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IELTS essay: Age limit for retirement is 50 in some countires and 65 to 70 in others

3 - notes in the introduction you should express your opinion by using some expression for example It seems to me that,...

Writing FeedbackBalajiskbhayaalqasem - 05:57am
IELTS TASK 2 : The problem of over using internet

4 - The internet has converted the method data shared and consumed, but it also triggers problems that did not exist before. So...

Writing Feedbackgo0905hayaalqasem - 04:50am
Responsibilities of educational institutions in regard to their students. Preparing to GRE

4 - Thank you guys @icturn87 and @justivy03 for your critical review. What do you think where does i stand on a scale...

Graduatesid052sid052 - 01:34am
I support myself with part time job, have habit of donating blood regularly. Scholarship essay

NEW - hi guys, im new here and this is my first post, i am applying for scholarship and the things that made...

Scholarshippinkypinky -
Relationship should be for eternity - nothing else in this world can last forever

NEW - (Hoping someone can correct my mistakes and give some suggestions) Eternity means last forever. But, there are nothing in this world...
It is better if advertisements would not be allowed directed toward children

2 - errors comments typo errors Raising a child is a challengedchallenging task in all ages but at ages of 2 between between...

Writing FeedbackoblivionfireNamisaChan - Yesterday
Brain Injury Research Paper

NEW - An Insult to the Brain "A brain injury can shatter your notations of the future, splinter your past,...

Research Paperskay2145689 -
Air Force Academy entry essay - serving my country

4 - I appreciate the good responses. A lot of good ideas. Thanks

Undergraduategrayson01grayson01 - Yesterday
Essay: Travelling & Tourism - if you don't afraid to take the risk then go ahead

NEW - Rubric: Write an opinion essay stating the advantages and disadvantages of travelling, and then state your own opinion. Up to 200/250...

Writing FeedbackNamisaChan -
Educational and Career Goals: Why I want to be a mechanical engineer

4 - As a kid, I loved problems. I loved the idea of a challenge that took me more than a few minutes...

UndergraduateAubreythefruitBrookyrailfan - Yesterday
Agree or disagree: Educations nowadays is more difficult than in the past

2 - Here are my suggestions: As usual, whether or not Determining whether education educations nowadays is more difficult now than...

Writing Feedbackvahid5570ChristineB - Yesterday
Living up to the accustomed standard -Cbest writing practice essay

3 - I would like to help you with some of your essay. I can focus on sentence variety, meaning, and...

Writing Feedbackreddlegg99lcturn87 - Yesterday
THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD essay - I need to pass my prepare class

2 - - Some of them are famous for their... - cultural way and some of them withthe way they are looking etc....

Scholarshipsukruozaslanjustivy03 - Yesterday
Working in a real industry gives me experience I need. Study plan for transfer application process.

2 - - Despite of my faint childhood memories, - ..Indonesia has been still remainingremained as one of unforgettable event in my...

UndergraduateCavin Hjustivy03 - Yesterday
Influence of social media in medicine - college supplement

2 - I can help you with some of your essay. I read the first essay before you revised it. I...

Writing Feedbackklyteshep07lcturn87 - Yesterday
My Life Along The Railroad

3 - - ....became an integral part of my life oncewhen I received... - As for myselfme,... - ..and keep...

UndergraduateBrookyrailfanjustivy03 - Yesterday
United States Naval Academy Personal Statement - how to start?

3 - 1) Describe what led to your initial interest in the naval service and how the Naval Academy will help you achieve your...

Essayscristinariverajustivy03 - Yesterday
Do you agree or disagree that advertising serves no purpose for the society and should be banned?

4 - Advertising is a means of marketing strategy. That's my point of view.

Writing Feedbacksinanjujustivy03 - Yesterday
Not everyone is aware of the importance of anesthesiology. AA-PA personal statement narrative

5 - ----Thank you

Graduateabp2011abp2011 - Aug 27, 2015
An example of my leadership TTU scholarship

2 - 1st paragraph: I think you should be more specific when you begin your essay. Here is a suggestion: "Throughout high school,...

Writing FeedbackAubreythefruitlcturn87 - Aug 27, 2015
SAT Essay: good decisions vs. bad decisions

2 - I would like to help you with your thesis and word choice in this essay. First, I would like...

Writing Feedbackszhang25lcturn87 - Aug 27, 2015
Does the course at school prepare you for work in the future?

4 - I would like to help you with choosing more descriptive words in your essay. I really like the first...

UndergraduateTwinklegreenlcturn87 - Aug 27, 2015
Is better to travel in their own country than in foreign countries

2 - "Most of people love traveling to other countries and even within their own country, and it. Travelling is really important in...

Writing Feedbackminutespeleszhang25 - Aug 27, 2015
Challenges of a turban / Tomato Head - background, talent essay

4 - - ...discrimination because of my different looks. - Being different forces me to confront who I really am... - So...

Undergraduatejasrajsingh1justivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
Harvard Supplement: Role of Medicine in my Life

4 - - Honestly, I retained alittle. - But myMy ( this sentence should start good and "but" is not the right...

Undergraduatesoniap55justivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
SOP for MS in MIS with IT Background - 1.7 years of work experience in Infosys Limited

4 - - So after a successful career in theIT Industry I.. - Very soon Not long enough,I got a job as Systems...

Graduateyogibhangdiyajustivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
Peace Corps essay - Reasons for joining - I dream of making a small change

4 - - Peace Corps corresponded to all my idealsaspirations. - BeingLiving in a foreign country, helping people... - The idea was...

Undergraduatemadme87justivy03 - Aug 27, 2015
Universe exploration projects - these are a waste of money and all the funds should be spent better

2 - Your writing is well done, but needs some help! secondly,, funds... You should call this a new...

Writing Feedbackorbital188EF_Carol - Aug 27, 2015
Why a company which build a large factory near my community gets my support? TOEFL essay

3 - I suggest checking the spellings, since some errors as for the issues are here and there. Also, the intro needs a...

Writing Feedbacknguyenthiet1993eddies - Aug 27, 2015
Choosing Economics as a course of study was a simple choice. Suggestions, additions and subtractions

6 - Thank you.

GraduateZaynZayn - Aug 27, 2015
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