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Write about experience - Description about my Internship

6 - Nurba, much better. It is highly informative without being a lecture for the admissions officer to read. Now you have a...

GraduateNurbavangiespen - 05:39am
Diversity is a beautiful thing. Imagine how boring the world would be if it were homogenous

1 - Your body and ending parts are good and meaningful, but I do not think the first part connects with the following...

UndergraduateAndrewT97lephuc - 04:36am
Traveling to a new places, studying new things and learning more about different culture and psyche

NEW - Name: man g Personal statement: For application of MSc. Oil and gas Engineering (Taught) Date: 29th October 2014 My aptitude...

Graduateman g -
Schools, parents, and students would benefit with the requirements of wearing uniforms

1 - Belongingness Great ideas! I just think that your introduction is too straightforward. It might be better to start with...

Writing Feedbackbivi1222Remansou - 04:13am
Born and bred in Nepal, I am familiar to myriad diseases people fall prey to all year round

8 - Born and bred in Nepal, which is a small and economically poor country, I grew up highly familiar with the illnesses...

Undergraduatesuvekcha19suvekcha19 - 04:13am
IELTS: Decreasing Levels of Fresh Water

7 - Good points. Thank you Meagan! I'll try to observe them in further writings.

Writing FeedbackRemansouRemansou - 04:02am
IELTS Essay: People have always been seeking for their basic needs - Shopping Habits

2 - I don't know how to express my gratitude for your help Louisa . The best feedback I ever received. I learnt...

Writing FeedbackRemansouRemansou - 03:59am
I am keen on focusing on culture and cultural management for my further study

2 - well, yes, thank you so much for your advice, I guess the essay looks better after fixing its chronological order. Would...

GraduateCharlotte2014Charlotte2014 - 02:49am
IELTS: More People Living by Themselves

10 - Congratulation Vettrivel! My exam would be in three weeks. My aim is a 7 so I should do my best....

Writing FeedbackRemansouRemansou - 02:03am
medical treatment ielts test question

6 - Some sectors believe that the budget for health should be emphasized increasing research and medical technolog should be allocated...

Writing Feedbackbteng011284Remansou - 01:55am
Integrating my love for biology and engineering - Which Department in MIT?

1 - I like the content of your first essay, it shows your passion in the field you mentioned. However, you need to...

Undergraduatestarlinksmelramadhani - 12:11am
Good parenting with better schooling, when combined - children will grow into a gem to our society

2 - I think you essay is really good

Writing Feedbackshavaktmbivi1222 - Yesterday
The 'King Kongs' - Caltech - Honor Code Essay

7 - "Hey, Rainbow, can I see your Physics homework?" Ryan asked today. I was halfway to my backpack when I suspected that...

Research Papersstarlinksstarlinks - Yesterday
My bad experiences help me to fight harder and to go after what I want - CBEST essay

2 - To Vangiespen: thank you so much for correcting my essay I really appreciated!!!

Writing Feedbackbivi1222bivi1222 - Yesterday
A Secret Worth Sharing

NEW - Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it's important to you. I have never...

Undergraduatezhuzhu08 -
'sitting on the steps of the Low Memorial Library' - Columbia University essay

5 - I just remembered an anecdote that would connect architecture and my desire for liberal arts! (with your help) Thanks so much....

Undergraduatesenpenguinsenpenguin - Yesterday
"Norouz" - it would be a beautiful celebration for all nations in the world; TOEFL essay

11 - Hamed, your essay writing skills have greatly improved over the time I have been assisting you. Thank you for your faith...

Writing Feedbackhamedmasvangiespen - Yesterday
"choose career you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life" - FIT admission essay

4 - thank you so much!

Undergraduateryleeclarkheyitsrylee - Yesterday
For the past 10 years of my life, I have been deeply involved with my district's 4-H Program

1 - - I feel that this paragraph can be omitted in favor of the next one which is more important since...

Undergraduatearfieldsyvangiespen - Yesterday
I had never expected that Economics would become my dream major - UIUC essay

3 - A few sentences of whole paragraphs about it, either way will work. What is important is that you are able to...

Undergraduatekkkkkryptonvangiespen - Yesterday
The word "Ethiopian" over the years have been manipulated to mean so many things nowadays

5 - i really don't know which parts to shorten but i understand it being too long and cutting out unnecessary parts also...

UndergraduateMismak17Mismak17 - Yesterday
Do we need a teacher to learn English?

4 - Chloe, simply put, you are being asked to explain whether you believe that teachers are necessary for the teaching...

Writing FeedbackChloe121vangiespen - Yesterday
UChicago "untranslatable, personal word: Sobremesa"

4 - Shannon, you will need to use a transition sentence to explain that you are giving an English version of the Spanish...

Undergraduateshannonnmmvangiespen - Yesterday
The sky flamed like an overripe mango; vivid reds and oranges spilling into the horizon.

2 - Sarah, I agree with Shannon in this case. You just need to revise the introduction to the paragraph. I know that...

Undergraduatesingahvangiespen - Yesterday
If I'd follow the path of what society thinks about ways to become successful, I would fail.

3 - That was the prompt i followed but i didnt follow it all the way if you know what i mean i...

Undergraduateqweralokdqweralokd - Yesterday
Expression Through Hair - Common App Essay

1 - Props for a well written essay Kennysha :-) You really wrote a very informative and creative central identity story. Most people...

Undergraduatexeber_97vangiespen - Yesterday
We are not so powerless as it seems - Bentley

6 - Here is the final version.. please let me know how it sounds.. if this is a good essay, that expresses good...

UndergraduateCharphilCharphil - Yesterday
Essay on swimming - it's part of my life - Babson

7 - Louisa, thanks for helping me with this! Below is my final version. I've always thought that being short and...

UndergraduateCharphilCharphil - Yesterday
Grades are the motivation for students to study better, they can create a competitive environment

2 - Vns, your essay, while delivering good reasons to support grades as a motivation for learning, needs a lot of grammatical work....

Writing FeedbackVns9xvangiespen - Yesterday
I had an opportunity to observe many different speech pathologists in many environments

1 - Taylor, depending upon the kind of personal statement that is required by the university, this essay will come out either too...

Graduatetkm0228vangiespen - Yesterday
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