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IELTS: Effects of technology to communication - dangers for a society

9 - Thank you, dumi. I did this without making an outline. Is that the reason why that the body paragraphs are...

Writing Feedbackbmomonganbmomongan - 07:00pm
Two short essays for Art center pasadena

NEW - i need some feedback and proofread on these two essays thanks -Alex PROMPT. Who do you believe to be...

EssaysAlexturt -
Need thoughts on Essay- Common App- Background/Story Central to Identity

NEW - I don't have anyone I can talk to who can help me with my paper for applying to colleges. Any idea...

Undergraduatelancelot12 -
IELTS Air travel is becoming more welcomed by common people since its price is going down

4 - thanks Pahan.I rewrite my introduction. In the present-day society, it is believed that air travel has become...

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 02:58pm
In order to avoid social crisis we should treat the elders with a courteous attitude

4 - hi guys ,your comments are really helpful to me,and i rewrite this essay. Welcome to modify :) There is...

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 02:51pm
'Europe had degraded most of its land' - three regions of the world during 1990's

NEW - The pie chart illustrates the main reason why agricultural land become less productive in the three regions of the world during...
IELTS Easy for poor people to get access to university education

5 - thanks dumi.

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 02:19pm
'We should acknowledge and use most suitable methods of learning' - Books vs Experience?

NEW - Topic: It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience...
People often say that schools greatest failure is that it focuses too intensely on academic subjects

NEW - Hi friends, I have my IELTS exam on Aug 2 and trying to work on few essays. I have given...

Writing FeedbackSagar1004 -
I believe that society has been helped by the invention of the Internet

2 - People have always been worried about the impact whenever any new technology is introduced. I guess you are preparing for...

Writing FeedbackpntncarPahan - 11:45am
Fast food is cheap and convenient therefore has positive impact on human eating habits

5 - Equally importantly, cost for fast food is much lower than any other kind of food. In earlier times, conducting eating...

Writing FeedbackiamchopPahan - 11:43am
IELTS: Too much freedom for children affected their studies

3 - Secondly, another evidence shows that when children are given freedom to spend pocket money in which they may buy expensive toys,...

Writing Feedbackdevabe2005Pahan - 11:40am
Toefl writing is my weakness, hope you can help me, the question is written in the message.

4 - ............ this is a very confusing sentence :( You need to rephrase this line as it does not convey...

Writing FeedbackDearbhailSPahan - 11:33am
IELTS: 'food, drink and tobacco' - statistic of expenditure graph

1 - Overall, the category of food, drink and tobacco has recorded the highest percentage of expenditure while leisure and education has...

Writing Feedbackxizon7777Pahan - 11:29am
IELTS : Everyone possess a talent - we should recognize it and improve

5 - To begin with, it is, in general, it is said that only some people are genius whereas others are not. Obviously,...

Writing Feedbackxizon7777Pahan - 11:24am
TOEFL essay, living in big cities or living in small towns; the Article

4 - Another thing that put big cities in front of small towns is the facilitates facilities and services it contains...

Writing FeedbackBasilMostafaPahan - 11:18am
Writing task 2: studying overseas can be difficult at first, but gaining experience make it worth it

7 - Your prompt is directly asking you about the opinion you hold on this issue. So, it is better to be...

Writing FeedbackTranAnhdumi - 10:17am
IELTS: Technological progress in the past century has its negative effect, despite its remarkable

4 - In the past few decades, there were many remarkable achievements in technology technological fields that have numbers of brought about many...

Writing Feedbackdigitalideadumi - 10:06am
IELTS: spending more money on promoting healthy lifestyle or treatment

3 - I don't see much meaning in this sentence. Your argument is not so convincing. :( I think you...

Writing Feedbacksundin928dumi - 09:58am
Long period of studying will make students feel bored and limit their self-study

4 - Thank you very much,I will try.

Writing Feedbackwulishiyanzlwulishiyanzl - 07:32am
IELTS: bar chart - average retirement age among seven countries in 2004 and 2008

5 - This is what I suggest for your introduction; The two bar charts present the details of average retirement age of...

Writing Feedbackdigitalideadumi - 05:50am
TOEFL: extraordinarily cautious is important since rough work is intolerable

4 - Well, this is not so attractive way to begin your essay. You need to open your essay with a sentence...

Writing FeedbackAndreawqhdumi - 05:47am
[IELTS] 'Long-term positive effects of culture' - should tourist obey local customs and behaviors?

8 - Well, this sounds a bit stereotype generalization. There are countries that do not have such culture issues to a significant...

Writing FeedbackSalMondumi - 05:43am
What I Want - a lot of things from life; Penn Supp. Essay

1 - I want the usual - to have a nice car, the and perfect wardrobe and an ability to eat anything...

Undergraduateshoobidoo27niesaysi - 04:59am
"What do I want to do when I grow up?" - Peace Corps Volunteer App

1 - This was the one question I could never fully got difficulty to answer. The best answer response I have...

Undergraduatesarx8172niesaysi - 04:06am
An increasing amount of students have negative attitude of learning. Why is this happening?

4 - I think you should use more complicated sentence to get higher score.Good luck.

Writing Feedbackstephy7658sundin928 - 03:48am
Exploring the world - part of a whole article

1 - Sometimes, you learn not by academically but by taking risks (not parallel; I want to add some ideas to rectify this...

Essaysanmar19niesaysi - 03:42am
What happens in Hardee's: CommonApp Essay

1 - From school, my twin brother and I stopped at a fast food restaurant. Suddenly, an elderly gentleman with a bewildered...

Undergraduateswj97niesaysi - 03:29am
The line graph: Migration Statistics in UK

2 - Well, this is a task that aims at assessing your report writing skills and therefore you need to adopt a...

Writing FeedbackVihuynhdumi - 03:29am
IELTS: we should not ignore the traditional food; fast foods need be supervised

7 - thanks Dumi ^_^ i get it.

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - 03:01am
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