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Whether each individual or government should be responsible for the healthy diet?

NEW - Please give me a look and your comments on this essay! Thanks all! :-* IELTS TASK 2: Some people think that...

Essaysningo -
Not only mother is giving her time and energy to nourish and raise children

2 - You should avoid using question to start an essay. The purpose is to paraphrase this topic fluently. Try...

Writing FeedbackHiruniningo - 05:43am
Studying in foreign university should be very helpful for everybody who does not afraid difficulties

1 - In today's world, many young people wish to enter universities to be in hope of being successful in their life and...

Writing FeedbackNortTdumi - 02:56am
TOEFL: children should be allowed to play computer games(the whole title is written in the message)

1 - When children ask parents to let them play computer games, parents always say no, because they think computer games are too...

Writing FeedbackDearbhailSdumi - 02:21am
IELTS - historic buildings are precious legacy to human development

1 - "development of modernization"? I really don't get your idea :( You need to open your essay...

Writing FeedbackMinnaliaodumi - 02:18am
Technology Consulting Summary in CV

1 - I applied for a position within for a Technology Consulting role due to the increasing importance of such solutions...

Graduateritanccdumi - 02:13am
TOEFL Essay- People should master on skill only or many different skills.

5 - I think the last examples "one more friend, one more way to go" cannot support your view very well. It can...

Writing FeedbackJiazigaoDearbhailS - Yesterday
TOEFL - people are way more disparate at the exterior contrary to what they are inside

2 - I think if you can write two examples, this essay can be better. Because this essay does not conclud enough details...

Writing Feedbackshreyansh13DearbhailS - Yesterday
[IELTS] Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies.

NEW - In today's material world, we are inundated with various forms of advertising. In my opinion, this can be dangerous as people...
'I believe that a study in New Zealand will be a fruitful stage of my life' - application letter

1 - My name is Lillian, born on July 2nd [/i] 1993. In 2010, I joined North College of the Beijing University of...

LettersggtutorGulnar604 - Yesterday
"As soon as you trust yourself, you will learn how to live" - experiences that defined you

1 - Good Job! I'll just give some suggestions, for example, instead of saying " I give my gratitude to God", you can...

UndergraduateqwertyddamGulnar604 - Yesterday
IELTS - 'the chart also predicts the proportions in 2040' - quantity of the population aged 65

2 - Thank you :)

Writing FeedbackHiruniHiruni - Yesterday

5 - it seems an introduction, not a conclusion

Writing Feedbackeirehcfikri - Yesterday
IELTS: some people think the government should spend more money on science than art. Do you agree ?

2 - i don't understand thiss sentence

Writing Feedbacksky1997fikri - Yesterday
Ielts: Can environmental problems be solved by individuals?

4 - Sometimes, the best way to think of ideas for an essay is to start with an example. One good example can...

Writing Feedbackningofikri - Yesterday
IELTS Essay - Appropriate age of adulthood

2 - you wrote some relevant examples which have connection to your society, keep it

Writing Feedbackmsarkarfikri - Yesterday
IELTS Museums and art galleries should show artworks of the local culture

4 - it is better when you put a suggestion in your conclusion, but it will be better if you give...

Writing Feedbacksundin928fikri - Yesterday
Ielts: Is it necessary to teach children handwriting?

5 - here is my example,, Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for cultural and historical attractions. To what extent do...

Writing Feedbackningofikri - Yesterday
TOEFL: 'ancient people lived a natural life' - Now it's easier to maintain health

5 - Thank you so much!! These replies are so helpful!

Writing FeedbackStevenKuangStevenKuang - Yesterday
Some cultures value more the elderly people, while others paid more attention on young generation

4 - It is a little bit difficult to provide more meaningful feedbacks without seeing your full prompt. However, I guess this is...

Writing FeedbackGulnar604Pahan - Yesterday
'children in Gaza' - Pre-Toefl - Childhood is not always a happiest time of people's life

5 - Yes, I quite agree with Ahmad :) What he has suggested is the most appropriate approach because it...

Writing FeedbackSarah GharaviPahan - Yesterday
'My father introduced me to the C programming language' - SOP UT Austin computer science

1 - When I was a little boy, I spent a lot of time on the computer, and was curious about how they...

Undergraduatethounumber1niesaysi - Yesterday
Learning a new language process

2 - I don't have any prompt. I am studying for an University proficiency exam.(We can say IELTS maybe) Thanks.

Writing Feedbackkbektaskbektas - Yesterday
my study plan for student visa application

1 - Hello Lilliannnnnn, I would like to give you some suggestions and hope these can help you=) My name is Lillian, I...

LettersLilliannnnnnchloe224 - Yesterday
Change of career and living place has more positive effect on the whole society and the individual

3 - Although this has brought some disadvantages, there are still many positive effects on the society and the individual. On one...

Writing Feedbackdigitalideadumi - Yesterday
motivation letter for re-entry visa to Switzerland

1 - Hi chanya, I have got some suggestions for you and hope these can help you=) I am a freshmen and I...

Letterschanyachloe224 - Yesterday
In surveys Mason City residents rank water sports (swimming, boating, and fishing) among their favor

NEW - The proposed argument contains some stated and unstated assumption which are need to be checked for the validity of claim. First...

GraduateAtharvasg -
'Not all significant things are visible to the naked eye' - SOP for Electrical Engineering

1 - The first sentence seems a little weird, I edited it for you here: "All significant things around us which are not...

Graduatenitinkalavalathounumber1 - Jul 30, 2014
Effects of sexual abuse and injustice on the personal lives of countless females today

1 - You need to check on your first line structure. It should be something like this, "In this world, we are constantly...

Writing Feedbacklydiutanathan2014 - Jul 30, 2014
The bar chart shows the amount of sales in silver goods in 000's of units for two companies nextyear

2 - Where is the picture? Readers will share thoughtful feedback if you include the picture of the graph. Also, you should write...

Writing FeedbackGulnar604eddies - Jul 30, 2014
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