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Describe your notion of "the good life."

1 - hello... I want to give you a feedback about your overall essay. Firstly, "layout" is very important! you should divide your...

Undergraduateastew5Anfalia - 10:24pm
First essay in 11 yrs,Personal statement for entrance into a graduate nursing program, help please!

1 - hello... I want to give you a feedback about your overall essay. Firstly, "layout" is very important! you should divide your...

Graduatefordeja1Anfalia - 10:13pm
IELTS TASK 2: Physical Education

NEW - Because of the pressure of new subjects such as business studies, many schools have dropped sport or physical education (PE) from...
TOEFL integrated writing: zebra mussel

1 - I would rewrite the first paragraph to look like this: As can be seen in the reading passage, It is...

Writing Feedbacknickyzhiastew5 - 09:38pm
Public speaking was never my forte. Disappointment and Failure of a school assignment.

2 - Thanks for the helpful comment and corrections! I just have one question. Are there anymore grammatical errors that can be fixed?...

UndergraduateHumanManHumanMan - 09:21pm
Chevening Scholarships: 4 questions essay. Personal statement and Academic Background

2 - Thanks ksinger, I will work on it and post a newer version of question 2 and my answers to question 3...

Scholarshipfp2014fp2014 - 09:04pm
medical treatment ielts test question

1 - with regard to other sectors kind of confused equip a method to

Writing Feedbackbteng011284nickyzhi - 08:48pm
uf admissions essay, my notion of 'the good life'

4 - I think is a pretty good essay, but you should write more about the outcome you expect to gain from your...

UndergraduateKsingerfp2014 - 08:15pm
Everyone is in his or her own "little world" - COMMON APP ESSAY

4 - In middle school, hormones are rampant in the hallways and excessive fumes of body spray in the locker rooms can choke...

Undergraduatesaiplayer1saiplayer1 - 07:47pm
It all started with a joke - common app

10 - oh, i was saying the other kids were being sarcastic and didn't think i understand what "should" be talked...

Undergraduatefionaleeeeefionaleeeee - 07:44pm
The Gulf of Mexico, engulfed in black oil - Prelude - Texas A&M

1 - This is excellent, inspired writing. I bet you will go through quite a process in the way you think about...

UndergraduateDuncanDonutEF_Kevin - 07:24pm
futuristic city vs marvelous artifacts - historical building IELTS essay

1 - Hello there, In my opinion, the degree of modernizing a city lies on the effectiveness of a project in...

Writing Feedbackbteng011284Carolst - 07:20pm
Climate change is now an accepted threat to our planet

NEW - Climate change is now an accepted threat to our planet, but there is not enough political action to control excessive consumerism...
"Taipei Tokyo, how can I help you" - Inside my parent's take-out restaurant - Common App

13 - I was a US Senate Page and all of the Senate stuff is broadcasted live on CSPAN so my...

Undergraduateorangecoolattaorangecoolatta - 07:12pm
'Outside is cold and dry' - Common App Essay - childhood to adulthood transformation

2 - OMG Thanks for your suggestion vangiespen! But rewrite the whole essay is not a good news at all.......ugh

Undergraduatedowotyyyyydowotyyyyy - 06:43pm
A Vindication of the Rights of Women

1 - In that first paragraph, I think you can dig a little deeper and add another sentence about the IMPLICATIONS of this:...

Book Reportsmichelle10EF_Kevin - 06:43pm
Select a cultural phenomenon - do you see any danger in our society's dependence?

2 - I like your straightforward writing style. Now I want to suggest a way to make your essays leave...

Writing Feedbacklink2EF_Kevin - 06:38pm
I created an imaginary friend named Oliver - Undergraduate College Essay

2 - Ellen, you have one confused essay here. You need to pick only one of the topics that you have listed, and...

UndergraduateEllenFvangiespen - 06:28pm
Being the only South Asian child in the australian neighborhood - USF UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE ESSAY

2 - @vangiespen is this better then??? I currently volunteer in the Pediatric unit at the Regina General Hospital and the Wascana...

Undergraduateshamrazamanshamrazaman - 06:28pm
You Are what you give - University of Florida essay ''The good life''

1 - your last paragraph is a little too vague maybe extend on how you are going to contribute to the gator family....

Undergraduatejuligp97Ksinger - 06:23pm
Relying on mobile phones may completely alienate us from the society and make us some trouble

1 - Saba, while you present good discussion points for your essay, there are parts that need to be adjusted for content because...

Writing Feedbackshavaktmvangiespen - 06:18pm
TAKING ANOTHER STEP Dreams and inspirations are built as children observe the world surrounding them

1 - Irene, this is a highly interesting personal statement that just needs to be edited a bit. Let me help you with...

Undergraduatemhfu17vangiespen - 06:06pm
My drawer; Shalwar kameez's, Pakistani dresses, rainbow of colors and designs - admission for U of M

2 - thanks so much! I wasn't actually born in Pakistan but I have a better idea of what to include now.

Undergraduaterafiqusorafiquso - 04:57pm
Michigan State University, volunteering, significant experience, Volunteers of America, life lesson

1 - Hey Danielle, I like your essay, but it needs a little bit of work. In your second sentence instead of saying...

Undergraduatedaniellelp13juligp97 - 04:46pm
To make our children happy, we must not only have a job but also spend enough time with them - TOEFL

2 - Hello odon. This is great essay! But some sentence ( for me) sound strange such as: What type of job we...

Writing Feedbackodontekikurin - 04:19pm
Common App- Describe a place or environment essay!! Advice?

NEW - As the clock strikes 9:30 on a normal Sunday morning, I'm running out the door of my house a disheveled mess,...

Undergraduateaimank -
I grew up to become an adolescent who had fallen deeply in love with science - Reasons & Objectives

NEW - Hi, I am applying to Amherst as a transfer student for their January entry and have composed the following essay...

Undergraduatemarky8 -
HISTORIC BUILDINGS - symbol of the cities and piece of our own history

1 - Lastly, many people, who were very important in the history, lived in this historical places,destroying this kind of places is a...

Writing Feedbackbetit_betitibteng011284 - 02:19pm
IELTS TASK 2: Medical Treatment; Health is above wealth for inhabitants in this world

3 - Health education is the solid common aspect in a whole of society - i think your topic sentence in your...

Writing FeedbackAnfaliabteng011284 - 01:47pm
'I live by the Iguana Rule' - Stanford roommate letter

4 - Sorry for taking such a long time to reply, I was busy taking SAT Subject Tests, and started preparing for the...

Undergraduateoriyanhoriyanh - 01:38pm
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