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Saving earth from enviromental damages caused by over using air to support exporting (IELTS Task 2)

NEW - Air transport is increasingly used to export fruit and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown are or out of...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemi -
Improving skills to get into an undergraduate program.

3 - Considering(that) dinosaurs are commonly associated with reptiles, one could think that they weren't(were not) endotherm creatures. But there are plenty of...

Writing FeedbackmonisolEF_Jasmine - Yesterday
Everyone has his own studying styles and preferences; one prefer to learn alone but other in a group

2 - Corrections have been marked in bold, Additions in italics, sentence changes in red and Omissions in strike Everyone has their...

Graduatescheherezadeabhayarathore - Yesterday
Mobile Phone's Market Share; BenQ fell significantly from 4.9% in 2005 to 2.4% in 2006

2 - Corrections have been marked in bold, Additions in italics and Omissions in strike. The table gives information about the market...

Writing Feedbackmumtazdinarabhayarathore - Yesterday
"You may play well or you may play badly; the important thing is that you should play truly" - NYU

NEW - NYU is global, urban, inspired, smart, connected, and bold. What can NYU offer you, and what can you offer NYU? (200-400...

Undergraduateabhayarathore -
Advantages of Preschool and Kindergarten; education is the best that can be given to any child

2 - they learn everyday of their lives. --- separate it into 2 words: every day When it comes to going to...

Research Papersvirkk50711EF_Kevin - Yesterday
Friendship essay; As a human being, one can hardly do without a friend

NEW - What a definition of friends? As a human being, one can hardly do without a friend, In addition, friends are...

Writing Feedbackjenny0103 -
Persuasive essay on the negatives of excessive technology use

2 - The first sentence is an uninteresting statement of the obvious, so the reader might stop paying attention. It might be good...

UndergraduatenatashanicolaEF_Kevin - Yesterday
Chance. When you get one, you're going to want to use it wisely. Why the UMTC PSEO Program?

2 - I think it's easier on the reader's mind when you use "I" instead of "you". Using "you" is subtly offensive...

Undergraduatemohamtes000EF_Kevin - Yesterday
Medical Side of Bud - "Can marijuana become medical?"

2 - As many states begin to accept marijuana for recreational use, others are noticing the power it has in healing. Many ask,...

Writing Feedbackjackie828EF_Jasmine - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2: the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences

3 - Hi Anfalia, These are several suggestions for your writing, Note: Your essay is only 247...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliamumtazdinar - Yesterday
Describe how you are going to contribute to your community by using full knowledge obtained

4 - I think you can consider the prompt question to mean now, and in the future. Are there not some...

EssayskevinsinataEF_Carol - Yesterday
As global trade increases, many goods are produced in other countries, transported long distances.

NEW - As global trade increases, many goods, including those we use on a daily basis, are produced in other countries and have...

Writing Feedbackmohjawahir -
'the history, tradition and way of life will vanish as well' - An essay on language extinction

4 - (give a conclusion from topic sentence in the first sentence) Good Luck!!

Writing FeedbackYanxuAnfalia - Yesterday
Some learners need a structured course from high qualified teacher to know materials in a depth.

3 - Thank you..

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaAnfalia - Yesterday
Participating in the Global Leaders Program will equip me with the knowledge and skills needed

NEW - Describe how you are planning to contribute to your community using the knowledge you gained Hi guys, this is my...

Scholarshipjohnsenong -
'I was building robots' - UMASS Mechanical Engineering Common App Transfer Essay

2 - here is my opinion. I'm still new to essay anyway Since a very young age, I demonstrated an interest in...

Undergraduateshermama96johnsenong - Yesterday
Reason for applying Global Leaders Program. 'Learning is a never ending process'.

5 - Thanks, Amma. Really appreciate your help. Can any one other please have a comment on my essay ?

Graduatejohnsenongjohnsenong - Mar 31, 2015
Once people experience puberty they are potentially be able to produce children.

5 - Thank you very much guy for your efforts on my work. I have some questions with regard to your comments. Please...

Writing Feedbackah_zafariah_zafari - Mar 31, 2015
To look after the elderly - responsibility of families or the government?

5 - There is a lot of discussion on how to look after elderly people. While some people suggest that the government is...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzah_zafari - Mar 31, 2015
Pen in hand, I sit poised over a blank sheet of paper, my imagination wheeling to life - Arts Award

3 - Thank you for the feedback! I was getting kind of stuck because I didn't know how to find the balance between...

ScholarshiptinyTonbotinyTonbo - Mar 31, 2015

3 - I suggest you to divide into some paragraphs so as to easy to read and understand. Good Luck!!

Research PaperskeadesAnfalia - Mar 31, 2015
As computers are being used more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in classroom

4 - Good Luck!!

ScholarshipAmmar AnsariAnfalia - Mar 31, 2015
GMO Danger - it's in eighty percent of the processed food consumers eat every day

NEW - This is a research paper on GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Any feedback appreciated. Mostly need help choosing paragraph breaks, grammar,...

Research Paperssav2113390 -
I have no doubt that studying in Turkey will be a wonderful experience. Letter of intent for correct

NEW - Hello, my native language is not English and i write a letter of intent for Turkish scholarship, can you help me...

Scholarshipstudent115 -
One of the most intensely debated topics in education is the types of subjects need to be studied

3 - Thanks Kevin for your help. Your comments are really useful as always. Cheers, Ahmad

Writing Feedbackah_zafariah_zafari - Mar 30, 2015
Motivation letter for International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management

3 - Hi Carol ! Thank you so much for your help with this letter and those nice feedbacks ! For...

Undergraduatesamaskarkapacsamaskarkapac - Mar 30, 2015
The question is if countries should cooperate with other countries instead of isolating themselves

3 - Thank you very much!!

Writing Feedbacksandrinkasandrinka - Mar 30, 2015
The people I see nearly every day are unable to access the education that they deserve

2 - It's interesting, the teachers would complain that they have to let their ideals and curricula conform to the standardized tests....

UndergraduateCollegeBoyEF_Kevin - Mar 30, 2015
Expanding the Scope of Practice in Education - admissions essay

3 - Hi cheshaf, I have several suggestions and comments for your writing, especially when it comes to paying more attention to your...

Graduatecheshaffadlanmuzakki - Mar 29, 2015
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