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Right now, what is uniquely you?--Absence and knowledge--my story

7 - Thank you so much :)

UndergraduateMcClungEMcClungE - 11:54am
Non-Academics That I Have Learned Through Academics University of Texas at Austin App Essay

4 - @Mack, running through your essay, I believe there are a lot of improvement to be done. So here's my help for...

Undergraduatemack1738justivy03 - 11:26am
Important life lessons from Panera Bread

3 - - ...to very many other a lot ofpeople... - aside fromother than my family and friends, - ...of...

Undergraduateogessaysjustivy03 - 11:07am
Why U Chicago - polymath education for an aspiring critic

8 - Hi, I would like to further the help you receive from other EF contributors, I hope this helps. - In...

Undergraduatewhipsnade97justivy03 - 10:52am
Initial teacher training qualifications of students who living in the UK between 2005/6 and 2006/7

2 - Hasbi, I'd like to caution you about your overview of the report. While I realize that you feel the whole thing...

Writing Feedbackhasbivangiespen - 10:47am
An activist of veganism - College Application Essay / Following The Prompt?

4 - - With That being said, - I have always wanted to develop a passion. (I say develop a passion...

Undergraduatemack1738justivy03 - 10:30am
IeltsTask 2: Even though globalization affects the world's economics in a very positive way,...

3 - Thanks Hasbi for your valuable suggestions. I will try to improve and share the modified one.

Essayspdeep37pdeep37 - 09:56am
Globalization will inevitably lead to the total loss of culture identity, is it true?

2 - To begin with, undeniable that globalization playing an immense role to develop cultures in each country in the world, particularly make...

Writing FeedbackhasbiDiqon - 09:53am
Nothing exceptional about me, I just have a passion for Computer science; KGSP scholarship statement

9 - Korea dominates the world in technology---> (where the proofs which say like that?) . Feats of engineering are evident throughout...

Scholarshippreotahasbi - 09:52am
Executive and co-founder of the Information and Communication Technology Students Association

4 - Hi....Nana....! if you want to write related to your leadership experience, you should consider about your challenge to become a...

ScholarshipNana Yaw Asantehasbi - 09:34am
Task 1 - Two different processes of manufacturing tea.

4 - The picture describes how to process tea ready to be consumed. There are two kinds of tea which is processed, namely...

Writing Feedbackirfan727hasbi - 08:53am
MBA Application essay explaining low GPA

4 - I actually think you did a good job, and that you did explain your situation. Many students do have a hard...

GraduatemattapattuEF_Carol - 08:31am
Diagram process creates a black tea - a four-step process (IELTS TASK 1)

4 - Bayu, sorry about that. I am always inspired to help the students whom I see are really trying hard to improve....

Writing FeedbackBayuwibowovangiespen - 06:56am
Cleaning up the environment essay - I WRITE it again give me your opinion and score IELTS

5 - thanks a lot for all helping I try to correct my writing

Writing Feedbacksarasajedisarasajedi - 04:41am
A Personal Statement for KGSP-2016. If I get the scholarship then it maybe a turning point.

3 - Making Science projects is ARE my hobby from childhood I get a chance to study in a AN...

ScholarshipAlif BiswasBayuwibowo - 03:59am
IELTS TASK 2 - Little leisure time and pressure to work hard on studies

3 - Hello bayu, let me to try give some suggestion on your passage. It will lead the pupil to has disorder behavior...

Writing FeedbackBayuwibowoirfan727 - 03:22am
research of ITT qualifications in 2-year period

4 - Irham, In my opinion you tend to be out off topic in introduction. In any case, while...

Writing FeedbackirhameBayuwibowo - 03:17am
The diagram illustrates the manufacturing processes for producing good black tea

2 - Your overview of the report is acceptable. Although, it can stand to use a little improvement. Let me show you...

Writing Feedbackirhamevangiespen - 01:33am
The school systems cause children have little leisure time and study in under pressure

3 - Irham, There is a very good introduction. however, for a variety in your introduction maybe you can includes your ideas...

Writing FeedbackirhameBayuwibowo - 12:59am
TOEFL essay: how access to information via the internet influences life

4 - In summary, I believe that easy access to information provided by the internet influences our live in a positive way. It...

Writing Feedbackdveriirhame - Yesterday
International Relations - statement of purpose (undergraduate program)

5 - Secondly,(still have yet to insert a sentence, nothing appropriate or creative has popped up in my mind) I especially enjoy being...

UndergraduateJustineMahone12irhame - Yesterday
'Long expected dream on a Degree in Bachelor of Arts' - Outlining my personal and academic goals

5 - Thanks Justivy03 for the insight. I will edit it and again post it here.

ScholarshipNana YawNana Yaw Asante - Yesterday
More than what they expected - Describe a circumstance, obstacle or conflict in your life, etc.

2 - Italy, you have a very informative essay. It really depicts your circumstances in life and how you overcame them. The problem,...

UndergraduateItalyCerdavangiespen - Yesterday
Thanh tu Student - evaluated nail salon

2 - Thanh, the essay that you wrote is alright for a beginners essay. The thoughts are clear and have an obvious direction....

Writing Feedbackpie applevangiespen - Yesterday
A Thousand Bus Stops - Scholarship Biographical Essay on factors which influenced my grow process

3 - - the most unsuspecting of places. - After some time, my mom ran out of things to teach me, and...

Scholarshiprgscijustivy03 - Yesterday
'hectic and busy life' - Challenges/Hardships That Affected You (Personal Statement!)

4 - - At the beginning - theof summer before tenth grade, - StartingIt started with a slight - I...

Undergraduatehollykey97justivy03 - Yesterday
Bamboo huts - QuestBridge (scholarship) Biographical Essay- Need An Insight

10 - Well Tika, I read through your essay and it felt so good to see that you were able to come up...

Scholarshiptkuikeljustivy03 - Yesterday
Essay on my religion - my story.

7 - @asad, I think you were not able to grasp what is asked on this prompt. To start with, the prompt...

Undergraduateasadasadjustivy03 - Yesterday
Knowledge is useless... (Statement of Purpose, transference, UT Austin)

4 - - ....something as beautifulacademically important as Physics,.. - ....professor along the way ofwhile finishing... - ...that because of my convictionwith...

UndergraduateLeoboscojustivy03 - Yesterday
Accomplishments and experience I gained - SOP for Masters in MIS from WPI

11 - Well, @Firefly, I agree with @vaniespen, you did jump into a much complex part of your essay, the first sentence can...

GraduateFirefly07justivy03 - Yesterday
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