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Market Segment and Target Market

4 - i would go for diversity!

Research Papersadito214adito214 - 03:58am
The best gift for a child? Books help to learn more skills such as pronouncing and reading

3 - In conclusion , a book is the very best gift to give to a child since that's when he or she...

Writing Feedbacksara waledm924 - 03:57am
Theme : about alternative medicine treatment and dangerous risk from it

4 - In my opinion, your essay makes some sense in relation to the theme, but your concentrated on the wrong part. You...

Writing FeedbackYULISvangiespen - 03:01am
'I have been fortunate enough to have my grandmother be a part of my life' - PA school motivation

4 - Definitely a huge improvement content-wise. I have some additional suggestions and revisions for you to consider though :-)...

Graduatemary1234vangiespen - 12:56am
Library in Bronx - "A Change To The Intellectual Community" - Essay for Questbridge

2 - Andy, you have really put some great thought into this essay and you make pretty good suggestions. That said, I would...

Scholarshipandy15vangiespen - 12:32am
A leader should admit if they made a bad decision? Toefl exam.

12 - conviction!that's the word. sometimes,I just cannot figure out another way to illustrate my point,even though i am not satisfied with...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongAdamtong - 12:00am
"I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!" - UW Madison Entrance Essay

5 - Good job overall. I do not like the part where you say "up for grabs", it sounds like slang. Try to...

Undergraduatepaigeo78mary1234 - Yesterday
"You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have" CommonApp Essay

2 - "During my junior year of high school my life changed, I began to feel my chest tighten up." I would...

Undergraduateerinnicolepaigeo78 - Yesterday
"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others remains and is immortal" SOP Speech P.

1 - kk, I have a few inquiries listed that , when answered, will help you to further strengthen your statement of purpose....

Graduatekkflowersvangiespen - Yesterday
"Yes Scotland" - The Scottish Referendum

2 - While we can correct the grammar errors in your paper at this point, I feel that there are still a number...

Writing Feedbackbora99vangiespen - Yesterday
'good mental and body conditions' - people have different interpretation of enjoyment; TOEFL

7 - Thank you for your great and helpful idea. I try to do my best

Writing FeedbackKian1378Kian1378 - Yesterday
Assigning homework every day to students is necessary or not ?

5 - Thank you Lusia:) Definitely :) I change it again ad now I ithink my essay is well-done :)...

Writing Feedbackhamedmashamedmas - Yesterday
TOEFL essay: A good shopping center can decrease our effort for shopping.

1 - - Amir, a good essay strives to present not only the rephrased prompt in its introduction, but also the two...

Writing Feedbackamirtaghavivangiespen - Yesterday
Personal essay based on specific questions on the university website; Undergraduate Admission

8 - Okay! I got the response from the university. They accept my previous essay and it's not necessary to rewrite. HOWEVER, I...

UndergraduateJangGeminiJangGemini - Yesterday
Issues to find the truth of a young boy's guilt or innocence - Twelve Angry Men: Text response essay

2 - Admire your patiens and diligence. It's a pleasure to know that there are people who still can write in such way....

Book Reportsnewton2ndJessica18 - Yesterday
Two short personal statements: one based on diversity, the other based on growth. Which is better?

2 - The first is better. Frienship was always regarded among the list of neutral but the most necessary things.

Undergraduatem924Jessica18 - Yesterday
If you could improve your communication with ONE person in your life, who would it be? Why?

3 - It'd be much better if you increase it twice. And some additional facts also would be in use imho.

Speechesnaya0327Ewrach - Yesterday
TOEFL: different types of tasks endow more colors to our life

5 - thank you for your commend !! I'll try a longer conclusion :)

Writing Feedbacknickyzhinickyzhi - Yesterday
The topic i chose is DEATH! with the technique of narrative essay

5 - One of the good themes about Death is Euthanasia. There are a lot of descussions in the web about it. So...

EssaysylarialEwrach - Yesterday
Grandmother, the inspiration of my life (her pictures, love, and sacrifice)

4 - I still remember every picturespicture and actionsactions of my grandmother, a woman who loves me and sacrifices for me the most....

Writing Feedbackvietanhphaneddies - Yesterday
'I always used to be a curious person' - scholarship in manufacturing engineering; motivation letter

14 - Your motivation can be the idea to make the existing devices better or to increase their usefulness. If your had a...

ScholarshipAyman HussienEwrach - Yesterday
TOEFL:People should state their honest opinions

3 - Don't you think that the word "teacher" appears too often?

Writing FeedbacknickyzhiJessica18 - Yesterday
Average distance in miles traveled by English person per year 1985 and 2000.

2 - Including the picture of the graph is a must. The picture helps readers understand the logical order easily. Thanks...

Writing FeedbackEmma Leeddies - Yesterday
IELTS Writting task 1: UK adolescents following a vegetarian diet.

7 - You write well. However, you need to pay particular attention to the appropriate language of change. Please allow me to describe...

Writing Feedbackvandon92eddies - Yesterday
While the wealthy nations are getting richer, developing countries are struggling with the poverty

4 - hey vangi, I'm curious how to quote other's essay and make comment? I can just label some...

Writing Feedbackd96nguyennickyzhi - Yesterday
Some movies and TV programs are showing a negative trend in guiding young people' behavior

9 - you are really helpful :) thank you

Graduatenickyzhinickyzhi - Yesterday
IELTS - Happiness is one of the most vital factors for a worth-living life

3 - It is true This statement is totally true, that happiness is one of the most vital factors for a worth-living life....

Writing FeedbackPyon9xYULIS - Yesterday
Is android related to Computer Science?

2 - wow.. That was great.. Thanks a lot (y)

Research Papersrohitreddyrohitreddy - Yesterday
IELTS: "CLIMATE CHANGE" - politicians should take a step to save our environment


Writing FeedbackYULISPyon9x - Yesterday
Free time or money? Spending time with family brings more advantages for both workers and companies

3 - Omit base on the hours, so as to avoid writing redundancy. Everyone knows that wage is according the number of...

Writing Feedbackhamedmaseddies - Sep 16, 2014
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