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Common app essay

NEW - Although its not complete but feedback is highly appreciated . Thanks in advance (p.s ending is not complete ..)...

Undergraduateamasso -
Event to reduce a tension between ASEAN students, which promoted tolerance and reconciliation

3 - thank you very much for your suggestion, however, I hope you can give me an example and underline my sentence...

Writing Feedbackfadlanmuzakkifadlanmuzakki - 03:36am
People who committed crime, especially the young offenders, have the right to be educated

3 - Hi duomaxwel, I have some general suggestions for you, I hope it can help you to improve your writing....

Writing Feedbackduomaxwelfadlanmuzakki - 03:25am
IELTS TASK 2: One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer

4 - Good health is a key for happy life. For this reason, the majority of people these days are estimated to live...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaSHanafi - 02:32am
The cool night breeze whistled softly, blowing lightly through my hair

3 - I will say it was quite intriguing to read I thoroughly enjoyed it. I see great potential in this beginning....

Writing Feedbackmaddy1579audley - Yesterday
Ageing population worldwide in 2000 and predictions for 2050. IELTS-1

3 - "Overall, the number of elderly people is expected to grow in all parts of the world, with the world total's index...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzaudley - Yesterday
Car ownership, public transport and environment protection - Ielts2

2 - Hello, Here are some edits for what you have. A good point to make is that, not only does...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzlynzee22 - Yesterday
Nella Larsen's Passing - what to write about?

3 - Here is the begining of my essay.. any thoughts? Women who were raised during the later 19th century were raised...

Research PapersCh3llie09Ch3llie09 - Yesterday
My good academic record and motivation make me a strong recommendation for a place at this program.

2 - Hello, This essay was well written overall. You had great organization and good enthusiasm. I made some technical...

Letterswasemlynzee22 - Yesterday
Essay on choosing Scotland - as a "good place to be", robotics and university

3 - Hi Lindsay, Thanks a lot.i will do my best here.

Scholarshipnijanthannijanthan - Yesterday
I am writing a thesis paper on Oedipus the King and I think my thesis statment. Needs some work

2 - Hello, these seem like supporting facts rather than a thesis. It sounds like your thesis is more like "Blindness in...

Book Reportsleiakielelynzee22 - Yesterday
History creates value and shapes our life. For this reason law is available to protect old buildings

2 - I am totally convinced that the old buildings as a nation's icon are essential ]to be maintained, and history should be...

Writing FeedbackAnfalialynzee22 - Yesterday
Graduating from Valdosta State University with an economics degree, seeking MPA

3 - Hi fellow writer: Great substance; work towards molding your ideas into a logical, predictable organizational structure-->organization breeds predictability and, thus, facilitated...

Graduatekwrudrowhamilton92 - Yesterday
MANY teenagers today do not listen to adults' advice do not have a sense of responsibillity

2 - A good place to start would be to state your opinion. Do you agree or disagree. Then you need...

Essaysamine_englishlynzee22 - Yesterday
I have been an ardent football fanatic ever since I kicked my first football. MBA Sports Mgt Essay

4 - I have been a football fanatic ever since I kicked my first football. Part of me being one was because my...

Graduateitzamoitzamo - Yesterday
Enthusiasm and dedication is the key to any success. Master of Science In Transportation SOP

NEW - Dear friends, This is my personal statement . Any comment/feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. This is...

GraduateEUPHORIA -
Good friends are as valuable as pearls in life; TOEFL essay

6 - Prompt Strking backward to your prompt.I am afraid that this may not in linearly related. Based on your prompt,...

Writing Feedbackvahid11SHanafi - Yesterday
Electricity transfers from high voltage cables into transformer station - one of several stages

2 - Hi! This diagram illustrates the process of water-produced for electricity generating electricity using moving water (I'm afraid you can't say...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaautumn_waltz - Yesterday
IELTS - governments subsidize museums, theaters and other arts, and it concerns many people.

5 - Thank you for the meaningful feedback on my essay! Anfalia, thank you for providing a skeleton of an essay - that's...

Writing Feedbackautumn_waltzautumn_waltz - Yesterday
Sports unite peoples from different corners of the world. IELTS TASK 2.

2 - Sports unite peoples from different corners of the world. From this personal perspective, it is can be said that global sport...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaSHanafi - Mar 2, 2015
Georgetown Transfer Essay: Asian American Identity Crisis (Also can't think of a witty closer)

4 - Hello dendenkim, pretty good essay but as EF_Sheri said do not over use the humor on your essay otherwise you might...

UndergraduatedendenkimBarrera77 - Mar 2, 2015
That day was shocking to many people, everything happened so slowly

3 - Good Luck!!

UndergraduatecmcontinAnfalia - Mar 2, 2015
I do not agree to follow the same curriculum through all that period of time; GRE essay

6 - Good Luck!!

Writing FeedbackBarrera77Anfalia - Mar 2, 2015
There are some huge gaps between male and female regarding teaching - IELTS

4 - I don't worry about the body of your paragraph. however, in the introduction, you need to tell about what the graph...

Writing FeedbackVns9xAnfalia - Mar 2, 2015
My life in Syria - war tragedies, currency, lack of money - Computer motivation Letter

3 - Thank you very much for your help i will try to help you also

ScholarshipCrosarkCrosark - Mar 2, 2015
I graduated in June 2007 from Ain-Shams University holding a degree in Agriculture science

3 - I am truly appreciated for your help

Graduateewanyousefewanyousef - Mar 2, 2015
Exams as a way to measure students' ability

3 - Nowadays cheating on exams is commonplace; therefore it is not uncommon for students who do not do well in the class...

Writing Feedbackjoyceylyneautumn_waltz - Mar 2, 2015
My question - "What make you obtain your achievement?" - meeting with a famous person

3 - That sounds English. To be honest, i am not more intellectual without your recommendations. Thank you for all! Best...

Writing Feedbackhallohellohallohello - Mar 2, 2015
Cultural ethnography interview

3 - I think that you could interview the fraternity brothers about what they know about their family history. As a participant...

Essaysjanman74EF_Carol - Mar 2, 2015
Knowledge from teachers, not from internet or TV? IELTS essay - Learning Resources

3 - the teachers always provide students with al the information they need instead of stimulating their inquiry mind. A good example...

Writing Feedbackreplikatikaautumn_waltz - Mar 2, 2015
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