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A children should study a foreign language in school starting in the early grades. To what extend do

1 - A children(A children? It must be "A child", right?) should study a foreign language in school starting in the early grades....

Writing Feedbackwinaah_zafari - 01:01am
Need help on proof reading for my UBC application personal profile.

NEW - Explain how you responded to a significant challenge that you have encountered and what you learned in the process. "Plan...
Describe a group project or experience that required collaboration. How did you foster teamwork.

NEW - My obsession with soccer taught me a lot of real life lessons. For the past few years have played soccer...

Undergraduatedulguun -
U of M essay

NEW - If there have been any breaks in your education after completing high school or between any years of college or university...

Undergraduategksrnrdls11 -
Children are dependent on computer entertainment. Should they spend more time on outdoor activities

NEW - Topic: Children today are too dependent on computers and electronic entertainment. It would be better to encourage them to spend more...

Writing Feedbackah_zafari -
Drug is the thing that has always been prohibited in this world - Drugs and teenagers essay

1 - It has always been a polemical topic when it comes to drug abuse of young people. Awkward sentence. Try rephrasing like...

Writing FeedbackVns9xkatiecohen96 - Yesterday
Foreign Language Foster Student's Abilities

3 - Mahanani, I don't see the apparent of full prompt task. In other words please add the question. It becomes important for...

Writing FeedbackymahananiSHanafi - Yesterday
Task 1 IELTs

1 - The bar chart illustrates the global sales of games software, DVD, CDs through three years. Overall, we can see some substantial...

Writing FeedbackVns9xah_zafari - Yesterday
Parents claim that although advertisement provides information, children are misled by these adverts

4 - o conclude after discussing both the views , I feel that parents argument has got strong points and are practical in...

Writing FeedbackvijaypjVns9x - Yesterday
A/D: Children will have less financial problems if they are given a certain amount of money weekly

2 - Thanks TJ, very helpful corrections. Wish I receive your comments on my future works :)

Writing Feedbackah_zafariah_zafari - Yesterday
Internet, automobiles, aeronautical and medical advancements - 21st Century Scientific Changes

8 - Hi Vns9x, I am afraid that "has been seen" is incorrect here; the original "has seen" is right. Also, it...

Writing FeedbacksambhavshTJLuschen - Yesterday
Topic for Oral Exam for B2 - Study abroad and why i choose a summer course

5 - According to your question, i think you want us to give you some reasons behind the choice of yours which is...

Essaysurca89Vns9x - Yesterday
Describe a failure in your life, and what you've done to fix it?

2 - Here's the revised version. Any changes I should make? Prompt: Describe a failure in your life, and how you overcame it....

ScholarshipIHaileIHaile - Yesterday
Essay writing; Parents should send children to school or not to be good members of society .

9 - Thanks for your clear explanation, Sekar.

Writing FeedbackPedramPedram - Yesterday
The dies had been cast before I was born, setting in motion many hardships and struggles

NEW - Please describe a personal, social, or academic challenge you have faced and how you overcame it. The die had...

Scholarshipangelicaf -
'countless educational programs offered' - Education among the American society - UT Transfer essay

4 - Thank you. I appreciate your help. I will keep it in mind.

UndergraduateAndrewBAndrewB - Yesterday
Students own decision? I think so. The main reason is the students' health.

2 - Physical and mental affects socialisation Future may be affected

Essayshunhannvijaypj - Yesterday
Advertisement motivates us to imitate others rather than being unique according to our interest

2 - Thank you so much. I'll surely consider your correction.

Writing Feedbackvijaypjvijaypj - Jan 29, 2015
I close my eyes and see blue skies and luxuriant trees.I see sunlight and a sense of vitality...

2 - Thank you!!!!

Undergraduateash__sinash__sin - Jan 29, 2015
Chemistry sparked my first friendship - Johns Hopkins University essay

3 - You have the essay written in reverse. Yes, you should definitely mention that you are a tutor at present and it...

Undergraduatemyngoc311vangiespen - Jan 29, 2015
Coca Cola's sales numbers - Task 1 IELTs (pie)

2 - Some grammatical issues: In writing task 1, a writer has to write an overview paragraph. Let me try to...

Writing FeedbackVns9xtiaDS - Jan 29, 2015
IELTS: in-home work and in-home study, a development positive or negative?

3 - Many many thanks to you for your detaied and meticulous revision. It is quite a contribution. If it could be desired,...

Writing Feedbackmolemanmoleman - Jan 29, 2015
Group or on your own! Safety is a huge issue.

2 - English is not my first language,so what i can offer are just my humble thoughts. You have made a huge...

Writing FeedbackVns9xmoleman - Jan 29, 2015
Johns Hopkins additional essay: Why JHU? - because of it fame and its industrious envrionment

1 - To me this paragraph just seems a little generic. You tend to overstate things a little bit - like using...

Undergraduatemyngoc311TJLuschen - Jan 29, 2015
Making a cover letter for summer internship in finance - someone with some experience?

24 - The letter you developed is good enough to use. Go ahead and use it in the latest version form. You cannot...

Letters24mandrakevangiespen - Jan 29, 2015
Where words or actions are not able to produce. Parsons The New School Artist Statement revision.

NEW - What do you make, how do you make it, and why do you make? Ultimately, where do you visualize your creative...

UndergraduateWDantigua -
Creative Industries Program combining the industry and business background of the creative arts

NEW - prompt: Why do you wish to study in the program listed in Section Two (2)? What influenced your decision to apply...

Undergraduatewhateverjosie -
I completely disagree with the idea of making new regulations in school.

4 - if you do not mind i would to advise you a few things which can benefit your score. It is argued...

Writing FeedbackkatherinaVns9x - Jan 29, 2015
Should universities be available for all students or they should be given to only good ones?

4 - In terms of body paragraphs, i would advise you these 2 reasons. Firstly, everybody should be treated equally, otherwise it would...

EssayshunhannVns9x - Jan 29, 2015
Why I Choose Georgia Tech to study chemical Engineering essay

14 - Hi, I have revised my essay, please give me your comments Coming from a country where female empowerment is not...

Graduatemyngoc311myngoc311 - Jan 29, 2015
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