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"My friend, Angel" An essay about how I thought of her from day one until now

2 - @vangiespen , Thank you so much! And yes she really is my friend. I will do what you said :) You...

Writing FeedbackCath21Cath21 - 12:02am
Why I want to become a Nurse Practitioner... Personal Statement

NEW - Hello. I am applying to Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner programs and would love any sort of feedback for my essay....

GraduateBhealthU15 -
Cognitive Neuroscience- Brown Supplement

3 - Erica, your introduction has greatly improved. Now, let me tell you why your essay sounds dull. You have not created an...

Undergraduateericaayavangiespen - 12:00am
essays for MIT fall 2015 EA: proofread for me please!

4 - Thanks so much for your all your helpful feedback!!

UndergraduateMr TMr T - Yesterday
The Ranch - the land is in full bloom with dahlias and tulips leave colorful spots in the green

2 - Yes, that is the correct prompt. Thank you for your feedback! I will definetly look into reformatting it.

Undergraduatemrinalnagmrinalnag - Yesterday
Just some common app essay help!!!! Apparently needs to be spiced up :/ Opinions?

1 - Gene, I don't find this essay cliche-ish at all. In fact, I find it to be a very heartwarming tale of...

Undergraduatexgchenxvangiespen - Yesterday
The Death of Ivan Ilyich; UVA supplement

15 - Nicole, I edited it and it now clocks in as 249 words. If it works for you then feel free to...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997vangiespen - Yesterday
Why George R. Brown School of Engineering?- Rice University

2 - Nicole, I hope you don;t mind my rewriting your statement. I felt I could better shorten it that way :-)...

Undergraduatenicolezmh1997vangiespen - Yesterday
My Best Worst Experience - Summer Camp Abroad (alone) at the age of 8. -- Common App Personal Essay

2 - This is a very good essay indeed! However, I think that the information you want to convey to the readers is...

Undergraduatesalmaelazharyjasonma2046 - Yesterday
Travelling back to my past - Stanford

3 - Khaliun, I strongly advise that you pick only the most important event from your life to discuss in this essay. You...

Undergraduatehaliunsoravangiespen - Yesterday
describe your notion of the Good life essay; nov.1

1 - Jay, it would seem that you did not provide the proper answer for this essay prompt. If you had indicated anywhere...

Undergraduatejayjvangiespen - Yesterday
Chevening Scholarships: 4 questions essay. Personal statement and Academic Background

6 - If you could give some pointers about the content and if there are any grammatical errors I would be very grateful....

Scholarshipfp2014fp2014 - Yesterday
The Garage and HiBay- Common App

4 - Having read both essay excerpts, my opinion, is that you should also stick to the first essay more because it reveals...

Undergraduateterminatiovangiespen - Yesterday
"Oh, you got that grade cause you're Asian" - Challenging a belief or idea

6 - Esther, this is a very good revision. You have made it very informative and your position on challenging racial stereotypes is...

Undergraduateestherhvangiespen - Yesterday
Mice and Men theme essay - The American Dream is and illusion

2 - Thank you very much :) I considered all your point and changed my essay accordingly, I have handed it...

Book ReportsHannah_CHannah_C - Yesterday
What are your specific post-MBA short-term and long-term goals? Why Smith? Why an MBA? Why now?

4 - Sam, here is my take on how you can replace "Therefore" in the last sentence: - The Smith program...

Graduatesamramandyvangiespen - Yesterday
relationships, brotherhood, environment - Three main advantages for living in a small community

3 - @aliefmoulana: Thank you very much for your help! About the sentence: "Those conditions help (grammar?) their emotions always stay (grammar?)...

UndergraduateTHANHDANGTHANHDANG - Yesterday
Would like some help proof reading my common app essay.

1 - Charlie, the essay you wrote is too wordy. As a common app essay, you should make sure to be as short...

Undergraduatecyeng15vangiespen - Yesterday
College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, The Wharton School, Penn Engineering; school choice

7 - Yes to all of your questions. Let me explain why I answered the question so early into the essay. I answered...

Undergraduateabubakir1997vangiespen - Yesterday
I have got a Common App essay - it need to be checked

3 - Jack, this is a very good supplemental essay. I am assuming that it asks you discuss something that you were not...

Undergraduateyummydonutvangiespen - Yesterday
Penn M&T Supplement Essay - Robotics, Business, and Engineering

8 - Hannah, no, it does not mesh better with the prompt. You still failed to answer the prompt of the essay. I...

Undergraduatehmayvangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS Essay: The government should allocate more funds to public services instead of arts

1 - Reza, work on further developing your essay on a per paragraph basis. While you present some very solid and informative ideas...

Writing FeedbackRemansouvangiespen - Yesterday
Upload a short essay about your most memorable musical experience. (Peabody Institute)

1 - Will, the first thing that i noticed about the essay is that you need to revise the tenses usage. This is...

Undergraduatephantasmousvangiespen - Yesterday
'I felt uncomfortable for breathing too much waste gas of cars' application--Mechnical Engineering

3 - The reason that I thought this was for a masters degree was because it does not really cover the requirements of...

Graduatecyzlmhvangiespen - Yesterday
Large factories bring pollution which affects people both physically and mentally - TOEFL

1 - - Gulsah, while this is a very good introductory statement, it does not indicate the restated prompt so if anyone...

Graduategbekilvangiespen - Yesterday
I have participated in activities that have offered me a global point of view

1 - Hi, Just a few points to mention. First of all, I congratulate you on all of your achievements and it...

ScholarshipmajortomishereJakeCarter - Yesterday
In personal live, we have some responsibilities towards other people (TOEFL)

4 - Moreover, sometimes by doing things helps the people learn about live life. In this essay, the reasons for why I agree...

Writing FeedbackgbekilRemansou - Yesterday
Common app essay - How i conquered my inner fear and challenged a belief.

2 - Remove comma after happiness This essay is well over 650 words. If you have the essay on a Word...

UndergraduateayoniLPMG - Yesterday
Today, we live in a world that has very little regard for our planet and its inhabitants

1 - This is a very long sentence: People live in large cities, full of noise and pollution, disregarding their civic responsibility to...

UndergraduaterayanimalLPMG - Yesterday
HORROR MOVIES! - UChicago Q#2 Interests: books/movies/artitsts

2 - Alright thank you! I entered spaces here so it can be clear but in the actual doccument its 2 paragraphs :)...

Undergraduatesalmaelazharysalmaelazhary - Yesterday
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