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Do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present?

NEW - Please Grade my SAT essay out of 12, Thanks for advance !!! Prompt Many persons believe that to move...
What is one important "easy answer" that we should resist? what dangerous misconceptions hold?

6 - it's an SAT essay thanks for correcting my mistakes and for analyzing my faults Actually I am an unternational student...

Writing FeedbackAnouarAnouar - 08:54am
IELTS : rural to major city : challenges and strategies?

6 - As for language argument I think that it is not strong enough you must analyze it more deeply

Writing FeedbackPyon9xAnouar - 08:42am
'I always used to be a curious person' - scholarship in manufacturing engineering; motivation letter

6 - I think that this essay contain stong critical thinking also it's well organized

ScholarshipAyman HussienAnouar - 08:36am
I gave my hand to a helpless man - Common App Belief essay

5 - This fantastic work! The essay is ready for submission :) The content, the vividness of the description, the end result of...

Undergraduatesamkazmivangiespen - 06:49am
TOEFL A/D: Companies should use money to reward their employees rather than use public recognition

3 - First and foremost, money is the best more rewarding to people than public recognition because it let people do what they...

Writing Feedbackhappyhappy120niesaysi - 06:39am
[IELTS Task 1] the number of population in three different countries - biggest in Washington

3 - The introduction is too bulky. Why don't you start writing this: The line graph shows a large portion...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSeddies - 05:31am
Virginia Tech: Stepping on Hokie Soil

2 - It is a good start. I would suggest you number the reasons in first, second, third, etc. format so that the...

UndergraduateTajwindervangiespen - 05:17am
[IELTS Task 1] The proportion of energy from coal

3 - A closer look at the data reveals that the percentage of coal energy which is (This brings a problem, in...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSeddies - 05:13am
People nowadays don't spend too much time on their personal enjoyment because they can't - TPO

5 - some favorite books which are Recent advances in technologies In conclusion, people... Always write...

Writing Feedbacksircampbelleddies - 04:51am
Writing is one of the things I used to hate the most - My first Reflective essay

2 - always write it in upper-case letter. English Frankly, I was Write In conclusion, instead...

Writing Feedbackaizuddineddies - 04:40am
Ielts 2- Rise in crimes committed by young people in cities

3 - You also miss to include your own point of view in this introduction. There are various reasons why there...

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345niesaysi - 04:20am
GRE - Impossible to make a significant contribution without strongly influenced by past achievements

1 - - Every single achievement...recognized for its to progress...ones that set the foundation of the field - Past success play...

Writing Feedbackdunguyenvangiespen - 01:50am
IELTS - 'Teachers are the second parents in the school' - RESPONSIBILITY FOR TEACHING

3 - Overall your essay is okay, there are many grammatical errors which you need to work on. I pointed out some of...

Writing Feedbackbarbie_Mswathi_12345 - 12:31am
'I wish to become a Lincesed Practical Nurse' - LPN entrance essay

3 - Overall it looks good. I would suggest if you can separate each question into different paragraph to make it more readable....

Undergraduatecms91swathi_12345 - 12:18am
Nowadays, there is change in the way people interact because of technology

3 - Thanks a lot for the reply, its very helpful.

Writing Feedbackswathi_12345swathi_12345 - 12:00am

1 - This essay answers almost all of the prompts provided except the question about "How important was it to the people you...

UndergraduateIyeshafergusonvangiespen - Yesterday
computer science and virtual reality

1 - - While you successfully explained the essence of the program that you took at Carnegie Mellon, you should avoid pointing...

Undergraduateyazoovangiespen - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2: Modern Stress - relating factors and potential measures

2 - Your comment is very detailed, it is really useful for me as I can realize my numerous errors. Thanks you...

Writing Feedbackvincentfreemanvincentfreeman - Yesterday
'inadvertent road' - Graduate admission essay for Master in Speech Language Pathology.

1 - Hello! Overall, I think this is a good piece but because Graduate school is a lot more competitive I would...

GraduateacserranIyeshaferguson - Yesterday
A broken fridge away to adulthood - Common App Prompt 5

2 - Idea is really good. There are a few grammatical mistakes but its a first draft so i'm sure it will be...

Undergraduateanthonyswsamkazmi - Yesterday
IELTS: Gentle manners vs Material possessions.

6 - "In conclusion, I believe that the value of kindness outweighs any material possession and keeps being the most important achievement of...

Writing FeedbackAbdurasulyazoo - Yesterday
I was told that I'm lucky to receive an education in America - USF college entrance essay

3 - I hate to tell you this but the second essay still does not answer the prompt. The main focus of your...

Undergraduatehari11296vangiespen - Yesterday
A Dyslexic Home School Boy Conquers Public School - Common App prompt 5

1 - Okay, first the bad news. Transitioning from home schooling to public school does not count as a transition from childhood to...

Undergraduatephilipsurdyvangiespen - Yesterday
The most important trait of a person as a close friend is reliability.

4 - Thank you Dear vangiespen You also help me in the previous essays. I do not know how to appreciate. I...

Writing Feedbackhamedmashamedmas - Yesterday
Senator Mark Kirk - Why do you want to join a Service Academy? (Nomination)

7 - You presented your 3 character traits as part of your justification for your interest in joining the Naval Service Academy. You...

Undergraduatejholden93vangiespen - Yesterday
"The Bus" - Common app Prompt; Perfectly Content

6 - The problem is , as vangiespen says, that you do not explain the importance of the bus ride and why it...

UndergraduateJacobCubsamkazmi - Yesterday
IELTS: Issue regarding the real efficiency of examinations using pen and paper

2 - Generally, your vocabulary range is pretty good but your cohesion and coherrent is weak. You need to strengthen your viewpoints, one...

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docvincentfreeman - Yesterday
IELTS: the figure reflect equally in subjects related to service community; foreign and UK students

3 - Thanks your feedback so much, my friend.

Writing Feedbacknguoi_co_docnguoi_co_doc - Yesterday
[IELTS Task 2] Technologies have suggested everyone in the world.

3 - Hi TiaDS, You misunderstood me. In this particular essay, you are being required to use your personal opinion so you...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSvangiespen - Aug 28, 2014
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