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IELTs task 1

NEW - The map below is of the town of Canterbury. A new school (S) is planned for the area. The map shows...
Movements to stop and prevent global warming have been getting tractions in the past few decades.

1 - This one contains an abundance of your improvements, but one more time, your prompt is not complete and it would be...

Writing FeedbackmotojaVns9x - 08:21am
I Love Coding - until the 8th grade my passion for computing started its journey

2 - this is what i did in HTML instead of writing my essay back in june when i should have... ==>...

UndergraduateROYSRCROYSRC - 08:12am
Students own decision? I think so. The main reason is the students' health.

3 - Thank you very much. Those are both useful for me ^^ @IHaile @vijaypj

Essayshunhannhunhann - 08:02am
The importance of human body for the mankind - My biomedical / biomaterial S.O.P

4 - Hello. here is another request . would you please reviewing my essay because I've been inform that my personal statemet should...

UndergraduateShima97Shima97 - 07:38am
"Here's your winner and new state champion" - Common app #2 Prompt

3 - Wow great essay! One grammar suggestion for you. When it says not smarter or biologically different, I believe it should...

UndergraduateTheBestKKatiepegasus - 05:47am
I started out strong academically but later developed anxiety took a huge toll on my attendance

NEW - Common App: Required explanation for interruption in your education. This is required as part of the Common app because I...

UndergraduateKatiepegasus -
Where words or actions are not able to produce. Parsons The New School Artist Statement revision.

3 - Definitely knock the fancy words down a notch or two. Your essay will be better for it. I would place the...

UndergraduateWDantiguavangiespen - 04:06am
Latin or Greek - should we teach dead languages?

1 - Something is missing in your prompt such as asking for your opinion and examples, but anyways here are some advice for...

Writing FeedbackmotojaVns9x - 03:55am
Doing the Undoable - AMINEF - GLOBAL UGRAD U.S. Student Exchange Program.

NEW - AMINEF - GLOBAL UGRAD U.S. Student Exchange Program. Prompt:Essay Choice B: Using one or more examples, please describe a challenge...

Undergraduategfullbuster -
The only remedy for this problem, is to set up a more powerful law. Smoking and its aftermaths!

2 - Any advice is welcome!

Writing FeedbackVns9xVns9x - 02:45am
While there are benefits of studying, there are good reasons why doing a job is worth a try.

2 - Thank you! Shon Do, it is really helpful. Eventhough i always get high marks at my literature (My mother toungue language...

Writing Feedbackkatherinakatherina - 02:23am
Instead of stylistic, I'm opting for a really realistic approach here - UIUC Essay

2 - The first essay was too direct and in your face in approach. It covered topics and reasons that are not of...

Undergraduateacewasherevangiespen - 01:05am
We have to balance between learning second language and other subjects.

1 - Par 2 because there are other subjects that are more important at the age. Par 3 Because, they will...

Writing Feedbackfrt427motoja - 01:02am
If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish - you feed him for a lifetime

1 - You need a paragraph or so that interweaves your ideas for giving back to your community with the mission of the...

Scholarshipsmunoz23vangiespen - 12:53am
Learning a foreign language will encourage the curiosity of children

1 - And I think that parents should give some stimulates stimulation

Writing FeedbackImaduddinnstmotoja - 12:52am
Foreign language should be mastered by children since the earliest level of their education.

2 - Par. 1 every children child has different abilities to learn foreign language. Par 2 Multilingual skill has been believed...

Writing FeedbackLiliymotoja - 12:33am
PTE Essay: A Computer can perform simple but repetitive tasks much faster than a human can

NEW - Prompt: When computers first appeared on the scene, it was thought the y would make us more productive...
A toddler have the cognitive capacity to learn approximately 20 new words each month.

1 - On the positive side, learn learning foreign language

Writing Feedbacktphymotoja - Yesterday
"Plan ahead", "Better time management", "Always read the instruction first" - UBC personal profile.

1 - Depending upon the maximum word count for your response to the prompt, this is a very short essay. In fact, it...

UndergraduateEreecvangiespen - Yesterday
To run my own unit within the research company I am currently employed, I need to make a MA in EP!

2 - Thank very much Kevin!!! I want to delete this thread, as I don't want to be falsely accused of...

GraduateYerbolatBokenovYerbolatBokenov - Yesterday
British who are from 65 and older between 1985 and 2035 - IELTS task 1

1 - add a general trend at the end of the introduction. The graph shows that in 1985 that both...

Writing FeedbackVns9xah_zafari - Yesterday
I would argue that globalization influences people to learn foreign language, English especially

3 - To give you some ideas, I would like to grab your attention to the fact that even children who are born...

Writing FeedbackAinunAlfatihah_zafari - Yesterday
University of Minnesota (Twin cities) Why am I applying for chemical engineering?

3 - You need to answer the question specifically what your career goals are. Like what you hope to accomplish with the knowledge...

Undergraduatemyngoc311smunoz23 - Yesterday
Describe a group project or experience that required collaboration. How did you foster teamwork.

1 - My obsession with soccer taught me a lot of real life lessons. For the past few years have played soccer...

UndergraduatedulguunVns9x - Yesterday
The data suggest that, as time goes by, more individuals prefer games software and DVDs over CDs.

3 - eddies, ah_zafari Thanks for the tips guys, if you guys do not mind, can i use them as a...

Writing FeedbackVns9xVns9x - Yesterday
Acting altruistic has allowed me to make the decision of making selflessness into a career.

3 - I can't afford to give any more advice away for free, other than this: Do you want the tired, overworked admissions...

Undergraduatebaileywashere2bshieldsnc - Yesterday
Nursing my way back to school - University of Washington Transfer Personal Statement

2 - New Version (Unfinished) Good design has to do more than just meticulously shaping the outside; rather it has useful attributes...

Undergraduatejeffoh93jeffoh93 - Yesterday
How to write sucessful study plan?

1 - Hi Diga, If the program requires you to make a study plan, I think they probably give you some...

EssaysdigaprasiskaEF_Kevin - Yesterday
What are your career plans and how might they be consistent or contribute to mission of the program

3 - I come from a small rural background in Mexico and I currently live in another rural community in North Carolina. One...

Scholarshipsmunoz23smunoz23 - Yesterday
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