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motivation letter for re-entry visa to Switzerland

1 - Hi chanya, I have got some suggestions for you and hope these can help you=) I am a freshmen and I...

Letterschanyachloe224 - 02:12am
TOEFL: 'ancient people lived a natural life' - Now it's easier to maintain health

3 - However, some people even scholars are arguing about if whether modern people can maintain a good health easier compared to...

Writing FeedbackStevenKuangdumi - 01:49am
People change their career and place of residence several times during life.

2 - MisterWandering: Your suggestions are very valuable. Thanks! The question is: People change their career and place of residence several...

Writing Feedbackdigitalideadigitalidea - 01:49am
What experiences have you had that made you define you as a person?

NEW - Please help me check my grammar. Feel free to comment and suggest :) "As soon as you trust yourself, you...

Undergraduateqwertyddam -
TOEFL - people are way more disparate at the exterior contrary to what they are inside

1 - Nicely narrated, i like your essay. :) however i would like to point out some grammar errors. " Its...

Writing Feedbackshreyansh13Hiruni - 12:50am
Learning a new language process

1 - You should include the prompt of the task with your essay? Also, is this an IELTS or a TOEFL essay? As...

Writing FeedbackkbektasMisterWandering - 12:49am
In surveys Mason City residents rank water sports (swimming, boating, and fishing) among their favor

NEW - The proposed argument contains some stated and unstated assumption which are need to be checked for the validity of claim. First...

GraduateAtharvasg -
Ielts: Is it necessary to teach children handwriting?

3 - Thanks for your feedbacks! :)

Writing Feedbackningoningo - Yesterday
IELTS Museums and art galleries should show artworks of the local culture

3 - THANKS Nathan, i rewrite it Today, Traditional arts and crafts are going through tough times and most of them are...

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - Yesterday
'children in Gaza' - Pre-Toefl - Childhood is not always a happiest time of people's life

4 - I strongly recommend you to read the book "The Practical Writer with Readings". This book starts with paragraph writing...

Writing FeedbackSarah Gharaviah_zafari - Yesterday
'Not all significant things are visible to the naked eye' - SOP for Electrical Engineering

1 - The first sentence seems a little weird, I edited it for you here: "All significant things around us which are not...

Graduatenitinkalavalathounumber1 - Yesterday
Effects of sexual abuse and injustice on the personal lives of countless females today

1 - You need to check on your first line structure. It should be something like this, "In this world, we are constantly...

Writing Feedbacklydiutanathan2014 - Yesterday
The bar chart shows the amount of sales in silver goods in 000's of units for two companies nextyear

2 - Where is the picture? Readers will share thoughtful feedback if you include the picture of the graph. Also, you should write...

Writing FeedbackGulnar604eddies - Yesterday
IELTS: the importance of history - removing this course from school curriculum is unwise

3 - I like the way you present this essay :D How about the time? Did you finish it into 40 minutes?...

Writing FeedbackNZskyeddies - Yesterday
Event letter in ielts exam - "International Day"

1 - Please check the last sentence. The sentence should read "Thank you again for providing us with this great networking event, and...

Writing FeedbackGood2690108411nathan2014 - Yesterday
IELTS - 'the chart also predicts the proportions in 2040' - quantity of the population aged 65

1 - Make sure you have an overview written after introduction. Let's give a try; Overall, the proportion of ageing population from Sweden...

Writing FeedbackHirunieddies - Yesterday
'I believe that a study in New Zealand will be a fruitful stage of my life' - application letter

NEW - Your letter has numerous grammar mistakes: Poor usage of articles, punctuation within a clause, improper formatting, wordiness, spelling, verb agreement and...

Lettersggtutor -
IELTS Essay - Appropriate age of adulthood

1 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing Feedbackmsarkarsundin928 - Yesterday
IELTS: Money as a members of staff reward for their exceptional contribution to the company

9 - but it can play a prime source of energy for them.

Writing FeedbackWillNgoGulnar604 - Yesterday
Some cultures value more the elderly people, while others paid more attention on young generation

3 - thanks for comments, yes, it took 40 minutes to write this essay. Traditional Chinese family, and China.

Writing FeedbackGulnar604Gulnar604 - Yesterday
Scholarship essay - Application essay, what is the different approach?

1 - Hi Sheena, Well, usually there are different types of scholarships which aim at different "subsets" of students. For example, a...

Essaysmd9thKhanhZ - Yesterday
'My father introduced me to the C programming language' - SOP UT Austin computer science

NEW - Hey guys, so I want to transfer into UT Austin's computer science program in spring 2015 and I was wondering if...

Undergraduatethounumber1 -
Home is good place to learn a lot, however school is the best place to learn.

7 - Rephrase the conclusion. Don't use the same words as in the prompt.

Writing Feedbackapanwar01msarkar - Jul 29, 2014
IELTS: One of advertising's drawbacks - purchasing not necessary products

5 - Please follow 4 or 5 paragraph layout. 1st - Introduction Paragraph 2/3/4 - Supporting Paragraphs 5 - Conslusion

Writing FeedbackJuliet Ngomsarkar - Jul 29, 2014
IELTS - Compulsory voluntary work is a contradiction, and not only in a literal way

2 - Follow this approach for the introduction paragraph: 1. Start with an interesting statement to catch the reader's attention 2....

Writing FeedbackBurguetemsarkar - Jul 29, 2014
IELTS: The contribution of agriculture, manufacturing and business sectors to the UK economy

4 - Is that really necessary ? Would you mind giving me an example of the overview sentence for this ?...

Writing Feedbackmanutd9111993manutd9111993 - Jul 29, 2014
More and more people now choose to wear the fashionable clothes.

9 - No need for repeating "In the world today". I rewrite like this: It results in the growing tendency in which...

Writing Feedbacksundin928ningo - Jul 29, 2014
Ielts: Can environmental problems be solved by individuals?

3 - Thanks Eddies and Shanafi. I'd like to rewrite that sentence like this: Start from changing their daily habit in using private...

Writing Feedbackningoningo - Jul 29, 2014
'In countries like Japan, the population is getting older' - aging population essay Ielts

1 - Even this essay opens for discussion, it is nicer if you could state your point of view in end of...

Writing Feedbackrachelyeeddies - Jul 29, 2014
my study plan for student visa application

NEW - Dear all, my english is really not good, the following is my study plan for visa application. I know there is...

LettersLilliannnnnn -
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