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Technology has both benefits and side effects on people's way of interacting.

7 - Hello, I am sending correction image

Writing Feedbacktuananhanamikam_vns - 10:33am
So why would I pick the University of Texas? Simple. Because of the computer science program.

2 - This essay is amazing. I couldn't find any mistakes.

UndergraduateKnightOfGondorEric2750230 - 10:32am
Is talking the most effective and satisfying way of communicating with others? SAT

2 - Your essay is well written but needs help in construction. The intro needs to be expanded to introduce the main...

UndergraduateDawn01EF_Carol - 10:23am
some people think that parents should teach children to be a good member of society while others sch

NEW - Any civilized society is known for the good members it has in it.Although parents are considered to teach children how to...

LettersdocR13 -
Diarrhea and methods to prevent and cure it!

NEW - This critical summary provides a background of why people suffer from Diarrhea and what is Diarrhea in the first place. Numerous...

Book ReportsVns9x -
Technology is increasingly being used to monitor what people are saying and doing; IELTS essay

3 - Your summary or conclusion seems to be short. It is because you have not summarized your body paragraphs. Conclusion is all...

Writing FeedbackjojomanVns9x - 06:21am
Waste is created all over the world. What are the causes and solutions???

NEW - There is no denial that the world itself has been facing many environmental problems in which overloaded rubbish has affected human...

Grammar, Usagekatelinhoang -
Georgetown Extracurricular- Choral Transcendence

6 - Choral music is an art form that resounds across all groups in the world, regardless of individuals' upbringing, beliefs or background....

Undergraduateaudpodzaudpodz - 04:11am
Internet is a good way to communicate or a bad place of information source

NEW - It is generally believe that the internet is an excellent means of communication but some people suggest that it may not...

Writing Feedbackfaarasyad -
The relevant features summarisation of the information about UK phone calls.

2 - Hi Hung, let me check your essay The graph compares the usage of three kinds of telephone call...

Writing FeedbackHungfaarasyad - 02:25am
Knowledge can be either a blessing or a curse for us; how it impacts our actions?

3 - You begin with "Knowledge can be either a blessing or a curse to us" and finished with almost the same idea...

Writing FeedbackEric2750230Dawn01 - 01:39am
Toefl: In the past people ate food that was better for their health than people today.

2 - fast development rapid development Even without these problems, the additives contained in the processed food is no good...

Writing Feedbacklisa_severusEric2750230 - Yesterday
Affects of media on people lives. Danger of losing nation identity, negative influences on kids.

3 - I'd consider this essay average because it's introduction seems to be dull but was fine though. There are other significant spelling,...

Writing FeedbackJaggi7921Eric2750230 - Yesterday
CREATING PELLETS - the sawdust passes three physical process and two temperature treatments

3 - Paddoo, WELCOME to EssayForum, you are yet another member of the ever- growing EF Family. Now, I'll make a few...

Writing Feedbackpaddoojustivy03 - Yesterday
Encounter with the slums - Significant Experience Essay

3 - ThatFilipinoKid, WELCOME to EssayForum, it's nice to hear that our EF Family is growing and you as a member is definitely...

UndergraduateThatFilipinoKidjustivy03 - Yesterday
This game redefined the online play and has enormous impact to the life of youth - World of Warcraft

3 - Bingtaof, first of all, WELCOME to EssayForum, it's always a great pleasure to welcome yet another member of the EF Family....

UndergraduateBingtaofjustivy03 - Yesterday
Could alternative energy sources replace fossil-fuel energy?

3 - - First of all, natural resources ofthat are renewable are far hard to generate in large quantity of energy....

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemijustivy03 - Yesterday
It has been suggested that an educational institute is the better judge of students career

4 - Hello junisha, good job. Here i mention some suggestion that i would recommend u- first in introduction part u write the...

Writing FeedbackJunisha111pJaggi7921 - Yesterday
'Emily as a victim of change' - critical analysis essay of "A Rose for Emily"

2 - I read it but i find the name of Faulkner is so many times,here u can also use he said that,his...

Book Reportsameadows0056Jaggi7921 - Yesterday
Are alternative energy resources too expensive and complicated to replace the coal, oil and gas?

3 - To tell you the truth, this intro is too complicated. Likewise, it takes time to grasp what's the writer's claims,...

Writing Feedbackaseprudieddies - Yesterday
Increasing crime rate can be solved by a government role.

6 - Overall there are some goods word that helps u in gaining good marks but the supporting idea i think not strong...

Writing FeedbackalifJaggi7921 - Yesterday
The table: India has the greatest number of cinema viewings, the smallest figure belongs to Japan.

3 - According to the figures table, India has the highest figure rate of total viewed films (24.5 million views) then than (Sorry...

Writing FeedbackHeiliashintacandrade - Jul 1, 2015
"Why do we not value the creative arts more than we do?" SAT October 2010: Essay

3 - I used the word"creative arts" because it's cited in the assignment I thought that it's fine. Thanks lightfox ! I really...

UndergraduateDawn01Dawn01 - Jul 1, 2015
Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best

4 - Try using characters from your favorite book as examples of bad or good attitude to power. I would start from that....

Essaysjoey7leejohnrogrigez72 - Jul 1, 2015
Proper measures must be taken to stop obesity and encourage people to physical activity

3 - Thank you for your suggestions.

Writing Feedbacktuananhtuananh - Jul 1, 2015

4 - @paddoo: thank you so much. it definitely helped me. @junisha111: I really liked your version. Its better then what i have...

Writing Feedbacksally_922sally_922 - Jul 1, 2015
SOP for Macquarie MBA must include points/info, work history, achievements, career goals, why MBA...

7 - So were you able to go through the new draft? Thanks again for your help. It was really useful.

GraduateMarivannoMarivanno - Jul 1, 2015
To understand the primary characteristics of a society, it is important to learn the village areas.

3 - Hi Heilia, thanks for the feedback. Could you please, highlight the paragraph where you are finding difficulties?...

Writing FeedbackJunisha111pJunisha111p - Jul 1, 2015
IELTS Task 2: Internet excellence for communicating people and finding information

9 - let me try to continue the conclusion of this essay. The aforementioned evidence shows that although the internet...

Writing FeedbackSHanafialif - Jul 1, 2015
The cause and measurement in solving the rise of crime rate

4 - Quality is more important than quantity. It is true. When it comes to IELTS writing task 2, you only need approximately...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemieddies - Jul 1, 2015
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