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Q. Some companies prefer to hire employees who have stayed in one company for a long time. Others, o

NEW - Q. Some companies prefer to hire employees who have stayed in one company for a long time. Others, on the other...
Although we cannot emit automobiles from our world, they work destructive for our quality of life

2 - The first paragraph did not introduce any value since sentences constructed bring lack of background information and weak thesis statement. A...

Writing FeedbackNapheddies - 12:53am
Not every child needs to learn about music, art and drama - these are sheer hobbies, not subjects

NEW - Hey everyone, this is my first thread. I'm still figuring out how things work here. :) Anyway, i would be really...
How to minimize the levels of stress in high school students?

NEW - I have a big test tomorrow,and i practiced writing essay. Can you help me please! :O In this generation,many highschool...

Writing FeedbackKibaco15 -
'Unwanted pregnancy' - essay about abortion.

2 - Hello, Dear Less than 1% of abortions done before 21 weeks of pregnancies end badly. There is a lot...

Writing FeedbackCountMaxMoreNaph - Yesterday
The effect of technology on the interaction between people

2 - hello you should not use negative word such as "Unfortunately" - In my own perspective,.. - doing ordinary activities...

Writing FeedbackromasalahNaph - Yesterday
"Field of specialization studied in the past" and field of study for MEXT 2016 scholarship

4 - Thanks for your help. I am now re-arranging it. But, what do you suggest about writing about Japan? What about...

GraduateVEGETAVEGETA - Yesterday
The globalisation may drive people away from their cultural identity like respecting older people

2 - Hello stacy, I like how you structured your essay and how clear are your ideas. I haven't noticed any grammatical error...

Writing FeedbackStacy Handayaniromasalah - Yesterday
Four different subjects which are attended by secondary school students from 2000 to 2009

2 - I hope you can make these changes. They will help your analysis and improve your writing. 1st paragraph: These...

Writing Feedbackaseprudilcturn87 - Yesterday
IELTS TASK 2 : Sholud the media spend more time for reporting ordinary people lives

2 - Overall, Your paragraph structure is good. I think you have to take more time revising your essay. Also, for this paragraph,...

Writing Feedbackalifromasalah - Yesterday
Medical Laboratory Technology - how to write "Field of specialization studied in the past"

2 - Hi, I would be glad to assist you. It seems as if you are studying for your master's degree. You should...

EssaysMAY PHOOlcturn87 - Yesterday
Two totally different opinions about how we can prepare our kids to be good community members

6 - Thanks everybody for your feedback. I didn't know that i must not use abbreviations in academic essays. I should leave 35...

Writing Feedbackromasalahromasalah - Yesterday
The greater number of the criminal cases which are perpetrated by young people below 18 year old

4 - Peace be with you Trias. Let me give you some suggestions about your writing: Para.1 It is reported...

Writing FeedbackTriasAinunAlfatih - Yesterday
Market Share of Mobile Phone between Nokia, Sony, Samsung, LG, BenQ and Motorola

2 - There are only some slight changes that I have suggested. When you begin your analysis, I would describe it as...

Writing FeedbackTriaslcturn87 - Yesterday
Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

3 - Hallo stevepham. I will give you some advice for your writing. 1. As far as I know, in academic...

Writing Feedbackstevepham707aseprudi - Yesterday
The high cost on keeping pets. It's a controveversial issue since some people are poor and starving.

4 - hallo alex, i have suggestion for you. - you should give scientific fact about this case, - you...

Writing Feedbackalexanjoualif - Yesterday

6 - hi asep, your analysis is good, i would suggest you to give comparison more.

Writing Feedbackaseprudialif - Yesterday
Parents should describe healthy diet food and support their children to take exercises

NEW - Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible for solving this problem. To what extent...

Writing Feedbackaseprudi -
Why I want to Serve in the Peace Corps? Their service extends far beyond the works of a project.

2 - Hallo eos, I will give you some advice. As far as i know, it is forbidden to use abbreviation...

Scholarshipeosaseprudi - Yesterday
The role of universities in providing students with the proper education and consequently a good job

2 - Hi Romasalah, I would give some advice for your writing. As IELTS is academic writing, it is forbidden to...

Writing Feedbackromasalahaseprudi - Yesterday
Material on the internet should be censored or controlled to protect the public.

4 - Thank you very much! You can't imagine how much you help me with your correction!

Writing Feedbackenzymhemmungenzymhemmung - Yesterday
There are four main features of the wind turbine - Task 1

3 - thank you Mr. Eddie.. that's valuable suggestion for me :)

Writing FeedbackAdhistiAdhisti - Yesterday
All high school students should be required to have three years of studying a foreign language.

3 - Hello Dear, can you correction all of my essay thanks

Writing FeedbackNaphNaph - Yesterday
Globalization will lead to culture identity loss, do you agree?

2 - Hi @IqbalThemi, please find my feedback on your introduction paragraph below. It will be better if you could give further...

Writing FeedbackIqbalThemiTrias - Yesterday
The table shows the number of students living in the UK gaining teacher training qualification

2 - This table is very difficult to see. However, I will do my best to help suggest some changes. I think...

Writing Feedbackthutyedaniellcturn87 - Yesterday
The universities should keep the doors open to all and students need to get equal chance in studying

2 - Hi @far, please find my feedback below. While the The battle of male and female has been heard occuring about...

Writing FeedbackFarTrias - Yesterday
Proportion between man and woman on getting teacher qualifications

3 - Hi,siddiqumar I found a consistent problem while reading. For each "male", "female", "man" and "woman" i was surprised because i...

Writing Feedbacksiddiqumarromasalah - Yesterday
The letter to express my dissatisfaction with my roommate.

2 - I hope that these changes will help you. I know that there are quite a few changes, but I think this...

Lettersmymilcturn87 - Yesterday
Enjoyable Job vs Good Salary - it's crutial that a work suit someone's passion

5 - Let's me try, Some people argue that it is more important to have an enjoyable job than to earn a...

Writing FeedbackTriasIqbalThemi - Yesterday
Good relationships among employees can make a job enjoyable and even more attractive financially

4 - Dear siddi, please find my comments below: Nowadays, in the sophisticated society, comfortable comfort is a one of the main...

Writing FeedbacksiddiqumarFar - Yesterday
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