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Personal Statement - UT Austin Essay A

1 - Texasbreed, I once heard these words spoken on a television program "I want my family to be black, not blackish." That...

Undergraduatetexasbreed13vangiespen - 11:15pm
The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?

3 - Thank for your advice. I reorganized some paragraphs of my essay. How is it now? The proliferation of...

Writing Feedbackwilliam731william731 - 11:15pm
SEMESTER AT SEA PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP: In need of any type of feedback!

4 - Your uncle's version is much more direct to the point and in line with the prompt. He answered the question about...

ScholarshipMlykvangiespen - 10:59pm
Rough Draft for Research Paper on Sex Ed!!

NEW - I need help with my rough draft of my research paper about sexual education and teen pregnancy, please!

Essaysolanie -
ApplyTexas Essay B - Circumstance / Conflict In My Life

3 - I like that your essay is personal however I feel it's a little debbie downer in the beginning, so maybe the...

UndergraduateNightTimeRaintexasbreed13 - 10:55pm
Need a peer review for my essay about Deaf education options

2 - Your essay is good and you have solid points but maybe put in some personal experience or feelings if you have...

Writing Feedbackdldewey2texasbreed13 - 10:52pm
Educational Inequality Essay - UT Austin Essay E

2 - Yeah thanks for your feedback. I see all of your points. I just don't really have time to change my topic...

Writing Feedbacktexasbreed13texasbreed13 - 10:50pm
1. alternative forms of medicine.

3 - thank you very much...

Writing Feedbackwirawiriwirawiri - 10:32pm
Personal essay based on specific questions on the university website; Undergraduate Admission

22 - Jang, you actually have some very good themes going on in this essay. I can see the lessons you learned from...

UndergraduateJangGeminivangiespen - 10:25pm
Imagine yourself in a tutorial at Williams. Of anyone in the world, whom would you choose....

5 - Just a few corrections and maybe a suggestion here and there :-) Don't get me wrong, the paper has developed to...

UndergraduateRevtZ_hhvangiespen - 10:11pm
Need help with essay outline about how language impacts society

2 - You might have to do some research on this topic because it is a little broad and maybe talk about how...

EssaysOminous1337texasbreed13 - 09:57pm
Things I Like

1 - What is this essay for? It is good but also brief. Maybe you could expand on some of your points.

EssaysRNDtexasbreed13 - 09:55pm
The little boy- Stanford Supplement

7 - It will help you demonstrate that you are really serious about this but you will need to tie everything together so...

Undergraduategodloveradmission2012 - 09:45pm
The Me I am Today - Common App

3 - Silverw, you have improved the essay a great deal. However, I still have some corrections and suggestions to make for your...

Undergraduatesilverwvangiespen - 09:43pm
IELTS task 1: Line graphs of car theft in 4 different countries

NEW - The line graphs compare the number of car theft per a 1000 vehicles in a four-country from 1990 to 1998....
grad school entrance essay...thoughts or opinions would be appreciated!!!!

1 - - This is a strong introduction. It fully explains your familiarity with the science of human movement and is a...

Graduatehoh1vangiespen - 09:23pm
UNC supplement- A time when I felt love

1 - This is a good essay. What I would recommend is that you use it to bring out your best qualities and...

Writing Feedbackasi677godlover - 09:09pm
The first time I ever...

2 - andre, it would really help us in reviewing your essay if you provided the prompt for this essay. That way we...

Writing Feedbackandre16vangiespen - 08:55pm
Factory treats the workers as machines and workers are suffering from the single and boring everyday

2 - thank you for your advisement, but i have a few questions to ask. first, should i put a comma after...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongAdamtong - 08:46pm
Since its opening, I have always considered Snow Mountain as a place of comfort; common app essay

2 - Thank you so much for your suggestions! I have fixed everything you said. :)

Undergraduateasi677asi677 - 08:36pm
Some think that teenagers are the happiest, others believe that adult life bring more more happiness

4 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing Feedbackwilliam731YULIS - 08:01pm
Another way to paraphrase the word "tuition" in "tuition fee"

2 - Tienin, it sounds like you in dire need of a thesaurus. Another way of saying tuition fee is "matriculation fee". Basically,...

Grammar, UsageTieninvangiespen - 07:14pm
What work of art, music, science, math, or literature has surprised, unsettled, or challenged you?

1 - One nice thing is that the vanishing you mentioned can be considered the only real salvation. Here we are in...

Undergraduatelbhux13EF_Kevin - 06:44pm
"From Gujarat to Georgia" - Biographical Essay for Questbridge

9 - I understand your intentions, and I do genuinely appreciate them. I also appreciate the numerous ways in which you have made...

Scholarshippaku312paku312 - 05:58pm
childhood is the most significant time in an individual's life ((toefl))

1 - Well first of all, there are a lot of spelling/punctuation/grammar errors but those are easy to fix so don't stress about...

EssaysVns9xlbhux13 - 03:09pm
A famous film star or sports personality enjoy the status of hero worship [IELTS Essay]

5 - Thanks zjxhz. I wrote this essay by hand on notebook within 30 minutes. And I made a few corrections while...

Writing Feedbackrythmboyrythmboy - 12:09pm
{TOEFL} Boys and girls should attend separate schools or not ?

1 - It is refreshing to read an essay that talks about the issue of sending boys and girls to separate schools or...

Writing Feedbackhamedmasvangiespen - 11:10am
[TOEFL] One of the best ways that parents can help their teenagechildren prepare for adult life is

2 - Do not use the sentence which is clear like this. It is a good idea to combine to...

Writing Feedbackpenguin7erhamedmas - 10:48am
[TOEFL] Learning a foreign language - is it necessary for children or not ?

5 - Yes, you are right. I missed the most important part of conclusions which was my opinion. Ohoom, I...

Writing Feedbackhamedmashamedmas - 10:44am
Teachers lost their roles in modern education?

5 - thank you.

Writing Feedbacklastskylastsky - 10:42am
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