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PhD motivation letter (Computer Science)

NEW - Hello, I am from Colombia, so my mother tongue is Spanish. I wrote a motivation letter for a PhD position. Could...

Scholarshiprogert -
We shouldn't ignore the underlying danger of spending great amount of time practicing sport; TOEFL

5 - Wow, that's amazing! It is the first time I ever heard that there should be a space after a punctuation... It...

Writing Feedbacklinglinzhanglinglinzhang - 05:48am
IELTS writing task 2: Fixed punishments or the circumstances of an individual crime.

NEW - Hi there! I hope that you can give me some helpful advice and tips regarding my essay writing. I will...

Undergraduatetantadedanaan -
A TOEFL essay."Always telling the truth is the most important consideration ...

NEW - Do you agree or disagree : "Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people "...
I have been an ardent football fanatic ever since I kicked my first football. MBA Sports Mgt Essay

2 - I see no coherent among different paragraphs. So it seems a kind of mess to read the whole essay from start...

Graduateitzamovahid11 - 04:23am
IELTS TASK 2: Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years

4 - Traffic congestion is a major issue in society these days. For this reason, a significant rise significantly in car ownership over...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaeddies - Yesterday
Spend Money for City's Development - quality and a quantity of public service facilities

3 - For this intro, let me share the flow. More attention should be paid on how money should be...

Writing Feedbackmumtazdinareddies - Yesterday
"Your account has been deleted. We hope you come back soon," Facebook said

NEW - This is my transfer supplement for Georgetown. Please give me any advice that you think would help. Also, do not hold...

Undergraduateamei_mei -
FROM 4 LEGS TO 2! How Veterinary medicine led me to Nursing.

3 - Wow! I appreciate your comments so much and agree with all of your edits. Thank you so much.

Undergraduatelelooloolelooloo - Yesterday
It is agonizing to watch such a beautiful country crumble because of the rising violence. UT Austin.

NEW - Choose an issue of importance to you - the issue could be personal, school related, local, political, or international in scope...

Undergraduateyoungfolk2 -
Germany is considered as pioneer country in the field of different science in Europe

2 - Hello my edits and suggestions are below, By this letter I, WASSIM AL ALI, want to explain ( the )...

LetterswassimaliEF_Jasmine - Yesterday
In every learning environment is at least one boisterous student with some behavioural problems.

2 - Hi, here are my suggestions. Disruptive school students have a negative influence on others. Students who are noisy and disobedient...

Writing Feedbackjaclynjaclyn97TJLuschen - Yesterday
People perceive change in different ways. Is it always for the better or not? Is vital for our lives

5 - Thank you all!

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzautumn_waltz - Yesterday
Where words or actions are not able to produce. Parsons The New School Artist Statement revision.

7 - I am not a native speaker, and I'm far from painting, so very carefully I'll try to discuss your essay....

UndergraduateWDantiguaautumn_waltz - Yesterday
'the easily to be damaged nature of water resources' - asking for advice for one sentence.

17 - Sorry, I am having trouble figuring out how the quote system works on this forum - maybe you could enlighten me?...

Grammar, UsagecathyliuTJLuschen - Yesterday
The swift expansion, emergence of industries and businesses, made urban areas become more cramped

4 - I would respectfully disagree with Vns9x - to me the essay is asking for your opinion, what else would it be...

Writing Feedbackanhminh3105TJLuschen - Yesterday
Video surveillance has become commonplace in many countries to reduce crime

3 - Hi, I have made a few suggestions for your writing. It is true that video surveillance has become commonplace in...

Graduateanhminh3105TJLuschen - Yesterday
Being three years old, I started on learning English - nice way of learning poems and singing songs

2 - Hi, your writing is pretty good, but I have made some suggested corrections. Many of your sentences seem a bit...

ScholarshipNat_KilljoyTJLuschen - Yesterday
I'm a biotechnology engineer, who has big ambition and many motives to prove himself - Motiv. letter

2 - who has big ambitions and many motives to prove himself... Also, I work in the weight section... in addition,...

GraduateAhmad Khanhminh3105 - Yesterday
Study once specialist subject or a series of subjects in universitiy

7 - (I don't know why when I read your conclusion, it seems that I repeat some...

Writing FeedbackmumtazdinarAnfalia - Yesterday
Universities' aims should provide more opportunities for students to study their own shake

5 - Always pay attention to "singular&plural". Good Luck!!

Writing FeedbackshintacandradeAnfalia - Yesterday

4 - overall, this paragraph seems confusing, this idea is the same as the previous paragraph. (many verbs...

Writing FeedbackPutriAnfalia - Yesterday
No two persons ever read the same book - TEXAS A&M topic A essay

2 - id like to start by asking if you can provide the essay instructions so me or anyone in the forum can...

UndergraduatedwwiratamaWDantigua - Feb 26, 2015
"Doing it like a girl" - My summary analysis of #likeagirl commercial

5 - Thank you very much Jasmine :)

Writing Feedbackahmedissaahmedissa - Feb 26, 2015
College students and debt; financial aid, college expenses, work study and academics, students debt

2 - College students and debt is a timely topic and one in dire needs of more coverage. So, kudos on picking that...

Undergraduatebchris321EF_Sheri - Feb 26, 2015
Georgetown Transfer Essay: Asian American Identity Crisis (Also can't think of a witty closer)

2 - Hello! Reading your essay has been a pleasure. It is unique, refreshing. Very little needs to be changed. I have made...

UndergraduatedendenkimEF_Sheri - Feb 26, 2015
the prestigious learning environment - Temple University's excellent resources

2 - Hello! My edits and revisions are below: When I think of Temple University, the aspect that (is the most impressive)...

UndergraduateRawoyeraEF_Jasmine - Feb 26, 2015
'genetics is the subset of biology' - why Columbia? "Broadening scientific horizons"

2 - Hi junersol194! Yes, overall the response is great--only a few areas that can be improved. I've made suggestions below....

Undergraduatejungersol194EF_Sheri - Feb 26, 2015
Money is a loyal servant or a cruel master; it depends on the way that you use and consider it.

4 - NO. You should write it short and do not lengthen so that it will o.k

Writing Feedbacktuanbmt987hunhann - Feb 26, 2015
Senioritis - a term used to describe the lack of motivation displayed by students

2 - i think you must consider carefully the right reason why you transfer then show those on your essay: for your future...

Undergraduateaikoashiyafanmanga1990 - Feb 25, 2015
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