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Nowadays' communication

2 - Let is assume, replace let is with lets. Maybe put a little more on the end.

UndergraduateVns9xRawrKiwiz - 01:31pm

NEW - Little pigs, french hens, a family of bears. Blind mice, musketeers, the Fates. Parts of an atom, laws of thought, a...

Undergraduatealiefmoulana -
My Mothers Accident- A Common Application

1 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

UndergraduateKarlyCaliefmoulana - 12:49pm
Explanation of Gap Year (COMMONAPP)

NEW - Please use the space below to provide details of the applicable situation (interrupted education for gap year). You may enter up...

Undergraduatealiefmoulana -
relationships, brotherhood, environment - Three main advantages for living in a small community

1 - In my opinion, there were three main advantages. Firstly, people lived in a small community knew everyone around them, which meant...

UndergraduateTHANHDANGaliefmoulana - 11:22am
Campus Construction - Renovation of the UET Peshawar building

1 - To guarantee qualitative improvement of UET Peshawar building, all departments' buildings will be renovated within 3 years, so that the external...

UndergraduateMudassiraliefmoulana - 11:01am
medical treatment ielts test question

5 - thank you for response, i learn a lot,

Writing Feedbackbteng011284bteng011284 - 10:46am
"Observe the Global Warming " - An intellectual experience. Dartmouth supplement

2 - Many thinks. Your advice is very helpful! :)

Undergraduatedominic_jiangdominic_jiang - 10:12am
"Taipei Tokyo, how can I help you" - Inside my parent's take-out restaurant - Common App

23 - can you help me make it flow better? I feel like it is not very well written for some reason. What...

Undergraduateorangecoolattaorangecoolatta - 09:34am
Fascinated by accredited computer science program / Nigeria - Syracuse University essays

2 - I made some revisions to the first essay: 1. Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University? In...

UndergraduateDapocalypse7Dapocalypse7 - 07:52am
"My friend, Angel" An essay about how I thought of her from day one until now

NEW - Can you check this essay I wrote? this is like my first time to write about a person... thanks! My...
futuristic city vs marvelous artifacts - historical building IELTS essay

3 - Well, this writing is good. However, this lacks specific examples for both para 3 and 4. As you can see from...

Writing Feedbackbteng011284eddies - 07:03am
TOEFL - Doing homework every day, like the light of the sun, can furnish students with advantages

1 - First and foremost, i like your essay and have a strong belief that you will obtain high mark in this part....

Writing Feedbackace0dreamVns9x - 06:38am
My Father's Dedication - my values and principles were altered because of him

1 - good essay just a couple of grammatical errors: My father is the most dedicating person I've ever known My father is...

UndergraduatemelramadhaniDapocalypse7 - 05:14am
"Where are you from?" I have never been able to answer easily - Computer Science Common Application

1 - Good essay but you made a few grammatical errors: foreign language speaking (French and Spanish) speaking foreign languages (french...

UndergraduatesandershihackerDapocalypse7 - 05:10am
Family of doctor and geophysicist - international student/ penn state personal statement

2 - Thank you for the help

UndergraduateDapocalypse7Dapocalypse7 - 05:00am
"choose career you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life" - FIT admission essay

1 - While I was growing up As a kid, Mention the name of the game. In this game...

Undergraduateryleeclarkcollegeplease - 03:47am
Penn M&T Supplement Essay - Robotics, Business, and Engineering

4 - Your essay was amazing! I honestly have little critiques. In the second paragraph, I would probably delete the "but" before...

Undergraduatehmaycollegeplease - 03:33am
MIT Supplements: Culture/Activity for Pleasure/Department/Attribute/Challenge

3 - Thank you for the feedback! Really appreciate it!

Undergraduatecollegepleasecollegeplease - 03:05am
IELTS - nowadays human activities are influenced by computer use; computers are more of a hindrance?

2 - This essay is good. However, this contains grammar issues affecting the flow of the sentences. A closer look at this:...

Writing FeedbackMann_mseddies - 01:44am
I believe in laughter. Stanford Supplement Essay

2 - What an amazing essay! A few minor things .. As melramadhani indicated, the flow does break a tad when you...

UndergraduateLucy2457arp - 01:12am
"Eat Veggies, Not Friends" - Vegan Roommate - Stanford Essay (Supplement)

2 - I enjoyed reading your essay. If I woke you up at 4 AM, and asked you to tell me one thing...

UndergraduateLucy2457arp - 12:58am
Chevening Scholarships: 4 questions essay. Personal statement and Academic Background

3 - UPDATED VERSION!! question 2 In a world where nothing can be under complete control, I took the one thing that I...

Scholarshipfp2014fp2014 - 12:56am
The silence was deafening. Tennis court - Common App Essay

1 - This is genuinely wonderful. It is captivating and personal, just what schools are looking for. There are only a few grammatical...

UndergraduateliomioLucy2457 - Yesterday
People can easily achieve success unless they have two prominent aspects: talent and hard effort

1 - Every person has dreams of success in his/her career. a dominant factor of success The idea...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaeddies - Yesterday
'At least try once' - An essay about mundane topics

2 - Thanks. I will look at it. Is there any thing that seems non native to you? I'm not a native speaker....

Writing Feedbackcalvinluo1997calvinluo1997 - Yesterday
The Death of Ivan Ilyich; UVA supplement

6 - Dear Vangiespen, I find that your suggestion is quite inspiring. However, I could not fully understand what you mean by "The...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997nicolezmh1997 - Yesterday
industrial and interaction design / grown man who is doing what he loves - Syracuse Questions

2 - Thanks so much for the help, I am reading yours now!

UndergraduateKevstevbotKevstevbot - Yesterday
TOEFL: It is better to wait in patience than take action.

11 - Thanks for your targeted critiques indeed! Could you point out some word fillers from the essay?You mean it is unneccessary to...

Writing FeedbackDieselDiesel - Yesterday
It all started with a joke - common app

14 - Thanks for your prompt reply, Vangiespen! However, I felt the conclusion is too strong on the country parts. Because what i...

Undergraduatefionaleeeeefionaleeeee - Yesterday
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