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Public speaking fears - UW madison essay

1 - This is a great subject, and I think it fits in well with the prompt. Here are a few fixes:...

UndergraduatefarronEF_Susan - 02:38pm
'I wish to become a Lincesed Practical Nurse' - LPN entrance essay

NEW - the essay below must answer three questions, Why do you wish to become a nurse, Why do you believe you will...
"Tall Dreams, Short Arms" - QUESTBRIDGE Bio Essay

2 - [font#0000FF]A bit of advice, drop the comparison to Napoleon Bonaparte as it does not help move your essay along and is...

Undergraduatekjoalvey67parsonsss - 01:59pm
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer" - my essay for FIT

4 - thank you

Undergraduateparsonsssparsonsss - 01:54pm
Work and travel for a year? - do not forget to read enough books and improve your knowledge

2 - Some constructive criticism for you to consider :-) There are tremendous amounts of grammatical errors in this paper that would get...

Writing FeedbackGaziFvangiespen - 11:59am
'how to apply and what to write?' - Self introduction essay for KGSP scholarship

3 - Then tell them what course you plan to take and how the scholarship can help you achieve that. It is important...

ScholarshipLeighvangiespen - 11:19am
IELTS : intelligent machines replacing human beings : advantages and disadvantages

4 - Pyon9x, you can talk about Henry Ford and how he decided that creating a factory line would make cars more affordable...

Writing FeedbackPyon9xvangiespen - 11:01am
No one understands you more than yourself, so do not waste too much time trying to be someone else

5 - Well, the TOEFL is more for American studies while the IETLS is for Canadian/British/Australian studies. So it really depends upon whether...

Writing Feedbackjackthomasvangiespen - 10:57am
The feeling you get once you achieve something is extraordinary... my first motivation letter

2 - Thank you for your great help.

Lettersmatar770matar770 - 10:12am
IELTS: 'various jobs can't be limited to a gender'; more women are taking over traditional male work

3 - excuse me but i get confused here... as i saw from the topic, they ask you to answer Why do...

Writing Feedbackstephy7658Pyon9x - 09:38am
Competitive children can archive more in their adult life; competition or co-operation?

2 - Thanks for the corrections! now they know how and what to do in situations when they should show why...

UndergraduateGaziFGaziF - 07:54am
Doing activities in a short time or live life in slow pace?

2 - thank you Gazif I think while is used with a subject and a verb and during is a...

Writing Feedbackhamedmashamedmas - 07:32am
Retail cashier job - my very first job experience

1 - Before I begin, I have a question. What is the essay supposed to be about? Is it about an experience of...

Writing Feedbackmrszlexilanderoanthonysw - 03:59am
My goal is having lots of money to help homeless as well as poor people - success definition

4 - Thank you for you comment :) I think my latter sentence emphasizes what I mean, why I am luckier than others....

Undergraduateguanin_1503guanin_1503 - 03:46am
IELTS : The examination for alternative energy sources : beneficial or harmful?

6 - Ok...... you are correct - I can see it needs more explanation, my mistake :( ....... Here how...

Writing FeedbackPyon9xdumi - 12:37am
'we should restore the time devoted to weather and local news to its former level' - GRE essay

3 - Cancellation is singular form. Since you are talking about more than one advertisement being cancelled, it goes into plural form. The...

Writing FeedbackMysoonvangiespen - Yesterday
22 years in the pursuit of my dreams - evaluate my SOP for Grad school

2 - Thanks a lot...:)

Graduatealliswell123alliswell123 - Yesterday
William Faulkner once said... Senator Nomination Prompt - Service Academy

3 - I think you should focus on the main point that cause you to become interested in the naval academy instead of...

Undergraduatebigdaddyholdenitzvt - Yesterday
Lucked out of the gaokao ; UW Madison Admisson Essay

4 - One way you could improve it is by concentrating on the fact that you do not need to take any qualifying...

UndergraduateDavid1vangiespen - Yesterday
'The assignment was to make a family tree, and there were two boxes above my name: mom and dad'

1 - The essay is already perfect, so I'll give a few comments based on my own prejudices. : )...

UndergraduategilliangEF_Kevin - Yesterday
Arts and public services are both important to the community and should be invested properly - IELTS

10 - I have just found it on Appstore and installing it, It seems good as it has 4.5/5 star. Thanks for your...

Writing Feedbackvincentfreemanvincentfreeman - Yesterday
Ielts: Modern technogy has impacted the traditional cultures in both negative and positive ways.

8 - Thank you very much my bro. I am pretty sure that I will need your help. I will follow your advice...

Writing Feedbackvincentfreemanvincentfreeman - Yesterday
Issues to find the truth of a young boy's guilt or innocence - Twelve Angry Men: Text response essay

1 - In my opinion, you did a very good job of answering the essay prompt. You not only presented evidence to show...

Book Reportsnewton2ndvangiespen - Yesterday
I gave my hand to a helpless man - Common App Belief essay

1 - The overall theme of the essay is more of a transition to adulthood since you decided to help somebody that no...

Undergraduatesamkazmivangiespen - Yesterday
Ielts: Is it necessary to teach children handwriting?

6 - Despite the convenience from up-to-date facilities of using high tech methods in writing , handwriting still plays a vital role in...

Writing Feedbackningodumi - Yesterday
GRE essay: Many important discoveries or creations are accidental

2 - This is not a strong hook as it does not contain much meaning :( Some people would argue that...

Writing Feedbackasdsa111dumi - Yesterday
Internet will help student only if he has a desire to study

5 - This is not a strong hook to open your essay. Your first sentence of the essay is a very important...

Writing Feedbackrassuldumi - Yesterday
[TOEFL] Every experience always gives us something to learn and keep for life

4 - I think you need to fine tune your approach on the introduction. You should have introduced the issue to the...

Writing Feedbacksky2586dumi - Yesterday
Ielts writing task1 - percentages of population and wealth in world

4 - Well, if this is for IELTS TASK1, you should have uploaded your graphs to enable us providing you with more meaningful...

Writing Feedbackhandsome7boydumi - Yesterday
What God thinks about it? - Why cosmetic surgery must be banned

2 - Many people believe that cosmetic surgeries help them strengthen their relationships and pave the for a happier life. However,...

Essaysgerrarddumi - Yesterday
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