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IELTS: Media coverage of celebrities is having a negative effect on children.

4 - Here are some pieces of advice. I hope, they will be helpful ) Do not use while at...

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docMarianaS - 03:38pm
If you could improve your communication with ONE person in your life, who would it be? Why?

2 - Thanks a lot. I will write a sentence more.

Speechesnaya0327naya0327 - 03:32pm
TOEFL: Type of temper and advantages of individual work as best arguments in favor of studying alone

NEW - Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific...

Writing FeedbackMarianaS -
'excellent links in the fastest growing industry' - Motivation Letter Aarhus University

NEW - Hi everyone. I would be most grateful if somebody could check my motivation letter for uni. It's a crucial step in...

Undergraduatesatoko -
Experiences make people prepared for the future problems - valuable lessons

NEW - Please give me feedback on my essay. Thanks so much Difficulties make people powerful for the problems...

Writing Feedbackhamedmas -
"From East to West" - Common App event/experience Essay

4 - - I believe that sentence is the key to using your moving experience to discuss your accomplishment, event, or transition...

Undergraduatecali_grl97vangiespen - 12:56pm
The feeling you get once you achieve something is extraordinary... my first motivation letter

13 - I am keenly interested in becoming a part of this leading agency; this position can provide a good opportunity toward establishing...

Lettersmatar770matar770 - 12:36pm
"The city that makes me a human" - Common App Essay 2015

3 - Dubai can actually be of help to you in responding to the prompt of this essay. Talk about how you grew...

Undergraduateqwerty1234vangiespen - 11:23am
'inadvertent road' - Graduate admission essay for Master in Speech Language Pathology.

2 - - some evidence to prove this statement on your part will be quite helpful. It does not need to be...

Graduateacserranvangiespen - 11:09am
In undermentioned countries foot/drinks/tobacco has recorded the highest percentage of expenditures

3 - I am in line with ngoctrang123 in IELTS task 1, making overview is more beneficial instead of a...

Writing Feedbackandys77aSHanafi - 08:43am
"A lost Russian in America, or is it the other way around?"-- UW-Madison Admission Essay

4 - In my curiosity, I found in Google some unfamiliar vocabularies for me. It would be better if you help global reader...

Undergraduaterachelshay23SHanafi - 08:36am
How it all came to choose the career i want. UC application essay ("personal statement") Prompt #2

3 - I think that you stik to the topic by writing a clear and well-organized essay despite its simplicity but you need...

Undergraduatexoxo07Anouar - 04:59am
What's your opinion of the claim that sometimes censorship is justified?

5 - Please grade my essay out of 12 plz!!! thanks!!

ScholarshipAnouarAnouar - 04:49am
"One more stab to the heart, one more reason to hate, one less reason to live"

4 - Thanks I will take your advices as a platform for next essay thank you very much Any other grades out of...

Writing FeedbackAnouarAnouar - 04:44am
'July 1999 I moved to America' - My immigration story; academic and career plans.

2 - I would like to say that you have a very well crafted essay here. Yours is a life filled with adversities...

Undergraduatepcvrz34gvangiespen - 04:36am
IELTS: Children always follow their parents rules and techniques to save money for future planning

4 - In old era, where people had no life standards and commercial values, so people were unaware about the latest items and...

Writing Feedbackblue eyesnguoi_co_doc - 03:00am
'I wish to become a Lincesed Practical Nurse' - LPN entrance essay

8 - You need to learn to use more punctuation marks. Your sentences become hard to read because there is no portion for...

Undergraduatecms91vangiespen - 02:40am
IELTS: Reading books has more benefits in development of imagination and language skills

6 - It would have been better if your approached this essay from a comparison point of view since you already mentioned the...

Writing Feedbacktimexironmanvangiespen - 02:17am
All kinds of medical health expenditures should be borne by the government; do you agree or not .

1 - There are grammatical errors that need to be corrected in the essay. However, I assume that this is the first draft...

Writing FeedbackAshikkvangiespen - 01:34am
IELTS: 'various jobs can't be limited to a gender'; more women are taking over traditional male work

4 - In the present-day society, an increasing number of jobs which were more appropriate for men in the past are taking control...

Writing Feedbackstephy7658dumi - 01:13am
TOEFL: Some students live in their hometowns, but others in different cities - which do you like?

7 - In addition , living in different cities or towns will let people have brand-new new and more diverse experiences and also...

Writing Feedbackkathytdumi - 01:09am
In order to become financially responsible adults, children should learn to manage their own money..

3 - This sounds a bit stereotype beginning. You should make it more interesting for the reader :) It is important...

Writing FeedbackEric0511dumi - 01:03am
IELTS Task 2: What can be done to maintain biodiversity ?

7 - With the requirements from industry, economy, and the development of population, humans have harnessed from nature in most unkind methods. Well,...

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docdumi - 12:59am
IELTS - 'Teachers are the second parents in the school' - RESPONSIBILITY FOR TEACHING

8 - Teachers are the like our second parents who spend a significant time with us in the school. I feel...

Writing Feedbackbarbie_Mdumi - 12:53am
IELTS: New technologies and ways of buying and selling are transforming to the lives of consumers.

5 - Due to the ongoing advances rapid advancement of the technology revolution, there have been many profound chances in and...

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docdumi - 12:45am
Ielts - Museums and art galleries be free of charge for the general public

4 - On the other side, some people believe that there should be minimal admittance admission fee. Entry to museums cannot should...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345dumi - 12:18am
Internet is just a tool based on different inventions such as the computer, electricity and language

4 - You begin your essay with expressing your opinion on the issue. It is better if you first introduced your topic...

Writing Feedbackcamilouracdumi - 12:02am
Increasing Crime And Solutions For Governments - IELTS task 2

2 - For one, First, unemployment is one of the reasons that can drive people to commit a range of both violent and...

Writing Feedbackjoe9dumi - Yesterday
How it came to Chemical Engineering - Common App essay

2 - Thanks for your quick response, I will work on adding that in.

Undergraduatejethrobensonjethrobenson - Yesterday
Creative TV or radio ad about myself

3 - .......... what do you actually review? is it the progress of your mental/emotional and physical health after attending a certain program?...

EssayspeaceskiesPahan - Yesterday
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