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TOEFL: children should not only play or study without doing any housework

NEW - Hi all! I am new here and I find it a lovely website. I am preparing for toefl and hope...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severus -
Parents are crucial in the upbringing of child as good member of society.

5 - Hi, docR13! I think you did not write enough to demonstrate your point of view. I suggest you adding more...

Writing FeedbackdocR13lisa_severus - 06:20am
"Does money lead to selfishness?" SAT May 2012 Essay

2 - Hi, Dawn01! I think it is a very good piece of writing considering the language use. Here I make some corrections,...

Writing FeedbackDawn01lisa_severus - 06:09am
To be successful in education, it is important to be a good student also to have good teachers.

2 - Some people say that to be successful in education, being a good student is more important than having good teachers. In...

Writing FeedbackthuynhuHoang Ha ktl - 05:04am
The percentage of Bulgarian having intention to move into another country for 3 levels of studying

NEW - IELTS writing task 1: level of education of Bulgarians planning to leave from Bulgaria My name is Ha, I am...

Writing FeedbackHoang Ha ktl -
TOEFL: Sometimes it is acceptable not to tell the truth - not all lies are wrong

3 - Hi Jake, I'm coming back to yours :). In fact, in social class, students are taught not to ask...

Writing FeedbackJake DoTide Wang - 03:56am
[IELTS] writing: Being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

5 - Thanks Shinta! For the word count, the requirement is more than 250 words, and it's impossible for me to write more...

Writing FeedbackTide WangTide Wang - 03:42am
"Why do we not value the creative arts more than we do?" SAT October 2010: Essay

7 - Thanks lightfox !!! Your insights are straightforward and suitable for me. I will take them into consideration.

Writing FeedbackDawn01Dawn01 - 12:50am
Toefl: professors should spend more time educating rather than researching

NEW - I'm preparing for the TOEFL iBT test, here is my essay. Your opinion will be appreciated and valued. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severus -
Young people must be encouraged and inculcated about the importance of a long-term, realistic goals.

2 - Well, I know that this writing is for trial. However, my first suggestion is proof reading before submitting any written material...

Writing Feedbackrocky79shintacandrade - Yesterday
Poor decision makers are depending on their emotions the most

2 - Emotion and logic are two different aspect(1) in the decision making. In the recommended lines, authors suggested that decision should always...

Writing FeedbackJunisha111pshintacandrade - Yesterday
Georgetown Extracurricular- Choral Transcendence

7 - Hi audpodz. Regarding your intro, I feel like you need to revise it because the essay is not about the...

Undergraduateaudpodzlightfox - Yesterday
Technology has both benefits and side effects on people's way of interacting.

8 - In conclusion, from the above passage, it is clear that ..... start by taking reference of your writing

Writing FeedbacktuananhJunisha111p - Yesterday
Parents are just parents and they are not the best teachers. They are not up to date...

3 - - First, most of the parents nurture their kids with love and pamper, and they try to give their love...

Writing FeedbackLinda44Junisha111p - Yesterday
'my sense of needing to give back to the community I live in' - PEACE CORPS Motivation Statement

2 - Through different organizations in my community,(1) I participated in holiday parties for the elderly, beach and park clean ups, and served...

UndergraduateCarrieGshintacandrade - Yesterday
"Can stress cause diabetes?" - essay for Newcastle University Partners

NEW - I am currently writing an essay for Newcastle University Partners and it would be great if someone could advise me on...
Waste is created all over the world. What are the causes and solutions?

4 - Thank you @justivy03 i've rewritten the essay with some changes can you please recheck it for me??? Thanks again In...

Writing Feedbackkatelinhoangkatelinhoang - Yesterday
Internet is a good way to communicate or a bad place of information source

3 - - Online communication is the main issue in oursociety these days. - As such, it duesThis is due to...

Writing Feedbackfaarasyadjustivy03 - Yesterday
Toefl: In the past people ate food that was better for their health than people today.

3 - Lisa, WELCOME to EssayForum!!! - What comescame along with the advanced technology is the deteriorating environment which made our food...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severusjustivy03 - Yesterday
'Emily as a victim of change' - critical analysis essay of "A Rose for Emily"

3 - Ameadows, WELCOME to EssayForum, you're yet another great addition to the growing EF Family. Now, I will try my very...

Book Reportsameadows0056justivy03 - Yesterday
I was enthralled by the things I saw in the USA for the first time in my life - Personal Statement

5 - I can cite some grammatical errors: - before his he dies - their old ages -I realized that this is not...

UndergraduateThenewimmigrantDawn01 - Yesterday
So why would I pick the University of Texas? Simple. Because of the computer science program.

2 - Here're my comment : When I find a topic interesting, studying stops being work => worked and more...

UndergraduateKnightOfGondorcookie234 - Jul 3, 2015
Is talking the most effective and satisfying way of communicating with others? SAT

4 - Thanks for help !! Please grade my essay out of 6.

Writing FeedbackDawn01Dawn01 - Jul 3, 2015
The relevant features summarisation of the information about UK phone calls.

3 - Thank you for your feedback. Now I know more about the meaning when using "compare".

Writing FeedbackHungHung - Jul 3, 2015
Diarrhea and methods to prevent and cure it!

NEW - This critical summary provides a background of why people suffer from Diarrhea and what is Diarrhea in the first place. Numerous...
Technology is increasingly being used to monitor what people are saying and doing; IELTS essay

3 - Your summary or conclusion seems to be short. It is because you have not summarized your body paragraphs. Conclusion is all...

Writing FeedbackjojomanVns9x - Jul 3, 2015
Knowledge can be either a blessing or a curse for us; how it impacts our actions?

3 - You begin with "Knowledge can be either a blessing or a curse to us" and finished with almost the same idea...

Writing FeedbackEric2750230Dawn01 - Jul 3, 2015
Affects of media on people lives. Danger of losing nation identity, negative influences on kids.

3 - I'd consider this essay average because it's introduction seems to be dull but was fine though. There are other significant spelling,...

Writing FeedbackJaggi7921Eric2750230 - Jul 2, 2015
CREATING PELLETS - the sawdust passes three physical process and two temperature treatments

3 - Paddoo, WELCOME to EssayForum, you are yet another member of the ever- growing EF Family. Now, I'll make a few...

Writing Feedbackpaddoojustivy03 - Jul 2, 2015
Encounter with the slums - Significant Experience Essay

3 - ThatFilipinoKid, WELCOME to EssayForum, it's nice to hear that our EF Family is growing and you as a member is definitely...

UndergraduateThatFilipinoKidjustivy03 - Jul 2, 2015
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