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Hydrocarbon resources plays a vital role to a wide range of fields; purpose letter statement

1 - Olajide, you should save your academic achievements for the latter part of your statement of purpose. The chronological order of writing...

Lettersolajhide197vangiespen - 07:06pm
I have a desire to make a great things; UWC experience

1 - Asem, the essay is not informative at all. If you are planning to use it for a scholarship application, it is...

ScholarshipAsemvangiespen - 06:45pm
Explain how Kalamazoo College's approach to education will help you explore your ideas

1 - Pratibha, the essay you wrote is quite good. However, the first two paragraphs are just fillers that need to be deleted...

UndergraduatePranuvangiespen - 06:39pm
William and Mary Supplement- I'm a butterfly

NEW - Beyond your impressive academic credentials and extra curricular accomplishments, what else makes you unique and colorful? We know nobody fits neatly...
"Stop ladies pray!" - The importance of music throughout my life Yale Admissions essay

1 - Some of my earliest memories are of my family gathering in my grandfather's living room with guitars, mandolins, banjos, and fiddles....

UndergraduateMegan642jjj90 - 06:31pm
I will not sacrifice - Why BU is a good fit for me.

2 - @jjj90 Okay, thank you! I agree with your revision. it flows better!

Undergraduatexeber_97xeber_97 - 06:29pm
Caltech ethics and challenge prompt

NEW - Prompt: Members of the Caltech community live, learn, and work within an Honor System with one simple guideline; 'No member shall...

Undergraduateicaruswalks -
Direct communication is always better than emails or telephone calls or letters

2 - any more advice would be helpful

Writing FeedbackVns9xVns9x - 06:01pm
A family in small village have superb natural resources and weather

NEW - The Advantages of living in small village rather than city. The advantages of living in a small village is more than...
Schools, parents, and students would benefit with the requirements of wearing uniforms

3 - I strongly agree that public school should require students to wear uniforms. Uniforms can give school a better environment and class....

Writing Feedbackbivi1222Vns9x - 05:34pm
IELTS Essay: The effects of people getting married and having children in their thirties

1 - The rate of late marriage in modern societies has risen alarmingly has alarmingly risen during the last decades. This apprehensive trend...

Writing FeedbackRemansouVns9x - 05:28pm
Admittedly, I was nervous: What would they think of me?

2 - @xeber_97 Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Undergraduatejjj90jjj90 - 04:51pm
Whenever I went to summer camp we always played fish bowl - Penn supplement

2 - thanks!

Undergraduatejayjjayj - 04:21pm
All interpretations of "the good life" pivot on the definition of "good".

NEW - In a concise narrative, describe your notion of 'the good life'. How will your undergraduate experience at the University of Florida...

Undergraduategunner1888 -
Expression Through Hair - Common App Essay

2 - Thank you, vangiespen :D I'm glad to know I answered the prompt correctly! I came up with two paragraphs that answer...

Undergraduatexeber_97xeber_97 - 03:12pm
It's worst than death terror? My fear of public speaking

1 - Hi Sophie, I do like the quote in the beginning of the essay However, as the promt suggests it...

UndergraduateSophie123Charphil - 02:09pm
We are not so powerless as it seems - Bentley

8 - Hey Louisa, thanks for pointing that out. Should I just change the order of the text like I did below? Show...

UndergraduateCharphilCharphil - 01:17pm
A woman, carrying her newborn on her shoulders, was selling utensils - Making a difference essay

8 - Please read it and let me know what you think about it. Also would love it if you all could reply...

UndergraduatePranuPranu - 01:08pm
UChicago "untranslatable, personal word: Sobremesa"

5 - In your first paragraph in Spanish, there are some things you need to change. I don't know if the admissions officer...

UndergraduateshannonnmmAndrewT97 - 12:53pm
Diversity is a beautiful thing. Imagine how boring the world would be if it were homogenous

7 - Will do. Thanks Louisa for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

UndergraduateAndrewT97AndrewT97 - 12:37pm
A truly effective leader must be visionary - North Carolina State

3 - Thank you. I have changed the second sentence to: Therefore, I believe that a truly effective leader must be organized and...

UndergraduateSeabelle05Seabelle05 - 11:14am
A Secret Worth Sharing

3 - Wow this is nice!

Undergraduatezhuzhu08restinpizza - 11:13am
I hated ballet- Common App Essay

4 - Thank you! You're comment seriously made me tear up. I feel very confident in submitting this essay, thank...

UndergraduateMegan642Megan642 - 10:39am
I felt rejuvenated when researching about issues completely unknown - MIT Short essays

3 - -I feel rejuvenated -preparing to support any side. -of both the affirmative and the negative...

UndergraduatemelramadhaniMegan642 - 10:37am
GAP year essay for common app required explanation. Mount Holyoke College Applicant

5 - Thank you Louisa so much for your help! :D

Undergraduateenashley13enashley13 - 10:32am
"Don't feel anything. Don't think anything" - Meditation; Applying to Macalester, Colgate, Rice.

4 - A few more corrections: -I jump without thinking, realizing a second later, I jumped...

ScholarshipliliyaahMegan642 - 10:24am
Write about experience - Description about my Internship

10 - Nurba, since you are allowed to use the listing format for your application, I suggest that you use it to the...

GraduateNurbavangiespen - 08:09am
Nigerian - I have always felt like an outcast - Wisconsin Unnoticed essay

3 - I believe that you can also use this essay for your central identity prompt but you will have to make some...

UndergraduateDapocalypse7vangiespen - 07:29am
I am keen on focusing on culture and cultural management for my further study

3 - Chen, since you asked :-) ... I would advice you to develop more information about your participation in the Nanjing Youth...

GraduateCharlotte2014vangiespen - 06:36am
The 'King Kongs' - Caltech - Honor Code Essay

8 - Laan, this is very good. However, I believe that you should offer an explanation about your own school's honor and integrity...

Research Papersstarlinksvangiespen - 06:35am
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