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What is a culture? It's a human behavior that consist of all activity that surrounds us.

5 - What is culture culture is mean ,behavior that people do it, consist of all of activity that surrounding people. each...

Essayshosseinrthosseinrt - Yesterday
A government has various duties to its citizens, but limited resources. Should defence spending take

6 - thanks a lot for your advice, Amir1987 I have just got an edited essay from my teacher. So I hope...

Writing Feedbacknedyminnedymin - Yesterday
The number electricity production by fuel resource

2 - the second picture is describes that Australia had the highest of electricity unit by fuel source for Coal, the forth...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemixuMIN520 - Yesterday
Foreign language might be an imitation of culture and fashion of another country

3 - Learning new language is one of most important subject that areis considering both educational authority and parents. But every new languagetongue...

Writing FeedbackAmir1987irhame - Yesterday
ENG 102 - Research Paper Needs Review 3 Weaknesses - "Global Gender Inequality"

2 - Often times, certain obstacles within the workplace prevent women from advancing their careers within in their own companies. Some women do...

Research Papersadr2165850irhame - Yesterday
Being a celebrity - such as a famous film star or sports personality - brings problems...

4 - Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. Can you please comment on my last thread also?

Writing FeedbackDhaliwal1Dhaliwal1 - Yesterday
There is no doubt that most of the people consider health as a major part of their life

6 - thanx kostavogi. i try my best friend

Writing FeedbackAmir1987Amir1987 - Yesterday
Benefits of public transport essay

2 - dear hoas please use synonym in you writting and avoid repeat overly some word or phrase transport system, car-based structure...

Writing FeedbackhoasAmir1987 - Yesterday
The Number of Passenger and Reached Dictance of Underground Railway Systems in Six Cities

NEW - The table below gives information about the underground railway systems in six cities. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the...

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayani -
Should parents bolster their children to be expert at competing and team working?

2 - Hello Mr. Farhan, your writing is excellent. However, I found some little flaws. Here I give some corrections. Hope it help....

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991Stacy Handayani - Yesterday
Human population growth can cause a severe effect to economic condition on overpopulated area

4 - Hi Kikiki. Your writing is great, However, I would give some corrections. Hope it helps you :) There are variety...

Writing FeedbackKikikiStacy Handayani - Yesterday
Could technology help developing educational system? Kindly help me to answer this!

4 - Hallo Humangun, I have some corrections for your essay.

Writing Feedbackhumangunintiaiqbal92 - Yesterday
Is Talent Born Naturally or Nurtured?

4 - by and large, your writing is good, but i have several suggestions for you. 1. there are many countable nouns...

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayanifarhan110991 - Yesterday
Some people believe that it is wrong to keep animals in zoos. Discuss and give your opinion.

4 - One of the widely discussed issues today is whether or not keeping animals in zoos is ethical type of entertainment....

Writing FeedbackdiloromChristineB - Yesterday
Should the high school curriculum introduce unpaid social work as a mandatory subject?

2 - Hi Dhaliwal1, this is trivial28. I find your essay very good and very strong too. My only suggestion is that when...

Writing FeedbackDhaliwal1trivial28 - Yesterday
The percentage of national expenditure on five different countries

2 - Hi IqbalThemi. Here are my suggested changes for you: The table gives information regarding displays national spending...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiChristineB - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2: environmental influence could become the major influence to personal development

2 - Human's personality might influence a person's attitude in social relationship (the topic asks to argue the influences of two main...

Writing FeedbackWindachanah_zafari - Yesterday
Why not enough students studying in science? Are there any effects on society?

3 - Peace be with yo. Some suggestions for your writing : Some students who do not choose science subjects may...

Writing FeedbackLorriAinunAlfatih - Yesterday
The advanced technology has given influence to the interaction way among people.

3 - Adhisti, see my comments with green, and my edits with blue Good introduction. Yet, where is your point of view?...

Writing FeedbackAdhistieddies - Yesterday
IELTS Task 2 : Number of private cars increased and its effects

6 - Thank you all :D It gives me such an enlightenment of how I form an essay with proper and organized form...

Writing FeedbackKikikiKikiki - Yesterday
Only this school offers the course of forensic accounting related to financial fraud and governance

3 - After having worked as an external auditor for more than 5 years, I merely notice that the knowledge of the auditor...

GraduateNagatimbulNagatimbul - Yesterday
Summer Art Intensive Scholarship Essay

NEW - Hello everyone! If you could help me with this essay that would be great. It's for an art intensive program I'm...

Scholarshippaulvu -
My last chance to study abroad in my life: Scholarship essays (Future, Study plans)

9 - @nk1992 @IqbalThemi Thank you for your suggestion! I'm surprised by your correction. I realized that how it can be changed in...

Scholarshipjinikiminjinikimin - Apr 23, 2015
Ceasing Excessive Force by Police Officers to Extinguish Its Deadly Effects

2 - I'm unclear about the main theme of this paper. Am I correct that it is about how to stop police...

Essayscat2040806ChristineB - Apr 23, 2015
Is It Better to Change Job Than to Do The Same Job?

6 - Changing job is a common trend in today's life as .some people argue that it is a better way for people...

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayanihumangun - Apr 23, 2015
Acceptance to my dream career. I am extremely excited and ready for this new chapter in my family.

3 - Thank you so much. I missed all those small mistakes to make the essay a lot smoother. I am extremely grateful...

Undergraduateperlamartinez5perlamartinez5 - Apr 23, 2015
How I will balance the rigors of graduate school with work and my home life?

2 - Going back to school when you work full time, have young children, and a husband is no easy task. I have...

GraduatemammasamEF_Jasmine - Apr 23, 2015
I AM A LEADER - it's my best trait

3 - I think you should add more or state specific examples. When I read this, I think that you have positive qualities...

Undergraduatetonythatricanlcturn87 - Apr 23, 2015
What do we need the university for?

2 - "In this last few decades" sounds odd. It should be simple as " In the last decades" or " During previous...

Writing Feedbackfarhan110991Dhaliwal1 - Apr 23, 2015
The Underground Railway Systems in Six Cities.

2 - In the second sentence of the first paragraph, you can add a comma after table and delete the word "that". Throughout...

Writing Feedbackintiaiqbal92lcturn87 - Apr 23, 2015
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