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Statement of Interest for MPhil Development Studies (My experiences working in North Korea)

2 - first-hand the complexities in my mind

Graduatecanteaussarasajedi - 03:59pm
The rain water is sending for purification to a treatment plant, then goes to houses for drinking

5 - can be seen can be observed In any case in both cases

Writing Feedbackirhamesarasajedi - 03:54pm
Growing up in Poland and then after 17 years applying to the US colleges - Tufts Supplement Essay #2

3 - Thank you for the help

Undergraduatekarol16688karol16688 - 03:30pm
MBA Application essay explaining low GPA

5 - - ..when the going gets tough. - quittingto quit is very easy. - I wanted to give...

Graduatemattapattujustivy03 - 03:25pm
Executive and co-founder of the Information and Communication Technology Students Association

5 - @Nana, I read your essay and I feel bad that there is a word count restriction as this will limit you...

ScholarshipNana Yaw Asantejustivy03 - 03:08pm
Busy and the most sensitive summer 15 when something had been changed - Personal Essay

5 - Thanks a lot.

Undergraduatealimf95alimf95 - 02:59pm
My Motivations is Study abroad and Significant Experience - Personal Statement KGSP

NEW - Hello everyone , I am applying for KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program) and this is my personal statement. - Motivations...

ScholarshipNrdkize -
Violent crime among youngsters under the age of 18

3 - A recent study an in increase in the number of crime rates throughout the youngsters under 18 years old. The mainly...

Writing Feedbackanggicarootmack1738 - 02:54pm
International Relations - statement of purpose (undergraduate program)

6 - -....rapidly changing/modernized (which one is better??) ( In this sentence "rapidly" is more appropriate ) - ...important figures'( in "figures", an...

UndergraduateJustineMahone12justivy03 - 02:54pm
An activist of veganism - College Application Essay / Following The Prompt?

5 - Vangiespen, I revised my essay a little with your comments in mind. Thank you so much for your help! Wondering...

Undergraduatemack1738mack1738 - 02:44pm
Dropping grades and then recovery - to overcome my procrastination and the lazy lifestyle

3 - Wow, I didn't really think it was all that great which is why I didn't try as much as I could...

Undergraduatetheninjacrabtheninjacrab - 02:21pm
Master of Fine Art in Graphic Design; COMMON APP

4 - Hello there, I'd like to help enhance the last part of your essay as some of the EF contributors did the...

Graduatetoobashahriarjustivy03 - 02:14pm
Advanced Computer Architecture / Electronic Devices - Review SOP for MS in VLSI

5 - 2nd paragraph: - ...have helped me ato build.... 4th paragraph: -These ,I feelbelieve, - ...and appreciate the hard work that...

Graduatenpkuljustivy03 - 01:51pm
I know it's corny, but be completely honest. If it is trash, then say so or suggest changes.

4 - Hi @cjones, I hope my help is not too late, so here it is; - Going to college has always...

Undergraduatecjones1597justivy03 - 01:34pm
How I managed to understand this phrase: "Practice makes perfection" - 'challenge' scholarship essay

4 - - From tendera very young age, - ..skills in ICT. ( it will help if you can elaborate what "ICT"...

ScholarshipNana Yaw Asantejustivy03 - 12:58pm
SOCIAL MEDIA - Blessing & Curse; Undergraduate Essay-Challenging a Belief or Idea

3 - - ...and thus its far more difficult to avoid. - In This way, - On onethe other hand, - ...vulnerable...

Undergraduatemdr18justivy03 - 12:44pm
The Tourism Destroyed by The Tourist - Task 2 for IELTS

NEW - Some people say that tourism has many negative effects on the countries that people travel to. How true is this statement?...

Writing FeedbackClark Kent -
I had made a deal with my father - he bought me a computer (I won the deal) - KGSP 2016 essay

4 - Dear Louisa, Thanks for your suggestions. I have rewritten the letter with corrections. Please review the letter so that I can...

ScholarshipAlif BiswasAlif Biswas - 12:27pm
Safe the Tourism Object

NEW - Some people say that tourism has many negative effects on the countries that people travel to. How true is this statement?...

Writing Feedbackmujahid_fadli -
"Its easy to make a buck, its a lot tougher to make a difference"- Masters of Public Admin entrance

3 - - This is something my Mother saidtold to me... - UninterestedI was not at first, - ...know with the...

Graduatevikkivpjustivy03 - 12:11pm
There are three treatments to purify water: dam, waste and storm water

NEW - The diagram illustrates the ways to reused rainwater. Overall, it can be seen that there are three treatments to purifying water...
How far do you agree that Music needs words to be of any interest?

NEW - "Where words fail, Music speaks." The line quoted by Hans Christian Andersen definitely sheds some light on the polemical question, "Does...

Writing FeedbackMilaskha99 -
World Wide Web and TV lead to immense influence of people lives then parliamentarians

4 - Each time you emulate what I show you in the corrections, you show a talent for improving your writing based upon...

Writing Feedbackhasbivangiespen - 11:09am
The mass media affected people's society bigger than another - even more than politicians

3 - hi..irhamee.,., i think you should pay attentian and understand the topic before you writing,., The recent research has shown...

Writing Feedbackirhamehasbi - 10:57am
How talent shows find a legend

4 - Hello Mr Ejepe. let's start with an article (you should pay more attention to the words that should have article a,...

Writing FeedbackEjepeClark Kent - 09:54am
IELTS Task 2 : The Effects of Tourism and How to Reduce Negative Impacts of It

2 - hi ...aniani.. I think the tourism will bring more positive effectsimpacts than negative impacts. The predominant factors resulting in...

Writing Feedbackanianihasbi - 09:52am
Singing talent show program in television - IELTS TASK 2

4 - Hallo Jida, fancy seeing your writing in Essay Forum. Keep struggle with your idea. I would give some correction to...

Writing FeedbackJIDAmujahid_fadli - 09:40am
Is smoking bad? Nicotine Addiction essay.

5 - This is my essay and my level is intermediate. Hope you can correct my essay and contribute your own idea....

Writing Feedbacktpkhaihasbi - 09:20am
IELTS Task 2 : Talented Shows on TV, Are They Good Method or Just Entertainment?

4 - Hallo Ani, fancy seeing your writing in essay forum. I would give some correction. Generally, your idea is great. In...

Writing Feedbackanianimujahid_fadli - 09:14am
It's Not All About Entertainment

6 - Dear Mr. Mujahid, there are some correction that i have prepared to you. I hope you can more focus on the...

Writing Feedbackmujahid_fadliClark Kent - 08:10am
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