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TOEFL_The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Do you agree?

12 - Dear eddies, I have thought that using different concluding signals might help to make the eassay look better, but actually not,...

Writing FeedbackFor a voyFor a voy - 06:22am
IELTS: The pie charts indicate different percentages of expenditure on seven items

NEW - The pie charts indicate different percentages of expenditure on seven items in US from 1966 to 1996. It is obvious...

Writing Feedbackdigitalidea -
IELTS; Schools greatest failure is that it focuses too intensely on academic subjects

7 - This essay will lose many scores in Task Response. Firstly, the teaching methods at schools should be more effectively projected...

Writing FeedbackSagar1004digitalidea - 06:19am
IELTS - Effect of movies and computer games containing violence

5 - they have significant negative impact on the society

Writing Feedbackmsarkardigitalidea - 06:01am
IELTS ESSAY; Some people believe that cell phones should be for personal use only

4 - family members in a long distance relationship

Writing Feedbackdevabe2005digitalidea - 04:51am
Ielts - fast food is good or bad?

9 - read sample essays as many as possible as you will learn how ielts essay should written. Government and...

Writing FeedbackHelpmeeteddies - 03:26am
TOEFL -advices from senior people are more valuable than from people at our age

3 - This contains 501 words. Is the essay written in 30 minutes? direct quote might be acceptable. However, it is...

Writing Feedbackjamie3160003eddies - 03:14am
The importance of utilizing advisement globally continues to increase each year

4 - this is always followed by plural noun After you Log on to EF, have a look at the new...

Writing Feedbackdondon26eddies - 03:07am
IELTS - Talent is one of the awesome things in the world

5 - are you sure that this is the part of the question asked? Please check it. I didn't...

Writing FeedbackFlower777eddies - 03:03am
Topic: Which better? Living in a city or living in the country? why (150 words)

1 - brings about many opportunities to develop and promote... of development and promotion is the number one option for people...

Writing FeedbackNamkeoxizon7777 - 03:00am
IELTS 2- insufficient respect is shown to older people

3 - These are not a good grasp of colloquial language. Possible solution: Get some lessons for...

Writing Feedbackandialeddies - 02:56am
'I'm a control freak' - Common App Essay - "environment where you are content..."

5 - No problemo! BDW, if you don't mind sharing, how come you are using the Common App now? It was my understanding...

UndergraduateLBMheythere11 - 02:53am
Looking back on your high school years - Essay for Ashoka University

2 - Hey Matthew! Thanks a bunch for your reviews of all three of my essays. They were EXTREMELY helpful!! If...

Undergraduateheythere11heythere11 - 02:52am
Ielts: Mobile phones facilitate our work and also simplify our lives

3 - What do you mean by contacting? Phoning, chatting or video calling? Phoning was ago. Nowadays, some students prefer using a...

Writing Feedbackzizi1107eddies - 02:33am
Spending more money in public transportation should be improved early

3 - Therefore, I would argue that governments should categorize issues by putting them in orders, and public transportation should be the...

Writing Feedbackpe5167eddies - 02:22am
[TOEFL]People who cannot accept the criticism from others will not be successful

3 - the criticism enables youpeople to be aware of others' opinion | other opinions. I prefer using the world people instead of...

Writing FeedbackCute Scotteddies - 02:18am
TOEFL - automobiles have changed our lives

4 - When writing a conclusion for task 2, I always start with the words "In conclusion". There's no reason why you...

Writing Feedbackshreyansh13eddies - 02:03am
task 2 for ielts: the wealth sharing among countries always have two sides

4 - Are you sure this part of the question asked? please check it You don't need to write more...

Writing FeedbackTuti gunnereddies - 01:56am
IELTS Task 2: permit of women to run career in army must be supported

4 - plural form numbers of armies | number armies this is too vague as an example. Always have journalistic questions...

Writing FeedbackMisnariah Idruseddies - 01:47am
IELTS Task 2. Less Homework Means Less Stress for Children

4 - one word is always better than two-three words. Many paired words affect the readability level When writing a...

Writing FeedbackMisnariah Idruseddies - 01:44am
IELTS Task 2. Where Talent Comes From

8 - have a look at the bold ones. I think you fail when using references. What they refer to? parents or...

Writing FeedbackMisnariah Idruseddies - 01:41am
Oil discovery has been most beneficial for people in Iran

5 - We are very grateful to an abundant oil supply given by the almighty. It effects the future nation prosperity generally...

Writing FeedbacksomiSHanafi - 12:33am
Advantages and disadvantages of advertisement ?

2 - thanks for the reply and suggestion.

Writing Feedbackemonabinemonabin - 12:19am
Extinction of some languages will make life easier through improving the efficiency and employment

7 - IELTS is a proficiency test. In other words, a test for accuracy. Even native speakers can't achieve 8 in all sub-tests....

Writing Feedbackkevin1983JethroJosh - Yesterday
Should people be allowed to have cosmetic surgery before the age of 18?

NEW - With the application of science and technology in medicine, people, especially youngsters, are becoming more aware of cosmetic surgery. According to...

Writing Feedbackhwabatte -
I believe that society has been helped by the invention of the Internet

5 - I think this example is still general. Use journalistic questions to construct your specific example, by asking: how many? what?...

Writing Feedbackpntncareddies - Yesterday
Most people believe that adult should provide all child demands, because they not are independent

4 - I cannot catch this point. Can you make it clear? What do you mean by free here? there are...

Writing Feedbackhamedmaseddies - Yesterday
4 types of landfill waste in Molovia, Bratistan, Atlantis, Senia and Vatania

6 - the .... est + noun followed by in/of/that, e.g the smallest category in this type. grammar problem....

Writing FeedbackHang Leeddies - Yesterday
TOEFL: Technology has not made children less crative than they were in the past

3 - Write a concluding signal, like: In conclusion,... This is important to show that you will end your essay....

Writing FeedbackDearbhailSeddies - Yesterday
TOEFL: 'career preparation' - reasons why people attend to schools

5 - a subject and verb agreement. Write: These universities play | The university plays write: a library |...

Writing Feedbackbriskyeddies - Yesterday
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