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'In countries like Japan, the population is getting older' - aging population essay Ielts

1 - Even this essay opens for discussion, it is nicer if you could state your point of view in end of...

Writing Feedbackrachelyeeddies - 11:43am
IELTS: The contribution of agriculture, manufacturing and business sectors to the UK economy

2 - Thanks a lot for your help eddies :)

Writing Feedbackmanutd9111993manutd9111993 - 10:47am
Ielts: Can environmental problems be solved by individuals?

NEW - Thanks for your feedbacks. All are really valuable for me! Love Some...
IELTS: Money as a members of staff reward for their exceptional contribution to the company

8 - I think you haven't covered yet. The information is still general. which one? vintage advertisements, online advertisements,...

Writing FeedbackWillNgoeddies - 06:23am
my study plan for student visa application

1 - opps. Nobody wants to help me?............

LettersLilliannnnnnLilliannnnnn - 04:04am
'Not all significant things are visible to the naked eye' - SOP for Electrical Engineering

NEW - Please review the below essay and give me your feedback...

Graduatenitinkalavala -
IELTS - Compulsory voluntary work is a contradiction, and not only in a literal way

1 - this intro is too short,, If you want to write a balanced answer for an "agree or disagree"...

Writing FeedbackBurguetefikri - Yesterday
IELTS Detailed description of crimes on newspaper and TV can have bad consequences on society

1 - If you want to write a balanced answer for an "agree or disagree" question, it's important to get the introduction right....

Writing Feedbacksundin928fikri - Yesterday
IELTS: the importance of history - removing this course from school curriculum is unwise

1 - there are some concluding words : in conclusion to conclude to sum up in summary

Writing FeedbackNZskyfikri - Yesterday
Creative title for my English essay on Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

NEW - my essay is on Thoreau's Civil Disobedience. I use Gandhi and MLK Jr as examples of how non violence has worked...

Essaysnat95 -
'Travel is the thing, that makes you richer' - Semester at Sea Essay

NEW - I havent thought of a title yet but let me know Semester at Sea Essay One of my favorite...

Writing Feedbackoreillee -
IELTS: The pie charts indicate different percentages of expenditure on seven items

1 - The pie charts indicate different percentages of expenditure on seven items in US from 1966 to 1996 in 1966 and 1996....

Writing Feedbackdigitalideamanutd9111993 - Yesterday
TOEFL - people are way more disparate at the exterior contrary to what they are inside

NEW - People are often classified into different categories such as smart, beautiful, handsome, gorgeous and many more but what these classifications fail...

Writing Feedbackshreyansh13 -
More and more people now choose to wear the fashionable clothes.

7 - Is this you mean: elegant/ fashionable clothes? this is not a typical collocation in English. Please...

Writing Feedbacksundin928eddies - Yesterday
Scholarship essay - Application essay, what is the different?

NEW - Some schools require the student to write the essay in order to apply for the scholarship after they was admitted to...

Essaysmd9th -

2 - " It felt so good to release so much pleasure, by singing a simple yet powerful song. As we get off...

UndergraduateyoureGANAmissmeHiruni - Yesterday
Home is good place to learn a lot, however school is the best place to learn.

6 - Studying at home is beneficial as no one can bother me and (no comma) I can have more freedom to...

Writing Feedbackapanwar01dumi - Yesterday
Fast Internet connection is a source of great entertainment

2 - it is a very good essay!!!thanks~ it help me a lot!

Writing Feedbackhoanghonn97sundin928 - Yesterday
Some cultures value more the elderly people, while others paid more attention on young generation

2 - Well, country and culture represent two types of groups. It is always better to use the word "culture" when you...

Writing FeedbackGulnar604dumi - Yesterday
motivation letter for re-entry visa to Switzerland

NEW - Please kindly revise my first motivation letter for re-entry visa to Switzerland Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Chanya...

Letterschanya -
I want to adapt (modify to better fit my topic) an analogy from a source for use in my essay

NEW - Undergraduate essay. I have developed an analogy that is based on an analogy in one of my primary sources. Here...

Essaysnaphelge -
IELTS academic task one .. bar chart - coffee and meat consumption

4 - Well, you need to change your current approach for this task. This task is to assess your report writing capabilities. So,...

Writing Feedbackmo7ammed1986dumi - Yesterday
Most people believe that adult should provide all child demands, because they not are independent

6 - Sure ......... let's give a try :) Well, you have not followed the approach I suggested. According...

Writing Feedbackhamedmasdumi - Yesterday
Should people be allowed to have cosmetic surgery before the age of 18?

5 - You need to have a better link between these two sentences. This is what I suggest; However, having cosmetic surgery...

Writing Feedbackhwabattedumi - Yesterday
Effects of sexual abuse and injustice on the personal lives of countless females today

NEW - Introduction In this world, we are constantly battling with the injustice of sexually abused individuals. Today, many females are left...

1 - You introduce your paper fairly well although I would add more to it. Try to be more descriptive and provide...

Writing Feedbacknhungqnklydiuta - Yesterday
RESEARCH ESSAY DRAFT - it should be stronger, with more descriptive words and smoothly

NEW - Please give feedback. I feel that my essay could be stronger in a few different aspects. I could improve on...

Essayslydiuta -
THRUST - motivation letter for masters in mechanical engineering

3 - I wish you shorten this sentence or split it to two lines. This seems to be too lengthy and the...

GraduateSatyakidumi - Yesterday
Some subjects should be optional rather than compulsory

2 - Thanks Panhan :D Education has been viewed as one of the most essential elements aspects of individual and...

Writing Feedbacksundin928sundin928 - Jul 27, 2014

1 - I was specially commended by the teacher that day I was specially commended by the teacher on that day...

Graduatekcreddydevabe2005 - Jul 27, 2014
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