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IELTS Writting task 1: UK adolescents following a vegetarian diet.

7 - You write well. However, you need to pay particular attention to the appropriate language of change. Please allow me to describe...

Writing Feedbackvandon92eddies - 06:28am
TOEFL:People should state their honest opinions

NEW - DETAILED PROMPT: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should state their honest opinions even though they know...

Graduatenickyzhi -
While the wealthy nations are getting richer, developing countries are struggling with the poverty

4 - hey vangi, I'm curious how to quote other's essay and make comment? I can just label some...

Writing Feedbackd96nguyennickyzhi - 05:57am
Average distance in miles traveled by English person per year 1985 and 2000.

1 - hi emma, per person per year a person per year bus or train and taxi, by bus,train or...

Writing FeedbackEmma Lenickyzhi - 05:54am
A leader should admit if they made a bad decision? Toefl exam.

5 - - Adam, your first paragraph just felt lacking in content to me. You seemed almost disinterested in the topic and...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongvangiespen - 04:20am
Some movies and TV programs are showing a negative trend in guiding young people' behavior

9 - you are really helpful :) thank you

Graduatenickyzhinickyzhi - 03:15am
TOEFL: different types of tasks endow more colors to our life

2 - hi xatu, thank you for your help, work harder!

Writing Feedbacknickyzhinickyzhi - 03:11am
IELTS - Happiness is one of the most vital factors for a worth-living life

3 - It is true This statement is totally true, that happiness is one of the most vital factors for a worth-living life....

Writing FeedbackPyon9xYULIS - 03:08am
Personal essay based on specific questions on the university website; Undergraduate Admission

4 - No problem. Let me get started on it right away :-) I'll read it and leave my comments below....

UndergraduateJangGeminivangiespen - 02:19am
'good mental and body conditions' - people have different interpretation of enjoyment; TOEFL

3 - People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment-doing things they like to do-rather than doing things they should do....

Writing FeedbackKian1378Kian1378 - 01:27am
Two short personal statements: one based on diversity, the other based on growth. Which is better?

1 - In my opinion, you should work on developing your first prompt because the tale you were telling was totally relevant to...

Undergraduatem924vangiespen - 12:51am
IELTS: "CLIMATE CHANGE" - politicians should take a step to save our environment


Writing FeedbackYULISPyon9x - 12:13am
Free time or money? Spending time with family brings more advantages for both workers and companies

3 - Omit base on the hours, so as to avoid writing redundancy. Everyone knows that wage is according the number of...

Writing Feedbackhamedmaseddies - Yesterday
Writing Task 1 - IELTS Academic - Post-school qualification in Australia according to gender 1999

4 - If I were you, I prefer writing an overview paragraph instead of conclusion paragraph. Writing task 1 needs an...

Writing FeedbackbocahnakaltiaDS - Yesterday
The main reason worldwide for agricultural land becoming less productive is over-grazing; IELTS

2 - A pie chart shows the information about some causes of agricultural degradation in the world and the table illustrates...

Writing FeedbackcoriandrumtiaDS - Yesterday
I went to Thailand this summer for a school service trip - Narrative Essay

2 - Thanks enormously for your feedback. i'll try the certain errors i have and also work on my conclusion.

Writing FeedbackGilchrist2014Gilchrist2014 - Yesterday
Weight of a full ride! Questbridge National College Match Biographical Essay

1 - You have a very engaging hook in your introduction. I definitely found myself wanting to read more. The overall essay speaks...

Scholarshipskat08vangiespen - Yesterday
'the major I plan to pursue, Animal Sciences' - top 5 reasons to be a Hokie

2 - →where I belong to. FIGURE is inappropriate in here, FOUND would be better the...

UndergraduatemzywickiAshlyn - Yesterday
Awareness among people about a healthier lifestyle leads to the need to look for a specific food

2 - Thanks

Writing Feedbackpriskeithpriskeith - Yesterday
"I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!" - UW Madison Entrance Essay

2 - - Paige, my suggestion is that you revise your introduction so that you can immediately introduce your experience with the...

Undergraduatepaigeo78vangiespen - Yesterday
John Wayne once said: "Tomorrow is the most important thing in life" - IELTS task

4 - to solve it, try to use synonym of these words or phrase, try to paraphrase, make another sentence which...

Writing FeedbackAshlynfikri - Yesterday
A Cheerleader - a snobby girl who is usually self-centered and typically not intelligent - UF

4 - I guess I am missing something here because I thought the main purpose of the essay was not to simply look...

Undergraduatelidlmissblondevangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS practice - Families are a group of people bonded by blood relations

3 - At present days, everyone is busy to maintain better life which needs money and most of the family members...

Writing Feedbacknareshkrpfikri - Yesterday
'Our dependence on fossil fuel..' - POS for M.sc international scholarship in sustainable energy

3 - Kindly provide us with a copy of all of thew requirements for the essay. That inckudes the essay prompt, word count...

ScholarshipJOCAvangiespen - Yesterday
Grandmother, the inspiration of my life (her pictures, love, and sacrifice)

3 - thanks a lot. i am going to rewrite my essay.

Writing Feedbackvietanhphanvietanhphan - Yesterday
'Finding a cure to a genetic disease such as ALD was legendary to me'; UPENN Supplement

2 - Thanks for the tips!!!

Undergraduatemoogle123moogle123 - Yesterday
GRE: Nation's culture and traditions are mainly maintained and generated in major cities

2 - Thank you very very much for your comments and suggestions. In fact they are always very helpful :)

Writing Feedbackxatutikxatutik - Yesterday
Tell UoPeople a little bit about your village, city, region or country and what makes it unique.

4 - This is an amazing idea as everyone will agree that a view of neighboring Singapore is best only from our beaches....

Undergraduatehorhor - Yesterday
Modern technology, such as chemical fertilizer is dangerous to human health and local communities

7 - 1. Pay attention to use personal pronoun. 2. I worry to use many connectors will be overusing. 3. Some inappropriate...

Writing Feedbacknasir1112tiaDS - Yesterday
'Dear Australian Consulate General Hanoi, Vietnam' - visa application

1 - Mervian, you should not have this letter in an outline form. You need to revise the format and do it as...

Lettersmervianvangiespen - Yesterday
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