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Young offenders should be equally treated as adults one's.

NEW - Some people think that teenagers who commit crimes should be treated the same way as adults criminals.To what extent do you...

EssaysJaggi7921 -
"Is popular culture the strongest influence on a young person's identity?" SAT Essay

4 - Just like a sponge who absorb which absorbs the water from the surroundings, so that, young persons' identity take its principle...

Writing FeedbackDawn01lisa_severus - 10:29pm
Donating to a church speech

NEW - Hello, Here is some background information: This church gave me a scholarship in the beginning of my first year...

SpeechesMaster4200 -
IELTS: are advantages of international exchange programs more than disadvantages?

2 - Hi Miro Cai, It is a good essay since you have shown both sides of the argument. However, I have some...

Writing FeedbackEssaywritingCaishintacandrade - 04:05pm
Ielts:Do you believe that professional athletes make good role models for young people ?

NEW - People everywhere love watching matches on TV in different sports like football ,basketball ,swimming competitions .etc.Of course ,most of winner sports...

Writing FeedbackHanan1999 -
My passion for knowledge in the oil and gas industry - SOP for Masters program in Geology

3 - Thank you Dawn01. I will effect the changes you pointed out.

Graduatesyvestersyvester - 02:32pm
In any situation, progress requires discussion among people who have contrasting points of view.

NEW - Discussion play an important role to find best solution of any problem. It would be more beneficial when it will be...

Writing Feedbackanamikam_vns -
people often receive advice to "follow your dreams," more emphasis should be placed on picking goal.

NEW - Claim: Even though young people often receive the advice to "follow your dreams," more emphasis should be placed on picking...

Writing FeedbackJunisha111p -
People benefit more from travelling in their own country than from travelling to foreign countries.

2 - Travelling is one of the most powerful activity that has the capability to improve ourselves. By travelling, we not only take...

Writing FeedbackMichele9Junisha111p - 01:36pm
Chinese New Year- describe one of the special custom of your country

4 - This is well written, and gives the reader a clear picture. However, I think you should condense some of it....

Writing FeedbacksethEF_Carol - 09:00am
To be successful in education, it is important to be a good student also to have good teachers.

4 - Thank you for all. I always get trouble in my writing skill. I hope you will help me with my next...

Writing Feedbackthuynhuthuynhu - 08:35am
Machines vs Hands

3 - -But, it is important to never not to forget to.. -I think you should omit this sentence because it hurts the...

Writing Feedbackeegii012Dawn01 - 06:42am
"Can stress cause diabetes?" - essay for Newcastle University Partners

3 - Emotional stress - Firstly, a group of sSwedish researchers collected a population sample consisting of life events from 67 patients...

Writing FeedbackPaul786justivy03 - 05:55am
An essay about Christian Philosophy

3 - - "The Christian-inspired pedagogy of ABC University inspires me to put God at the center of my education. -...

Writing Feedbacktamaraw12345justivy03 - 05:42am
Toefl: professors should spend more time educating rather than researching

3 - - As for a professor, who works for university, he should follow the university mottovision and contribute to the educational...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severusjustivy03 - 05:31am
Grading on exam or grading on participation?

4 - Hi Buj, 1. Well, my first suggestion is that you should write down not only the answer, but also...

Writing FeedbackBujshintacandrade - 02:21am
What are you made for and how will an AGSM degree help you achieve it?

3 - Merged: MONASH MBA statement of Purpose Essay A one-page statement of purpose outlining your reasons for applying to the...

GraduatevincenmMarivanno - 01:07am
TOEFL: children should not only play or study without doing any housework

5 - 1. //When it comes to the problem of educating children,whether children should do housework or not has aroused heated discussion.//...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severusMarivanno - 01:04am
TOEFL: people now are less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people in the past

4 - Hi Lisa Great essay that would get at least 7 or 8/10. I don't see much room for improvement as...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severusMarivanno - 12:58am
Common App essay - My story of escaping persecution and moving to the USA

NEW - Prompt: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete...

UndergraduateOutlooker -
"Does money lead to selfishness?" SAT May 2012 Essay

5 - Thanks lisa_severus I really appreciate your help !! Any other grade out of 6 ? Any other recommendation?

Writing FeedbackDawn01Dawn01 - Yesterday
Alternative energy sources basically require more money

4 - Admittedly,a cleaner and greener alternative power consumes more money, since it is inexpensive to run, but high-priceddue to its expensive infrastructure....

Writing FeedbackAdhistiEssaywritingCai - Yesterday
Young people must be encouraged and inculcated about the importance of a long-term, realistic goals.

4 - Hi, rocky79. I made some corrections. Hope it helps. In this world, now all many of us are looking for...

Writing Feedbackrocky79lisa_severus - Yesterday
Multi-Genre Fiction Assignment Sheet

NEW - Multi-Genre Fiction Assignment Sheet Over the course of the semester we have studied a wide variety of...

Writing FeedbackBlueBabey -
Syracuse Newhouse Common app supplement prompts

NEW - Applying to Syracuse Newhouse, Television and Radio, these are the Syracuse common app supplements, they're meant to be quite short...

Undergraduateqcstudent -
Poor decision makers are depending on their emotions the most

3 - - First, emotion is, in generallygeneral, lentlead to wrong decision because it generally gives importance to those thing which are attached...

Writing FeedbackJunisha111pjustivy03 - Yesterday
'my sense of needing to give back to the community I live in' - PEACE CORPS Motivation Statement

3 - - Whether it was rescuing them from spiders in the back of their bunk or cheering them on when they...

UndergraduateCarrieGjustivy03 - Yesterday
So why would I pick the University of Texas? Simple. Because of the computer science program.

3 - KnightofGondor, WELCOME to EssayForum!!! Let me try to help out; - "As a homeschooled individual, I've always had a...

UndergraduateKnightOfGondorjustivy03 - Yesterday
The percentage of Bulgarian having intention to move into another country for 3 levels of studying

3 - Thank you so much! Your comment is useful for me. I wish You can correct my following tasks.

Writing FeedbackHoang Ha ktlHoang Ha ktl - Jul 5, 2015
TOEFL: Sometimes it is acceptable not to tell the truth - not all lies are wrong

4 - I have a few suggestions for your essay. There are three main reasons to support my opinion. This transition looks too...

Writing FeedbackJake DoVns9x - Jul 5, 2015
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