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Professional athletes have what it takes to be a role model; dedication, good hygiene, good behavior

3 - Most of professional sportsmen are quite shown to public by community compare to few years ago through media. In general, a...

Writing Feedbackgayan1991trunghq - 10:16pm
'high quality academic programs' - What is the reason of studying in the boarding school? IELTS

4 - Thanks for your suggestions!

Writing FeedbackDieu AnhDieu Anh - 10:10pm
New species of Hoplolaimus.

NEW - I have problem with my paper. some one can help me to fix it. thanks so much! Background The genus...

Research Papershanhbich -
Fmu Scholarship , The student's accomplishments,a statement on how the funds will impact his/her

NEW - As a Graducate I have accomplished many tragi battles, but one accomplishment that I achieved through my high school year...

UndergraduateDoylene15 -
Do you think a professional stager's job is interesting? Could you do it? Why or why not.

3 - Hi, I believe I'm not conveying any kind of wrong message. I see a lot I in their. Even though...

Writing Feedbackgreenw4ygayan1991 - 02:46pm
Is using humor the best way to approach difficult situations and problems? SAT October 2009

3 - Dawn, I cannot grade your essay, but I will help you with some style issues. ____________________________ Since the...

Writing FeedbackDawn01ChristineB - 02:36pm
The best way to reduce air pollution is for the government to raise the cost of petrol for cars.

6 - Dear justivy03 It's very nice of you. I'll use your good recommendations in my next essay. sincerely; Sohashakib

Writing FeedbackSohashakibSohashakib - 01:45pm
Should newspapers and magazines protect famous people privacy?

3 - I will read your essay and help you to improve your writing so you can improve your score. There...

Writing Feedbackgayan1991lcturn87 - 09:04am
College expectations, before attending it

3 - @christineb thank you so much! I'm still learning on how to write an essay, so I will try to be better...

Undergraduateclarinesukamtoclarinesukamto - 08:53am
Tanzania has changed me into a new person - MPH Statement of Purpose from International Student

4 - Thank you so far for the feedback! It really has helped a lot! Do you think content-wise, considering the suggested changes,...

GraduateTuffiesTuffies - 06:22am

4 - - Success can be defined differentdifferently by many.. - today there needsthey need to be risk and notbe careful inplanning. -...

Writing Feedbackjojony1justivy03 - 05:13am
TOPIC: What are the benefits and the risks associated with the use of private transport?

4 - - One of the main positivespositive effects of using.. - Indeed, with private vehicles you becomehave an initiative than to move...

Writing FeedbackNganjustivy03 - 05:01am
How Does Foods that Have Gluten in Them Affects the Human Body

3 - - How Does Foods that Have Gluten enriched food in Them Affects the Human Body? Draft Chnita, I will work...

Writing Feedbackchnita sandersjustivy03 - 04:29am
MSc Environmental Engineering Statement of Purpose

3 - - the another issue that I was curious about was what happened - to aquatic life in the rivers and...

Graduatemelisjustivy03 - 04:14am
Challenging a belief or idea - Common app essay draft

4 - research on christianity

Undergraduateminipopetteminipopette - 04:12am
Experience: developing processes and solving issues in client-HP network - SOI; Master of Management

4 - Hi Christine Thank you for the critique. But it seems you didn't find anything wrong in the second half of...

GraduateMarivannoMarivanno - 02:20am
Regarding the solution to environmental issues (people vs government)

3 - Thanks for your handy comments ^^

Writing FeedbackDuc PhamDuc Pham - Yesterday
To truly enjoy a vacation (holiday), people should leave their mobile phones at home.

5 - Hi Lakia, They do have helped me so much! Deeply appreciate your kindness. : )

Writing FeedbackOswinCOswinC - Yesterday
IGCSE - Descriptive writing essay on narrowly escaping a storm. Any help would be marvellous.

4 - I agree that you are very descriptive in your writing. I will read it and look for any errors....

Writing FeedbackMarcus Tlcturn87 - Yesterday
Global Warming Is A Problem, but it can be stopped - research paper.

4 - Hello, I can help you with any changes needed to your last two paragraphs of your essay. 3rd paragraph:...

Research Papersailehmanlcturn87 - Yesterday
Being a Korean immigrant - ApplyTexas Essay Topic A

3 - 1st paragraph; - "I'll never get beable to fit into the American culture". -.. I feared most of mythe time....

UndergraduateKilleenerjustivy03 - Yesterday
Success is to achieve one's dreams and wishes but not all successful scenarios end in happiness

3 - Szhang25, I will work on you title first, I guess if we re-phrase it, it will mean more; - Success...

Writing Feedbackszhang25justivy03 - Yesterday
Tuition fees in universities are beneficial for both the individuals and the society as a whole.

4 - I am not agree about it. Because many people has no ability to pay tuition fee. This true but it create...

Writing FeedbackThaolinnguyenasad_zaman861 - Yesterday
Many machines are now able to do the work which people used to perform, advantages an disadvantages?

4 - Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Writing Feedbacktinytiniseatinytinisea - Yesterday
Some minority languages have a risk of disappearing, it's governments responsibility to protect them

3 - Mmm, first of all, the essay is quiet short, I know you still have a lot more ideas to write. Anyhow,...

Writing Feedbackmmm3388twjustivy03 - Yesterday
"Does planning interfere with creativity?" SAT January 2009

3 - Thanks, lcturn87!! Revised Essay: There's a fine line separating a good planning and too much planning .People whose...

Writing FeedbackDawn01Dawn01 - Jul 25, 2015
Youngsters freed from parents as soon as possible. How to judge this?

5 - Hello. Michele9 !! I'm going to help you with a few parts of your essay: - And now I am...

Writing FeedbackMichele9Dawn01 - Jul 25, 2015
"Is imagination less valuable than facts and objectivity?" SAT Novembre 2010

3 - Again, Thanks for your continuous and regular help! Respect !! Please be harsh as much as possible with my essays...

Writing FeedbackDawn01Dawn01 - Jul 25, 2015
"Is it possible for a society to be fair to everyone?" June 2013

6 - I apologize. If you only have 25 minutes to write your essay, then you are doing quite well. I will review...

Writing FeedbackDawn01lcturn87 - Jul 24, 2015
USNA Candidate essay - to achieve my dreams of serving in the navy

4 - - Growing up with Nepaliparents of Nepali descent who.. - devote my life andto onebe of service. - Academies foe...

UndergraduateCandidatejustivy03 - Jul 24, 2015
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