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TOEFL: constructing public transportation systems in cities is good?

8 - Revised essay. Some people believe that cities should spend more money to construct public transportation systems. Others believe that public transportation...

Writing Feedbacklephuclephuc - 06:45am

NEW - Students at universities often have a choice of places to live. They may choose to live in university dormitories, or they...
This is me - not only a religious person, but also i have many abilities.

1 - Could you post the prompt? In terms of the essay, it is a bit too long, methinks.

UndergraduatesyahidMAVns9x - 05:25am
Waste Management Archaeology; Common Application Essay First Draft: Background Story Central to Life

2 - I really liked this. while reading it i could actually imagine you digging out things from the dumpster as a child....

Undergraduateas1234salmaelazhary - 04:43am
Common app essay - How i conquered my inner fear and challenged a belief.

NEW - Hey friends. This is my common app topic. Please give your reviews regarding this essay and help me edit it to...
Common app - How has your story defined you?

2 - This is really good. I especially liked the way you linked your hook with your concluding sentence. However i think you...

UndergraduateRawrKiwizsalmaelazhary - 03:29am
Helping a Friend with Anorexia - UC Prompt #1/Cornell CALS Supplement

9 - Thank you both so much! :)

Undergraduatedumbnerd123dumbnerd123 - 01:57am
Harmony in all aspects of life matters to me - Stanford

2 - What matters to you, and why? Harmony in all aspects of life matters to me. Harmony is tuning of...

Undergraduatepeperonizpeperoniz - 01:11am
Since an early age I have had an enthusiasm - my answers to Chevening questions

NEW - Hello! I am from China.Please help me to modify my answers to Chevening questions! Your personal statement: Explain why you are...

Undergraduatejasonma2046 -
IELTS: Modern forms of communication increases the frequency and quality of interpersonal links

4 - Hi sorry but you've made slight mistakes almost in every sentences, can't correct all of them....

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaimon - 12:57am
relationships, brotherhood, environment - Three main advantages for living in a small community

2 - Everything is great. However, in order to perfect your essay then you have to discuss about living in the city more....

UndergraduateTHANHDANGVns9x - 12:40am
Others advices and personal experience should co-exist to assist person reach success

1 - Not bad . However I consider you have to dig deeper your first paragraph. It is incomplete.

Writing FeedbackshabemahtabVns9x - 12:31am
People can easily achieve success unless they have two prominent aspects: talent and hard effort

2 - I think the term "prison sentence" is not usable here. Overall, your reasoning was good. But the way you...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaimon - 12:25am
consume the chemical food usually do by people from past time to nowadays, because organic vegetable

3 - Great essay. However, you could easily merge those 2 body paratraphs. In other words, do not attempt to separate your thoughts...

LettersYULISVns9x - 12:22am
IELTS: Summarizing a Bar Graph (Population of Asian Elephants)

1 - The graph illustrates the estimated maximum population of Asian elephants in nine countries in both 1997 and 2004 Here The...

Writing FeedbackJakurinoeddies - 12:18am
Travelling back to my past - Stanford

NEW - Hello, I'm an international student, applying to Stanford. So this is my personal essay. Deadline is Nov 1. Is it too...

Undergraduatehaliunsora -
IELTS - the level of education among women in the land experienced an upgrade

2 - The pie charts illustrate how educated women in someland attain their high levels of education between 1945 and 1955, a...

Writing Feedbackmaritsanureddies - Yesterday
'I should not waste my height' - Basketball team was recruiting players; common app prompt

NEW - When It was announced that the basketball team was recruiting players, I felt I should not waste my height so I...

Undergraduateolaitan16 -
a personal quirk is a part of who you are; supplemental essay

1 - This is an excellent start. I have gone through your essay, and I think you may be closer to the required...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997Lucy2457 - Yesterday
"A competitive problem solver" - Georgetown MSB Supplement

NEW - Prompt: Discuss the factors that have influenced your interest in studying business. A doctor, a teacher-no, an astronaut. Like most...

Undergraduateiitsjenna -
Penn M&T Supplement Essay - Robotics, Business, and Engineering

5 - Thank you so much! :)

Undergraduatehmayhmay - Yesterday
I believe in laughter. Stanford Supplement Essay

4 - Wow, thank you all for your insightful advice and your praise! I really appreciate you reading my essay. I have edited...

UndergraduateLucy2457Lucy2457 - Yesterday
SPEECH CONTEST "Seeing is not believing"

NEW - I'm going to attend a speech competition the day after tomorrow, but i don't know how to write the topic of...

SpeechesYE ZI -
My Best Worst Experience - Summer Camp Abroad (alone) at the age of 8. -- Common App Personal Essay

1 - This is good! I would run it through spell check because I noticed a couple typos. I think your essay would...

Undergraduatesalmaelazharyswdasa - Yesterday
Challenging Religion to Become a Better Person (I'm 50 words over the limit)

2 - Thanks! My biggest issue is the word count so I'm going to have to work on condensing some parts. I'm well...

Undergraduateswdasaswdasa - Yesterday
MIT - Cooking is an experiment I don't have to write a lab report for - I do it for pleasure

NEW - We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something...

Undergraduateashluu -

1 - wow...After reading your essay, I realize that as a foreigner, I really couldn't understand some phrases and expression. Maybe native speakers...

Undergraduatealiefmoulananicolezmh1997 - Yesterday
Skillset in a million over a perfect student

NEW - 1. Describe why you are the best candidate for this scholarship. You may include your academic achievements, financial need, extra-curricular activities,and community...

Scholarshipvepadilla -
The Ranch - the land is in full bloom with dahlias and tulips leave colorful spots in the green

NEW - The land is in full bloom with dahlias and tulips leave colorful spots in the green. Flowers and trees adorn the...

Undergraduatemrinalnag -
The silence was deafening. Tennis court - Common App Essay

3 - This is very good liomio..but take Lucy's advice,and your essay will be polished.I think you're a good writer.Can you just help...

UndergraduateliomioAtom007 - Yesterday
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