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Motivational Letter for Turkey Scholarship

NEW - Motivational Letter in the form of question asked by University. 1. Please write the subject on which you plan to...

GraduateBilal Khan -
The people I see nearly every day are unable to access the education that they deserve

2 - Have a review on this.

UndergraduateCollegeBoyBilal Khan - 04:09am
One of the most intensely debated topics in education is the types of subjects need to be studied

2 - Strongly Agree..

Writing Feedbackah_zafariBilal Khan - 04:08am
Improving skills to get into an undergraduate program.

NEW - Endotherm is the term used to describe animals that are capable, by their own, to maintain the same body temperature, despite...

Undergraduatemonisol -
Expanding the Scope of Practice in Education - admissions essay

3 - Hi cheshaf, I have several suggestions and comments for your writing, especially when it comes to paying more attention to your...

Graduatecheshaffadlanmuzakki - Yesterday
Agbado, an outskirts of Lagos

2 - ( I was raised in....) Agbado Ijaiye, a community commonly referred to as an outskirts of Lagos. The community has limited...

Research PapersModewapEF_Jasmine - Yesterday
I am writing a thesis paper on Oedipus the King and I think my thesis statment. Needs some work

3 - Hey! I am writing a thesis paper on Oedipus the King and I think my thesis statement needs some work. I...

Book ReportsleiakieleEF_Carol - Yesterday
The question is if countries should cooperate with other countries instead of isolating themselves

2 - Hey everybody! Please review my essay and write whether there is smth wrong with it. Thanks in advance! The question...

Writing FeedbacksandrinkaEF_Carol - Yesterday
Motivation letter for International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management

NEW - Hello, I am applying for a business school in Netherlands, however this is highly selective and I am not a...

Undergraduatesamaskarkapac -
As computers are being used more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in classroom

3 - It is totally acceptable that with the invention of computers has completely changed learning process has completely changed. Although computers...

ScholarshipAmmar Ansariah_zafari - Yesterday
A fear of censure in Indian society; our conversation often turns to criticizing what we see lacking

2 - Hi Rajiv.. I'd want to simplify this part: ... that we should have taken instead from their, that is, the...

Writing FeedbackRajivEF_Kevin - Mar 28, 2015
Medical Side of Bud - "Can marijuana become medical?"

NEW - Jackie Garvin ENG 102 Elisabeth Borchers 3/28/2015 Medical Side of Bud As many states begin to accept marijuana for recreational use,...

Writing Feedbackjackie828 -
I can offer NYU my patient perspective because of my experience in Xiamen, not so big city in China.

7 - Anyone willing to take a look at my newer version??? Thank you!! Since I was younger, I've not been a...

UndergraduateChenchenchenChenchenchen - Mar 28, 2015

2 - Hello! Based on the specific prompt (write three categories in which you feel your essay could be stronger, or choose areas...

Research PaperskeadesEF_Sheri - Mar 28, 2015
'skills usage, possible constraints' Need further explanation on an essay prompt: Ausaid Scholarship

2 - Assuming that the scholarship consists solely of some bonus money for college, it wants you to tell them how that money...

ScholarshipKayviane12CollegeBoy - Mar 28, 2015
"Science Class is for Science." Ideological conflict with fundamentalist religion.

3 - As much as I wish you would throw dirt at creationism in an emotional torrent, I am very impressed with the...

Research PaperserichalversonCollegeBoy - Mar 28, 2015
DePauw has helped me progress, but now I want to move even further. Transfer main essay to NYU!

2 - I love the way you are trying to tell a story. However, the points you raised are not strong enough, in...

Undergraduatechan94harveyross - Mar 28, 2015
Integrity and resilience are a few values I hold most - values and belief - NTU scholarship essay

2 - Integrity and resilience are a few values I hold most dear. I strongly believe that these values are not only a...

Scholarshipsober2012ah_zafari - Mar 27, 2015
Once people experience puberty they are potentially be able to produce children.

NEW - Topic: Nowadays people get married and have children after the age of 30. Is it a positive or negative development? Give...

Writing Feedbackah_zafari -
Engineering in supporting my financial issues - Personal statement correction

2 - is this paragraph a part of the statement? If so, I suggest to remove it or express it in a...

UndergraduateIraj33ah_zafari - Mar 27, 2015
Punished life - Introduction to my speech

3 - Thank you your help and encouragement I appreciate that.

Speechesnherradinherradi - Mar 27, 2015
Uniformity Termination - letter to my employer

2 - Message: Dear Chris, cc: Guil and Joel Hello, my edits and suggestions are below: I'm...

Lettersnikkod28EF_Jasmine - Mar 27, 2015
To look after the elderly - responsibility of families or the government?

2 - Hi Svetlana, These are several suggestions for your writing, Good Luck and Happy Writing...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzmumtazdinar - Mar 27, 2015
'the history, tradition and way of life will vanish as well' - An essay on language extinction

2 - Hi! Here are some edits: It is predicted that, by the end of the 21st century, more than half of...

Writing FeedbackYanxuautumn_waltz - Mar 27, 2015
Advertisements lead people to spend money lavishly without further thinking. Ads effects on people.

6 - Hello, Please see my edits below. I have made suggestions for some of your sentences. Some of them are...

Writing FeedbackMarsya_EFlynzee22 - Mar 26, 2015
Students from the age of 16 should be encouraged to have a part time job

3 - Hello! My edits and suggestions are below, Financial issues are most of the time the reasons why students have...

Writing FeedbackIkrameEF_Jasmine - Mar 26, 2015
I believe images are one of the best ways to educate people. SOP for Illustration MFA in SCAD

4 - Thank you both! Your comments have been very helpful.

Graduatesanthiagosanthiago - Mar 26, 2015
More parents start concerning about the possible negative effects of the computers on their children

4 - Hi, johanydubon, thank you for your comment. I don't completely agree with you, though. You said: Never say "I...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzautumn_waltz - Mar 26, 2015
Heirs to ancient knowledge; consensus is possible, but the issues must be put to test.

4 - Hello Lynzee, I see my mistake here. After making corrections as pointed out, I am expected to put up the...

Writing FeedbackRajivRajiv - Mar 26, 2015
The world would be a better place if people under 40 made the decisions

2 - Are you going to go against the statement? If not I suggest that you talk about how children and teenagers are...

Essaysvojkan7rettabby - Mar 25, 2015
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