old home and start a new life in a new one.

2 - I can provide you with some feedback. I'm not sure why you were given that score. Sometimes if your essay is...

Writing FeedbackSamilijahlcturn87 - Aug 3, 2015
1984 - argumentative essay about civilization on fear, hatred and cruelty

2 - All I can say that it's a bad idea to ask people to write for you. This forum is a place...

EssaysAnabell11Dawn01 - Aug 3, 2015
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