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Journey from Entrepreneur to Experienced developer - SOP looking for MS in Information Systems

5 - Actually I spent more time on making some grammar changes and came up with this changes to structure. Here is...

Graduatesekharcssekharcs - 04:40pm
Odd is sublime!

NEW - University of Chicago prompt Why Odd Numbers are Odd? Odd numbers-- the peculiarity of its own existence sets it apart...

Undergraduatertan05 -
Extra-curricular activity of being a listener and petition writer - inspirational life experience

2 - Thanks for your feedback Louisa! I've tweaked the example in the revised essay below but I'm still not confident about it....

Undergraduatevoocatchervoocatcher - 09:37pm
Is my commonapp essay good? How can I make it better?

NEW - Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it...

Undergraduatesonamd28 -
explain in 250 words or less why you believe that you should be awarded this scholarship:

NEW - I felt excited, anxious, and scared as I walked home alone, at the age of five years old, from the carnival...

Scholarshipsmunoz23 -
Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. To what factors do you attribute your succ

NEW - Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. To what factors do you attribute your success. Is 5+6 really...

UndergraduateUdensi -
"Attention to Detail" - UW Madison - Something Unnoticed essay

NEW - I wanted to make sure my grammar was perfect, and that I properly address the prompt. UWisconsin prompt: Consider something in...

Undergraduategaby720946 -
"It's rare for someone so young to contract shingles, but it's still possible" - I stuck in there...

4 - How about telling a story about how I joined a newly-made club at my school, and, through the course of the...

UndergraduateFullofSeoulFullofSeoul - 05:31pm
"How I spent $1000 making a fire starter" Common APP essay

NEW - Common app prompt: Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did...

Undergraduaterichieard -
New York bustles with millions of lives, each contributing to the city's own little universe

3 - I think you should be more specific in the programs you are interesting in. tell hem what is so special that...

Undergraduatekevpangmaria96 - 05:20pm
No one had taught me how to reach out to others when in need of help - MSU Application Essay

5 - This is what I have now, Throughout my years, no one had taught me how to reach out to others...

UndergraduateMKhanMKhan - 11:51am
Journalism is not an easy career in Vietnam - E.W SCRIPPS SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM/OHIO UNIVERSITY

NEW - Hi everyone. I'm apply to E.W Scripps school of Journalism this fall and this is my PS. Please give me some...

Undergraduateprecious_summer -

NEW - What music, art, science, mathematics or literature has challenged, surprised, or unsettled you and in what way. Ready to Die...

UndergraduateMizz_thinkable -
Mahatma Gandhi - favourite statue of the person you wanted to make

NEW - If you are asked to make statue or monument. Then which famous personality you wanted to present in the form of...

Graduategautam007 -
I want to excel my skills by studying Master's in Thermal & Fluid Sciences from your institution

1 - Your second last para is that important . You don't need to be so much specific in defining your area. You...

Graduatesanket1011gautam007 - 08:00am
You are not here fundamentally for the purpose of completing degree requirements - Why Penn College?

1 - Very straight forward, poised tone. I like how you try to tackle the prompt with maturity and trajectory. So let's get...

Undergraduatesampunk9494leiya0920 - 07:49am
Transporting food by air now provides market opportunities both exporting and importing countries.

1 - Your second point is not relevent. As demerit you are linking it with global warming but there should be some other...

Writing Feedbackruwchiigautam007 - 07:37am
Business Vs House - what to buy? Give necessary reason and example

2 - thanks for valuable comment

Writing Feedbackgautam007gautam007 - 07:29am
Future Jumbo / "Let your life speak" / What makes you happy? - Tufts Supplement Essays

4 - This is the edited version: The Jumbo magazine was unveiled to me under the quivering LED lighting of the guidance...

Undergraduateleiya0920leiya0920 - 07:22am
An odd group of friends- Brown University Supplement Essay

NEW - We all exist within communities or groups of various sizes, origins, and purposes; pick one and tell us why it is...

Undergraduateleiya0920 -
One particular incident changed me from being self-centered to being sensitive to others.

9 - Dear Vangiespen, Sorry I have taken so long to reply - was not well. thank you so much for your feedback....

UndergraduateRhea97Rhea97 - 07:19am
INVITATION - we have arranged a meeting - a google hang out.

2 - well, why do you need those? but, It's in a community. we are something like project managers and we are trying...

Lettersheavenplayheavenplay - 06:42am
[IELTS] Writing Task 1 - The Unemployment Rate in 2 Advanced Countries

1 - I think you meant that Japan overtook US in the umployment rate here.

Writing Feedbackruwchiisampunk9494 - 03:03am
IELTS: The pattern of studying plays a major crucial aspect in the academic achievements

6 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing FeedbackAnfaliasampunk9494 - 02:39am
Project proposal for M A in Fine Arts

NEW - Project Proposal:- Hello every one I wrote my project proposal to have admission in university to complete my Master degree and...

GraduateAbdulrehman -
A blistering mallet increases its velocity and with it, its trepidation

4 - Thanks a lot once again! Here is the revised version: A blistering...

GraduateJesusLM2JesusLM2 - 12:59am
Contributing to Macalester community, personally and academically

4 - Your wish is my command :-) With regards to the academic aspect of your personality, try not to concentrate...

Undergraduatesampunk9494vangiespen - 12:33am
Why I Choose Georgia Tech to study chemical Engineering essay

3 - - When writing a character sensitive essay, try to omit flowery words and introductions. State your case immediately and utilize...

Graduatemyngoc311vangiespen - Yesterday
Cultural shock in Dubai; teach myself a new skill or concept

4 - Hi Cheung, well, I already offered you some guide questions in my previous response that should help you better develop the...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997vangiespen - Yesterday
NYU. A reality come true or just a dream school?- Help on my NYU supplement

3 - Harrison, the best way to approach this essay will be to engage the admissions officer in a discussion about how the...

Undergraduatespyr0xsvangiespen - Yesterday
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