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When choosing a career, financial gain should be the most important consideration.

5 - You use "important" word too many times.

Writing FeedbackenzymhemmungMarceline - 12:51pm
Past feminist movements have boosted gender equality in the society also including universities

5 - I would like to correct something about this statement. This is what I meant to say: "There is...

Writing FeedbackXexonBlair_K - 12:28pm
Compare/Contrast Essay - Similarities and differences between Me and my Brother

NEW - Choose a topic and submit a Comparison/Contrast Essay. The Essay should be 4-5 paragraphs. My brother and I are...

Writing FeedbackBlueBabey -
Hang it up - technological devices considered as learning tools may cause major distraction in class

3 - These are some additional changes that could be made. You did a good job! •There should be a space between...

Writing Feedbackchakikakilcturn87 - 08:41am
Now students have opportunities to enroll a foreign universities - enter into global competition

2 - -.....to study in their own nationcountry since this made them easy towill help them achieve a high score. -...

Writing Feedbacksiddiqumarjustivy03 - 08:17am
Colour is a great instrument which influence more and more consumers

3 - Hopefully, you have had some time to make some changes. I am going to be providing some more feedback....

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemilcturn87 - 08:04am
Seeking admission to one of the best Computer Science undergraduate programs in India - SOP

2 - Hi, kaushal21, I'm going to work on your punctuation, grammar, and word choice: I have recently completed my Schooling schooling....

Undergraduatekaushal21ChristineB - 06:34am
In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country.

2 - Nowadays, a high quality of education becomes a compulsory part and parcel for each person. As such, people today seem to...

Writing Feedbackthutyedanielsiddiqumar - 05:23am
Information technology changes the way how people work today

2 - Information technology improves people's activitiesconnections in all parts of the world [OR: improves the connetioncs between all people of the world]....

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemienzymhemmung - 02:12am
Love and money. Which one do you think is more important in life? Explain your choice.

3 - Thank you Tsukushino

Writing FeedbackHana_NguyenHana_Nguyen - 12:40am
American Politics Essay--Republican Rand Paul

3 - Thank you niesaysi! Any other feedback!!?

Writing FeedbackTsukushinoTsukushino - Yesterday
Wealthier modern artist than others lead government to solve the gap of both

2 - A significant study revealed that the principal reason why the most artists could reach in gigantic financial matter is thatsince they...

Writing FeedbackIqbalTheminiesaysi - Yesterday
Do the benefits of workplace mobility are bigger than the demerits of those possibilities?

2 - Admittedly, people today have a high improvement of life quality since technology affected people's lives. Let's try to make this a...

Writing Feedbackthutyedanielniesaysi - Yesterday
How Spatial Confinement Reveals Hedda's Feelings of Oppression - Hedda Gabler Lit Analysis

2 - I have given some suggestions that could help you in your analysis. Here are a few suggestions that I think maybe...

Book Reportstiffallcturn87 - Yesterday
One thing I learned from our band - Dont be ugly Wallpaper - C. Gottesman 2015

5 - Hello @ MayaAngelou, I personally don't see many flaws, or areas that I would change in your writing. For having...

UndergraduateMayaAngelouBlueBabey - Yesterday
Research Thesis on Orchid Hunting during the Victorian Era

NEW - I am working on an independent study, undergraduate research paper that needs to be approximately 6000 words long. I am...

Research PapersBlair_K -
Medical Laboratory Technology - how to write "Field of specialization studied in the past"

3 - Thank you so much Contributor I'm so glad when I see your reply

EssaysMAY PHOOMAY PHOO - Yesterday
Seeking perfect work for one or different communities

2 - Here is an idea for your beginning: It is important to have a job you like as you have to...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemienzymhemmung - Yesterday
Information technology is changing many aspects of our lives and now dominates our home, leisure

5 - Your introduction here seems going around in the circle. Please you can read more your intro. How the meaning is?...

Writing FeedbackthutyedanielIqbalThemi - Yesterday
Two totally different opinions about how we can prepare our kids to be good community members

9 - I suggest you to rewrite your introduction here. Let me try: Some people think that parents should teach children...

Writing FeedbackromasalahIqbalThemi - Yesterday
The Benefits of Information Technology for Working Outshine Its Disadvantages

3 - I think your introduction need to rewrite. Please, pay attention to your question and make introduction which is striking point....

Writing FeedbackStacy HandayaniIqbalThemi - Yesterday
How to minimize the levels of stress in high school students?

5 - I think your sentence here going around to circle, frankly, there are some sentence having some meaning so it is...

Writing FeedbackKibaco15IqbalThemi - Yesterday
Staying or Moving? A viable solution to escape from boredoms and low productivity.

4 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Writing FeedbackStacy HandayaniIqbalThemi - Yesterday
The greater number of the criminal cases which are perpetrated by young people below 18 year old

7 - Trias, your essay does not fully address the main question/ issue. When it comes to the real exam, the assessors are...

Writing FeedbackTriaseddies - Yesterday
"Field of specialization studied in the past" and field of study for MEXT 2016 scholarship

5 - Hi Vegeta, A first paragraph talking about your interest in taking masters in japan will not be a bad idea,...

GraduateVEGETAjustivy03 - Yesterday
Age discrimination occurs when a decision is made on the basis of a person's age.

5 - Hi, @help4essay

Writing FeedbackHelp4essaYthutyedaniel - Yesterday
Parents should describe healthy diet food and support their children to take exercises

4 - Hi Asep, Broadly speaking, what you write is good but I argue that you need to rewrite your introduction here....

Writing FeedbackaseprudiIqbalThemi - Yesterday
Essay University of Les Roches Hotel management School, Characteristics of an efficient Manager.

4 - When deciding to become part of the Hospitality industry, it is essential to provide and explore new forms of resources and...

Writing Feedbacksylvia2626thutyedaniel - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2 : Sholud the media spend more time for reporting ordinary people lives

6 - let me help you Media advance effects (I suggest that you should make sure this) significantly through human life horizon....

Writing Feedbackaliffaarasyad - Yesterday
The high cost on keeping pets. It's a controveversial issue since some people are poor and starving.

6 - Hi Alex, I have some corrections and suggestions on your writing. Hope this helps you :) 1. are the...

Writing FeedbackalexanjouStacy Handayani - Yesterday
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