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REVISED ESSAY - UT Issue of Importance

NEW - Education is the most significant segment of humanity. Education insists on creating a better future for those that obtain it. Yet,...

Undergraduatetexasbreed13 -
IELTS TASK 2: Public health and related measurements.

5 - I think you should not put your opinion in body paragraphs it is better to write it in conclusion paragraph. "...

Writing Feedbackvincentfreemanhsamadii - 01:37am
have i used correct grammar?

2 - - Isha, is this the essay prompt? Are you supposed to present a generalized discussion about yourself? Is there a...

Grammar, UsageIschavangiespen - 01:00am
"You have put in the miles..." Cross-Country Running (College Essay)

3 - I am wondering what the prompt is for this essay? If you can tell me what it is, I will be...

UndergraduateLPMGvangiespen - Yesterday
ielts task2: Tests and examinations are a central feature of school systems in many countries.

1 - for apprase -> to appraise (appraise is a verb, its noun is appraisal, "for" can not go with a...

Writing Feedbackcloverievincentfreeman - Yesterday
My life goal is to have a Computer Engineering degree and go to North Texas University

5 - - This is a very weak introduction. It does not really provide a strong thesis statement for you. There is...

Undergraduateswatleader617vangiespen - Yesterday
New Orleans crossed through my mind - Why Tulane Essay

6 - Hashim, the comment that you read about personal experience was from the blog of one admission officer. That is not necessarily...

Undergraduatehashimsyed17vangiespen - Yesterday
My personal, academic, challenges, and leadership essays need review


ScholarshipModewapModewap - Yesterday
REVISED ESSAY - UT Personal Statement

1 - I see an apostrophe in front of that first word, must be a typo. Also, if you are quoting...

Undergraduatetexasbreed13EF_Kevin - Yesterday
IELTS: Young people are not fit for key roles until they are well-trained and mature enough

4 - thank you very much

Writing Feedbackmarisamengmarisameng - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2 : Happiness!

3 - Firstly,i am not the IELTS taker. However, i consider your essay pretty short. Consequently, my advice for you is to allot...

Writing FeedbackbayratakVns9x - Yesterday
Separating Male and female !

1 - "First and uppermost, tremendous people must agree with me that is it inevitable to encounter with both female and male in...

Writing FeedbackVns9xhsamadii - Yesterday
Discuss your academic goals and how American University would help you achieve them??

1 - Well done! However, there are some British words in your speech. Therefore, i suppose you should consider whether it is an...

Writing FeedbackrestinpizzaVns9x - Yesterday
experience vs. taking advice

1 - First of all, you have to at least paraphrase the statement. Otherwise, it will either show the raters that you do...

Writing Feedbacksahar_hmd1363Vns9x - Yesterday
I believe the most important problems affecting our society today can be solved within our lifetime

3 - My grandmother always says to us change says to said In the first sentence, the punctuation is all over the...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongrestinpizza - Yesterday
Address with some specificity your own wishes and how they relate to UChicago.

2 - Thanks I will take your points. Vangiespen, what do you think?

UndergraduateAnouar_1Anouar_1 - Yesterday
"Hey man, you should check out Baylor" - supplement essay

3 - Hey so I think for this essay you need to really consider your audience and discuss why Baylor will actually be...

Undergraduatesupreeth97texasbreed13 - Yesterday
Old Friends VS. New Friends

3 - relation vs. relationship Relations is used in more formal writing and tends to be used more of the interactions between...

Writing FeedbackKasra1992sahar_hmd1363 - Yesterday
'I always used to be a curious person' - scholarship in manufacturing engineering; motivation letter

17 - I would like to thank you for your support, it really helps me to improve my skills in writing. And...

ScholarshipAyman HussienAyman Hussien - Yesterday
Exposure to foreign language at primary school should be encouraged as much as possible - IELTS

8 - Sure:) I will do my best to help you:)) Because, my exam is also very soon and I understand you:) Mainly,...

Writing FeedbackvincentfreemanAbdurasul - Yesterday
the children full of hope (COMMON APP ESSAY)

5 - Great essay, thanks for sharing here I had never found any correction, I love the way that you had written.

UndergraduategodloverJessieCarpenter - Yesterday
This essay is going to explain the pros and cons of learning a foreign language at primary school

5 - Read your article, I found many words that you had selected is very long so instead of that try to frame...

Writing FeedbackjennyleJessieCarpenter - Yesterday
I strongly believe that primary school is the best time for children to learn a foreign language

2 - Try to make your paragraph more accurate by replacing it with proper word formations.

Writing FeedbackhsamadiiJessieCarpenter - Yesterday
'Why? It is the question of a child'; motivation letter for a Master in Material Science

3 - I had read the article and it is very well written thanks for sharing this here, I had read a lot...

Lettersnash_cJessieCarpenter - Yesterday
Honesty is always the most important consideration in any relationship - statement essay

8 - thanks, dear pen. I have written a new essay, and I'm kinda proud of it. I would appreciate your supervision:-)...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongAdamtong - Yesterday
IELTS In my opinion government help should be given to those who work on art that is less commercial

3 - You said that there is a small mistake. Could you please point it out for me? It is not...

Writing FeedbackSAM2014SAM2014 - Yesterday
'Never has food failed to attract people's eyes' - I prefer cooking at home; TOEFL essay

2 - The last but not the least Last but not least, preparing food is an excellent activity to enhance the emotional relationship...

Writing Feedbacksanxiawu00masih65 - Yesterday
Upcoming plan of our neigborhood

2 - I think your introduction should be general for example talk about construction how it gonna be noisy and then it will...

Writing FeedbackVns9xnosha - Yesterday
People should satisfy with their destiny because we can not change - Toefl exam essay

2 - thanks for your note I will try to do better... that sound good good luck,, could I ask you about...

Writing Feedbacknoshanosha - Yesterday
TOEFL: "My shy girlfriend" - people should be honest

12 - OMG! OMG! very vivid and convincing! OMG! I can't help but burst into laughter in the library!

Writing FeedbacknickyzhiAdamtong - Yesterday
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