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The diagrams demonstrate the design of turbine and ideal areas to produce electricity

3 - Hi @alif! 1) 2)

Writing FeedbackalifHettymsk - 10:55am
The number of women who gave birth to children between 1981 to 2006

NEW - The table shows changes in the number of women aged 40-44 years who gave birth to children in Australia during the...

Writing FeedbackHettymsk -
Some people consider their pets as part of their families and treat them like their own babies

4 - Hi @phyuphyu!

Writing FeedbackPhyuPhyuHettymsk - 10:46am
Learning how to be a good member in society through the (obligatory?) community service program

6 - Hi @MuhammadImho! I would like to give you some suggestions: 1) Some people believe that it should be to...

Writing FeedbackMuhammadImhoHettymsk - 10:42am
Eating too much fast food is a bad habit that need to be stopped

NEW - In some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast...

Writing FeedbackHettymsk -
The optimum location for wind turbine is in high land as the wind strengths are maximum

6 - Hello @Stacy handayani! I am going to give you some suggestions: 1) 2) To build a wind...

Writing FeedbackStacy HandayaniHettymsk - 10:19am
Living for today is better than living for tomorrow

4 - Hello @Naph! I am going to give you some suggestions regarding your essay: 1) So it's again about...

Writing FeedbackNaphHettymsk - 10:11am
IELTS Task 1 - Changes in levels of exports in Southland in 2000, 2015, and prediction of 2025

NEW - The bar chart illustrates changes in levels of main exports in Southland in 2000, 2015, and prediction of 2025 and is...

Writing FeedbackHettymsk -
The annual number of rentals and sales (in various formats) of films

4 - Hi @thutyedaniel! I hope it will be useful to you^^ Keep writing

Writing FeedbackthutyedanielHettymsk - 09:53am
Responsibility for helping poorer nations should also cover education of their society

2 - Hi @faarayad! I would like to give you suggestion I hope it will be useful for you...

Writing FeedbackfaarasyadHettymsk - 09:47am
IELTS Writing Task 2 - People get into debt for buying unnecessary things

2 - Peace be with you Hesti, Let me give you some suggestion about your writing. Be careful with "double...

Writing FeedbackHettymskAinunAlfatih - 09:12am
The percentage of number of children in Australia, whose mothers were between 40 and 44 years old

2 - - However, 1981 saw the lowest rate of children who wasare born byfrom a woman aged 40-44 with the rate at...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 04:32am
Southland's Main Exports in 2000 and 2015, and Projections for 2025 - IELTS

2 - - Moving to a more detailed analysis, meat products reached its highest level at almost 10 billionin 2000 and then there...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 04:19am
'Expertise in transportation systems' - Statement of Purpose - Masters in Germany

3 - Thank you!!!

Graduateraillroadraillroad - 04:19am
Sales proportion for four different retail products in New Zealand

2 - - The pie charts give information about the sales proportion for 4 retail products in New Zealand which werepurchased online during...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 03:45am
Using Technology to Monitor People what they do

2 - - In the present eradays ( "era" is a very outdated form of writing when referring to age and this is...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 03:29am
People Who Refuse to Pay Tax to The State

2 - - In general, people tend to be extremely critical when it comes to their financialfinances. - I narrow bunch...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 03:10am
Changes in the levels of rentals and sales of films in a particular store

2 - - The bar chart gives information about thechanges ofthe levels of rentals and sales of films in VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray...

Writing FeedbackHettymskjustivy03 - 02:47am
Does modern lifestyle make parents abandon their children?

2 - When I was child, both my parents were working, and I was left to babysitter. Yet since we lived in countryside,...

Writing FeedbackHettymskTrias - 01:23am
People in Five Different Occupations Sleeping Patterns according to a Canadian study

2 - Trias this is yet another great article, you leaned on the facts and figures and you brought analytical finding just as...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 12:55am
IELTS Writing Task 2 - Is it fair to use animal for human well-being?

3 - Based on some people's opinion it is what animals are created for Some people hold the opinion that it is what...

Writing FeedbackHettymskTrias - 12:50am
Task 1: The bar chart compares the number of film rentals and sales

2 - It stood at solely 500,000 copies in 2002. Then, after peaking at roughly 215,000 copies in 2007, the figure of...

Writing FeedbackAdhistiTrias - 12:37am
A Higher Tax on Fast Food and what would be the impact on people's health

2 - - FirstlyFirst, the tax for fast food is paid by the customers. - For example people in Indonesia originally have...

Writing FeedbackTriasjustivy03 - 12:34am
Whats eating our children? Research paper.

2 - Hi, please find my suggestions below. It can be hard to cook a well-balanced meal every night and only offer...

Research Paperslisagreene89Trias - 12:28am
IELTS Task 1 : Level of education of Bulgarians planning to leave Bulgaria

3 - - The chart illustrates the percentage of education level in BulgariansBulgaria for Bulgarians who want to live in newanother country in...

Writing Feedbackalifjustivy03 - 12:10am
"Desribe the room you are in" - IGCSE FIRST LANGUAGE- DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY

2 - It has been a decade since I have had seen the sun. The tomb I am in mocks me down to...

Essaysaasbatman2000Trias - Yesterday
Master of Science, Petroleum Engineering Essay Admision: Oil & Gas, my hobby and my job.

3 - Hi Josue, 1. Your essay should be narrowed from a common idea down to a specific one. Then supported by...

GraduatejosueTrias - Yesterday
A student must like a teacher in order to learn from the teacher.

6 - Hi, please see my suggestions below: If a sentence is too long, there will be a chance of reader to...

Writing FeedbackNaphTrias - Yesterday
There are four main features of the wind turbine - Task 1

2 - Did you finish writing this into 20 minutes? :D This is very good attempt. It seems that you follow the...

Writing FeedbackAdhistieddies - Yesterday
IELTS Writing Task 2 Simulation: Parents Spend Little Time with Children Nowadays

4 - Helloo Trias..., a few points below; Para 1: In the previous posting, I have shown you how to write an introductory...

Writing FeedbackTriaseddies - Yesterday
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