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The world I come from : small city / digital world (please help me decide) - MIT

3 - Melati, I am offering a different opinion regarding your choice of worlds. As per my analysis of the requirements of the...

Undergraduatemelramadhanivangiespen - 05:35pm
"The Code is Mightier Than The Pen" - NYU Supplementary Essay

NEW - NYU is global, urban, inspired, smart, connected, and bold. What can NYU offer you, and what can you offer NYU? (200-400...

Undergraduatelantaylor13 -
Eyewitness Identification is Unreliable

1 - There's no research paper visible - reattach it here - paste it.

Research PapersBayHeadOpuntia - 04:37pm

4 - Many thanks for your review. I think I got your point and I have minimized irrelevant details. Would you kindly...

GraduateHamed727Hamed727 - 04:33pm
My life, for as long as I can remember, has been rather good. I have always had advantages. UC essay

2 - Thanks for the feedback! I was rather busy the past couple of days, and didn't really have time to reply to...

Undergraduatenvn7971nvn7971 - 12:56pm
"Young antique" - challenge myself; common prompt1 essay

4 - Like the person above said, I think your essay lacks clarity. As a reader, while I do have some understanding of...

Undergraduatesarahsosnvn7971 - 12:51pm
I take pride in everything the soccer game has been able to give me - UC Essay

4 - Thanks you guys :)

UndergraduatePlsBrian22PlsBrian22 - 12:42pm
"You're a 7th grader now. You need to be responsible for your schoolwork" "Why Brown?" essay

4 - Thank you for the feedback. I already did mention my passion for history in my other essays for Brown. This is...

Undergraduatedhizzydhizzy - 12:02pm
Beyond your academic credentials, what else makes you unique and colorful? William and Mary essay

2 - This is a wonderful essay. Really demonstrates your inquisitive spirt through a fun, playful anecdote. I really think your essay is...

Undergraduatevetementudhizzy - 12:01pm
Many students have to live with roommates while going to school or university. Good roommate?

4 - Yes, you help, Modewap, Thanks to you too. .

Writing Feedbackvolkanovolkano - 09:35am
I'll tell you something about me: I am alive... Penn State Personal Statement

1 - Kyra, I have a bit of advice for you. Rather than positioning the essay to show that you are alive, why...

Undergraduatekyrajayvangiespen - 06:25am
People around me always consider me as a bird of a different feather. UC Prompt 1

1 - Alan, what you wrote is a personal statement, not an essay about the world that you come from. While there are...

Undergraduatealan1213vangiespen - 06:19am
Samsae-third generation Korean immigrant-born in Japan - learned of my Korean and Japanese heritage

7 - Here is what you can do in order to highlight your hybrid personality. Leave this particular essay as is for now...

Undergraduatekitakanamevangiespen - 03:35am
Tourism has increased so much over the last 50 years that it is having a mainly negative impact

1 - It is certain that the tourism increase job opportunities for locals, which help them to lift up their living standards....

Writing Feedbackd96nguyenDeepamar - 02:47am
It is no doubt that UK education is world leading and internationally excellent. Master degree SOP

NEW - please help me to evaluate structure , comprehensive , grammar and expressions of my statement of purpose! Statement of Purpose...

Graduateissamafayad -
Studying here is a distinctive opportunity that many enlightened-mind students dream of

2 - thank you very much for your note I am going to apply in Manchester University do you think...

Undergraduateissamafayadissamafayad - 12:57am
Criminology as my planned major - UC Transfer Personal Statement

2 - Thank you for the feedback, will definitely try and re-structure that last paragraph.

Undergraduateosmoyoosmoyo - 12:42am
I come from a world of fantasy - The World that inspired me is the Anime World.

3 - Andrew, while you present a very vivid and inclusive description of the two worlds that you come to, I am afraid...

Undergraduateachen0688vangiespen - 12:35am
I am aware that ASU expects very high standards from its students - evaluating my SOP

1 - Sunil, you are not writing an affidavit attesting to any fact. You are just writing a statement of purpose. There is...

Graduatesunilzsvangiespen - Yesterday
Without continual growth and progress - improvement, achievement, and success terms have no meaning.

3 - Dan, the problem with your essay is that you rely too much on your college experience rather than your professional experience....

Graduatedannydannyvangiespen - Yesterday
As I matured I experienced increasing stress in combination with a lack of sleep. CommonApp

1 - - Amy, the term you want to use here is either a bath soak or a tub. A shower means...

UndergraduateElaschanzkyvangiespen - Yesterday
Walking around the top observation deck of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I realized my dream

1 - Karen, this does not sound like an accomplishment essay because it does not truly mark a transition to adulthood on your...

UndergraduateKaren219vangiespen - Yesterday
Mathematics major; It took me quite a long time to finally realize what I wanted to study in college

17 - Azucena, let me see if I can come up with a template for you. Try to use it as an example...

Undergraduatesoftball16vangiespen - Yesterday
Elon Gap Semester Program gives me the opportunity to learn in a completely new and innovative way

1 - Excellent work Lauren! I would not change any part of this essay because it answers the prompt in a clear manner...

Undergraduatevetementuvangiespen - Yesterday
Fulbright-García Robles Scholarship (comexus) - Study Objectives

1 - Mariana, the essay is definitely wordy and needs to be cut down. The problem is that you are trying to over...

ScholarshipAlixvangiespen - Yesterday
Putting criminals into prisons is not an effective way to deal with them - IELTS essay

2 - I have this suggestions and comments: ...When committing a crime, anyone, no matter who he or she is, should be penalized...

Writing FeedbackYiliang ChenAlix - Yesterday
''work is an anti node for poverty'' - My mother a supportive figure

4 - The first sentence is a run on and takes away from the beginning impact that you could potentially have. Find a...

UndergraduateModewapvetementu - Yesterday
The best day of your life! Virginia Tech supplement

2 - I like your essay, but I feel as if this particular story adds nothing to your application except that you like...

Writing Feedbackchdboyvetementu - Yesterday
Internet is an excellent source of communication, but some people suggest it's hard to find info

1 - Nowadays the Internet has become one of the main sources of information, even if it is hard to select and evaluate(between)...

Writing FeedbackLFAlesicko22 - Yesterday
Dream, the only harmless drug in the world - gap year explanation

6 - thank you so much..I'll come up with my new draft soon...

Writing Feedbackgiagia - Yesterday
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