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Ielts: People watch more movies from overseas? What are the reasons for this?

2 - Globalization has decreasednarrowed the gap between different societies. One of the consequence of this change is that people are leaning...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345ah_zafari - 02:08am
The different floor plan design; sharing space, bedroom, toilet, tatami room, balcony, kitchen

2 - Thank you!

Writing Feedbackkonbonkonbon - 02:05am
media should be allowed to publish information about the private life: Discuss two different views

NEW - Topic: Some people believe that media (such as newspapers) should be allowed to publish information about the private life of people....

Writing Feedbackah_zafari -
personal statement

NEW - Please describe your reasons for seeking admission to the University at Albany and how enrolling here would fit into your educational...

Undergraduatebilibili -
If the students study the same nation curriculum then they can equally perform in all the field

1 - so if the all the students have study the same carriculum then they all are perform equally. this was...

Writing FeedbackkumawatakkiShankargouda - Yesterday
Making noise as much as you can!! Discuss two viewpoints :)

4 - @Lucia - Could you review my latest essays please? Your feedback is very helpful. I could not find private message in...

Writing Feedbackah_zafariswathi_12345 - Yesterday
College Vs Career in Music: Why TRANSFER?

1 - There is information in your essay that should not be there at the moment. Trivia about the connection between hip hop...

UndergraduateCherryPac18vangiespen - Yesterday
My dad met with an accidents; Cornell/ Related experiences influenced my major

1 - Overall an effective essay in the sense that it clearly states the life experiences that you have head which have led...

Undergraduatej814wongvangiespen - Yesterday
Piano, my source of motivation - Umich/ Extracurricular CommonApp Essay

1 - Yes, you should make applause italics in the middle of the paragraph. It signifies that the action is not a part...

Writing Feedbackf3bruar7zvangiespen - Yesterday
essay on being unique 1 paragraph long

2 - Wow, you are a very unique individual, and this essay has a lot of ideas. I want to know more about...

Essaysronef3bruar7z - Yesterday
Social Media and reflection - my stand on it and why university prompt

1 - Hello there, I think this essay has some very good ideas, but in some parts it drags on. I would...

Writing FeedbackArachnidf3bruar7z - Yesterday
ielts: Are we becoming more independent ?

1 - The word-choice and the use of first-person in the essay makes it kinda choppy. For example, in the first sentence, it...

Writing Feedbackamirafahmycosag96 - Yesterday
The first important challenge my generation should aware is the Energy Sustainability

1 - Sisi, it is admirable that you recognize two problems in particular that your generation needs to learn to deal with. However,...

GraduateElithvangiespen - Yesterday
Weddings in Vietnam and America - two different ways to celebrate it

1 - Lin, I am not sure where you got your ideas about how the American wedding is celebrated but there are a...

Writing Feedbacklinhchivangiespen - Yesterday
Making a cover letter for summer internship in finance - someone with some experience?

22 - No, do not speak of any childhood interests or ambitions. Listen, you are mistaking a cover letter for a common app...

Letters24mandrakevangiespen - Yesterday
Epidemiology of chronic and infectious diseases - paragraph from my Public Health Personal Statment

1 - Hi Sam, here is my suggested improvement for your paragraph. I hope it helps :-) Some people may ask...

GraduateGirl Next Doorvangiespen - Yesterday
Youths against Racism Conference. I decided to be the answer to the problem.

1 - JJ, what prompt are you trying to respond to with this statement? It would help me get a better idea of...

UndergraduateJJLeevangiespen - Yesterday
Why I Choose Georgia Tech to study chemical Engineering essay

13 - You can make any changes that you want to in the statement I created for you. It was only a template...

Graduatemyngoc311vangiespen - Yesterday
Spending for space Project is Justify, other consider to be useless.

3 - To conclude, spending government money on the space exploration is not wisely a wise decision On balance, my personal opinions...

Writing FeedbackfarazshamsiVns9x - Yesterday
Essay writing; Parents should send children to school or not to be good members of society .

6 - Hi, Sekar Thank you so much for your suggestions that were so useful for my writing. Can we...

Writing FeedbackPedramPedram - Yesterday
Experiences will aid you in various ways, but are no more sufficient for this contemporary world

2 - Based on my personal experience I would rate your essay somewhere around 7 - 8.

Writing FeedbackVns9xswathi_12345 - Yesterday
Gem cannot be polished nor man perfected

1 - You only have 293 words so you need to add 7 more words in order to meet the minimum word count....

Writing Feedbackpurpleperidotvangiespen - Yesterday
Ielts - "successful in an egalitarian society or Capitalistic"

2 - There are few people who believe that communist or egalitarian societies make people more successful. On the other hand, some others...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345Vns9x - Yesterday
Animals vs human needs; we should know how to protect the animals and suppress our avarice

3 - Animals are the most precious residues that have left on this planet because they are the beauty of our planet and...

Writing FeedbackVns9xswathi_12345 - Yesterday
If you're going to survive in this world, you need to love something, and work hard at it

1 - I would not change anything content wise Kingsley. The essay really responds very well to the prompt. If I were to...

Undergraduatenotsojadedvangiespen - Yesterday
Women should stay at home and raise children: Do you agree or disagree

4 - Definitely a better version that clearly addresses the prompt. I found some parts to correct though. Those parts are as follows:...

Writing Feedbackah_zafarivangiespen - Yesterday
Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and don't let anyone limit your dreams

2 - Thanks vangiespen. Let me rework on this and come back to you. :-)

GraduateNavaneeth47Navaneeth47 - Yesterday
Chemistry sparked my first friendship - Johns Hopkins University essay

1 - Okay, the essay itself is quite long when it does not need to be. Consider shortening the essay by presenting the...

Undergraduatemyngoc311vangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS - Paying for clothes, haircuts and beauty products - just to enhance own appearence?

3 - The main reason why you got 5 is that the essay contains only 229 words, which is less that the requirement...

Writing FeedbackShankargoudaah_zafari - Yesterday
English usage is increasing day by day, therefore various local languages are becoming extinct IELTS

5 - Still does not have a blueprint a bit informal, better to use "thus", "hence", "therefore", "as a result",...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345ah_zafari - Jan 25, 2015
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