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Being the only South Asian child in the australian neighborhood - USF UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE ESSAY

6 - Firstly , well done! Secondly, attempt utilizing more academic vocabulary instead of using get , good, bad...

UndergraduateshamrazamanVns9x - 02:22am
The sights! The smells! The sounds! The atmosphere! - VCU admission essay

3 - I agree with the above statement. Northern Virginia, and that's experiences. Making experience, making ins and...

UndergraduateAmirahxrcollegeplease - 02:20am
"Taipei Tokyo, how can I help you" - Inside my parent's take-out restaurant - Common App

19 - J, lessen the mention about your mother and how you see her at the restaurant everyday. Instead, you should talk collectively...

Undergraduateorangecoolattavangiespen - 02:15am
industrial and interaction design / grown man who is doing what he loves - Syracuse Questions

1 - I dream of becoming a young man no comma who leaves college educated at VPA will provide me with the...

UndergraduateKevstevbotcollegeplease - 02:12am
I always found myself to be at the bottom, during high school. My SOP

4 - Dev, some edits for you to consider. - I look at the core ...future endeavors. - Always double...

Graduatedev311vangiespen - 02:03am
MIT Supplements: Culture/Activity for Pleasure/Department/Attribute/Challenge

NEW - Hi guys, Would anyone be willing to revise my essays? They're due in a week... Definitely need to cut out words...

Undergraduatecollegeplease -
Who should teach the children to be good members of society, parents or teachers? Mark my essay!!

NEW - I am taking IELTS after 2 weeks. Please, rate my essay and give your suggestion to improve it. Some people...

Writing Feedbackshavaktm -
"A dreamer" - Personal essay about directions for the future

10 - Sorry for the extremely late reply :( I have been busy with my IB Course work. Anyways, thank You for...

Undergraduatecommunitycommunity - 01:34am
In personal live, we have some responsibilities towards other people (TOEFL)

2 - Firstly, well done! secondly, I think you need shorten your essay a litlle bit. In other words, attempt merging some...

Writing FeedbackgbekilVns9x - 12:19am
help ME ! how can business management bring you to your successness?

NEW - Hi, i am soo very stuck to make an essay about goal that we can reach in business management? what should...

Graduateuci31 -
When does narrative cross into wordiness?

NEW - I'm currently in the process of applying to the University of Chicago and I would like some help with my essay....
Issue 108/110 Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless it comes from

NEW - Could someone please judge my response to ISSUE 108/110? Some suggestions please! Thank you very much. Issue 108/110 Issue...

GraduateShepherdN -
'prosperous and perfect dream' - MS in Mechanical Engineering SOP

1 - In the first paragraph, you need not to states the fact the committee have already know. i think your should use...

GraduaterizuShepherdN - Yesterday
"What do you want to become in the future?" Anything but Engineering

4 - Marky8, thank you so much for ALL of these sweeeeet grammar checks and comments! Yes they are definitely helping. You make...

Undergraduatedowotyyyyydowotyyyyy - Yesterday
help me edit my Common App essay

NEW - Can someone edit my essay? I can email it to you if you leave your email down

Undergraduateyummydonut -
Accelerated Health Professions

1 - It wasn't until my second year of high school that I walked into the biology lab and knew that I wanted...

UndergraduateIHailedominic_jiang - Yesterday
I'm stuck right now on 'Disadvantages Of Individual Sports' essay

1 - Advantages : you and your trainer can only focus on your own, you can fastly fix your lackness in sport. you...

EssaysVioletPerformeruci31 - Yesterday
Rough Draft for Research Paper on Sex Ed!!

1 - Could you give me some details please? Is it persuasive, informative, etc.?

Research PapersolanieIHaile - Yesterday
consume the chemical food usually do by people from past time to nowadays, because organic vegetable

1 - Hy YULIS: I think you should avoid using word like bad, good, the best, etc in your essay......

LettersYULISMann_ms - Yesterday
Title: there are many children in a family in the past. Which advantages or disadvantages outweigh.

2 - Hello... Allow me to rewrite; It seems a family with more children gain more benefits; however, I strongly believe...

Writing FeedbackanthonynguyenAnfalia - Yesterday
From each organizations I joined, other members trusted me as a head of division in the organization

2 - thankyou so much for your help, anyway, is there anything i should add in my essay ? i am kind of...

Scholarshipuci31uci31 - Yesterday
The Interrogation of The Good - Bertolt Brecht poem

1 - Great job here.. I'll suggest some options for possibly improving the clarity of the introduction. "The interrogation of the good...

PoetryjefincEF_Kevin - Yesterday
College Essay - "Please, I need to go find my parents. My dad is looking for me"

2 - thanks! I really appreciate it

Undergraduate16chauc16chauc - Yesterday
In the professional work life there is just one factor that motivates people - money

5 - you have three verbs but only one conjunction.

Writing FeedbackgbekilAnfalia - Yesterday
It is believed by many that women should decide whether to have an offspring or not

2 - Hello.. overall, it's good essay. I suggest you to do not use the word of "kids" because it...

Writing FeedbackimonAnfalia - Yesterday
Study without teacher? You should choose the right way which suits your learning.

2 - hello... ; the first letter should be capital. overall, you should separate...

Writing FeedbackKristy NguyenAnfalia - Yesterday
Mankind nowadays face their natural enemy, nature. IELTS Writing Task 2

3 - many thanks to for you advice :) i can improve my writing skills..

Writing FeedbackWiratmaja_DickyWiratmaja_Dicky - Yesterday
cover letter - theoretical physics

1 - I am interested i interest ## in applying for the graduate program at your institution and I'd like i...

Lettersaristotle89YULIS - Yesterday
"Oh, you got that grade cause you're Asian" - Challenging a belief or idea

5 - Thank you so much! I definitely need to add more to the conclusion and change the passive voice....it's a bad habit...

Undergraduateestherhestherh - Yesterday
IELTS - the level of education among women in the land experienced an upgrade

1 - The pie charts illustrate the differences of highest level of educated women in someland between 1945 and 1955, a period of...

Writing FeedbackmaritsanurYULIS - Yesterday
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