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As my motto is "never settle", I'm looking for strength and power to go forward direct to my goal

1 - In your first paragraph, the sentences are too long, making them uncomfortable to read. You should break them to different sentences....

UndergraduateAsemmelramadhani - 07:27am
Direct communication is always better than emails or telephone calls or letters

3 - Face-to-face communication is always better than emails or, telephone calls or letters. Even though, an abundance of people tend to use...

Writing FeedbackVns9x4theluvofgod - 07:16am
"Grind the leaves and then filter them into pigment extracting solution" - An essay about Failure

4 - It is true that only Victoria succeeded in this experiment, yet it is only me who learned the lesson...

UndergraduateRainyZhangRainyZhang - 07:04am
Older the railway system is the better and longer it gets. London 1863. IELTS task

3 - Thank you 4theluvofgod

Writing Feedbacksicko22sicko22 - 06:50am
I hate smoking the most. People know about smoking's harmful effect, but they still smoke?

4 - thanks to all. i'll correct my mistakes

Writing Feedbacksontrang_s2sontrang_s2 - 06:42am
"Asking questions make you stupid" was a belief I always had, but I challenged it - COMMONAPP ESSAY

4 - I sit sat at the last row of the classroom, squinting my eyes to get a better view of the...

UndergraduateFrangiepanie4theluvofgod - 06:32am
All interpretations of "the good life" pivot on the definition of "good".

1 - I'd say that it's good to include the spiritual side of your life into essays to show that you have faith...

Undergraduategunner1888Frangiepanie - 05:26am
"Social network" why is social network bad and why is it good?

4 - Good: help people work more easier, make friends or find lover, share information,... Bad: people get addicted easily, so they seem...

EssaysDaniellePeazerTHANHDANG - 04:19am
IELTS - despite the obstacles found in the new place, traveller could obtain some new experiences

3 - People need to be prepare[s][/s] it would be better if you had chosen between people need...

Writing FeedbackmaritsanurVns9x - 03:51am
When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born

1 - Ansh, you seem to be addressing two different essay prompts in this paper. Can you provide me with the essay prompts...

Undergraduateanshysahanivangiespen - 01:17am
Caltech ethics and challenge prompt

3 - I'll add in your suggestions, Mismak. Louisa, I'd thought about that when I started writing, and I figured that I'd...

Undergraduateicaruswalksicaruswalks - 12:45am
A day in 'the good life' begins with waking to the sound of jazz

1 - Taylor, this is a very good flash forward into the good life that you envision. However, the essay is asking you...

UndergraduateTaylorIncvangiespen - 12:44am
Although I spent most of my years in the US, my parents never let me lose my Ethiopian identity

1 - You're missing some commas in your first few sentances. They need commas in there. Also I happened to notice that...

UndergraduateMismak17AlyssaAbbate - 12:20am
Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Global Business - U of Michigan Ross Business Essay

NEW - In order to be considered for preferred admission, you must indicate your interest on the U-M Member Page of the common...

UndergraduateAlyssaAbbate -
Traveling to a new places, studying new things and learning more about different culture and psyche

2 - Thank you for review my post.. Can you help me with the possible convincing reasons, or what can I do how...

Graduateman gman g - Yesterday
Explain how Kalamazoo College's approach to education will help you explore your ideas

2 - Shouldn't I mention what I am really looking for when it comes to college education?

UndergraduatePranuPranu - Yesterday
I'm a green butterfly - it symbolizes a sense of gentleness, serenity, and warmth; William and Mary

3 - Than you guys very much for your feedback. I sincerely appreciate it!!

Undergraduatejjj90jjj90 - Yesterday
We are not so powerless as it seems - Bentley

10 - What do you think Louisa? I tried really hard to fit everything you suggested into it.. Word limit makes everything harder...

UndergraduateCharphilCharphil - Yesterday
Expression Through Hair - Common App Essay

6 - Okay, I made about 1 or 2 changes in word choice, and organized my new paragraphs into the essay. I think...

Undergraduatexeber_97xeber_97 - Yesterday
A family in small village have superb natural resources and weather

2 - Thank you vangiespen. actually I'm beginner to writing an essay but I know the IBC and I didn't explain completely about...

Writing Feedbackmrh54irmrh54ir - Yesterday
A woman, carrying her newborn on her shoulders, was selling utensils - Making a difference essay

9 - Pranu, you spend too much time reflecting on the story of the woman selling utensils and your friend instead of yourself...

UndergraduatePranuvangiespen - Yesterday
I will not sacrifice - Why BU is a good fit for me.

4 - @vangiespen thank you! I really appreciate it!!

Undergraduatexeber_97xeber_97 - Yesterday
"Stop ladies pray!" - The importance of music throughout my life Yale Admissions essay

2 - This is a very interesting piece of work Megan. Your depiction of learning how to play the violin over the holidays...

UndergraduateMegan642vangiespen - Yesterday
Hydrocarbon resources plays a vital role to a wide range of fields; purpose letter statement

1 - Olajide, you should save your academic achievements for the latter part of your statement of purpose. The chronological order of writing...

Lettersolajhide197vangiespen - Yesterday
I have a desire to make a great things; UWC experience

1 - Asem, the essay is not informative at all. If you are planning to use it for a scholarship application, it is...

ScholarshipAsemvangiespen - Yesterday
Schools, parents, and students would benefit with the requirements of wearing uniforms

3 - I strongly agree that public school should require students to wear uniforms. Uniforms can give school a better environment and class....

Writing Feedbackbivi1222Vns9x - Yesterday
IELTS Essay: The effects of people getting married and having children in their thirties

1 - The rate of late marriage in modern societies has risen alarmingly has alarmingly risen during the last decades. This apprehensive trend...

Writing FeedbackRemansouVns9x - Yesterday
Admittedly, I was nervous: What would they think of me?

2 - @xeber_97 Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Undergraduatejjj90jjj90 - Yesterday
Whenever I went to summer camp we always played fish bowl - Penn supplement

2 - thanks!

Undergraduatejayjjayj - Yesterday
It's worst than death terror? My fear of public speaking

1 - Hi Sophie, I do like the quote in the beginning of the essay However, as the promt suggests it...

UndergraduateSophie123Charphil - Yesterday
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