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Learning Economics? It's not only useful for high school students but also for all educated persons.

1 - ... conclusion whether high school students should pass an economic course or not or "whether requiring high school students to...

Writing Feedbacknmshafiexatutik - 02:22pm
USNA Personal Statement - opportunity to study Aerospace engineering at the academy

5 - My father and his involvement in the Navy was the origin of my interest in the naval service. He never cared...

Undergraduaterickjaime52rickjaime52 - 02:01pm
'The argument draws conclusion based on poor and insufficient information'; "Woven baskets"

NEW - Woven baskets characterized by a particular distinctive pattern have previously been found only in the immediate vicinity of the prehistoric village...
IELTS: Balance Diet; people should pay attention to other aspects for their health

1 - are not enough I'm not sure what does mean "supply nutritions from food" maybe you mean "nutrients supply from food"?...

Writing FeedbackMann_msxatutik - 01:44pm
Ielts: key factors for being successful.

1 - It would be better to include your position in the introduction. You only need to briefly say what is your position...

Writing FeedbackAbdurasulxatutik - 01:23pm
With keen interest in creativity and designer arts, I am a person with varied interests and talents

1 - This part is not persuasive. Every time you include a sentence that is not persuasive, or at least entertaining, you...

UndergraduateTrendzyEF_Kevin - 12:56pm
describe why you think you deserve XXX Scholarship in minimum 500 words

1 - I think this is the most important idea. I suggest doing some research today to find out more about the...

ScholarshipWoohooEF_Kevin - 12:50pm
TU Delft - Draft of Essay in English for Master Degree in Applied Earth Sciences

1 - I like the formal, respectful tone that you set at the start of this essay. However, I think it...

GraduateWitjakEF_Kevin - 12:46pm
IELTS Essay Task 1: 'popularity peak took place in 1980' - Teenage vegeterians

4 - * based on my understanding.. In IELTS writing task, if you use overall, you don't need write...

Writing FeedbackmilamillerMann_ms - 11:59am
IELTS: government should focus on investment both of arts and public service; equally important

5 - Hello) Financial support from government plays an important role for developing country. Many arguments reveal that sponsorship from government should...

Writing FeedbackMann_msAbdurasul - 11:58am
Ielts task II : Vegetarianism vs meat-containing diets.

5 - Thank you for your feedbacks)))

Writing FeedbackAbdurasulAbdurasul - 11:54am
IELTS: Climate change is a threat for the earth regardless of people's actions.

1 - Hello) I want to give you a feedback about your overall essay. First and foremost, "layout" is very important! I...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliaAbdurasul - 11:52am
Keeping dogs and cats as companion. How it influences ownership and the community?

2 - Nice essay... however, there are several basic that we should discuss.. I hope, we can share each other based on what...

Writing FeedbackYULISMann_ms - 11:39am
Life is easier? Positive view about everything always help us for having a good life in every times.

1 - In past time most of the people encountered with troubles for providing first requirements of their families because foods, water...

Writing FeedbackKian1378Anfalia - 11:06am
With the humble attitude, we can earn the respect from others and relieve ourselves.; Toefl exam!

2 - . We all knew the condition would not be better even if we wait the next bus.I waited and waited and...

Writing FeedbackAdamtongAnfalia - 10:58am
'self-study programming when i was 17' - letter of motivation for tubitak-2215 scholarship

1 - It is a good letter,I think you should mention your G.P.A and more explanation about your project. I think it is...

LettersBasilMosKian1378 - 10:20am
The smallest infection or malignancy can be catastrophic and debilitating for a person; Career Goals

2 - Hey thanks for the advice; I will keep it in mind.

UndergraduateDonnaB2015DonnaB2015 - 10:10am
What should kids do when parents are too busy to accompany their child? TOEFL EXAM

7 - Focus on your beginning and conclusion. Your beginning was not abrupt which is good. But the conclusion is not upto the...

UndergraduateAdamtongNoumanAhmad - 10:01am
If the students study the same nation curriculum then they can equally perform in all the field

NEW - A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. Write a...

Writing Feedbackkumawatakki -
Poured my heart and mind in writing SOP for Mechanical Engg at Purdue. Expecting valuable comments.

2 - Thanks a lot for the comments! I got your point but have a query as follows: Most of the universities...

Graduateabhi_badheabhi_badhe - 08:22am
'Modern time makes all people busy with their job' - how to solve traffic problem?

1 - Yulis, can you clarify the prompt for me? I just need to get an idea of what the prompt requires you...

Writing FeedbackYULISvangiespen - 05:26am
What life would be like without the internet?

3 - Truc, while you presented a good discussion. I believe that in order to answer this essay, you should merely look to...

Writing FeedbackTrucMaivangiespen - 05:06am
TOEFL: 'anticipation of more intelligent class discussions'; teaching is harder than it once was

2 - I happened to write an outline about this topic !!! how do you think of it? lol :)...

Graduatesushinickyzhi - 03:47am
[IELTS Task 1] Strategic area for a new school in the town of Canterbury.

2 - sir vangiespen, sometimes i didn't had any idea to explain any idea on task 2.but i'll try to revise my task...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSYULIS - 03:46am
[IELTS Task 2] Pollution and damage of environment are resulted from a country developing.

6 - In the one hand, the development in poverty country can effect environment. A developing country adheres to its principles to establish...

Writing FeedbacktiaDSYULIS - 03:38am
Theme : about alternative medicine treatment and dangerous risk from it

8 - thanks sir...i'll try to make it better

Writing FeedbackYULISYULIS - 03:31am
It is vital for arts to have prolific conditions to thrive and be accessible for people

3 - Thank you for comments :) Actually I'm trying to write it in 30 minutes and sometimes it is quite hard to...

Writing Feedbackxatutikxatutik - 03:18am
The pain and struggles in life is what develops a true experienced successful person!- Questbridge

1 - I cannot overlook the large amount of grammatical and sentence structure errors in your essay. However, that is not the biggest...

Scholarshipandy15vangiespen - 02:29am
"Reflection in the Darkness": Common App Essay

1 - While you tell a very nice story about finding comfort and learning in the dark, you did not really set up...

Undergraduatedjgvoltvangiespen - 02:15am
Library in Bronx - "A Change To The Intellectual Community" - Essay for Questbridge

6 - That does not sound like a conclusion to me.However, I think you can add it to the ideas that you have...

Scholarshipandy15vangiespen - 01:47am
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