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What are your specific post-MBA short-term and long-term goals? Why Smith? Why an MBA? Why now?

1 - I happened to notice the last sentence first. I think it should be replaced.. the word 'therefore' is weak compared...

GraduatesamramandyEF_Kevin - 02:39pm
IELTS Essay: The government should allocate more funds to public services instead of arts

NEW - Topic:The government should allocate more funds to public services instead of wasting money on arts such as music, painting and so...

Writing FeedbackRemansou -
In personal live, we have some responsibilities towards other people (TOEFL)

4 - Looks great to me. Good job. Keep practicing so that you keep improving your writing skills!

Writing Feedbackgbekilsamramandy - 01:51pm
Chevening Scholarships: 4 questions essay. Personal statement and Academic Background

5 - Looks great to me!

Scholarshipfp2014samramandy - 01:50pm
Common app essay - How i conquered my inner fear and challenged a belief.

2 - Remove comma after happiness This essay is well over 650 words. If you have the essay on a Word...

UndergraduateayoniLPMG - 01:27pm
Today, we live in a world that has very little regard for our planet and its inhabitants

1 - This is a very long sentence: People live in large cities, full of noise and pollution, disregarding their civic responsibility to...

UndergraduaterayanimalLPMG - 01:17pm
HORROR MOVIES! - UChicago Q#2 Interests: books/movies/artitsts

2 - Alright thank you! I entered spaces here so it can be clear but in the actual doccument its 2 paragraphs :)...

Undergraduatesalmaelazharysalmaelazhary - 12:48pm
Large factories bring pollution which affects people both physically and mentally - TOEFL

NEW - A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of...

Graduategbekil -
Penn M&T Supplement Essay - Robotics, Business, and Engineering

7 - Thanks! Does my revised draft mesh better with the prompt? (post #4)

Undergraduatehmayhmay - 12:26pm
TOEFL: working alone appears to be better. It helps us to be more responsible.

8 - Revised essay: Our work describes the way we are. People practice lots of ways of working to get the most effectively....

Writing Feedbacklephuclephuc - 12:11pm
Mankind nowadays face their natural enemy, nature. IELTS Writing Task 2

4 - Striking backward to your prompt. It is important to write in line with your prompt requirement. Simplify question...

Writing FeedbackWiratmaja_DickySHanafi - 11:58am
'I felt uncomfortable for breathing too much waste gas of cars' application--Mechnical Engineering

2 - Thank you very much for your reply! This is a SOP for a Ph. D. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Could you...

Graduatecyzlmhcyzlmh - 11:53am
Harvey Mudd, Why Its a Good fit for Me, Rocketry and More

4 - Thank you so much for all of your help I really appreciate you taking the time to read my essay and...

Undergraduatestormcladstormclad - 11:51am
Since an early age I have had an enthusiasm - my answers to Chevening questions

1 - This is really good! Just a suggestion, I think you should add a small story or expereince that made you a...

Undergraduatejasonma2046salmaelazhary - 11:45am
Issue 108/110; Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless..

2 - The major issues deal with using passive voice and complex expressions. In the first paragraph, consider changing the word "abolutization" as...

GraduateShepherdNEF_Sheri - 11:24am
IELTS WT1 Test 1 CAM 7 - National consumer expenditure 2002

2 - Sorry, accidentally clicked on the post button without finishing. There are many ways to explain task-1. You've good idea how to...

Writing FeedbackKaty Curieimon - 11:21am
The Death of Ivan Ilyich; UVA supplement

9 - Nicole, here is an example of a good life comparison: Ivan believed that he lived the good life because...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997vangiespen - 11:12am
☆☆☆Parents help their children to make decision☆☆☆.

1 - Ji, I am unclear as to whether you are writing a statement response to a prompt or if you are writing...

Writing FeedbackChppoinvangiespen - 10:56am
Travelling back to my past - Stanford

1 - Khaliun, can you please tell us what the personal essay prompt you are trying to answer is? The reason we need...

Undergraduatehaliunsoravangiespen - 10:27am
IELTS task 2 : Colours affect people live

7 - Dear all advisers. Here I try to make my new essay. Hopefully all of you are willing to give me more...

Writing FeedbackSHanafiSHanafi - 10:12am
"A competitive problem solver" - Georgetown MSB Supplement

1 - - Jenna, believe me when I tell you that you do not want your admissions officer to have the first...

Undergraduateiitsjennavangiespen - 10:09am
TAKING ANOTHER STEP Dreams and inspirations are built as children observe the world surrounding them

2 - Thank you so much Louisa. Do you mind to look at my other prompt? I really love how you specifically corrected...

Undergraduatemhfu17mhfu17 - 10:07am
IELTS: people are now more conscious to gain more educational qualification

2 - Hi Katy, Thanks a lot. Actually it's from Cambridge-01, test-04. They never used to define precisely if that's an argument or...

Writing Feedbackimonimon - 10:05am
SPEECH CONTEST "Seeing is not believing"

1 - Ye, this is a very interesting topic that you can write about. For your speech, I suggest that you do research...

SpeechesYE ZIvangiespen - 10:04am
MIT - Cooking is an experiment I don't have to write a lab report for - I do it for pleasure

1 - Ashley, here is my take on your statement with a reduced word count: Cooking the only type of science...

Undergraduateashluuvangiespen - 10:00am
Skillset in a million over a perfect student

1 - Victor, an effective scholarship essay cannot be found in one that creatively uses words, but ends up telling an empty story....

Scholarshipvepadillavangiespen - 09:47am
The Ranch - the land is in full bloom with dahlias and tulips leave colorful spots in the green

1 - Mrinal, is the prompt for this essay something about a place where you feel most comfortable/ content and why? If...

Undergraduatemrinalnagvangiespen - 09:09am
Komunitas Jendela - Explanation of Gap Year (COMMONAPP)

1 - Alief, while you wrote a good essay that looks to the past, present, and future, the essay is actually asking you...

Undergraduatealiefmoulanavangiespen - 08:59am
"My friend, Angel" An essay about how I thought of her from day one until now

1 - Catherine, this is a well written essay. I am wondering what the instructions were for the prompt though. It is really...

Writing FeedbackCath21vangiespen - 08:50am
College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, The Wharton School, Penn Engineering; school choice

1 - - Why are you wasting your time talking about the importance of a college education and choosing the right school...

Undergraduateabubakir1997vangiespen - 08:42am
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