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INVITATION - we have arranged a meeting - a google hang out.

NEW - Dear ****s, In the past weeks we have tried to communicate to each other and work as a group.we have helped...

Lettersheavenplay -
Some views and opinion about learning methods for children - IELTS

NEW - Question: Some people think that it is more effective for students to student in groups, while others believe that it is...

Writing FeedbackPJmustbebetter -
Six prompts; Introduction and Conclusion only - IELTS Writing Task 2


Writing Feedbacksomasalimsmkthanh - 10:01am
There has been an immense increase in some immoral traits of human beings in modern societies.

2 - Thank you for your feedback. :)

Writing FeedbackRemansouRemansou - 09:49am
New York bustles with millions of lives, each contributing to the city's own little universe

2 - Hello, When a reader from the ADCOM reads an essay response like this one, they are looking for certain "key"...

Undergraduatekevpangadmission2012 - 09:45am
IELTS - the number of young people perpetrating a crime has risen significantly.

1 - just about subject verb agreement. and, in my opinion you should give the specific example of topic sentence. Good Luck!...

Writing FeedbacksomasalimsAnfalia - 09:40am
From the Window Seat; the train was a capsule that served an emotional and physical role in my life

NEW - Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it...

Undergraduatemelissae -
Number of people has increased since 1800 and will increase continuously and then will decrease

3 - Let me give a try for the overview Overall, it is the world rapid population growth showing an upward trend, but...

Writing Feedbacksomasalimseddies - 08:55am
Replies for different essay questions - Introduction and Conclusion

2 - thank you.. it means a lot for me :) I'll do my best

Writing Feedbackayuliaayulia - 08:40am
Dramatical increase of crimes among teenagers - looking for solutions. IELTS

NEW - Please help me to improve my writing skill by giving suggestions and corrections. Thank you.. Q : The crime among...
What are you supposed to focus on in "10 years after graduation" essays?

1 - Hello, You should just talk about the various aspects of your life that you consider successful and how your TU...

Undergraduatewbasbcadmission2012 - 08:01am
'it is rather a common phenomenon for people to have debts' - causes of debts and prevention

6 - Attached on merging: IELTS TASK 2 causes of debts and prevention Here comes the essay question: Some...

Writing Feedbackmoonvlinmoonvlin - 02:53am
Ielts - Nowadays space exploration gain more attention and money than health and education sectors.

2 - Hi, Missao, NICE TRY! the first sentence in paragraph 2, it is a waste of money because...

Writing FeedbackMissaomoonvlin - 02:51am
Ethical obligation forces our conscious to live to be worthy of trust. IELTS

2 - I really appreciate you taking your time out and looking into it. Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will...

Writing Feedbackhoffman_jhoffman_j - 01:06am
Stanford Short Answers: So they can get to know me better.

NEW - Here are my initial responses to the Stanford short answer section. Please please be brutally honest, I need the feedback. :)...

Undergraduatemartin16 -
Duke Application about 'why engineering' - how to cut into the topic?

1 - If I were you, I would tackle this essay with a short anecdote followed by a deeper look into how it...

EssaysGaryLeemartin16 - 12:01am
First impression is an essential appear in workplace - employees should dress smartly - IELTS TASK 2

1 - Appearance enables to influence people and potentially impact of how a business performs effectively. A well-groomed appearance can influence...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaRemansou - Yesterday
"The Wakeup Call"; I grew up in a house that values education and hard work. Common App essay

4 - Ok can you check my other essay and comment on it. its a bit more personal

Undergraduateatothez1000atothez1000 - Yesterday
NYU. A reality come true or just a dream school?- Help on my NYU supplement

NEW - NYU is global, urban, inspired, smart, connected, and bold. What can NYU offer you, and what can you offer NYU? (200-400...

Undergraduatespyr0xs -
An idea that has been important to my intellectual development - multidisciplinary nature of subject

4 - Thank you so very much! You're really kind! Your questions really helped got me on the right track! Here's the revised...

Undergraduatevoocatchervoocatcher - Yesterday
A look into Culture - it lives inside of us in the form of our senses

NEW - In addition to the essay you have written for the Common Application, please write an essay of about 500 words (no...
When I was a young boy, my grandfather used to say.....MIT supplement essay

1 - I think it's content not "contented". Overall, great job explaining the importance of hard work and persistence in your academic and...

UndergraduateMagmar00000yazoo - Yesterday
Contributing to Macalester community, personally and academically

1 - Wow, great essay overall. You have great organization and provide solid details about how you can contribute to Macalester. Since you...

Undergraduatesampunk9494yazoo - Yesterday
During my junior year in high school, I volunteered at an orphanage to teach English to the children

NEW - Prompt: Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make...

Undergraduateatothez1000 -
My first day of boarding school and I already hated it. "I want to go home!" - Learning to Grow up

2 - I really liked your essay. Good work! It is obvious that your experience has changed you ,however, I think you can...

UndergraduateAymieeatothez1000 - Yesterday
Applying to Duke was an easy choice

3 - There are some punctuation problems (such as "overlooked," which must be changed to "overlooked",), so you will want to re-scan your...

Undergraduateyoshimaxatothez1000 - Yesterday
Center of Digital Media Letter of Intent

1 - By entering to the Master of Digital Media, I plan not only to keep improving my abilities as graphic designer and...

GraduateBereMolDemona - Yesterday
Rural Background and Agricultural Non-profit Experiences Shaped my Interest in Public Policy Program

1 - To me you sound like a highly capable person that has achieved a lot of things and that has a lot...

GraduatedanrejtoBereMol - Yesterday
Humility leads people to fulfillment in the most authentic way possible - Transition into Adulthood

4 - I appreciate the help guys. However, can any CONTRIBUTORS help me with this essa? it is really important to me. Thanks...

UndergraduateCharphilCharphil - Yesterday
Whenever someone asks me why I want to pursue medicine, I always reply that it's part of who I am

3 - Is this any improvement? Living in collectivist Saudi Arabia, you learn to value family unity over aiming for individual goals....

UndergraduateDanah96Danah96 - Yesterday
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