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SAT Essay: Do we need others to understand ourselves?

3 - - Introspection is a powerful tool for self-reflection, but even more potent in accomplishing that is the company of others.(this first...

Writing Feedbackszhang25justivy03 - 12:06pm
'research skills, dedication and heart for justice' - MPH/MSW Personal Statement

3 - - ...the next generation and thus, wecan predict - ...order to create ahealthy communitiescommunity. - I am excited for...

ScholarshipCadalyajustivy03 - 11:34am
Reinstatement letter after 10+ years

NEW - I'm trying to get reinstated to a university I attended about fifteen years ago. I typed up my reinstatement appeal letter...

UndergraduateEEBound -
In some countries students have a little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure on their study

NEW - [i]Hi, guys. I'm new here and was hoping your feedback regarding my opinion about students with their study. I am very...

EssaysRon Weasley -
Dental School Personal Statement -- Help Needed!

NEW - Hello guys, I'm new here and was hoping to gain some feedback regarding my personal statement to dental school. I...

GraduateHuskyUC -
What measures could be taken in an attempt to intergrate lawbreakers back into society

NEW - Here is my topic: It's better to reform criminals instead of just punishing them. What measures could be taken to intergrate...
Letter for research opportunity position - collaborative governance

3 - Naime, first of all your letter is quiet short, it is very short that the reader will not understand or know...

Lettersnaimehmohammadijustivy03 - 01:45am
Narrative Letter for Diversity Scholarship Appeal (Mizzou; prompt included)

3 - Phd, yes you're correct your letter is quiet long and most of the time, letters this long will not only mean...

Scholarshipphdjr96justivy03 - 01:28am
Schools can help change obesity rates in schools through education.

3 - Conclusion: - I will prove that by doing this we will have and wecan prevent - .. function ithas been...

Writing Feedbackmayharjustivy03 - 01:19am
Question on leadership in water management now or in the future?

3 - Ugo, first of all, I suggest that you don't start your paragraph with the word, "because"; - Because of thedue...

ScholarshipUgo007justivy03 - 01:11am
The tobacco has a lot of poisons substances which have harmful effects on users and non-users.

3 - - Smoking tobacco is a common among many people, - All of the users inhale it regularly and... -...

Writing FeedbackAzadeh85justivy03 - 12:58am
My contribution to Pomona College's comes from my own life experiences.

NEW - Please help with this essay, it will be the one I will use for further short answer questions including Common APP...

Undergraduatekrobledo226 -
Mexican and Arabian - two best friends. Diversity from a different perspective. College APP

4 - Hi, krobledo226 again !! Actually, I focused on grammar because I felt that it's exhausting to consider the meaning for...

Undergraduatekrobledo226Dawn01 - Yesterday
Is using humor the best way to approach difficult situations and problems? SAT October 2009

7 - Since the dawn of time, humans were used to resist the pressure and to cope with sticky situations, using jokes, humourhumorand...

Writing FeedbackDawn01krobledo226 - Yesterday
Acceptance essay to the Illinois Art Institute of Chicago

4 - so i rewrote it, can you tell me what you think? How do you expect your education at The...

Undergraduatedreamerowldreamerowl - Yesterday
People in India believe that prolonged yoga exercise can also cure many diseases.

4 - thank a lot.

Writing Feedbackbhagyashreebhagyashree - Yesterday
The Importance of Random Acts of Kindness

5 - - ..child marketing theirmy very own lemonade stand. -.. .happen less and less as the years go onby. - That...

Writing Feedbackgracoojustivy03 - Yesterday
Contrary to Velleman's opinions, I believe that our society is not expressive enough!

3 - Hi! Here are a few of my suggestions: - This sounds like an SAT essay, so while it is more...

Writing Feedbackdescripszhang25 - Yesterday
Advantage of mass communication in the 21st century

5 - Dear all, Thanks a lot for spending your precious time to evaluate my essays, I really appreciate your all helps....

Writing Feedbackravindrasolankiravindrasolanki - Yesterday
Cultural adaptation is an important factor that promotes unity and social integration in a community

4 - You have written an excellent essay about cultural integration! However, you need to explore the topic a little further, as three...

Writing FeedbackIrving844EF_Carol - Yesterday
"The people in power have created an obesity epidemic" - but not only rich countries are exposed now

3 - @justivy03 Thanks for your kind comment,your words serve as a motivation. Thanks again

Writing Feedbackfi49_3fi49_3 - Yesterday
My reflection on My Brilliant Life; the supplement essay for Boston College

3 - I can help you with you writing. When I looked at the first word, I noticed a misspelling. The first word...

Undergraduatethaisontrinhlcturn87 - Jul 29, 2015
Appeal Letter to reconsider decision on granting with the Dean Scholarship

2 - - .. this upcoming fall semester.. - I appreciate youtaking the time to read this letter. - By reading this...

Lettersdchecojustivy03 - Jul 29, 2015
Many people think that emigrating from homeland could bring various benefits

3 - - for study or settlementto settle. - ...various benefits to thepublic and individuals as whole. - From Socialthe social...

Writing Feedbackalan87rajustivy03 - Jul 29, 2015
The cultural adaptation is crucial however people should also not forget their own customs.

3 - - ..found offensive fromto other citizens of the others. - ...some Vietnamese cultural heritages and relics. - .....people...

Writing Feedbacklacusclynejustivy03 - Jul 29, 2015
Gender sterotypes in the media

3 - Well, Clickher, gender stereotype is a topic that is considered a taboo for a lot of people, specially those ones...

Essaysclickherosnoobjustivy03 - Jul 29, 2015
Awkward relationship with my uncle - ApplyTexas Essay Topic B

3 - - Because his position required him to work inside ofthe warehouse for most of the time,.. - ...since my emotion oftowards...

UndergraduateKilleenerjustivy03 - Jul 29, 2015
Prepare for the effects of global climate change

3 - Hi, greenw4y2 !!! I have some minor suggestions: - Second, government should appeal to everyone for encourage planting more trees...

Writing Feedbackgreenw4y2Dawn01 - Jul 29, 2015
Role of educational institutions in shaping one's career. Evaluate this issue essay.

3 - - Their roles are next to that of theirparents for.. - ....and exaggerated about their likely hood of success than others....

Writing Feedbackarpita91justivy03 - Jul 29, 2015
Common App Question: What problem you'd like solved and steps to get solution

5 - Thank you so much @justivy03! Do you think the introduction is a little bit too much or is it good? And...

Undergraduatehashwindersinghhashwindersingh - Jul 28, 2015
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